Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Who ARE the Far Right?

They are on the move the media tells us but  is their   characterization accurate or have they made a glaring omission? The latter I fear and am not sure it is wholly unintentional. They juxtapose the Far right with the Islamists -but why? Are not the Islamists the ultimate Far Right?

Look at the agendas of the Islamists for a few seconds and it becomes manifestly obvious that they are Far Right to the core. Misogyny? Tick Homophobia? Tick.Xenophobia -Racism? Tick. And of course let us not forget the gravest evil of the Far Right namely Anti semitism! Er, Tick Tick Tick. The only thing the Islamists do not have is: white skin. So, the argument on the left goes, they cannot possibly be Far Right!

This is the bbc line and it should be challenged head on. Islamists are the Far Right every bit as much as nay far more  than the Edl or their more virulent European equivalents who are apparently a grave threat according to latest statistics.

Frank Gardener the beeb correspondent could not seem to get his ducks in a row this morning on the Today prog as he started by saying there is a rise in violence from "the far right and far left. But a few minutes further into his commentary he reverted back to just the far right so there is some very dodgy journalism going on here as usual from the beeb.

From now on there should be pressure on the bbc to include Islamists in the category of the Far Right for no other group belongs there more than they do.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Great Austerity Myth

The British think if they deny themselves a wafer thin mint that is austerity. The spending orgy just continues and with Hammond at the helm it will be more spend spend spend, welfare for all, corporate and individual. Even trees are going to get tens of millions. The economy will continue to be debauched, the very lodestone of the economy the tech digital industry will be eviscerated with malevolent digital tax to the likes of Amazon who have threatened to withdraw form the UK if Hammond carries out his threatened terrorist actions against them.

The socialist tories hate capitalism as much as Labour do and there is no hope for the country unless they are challenged on ideological grounds and a new movement away from the statism of both political parties and towards capitalism emerges.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why Has Parliament got a Vote ie veto on Brexit?

I have not heard a reason for this yet. Parliament can veto the referendum result -how so? 75% of parliamentarians are Remainoids and they can scupper Brexit? Wonder why this has not been challenged and there has been no outrage about it.

Why have a referendum in the first place if parliament can over ride it? Blank -out.

If the referendum is nullified by parliament, parliament should be nullified by the people.

Remainers the EU's odd bedfellows

Why would the remainoids be fighting desperately for the UK to remain a member of what is fast becoming a union of crypto fascist states? With one country after the other being taken over or challenged by virulent nationalist xenophobic parties within the EU it is ill sorted to say the least that the liberal defenders of the EU want Britain to remain within this federation of nascent European  fascists.

Have they not read the writing on the wall or are they politically illiterate or so crazed and enamoured of the concept of the EU that they haven't noticed what an ugly illiberal conglomeration of nationalist states it now morphed into?

So much for the EU being a bulwark against fascism. Now that it's raison d etre has been  comprehensively negated by current events should it not European liberals remove their imprimatur from this doomed endeavour?

Greener than Thou

The Greens will devour themselves! The latest here in Kent is a protest against wait for it: a Solar Power plant. Apparently it will interfere with the natural habitat salt marshes and the lesser spotted tit no doubt.

When it comes to virtue signalling of course the Greens are in a class of their own -middle class whining Niabys -not in anyone's backyard. They will not be happy tll the whole human race has extinguished itself and left planet earth to its natural pre human state -theirs is the misanthropy that dare not speak its name, with some added nihilism thrown into the toxic mix.

Greenies are old Marxists who never die, just mutate and reinvent themselves hoping no one will notice their base motives or am I complimenting them undeservedly for having an ideology when in fact they are too irrational even for that?

Phillip Green. Victim of Hate Crime?

Why do people hate Phillip Green?There is anti semitism lurking in there somewhere but chiefly it is because he has had the effrontery to be incredibly successful and that is not tolerated by the pseudo intelligentsia and the culture at large. That is the unforgivable sin.

Be on welfare, be a moocher and you will be valorised but dare to succeed and you will be demonized.

If you put a foot wrong your character will be assassinated  from both  left and the right proving yet again that there is no essential difference between the  two and never was.

A nurse can be responsible for killing dozens of patients in the NHS and not receive anything like the vitriol and hate that Green has received over the years.

In this age obsessed with hate speech it seems there is  one group of people who are exempted from such protection absurd and foolish as it is and yes, its the evildoers, the producers and businessmen, for whom it is permanent open season. 

Irish stick it to the Roman Catholic Church (again)

God is a maniac! Stephen Fry is vindicated. You can lampoon the evil church without now having your collar felt. It's hard to believe such battles are still being fought in the 21st century but such is the evil power held by the church. The Irish have spoken and told the church where to put its evil blasphemy laws in their referendum. Rome wasn't sacked in a day, it took a little longer but bravo to the Irish as they hammer another nail in the Church of satan's coffin.

We should follow suit and abolish our blasphemy laws deviously  euphemised as 'hate thought crime.Religion will not go quietly into its  night but rages against the dying of its evil lights -it has to be forced into giving up it nefarious powers as it is still attempting to silence those who would dare to challenge its absurdities, lies and the giant hoax upon mankind it has perpetrated down the ages.

A nice competition to see who can draw the funniest and most obscene pictures of Mohumud piss be upon him would be a start.We must be able to make fun of religion and its evil hold on mankind, it's pretensions and absurdities and not allow it to continue intimidating people