Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Illiberal Hegemony Potemkin Village

There is no Left at one end and Right at the other -its a lie as there is Left and Right at one end and libertarian small delimited state at the other. The Left and Right should make it official and merge,come clean and fess up to the bipartisan ideological affinity and brothers under the skin kin ship they share and stop fooling everyone including perhaps themselves.Their cognitive dissonance re this obvious reality of the state of affairs is deafening and occludes the reality beneath that it is a monumental stitchup by the political elite establishhment to deprive the electorate of political plurality and choice - to effectively disenfranchise them,to create a barrier of separation between the state and the people it ostensibly represents -which it never did or  has done anyway..

This Giant Deception is preventing a much needed realignment in British politics and is a roadblock to genuine democracy,sucking the oxygen out of the polity facilitating ever greater statism and robbing people of their liberty birthright.

Prince Hewit? A Paternity Test Perchance?

Well I think this should be cleared up especially as the head of state may very well skip a generation as the plant talking - muzlim loving - spidery writing - meddling eco maniacal all round nut job Charles is invited into premature retirement and one of the sons is anointed and as the eldest is clearly dopey to say the very least the crown may well fall on the affable ex playboy  media savvy gingery one notwithstanding his recent comments and protestations about being a reluctant member of the Firm.

Thus the monarchy is neatly saved from its well deserved and overdue place in the dustbin of history and revivified with new blood to live to plunder another day and another day into the distant future. But whose blood is Harry's -I think its the least his put upon indentured slave taxpayers who are supporting him in the manner to which he has become all too obvioulsy accustomed are entitled to know especially as the media sycophancy over this sickly and degenerate dysfunctional outfit is about to go into mega fawning fulsome nauseating forelock tugging overdrive in the next few months.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

School's Out - but only just

Labour's fixation with the youth vote is very revealing. Those who have been round the block a few times or even remember when the unreconstructed Labour Left was last in power are under no illusion what socialism means in preactice let alone theory and would have none of it.

Only the youth preferably 16yrs old wet behind the ears militantly ignorant,mentally unformed living in a totally dependent world where only black and whites exist and even they are tenuously grasped would be prey and fodder to the socialist siren call of Marxist in its most virulent toxic form.

It is just as questionable that 18 yr old university students should be given the vote either as they are merely degenerate forms of the abovementioned in whom the rot is more pronounced and aggressively manifest in all its decadent ultra naieve nihilistic progressive delinquency.

And they don't pay taxes -so we have the inversion of the principle of no taxation without representation and just as a grevious corruption.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Guru Roy Masters Pulls Gun,Arrested,spends night in jail..........

Well,it had to come. The hot headed guru of the quick buck has landed himself in big heap trouble as that infamous and legendary pesky emotionalist hare trigger temper got the better of him in a recent altercation which landed him in jail. Unable to headbutt his interlocutor (his old preffered style before becoming demented -(spot the difference lol) and frail) he pulls out his trusty widowmaker and flourishes it around.

What goes around comes around and it is only a while ago that I reported his spawn of satan Mark Masters got himself arrested for a,er contretemps with his beleagured wife and found himself arrested so it definitely runs in the family.

Anyways, no doubt all his cloned followers will rush to his defense and characteristically spin it to his glory and valor -the usual trajectory of denial and fiction weaving so renowned of cult devotees. The rest of us eye opened ones can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of another clay footed pretender of the mystical and unknowable disintegrating before us.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Great News from German Front!

The very motor and dynamo of the EU lies crippled and prostrate, hoist on its own foolish immigration peturd,too weak and eviscerated to dictate to Britain anymore,a compromised basket case of a country, meaning its one more obstacle removed from a smooth victorious Brexit. Zumwhol to the Ger,mans! They don't like it up em,but its up with them now. Just rejoice at that news! Just rejoice at that news!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hammond: Madoffenomics or Frugality?

Eyore's tendency is thrift when it comes to big government notwithstanding his contradictory and frankly bizarre pro Remoaner status so there may be some restraint in his budget next week but at best it will be frugality around the edges and big splurges may feature in it as let us never forget even the most provident Tory is still a big spender -its the nature of the beast, tory or Labour. So no alarms and no surprises please.

And yet will he resist the siren call to deploy vast injections of taxes towards  housebuilding - in a eerie Groundhog Day re run of what got the world into a disaster in the first place a few years ago -anyone remember that little er economic hiccup?

Commonsense is in short supply and in the mixed economy madness of the age we can only muster small hopes  and recognize that any chancellor in such a system can only engage in disaster management -unless of course his name becomes Macdonnel  when we are all marched off the cliff into a bottomless Marxist void.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Poor Matthew! (Yeah, Wright).

One almost feels for the simpering rabid EUphile Matthew Wright as he twists himself into pretzels of simmering rage over the Brexit Brussels 'negotiations' (which seem more like the demands of hostage takers to me).After excoriating the Telegraph for daring to call the Brexit quslings 'mutineers' he insisted with all the sincerity of a politician on the take that he was neutral in the debate.

It's not his fault. This absurd pantomime pretense of neutrality that tv presenters are forced to be party to is the result of the antediluvian broadcasting rules which stipulate in effect that presenters must have no bias re politics and present both sides. We all know this is impossible as the writhing Euphile Matthew illustrates ever other day on his detestable daytime prog so why not dispense with the rank hypocrisy and let every presenter wear his political bias or predisposition on his sleeve so the viewers can be accorded some respect as adults and not treated like children who can't tell the difference between between a Left and Right winger or Brexiter and Remoaner.Please!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Isis: Off you go you naughty boys!

If anyone wants proof that the West is not engaged in a serious programme of anhiliating Isis in the Middle east they need look no further than the story yesterday from the Bbc about the thousands of Isis fighters who were allowed to flee from their occupied territories in Syria or Iraq - with all their military hardware equipment in intact!

This explains why the so-called war on terror is a sham and was from the very start. It would take a master in conspiracy theories or someone with infinitely more time on their hands than I have to figure out why the West does not wish to defeat jihad but it is an inescapable fact that this is the case.

Geldolf makes Dublin an offer it can't refuse

Arch serial bore Gob Geldolf has offered Dublin an ultimatum: either San shoe Sue goes or I'm going, to which Dublin should fire back 'Sure,give us the keys and don't let the door hit your sorry precious ass on your way out.' Poor Sue  shoi does not seem to have done much wrong. We cannot see what is going on in Burma (not its' Pc name)other than in context: the number one source way above any other for world conflict and misery is emanating from the followers of Mohamud (piss be upon him). Who would want them in their country? Even meditating peace loving Buddhists can't live with them. No country can -even muslim ones! When they are not killing foreigners -the other, the Kaffurs they are killing each other. Whatever moxie the Buddhists have we could do with some.

Remains of the Day

Will the tory Remainers be prepared to bring down their own government and usher in a Corbyn administration in order to keep the UK in the EU? Do not put it past them they are that desperate and will stoop to any means. Corbyn may appear anti EU but his party is pretty much of the opinion that the country should stay in the EU by hook or by crook and their strategy is to pretend we are leaving whilst advocating we remain in all the EU institutions like customs union single market etc.

It would be good incidentally if the likes of Laura Kuunsberg stopped talking about a 'finely balanced cabinet between Remainers and Brexiters when the last time I checked out of the 23  or so cabinet members 17 of them are Remainers! I guess she must be using her own special Kuunsberg dictionary .

Friday, November 10, 2017

How and Why Evil Triumphs

If Corbyn reaches 10 Downing St it will be the tories fault. If Islam waxes strong in the West it  will be the West's fault. Evil triumphs by default. Post modernism winning? Our fault for not taking a stand for civilisation,reason liberty. All those evils could never triumph by their efforts alone. It is always the weakness of the opposition,its pathetic pusilaminous resistance that gives strength to the enemy,emboldens it too push its agendas yet further and with every retreat of those who should be resisting it waxes stronger until it eventually takes over and is triumphant.

Thus a country sleepwalks into slavery and that is what is happening now in the UK and there is very little time to stop our ultimate descent into servitude and totalitarianism.The bovine complaceny of the tories as they go about their infighting is staggering and surreal and has all the hallmarks of the band playing on the Titanic as it slowly slips beneath the waves.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Why Criminals are Prone to Religious Conversion (Pt2)

Following on from yesterday's observations about where religion and faith gets its converts it is well established that our prisons are fertile recruiting grounds. Where can criminals who have grown up on crime and terrorizing their communities get their kicks if they give up their career of evil? Why,via militant Islam where they get to kill, torture, terrorise all with the religious imprimatur of their Imams, all justified  and rationalisedby faith!It's a perfect fit.

They go from being secular bullies to celestial bullies. Instead of threatening their victims with violence to extract obedience and compliance they threaten them with celestial horrors of what is to come if they do not bend their minds and souls to their will as representatives of the great supernatural fuhrer.

Instead of having to go to bed at night feeling guilty  that their depradations have been in the service of their base earthly desires they can comfort themselves with the knowledge that their depradations have been done in the service of a higher power that will richly reward them for their heroic (depraved) deeds. They get the sublime  satisfaction of knowing that their former empty spiritually bankrupt lives have been transformed into a higher purpose, that they indeed are representing the one that organized the cosmos.

How can the liberal West counter this toxic lure of eschatological militant Islamic ideology -what does it offer as an alternative? That will be the subject of my next post.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Public Death of Faith

Religion if it comes late and not inherited from religious parents tends to happen to those involved in self destructive behaviour such as drug addiction alcohol abuse,crime etc who embrace faith on the rebound.Stand on any high st where evangelist preachers are harranguing totally indifferent passers by and the old I was saved by faith from terrible addictions is the familiar tedious and predictable meme.

It never seems to occur to such fanatics that they have merely exchanged one extreme for another and this is not something that just afflicts the lower chav criminal classes,even the likes of Peter Hitchens tells a similar trajectory with in his case mad Marxism and militant atheist thrown into the mix.

With militant Islam converts the same holds true although in many cases they manage to very conveniently combine elements of the old criminal mindset with their new found religion -a heady mix  of drugs,sex ,on the paedophillia  scale taking after Mohumud (piss be upon him) and indeed even their martyrdom is self serving - not for them the reward of being with God amidst heavenly choirs but screwing 70 virgins in a celestial harem.

Those of the criminal fraternity who convert tend to go for extremist fringes of faith or outright cults and   pride themselves on not being of the orthodox organised religion  but instead take their faith neat without any human intermediaries,laying great emphasis on this and somehow imagining that this makes them different in kind from the former,ie pure and uncorrupted when in fact they are merely literalist interpreters of a faith the non literal moderate eschew and are therfor far more dangerous and toxic.

These types can be found in said high streets ignored as I say by the passers by and it does not require humanists or atheists to take up the market place with their counter arguments because the indifference of the crowds to their white noise is more than sufficient as they have rightly concluded that religion is strictly for the birds.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Paradise Lost

Thieves broke into the personal financial data of millions of private citizens involving their off shore investments  and passed the cache on to an international organisation of journalist who pored over them for a year and then released  the information to media outlets.Instead of this provoking a universal cry of outrage at such flagrant and wanton  violation of privacy and individual rights the media true to form has whipped up a frenzy of synthetic rage at the details of tax avoidance individuals have engage in including celebrities and even the British monarchy.

Such orchestrated faux moral outrage re taxation always begins with the following unquestioned,unchallenged and baseless premise: taxation is a moral good and all who avoid or circumvent it are immoral. I would like to reverse that conventional wisdom and instead say: taxation is immoral and all who attempt to avoid it are moral.

Since when did tax avoidance become immoral or the implication is, illegal? The distinction between avoidance and evasion has always been a semantic conceit of convenience but it has served a useful purpose of saving the world from complete economic meltdown and facilitated the continued functioning of what is at best a compromised semi capitalist mixed economy.Remove that and the world becomes an economic basket case of Venezuelan proportions.

In a sane world the felons engaged in such violation of privacy and depradation of individual rights would be hunted down,tried in a court of law and if found guilty as they would in any objective jujidicial process thrown in jail for a bare minimum of 10 years.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Self Denial

Arch bore and purveyor of prolix pretentious prose Will Self in R 4 thoughts was virtue signalling like only the left can about the lecherous male with the 'male gaze' suggesting that young males should be placed under curfew once a week so the delicate weaker sex can traverse the streets at night free from their predatory attentions. Much grovelling breast beating ensues,how awful men are, how abusive pornography is (funny to find he has written for Playboy,)the usual feminist Dworkins tropes,urgings for the government to instigate female positive discrimination in the board room (bawd room?) institutionalise equal pay yada yada yada. It was a toe curling craven excericse in self loathing internalised misandrism.

Sleepwalking Into A Nitemare?

There is a shadow across the land in the form of a hammer and sickle as Corbyn by default takes inexorable steps towards 10 Downing St. Just as the tories facilitated the neo communist takeover of the country in1945 by refusing to point out to the country the existential threat posed by the Labour party so it it refuses to name the evil Corbyn and his henchmen represents because it fatally shares the ideological philosophical premises of socialism with Labour.

Hard Labour will inevitable come to power unless something pretty radical is  done very soon to expose and head off the threat and whence could political salvation come with apparently no one even remotely of a Thatcheresque stature and callibre in the Conservative party to identify name challenge and thus vanquish the enemy within?

Iran -the Final Solution?

Of course no one but the parties concerned namely Israel and the US know if plans are afoot to militarily take out Iran but judging from past form of which we have a lot especially from the US I would say it is extremely unlikely and as I say it is only speculation but one thing I do know is that Trump is a sheep in wolves clothing, a man who clearly cannot tell the difference between words and actions and uses the former as a substitute for the latter. He inverts the Truman dictum Speak loudly and carry a, well,nothing actually.Shooting from the lip rather than the hip he has achieved that rare almost unique feat of having his lame duck period at the start of his presidency rather than at the end.He is to put it in the blunt language of which he would no doubt himself approve, a Blowhard president par excellence.

So Iran will wax stronger than it is already and Trump will Tweet himself into history's footnotes -if we get to have a history that is and Iran does not take us all on an eschatological journey to nuclear hell which is the inevitable endgame of leaving it to its own nefarious devices.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

OxyMoronic Student's unions

Student unions have always been an absurdity by very definition. Unions are organisations set up to ostensibly at least, protect employees but since last time I checked students are not employees they are essentially engaged in a fraud and imposture and should not therfor be recognised by any university that relies in part on taxation.

Such a move would instantly de fang the toxic culture generated by the usually middle class playing- at working class phonies- of radicalism that make up the student 'union' leaders. The nonsense  of no platforming,trigger warnings,micro aggression and the whole absurd politically correct nomenclature of grievance anti free speech culture would be terminated at a stroke.

Failing the above simple sollution and cure to the cancer, corruption and anti intellectual/ free speech culture of our state funded universities they should be put on warning that said funding will cease and they will be on their own,effectively privatised. They will then be at liberty to close down all free enquiry and see their profits freeze and face eventual closure as no parent in their right mind would pay to have their offspring brainwashed and lobotimised in a free market system of education where they could choose from a wide variety of universities and avoid the latter like the plague.

Aristocracy of Pull!

The New Puritanism is upon us. Damsels are in distress everywhere and seek chaperon service from the State,the ladies have the vapours,their honour is traduced,their kinees touched,their virtue compromised and the likes of Peter Hitchen the self confessed 'Victorian prude' are in paroxsyms of joy at this new puritanism from  -yes - the feminists!

Unable to succeed in the cut and thrust of the marketplace the fragile creatures- known here on in as the 'weaker sex' are reverting and regressing back to Victorian times,,put-upon victims of insatiable male lust -Victorian victims who need the scaffolding of the state to protect their delicate sensibilities,virtue and honour.

Meanwhile the power lusting politicans are exposed as pathetic lubricious inadequates who have to use their work seniority to gain sexual advantage of young interns and are now a disgraced class which although judged by bizarre insane politically correct with hunting Salem like McCarthyism is a useful weapon to destroy the corrupt political class which needs to be deracinated and hollowed out anyway as it presides over state gigantism where the politician is truly God like and believes - because the political culture tells him so - that he has power over the totality of human life.Hubris crouches at the door of our politicians and its about time.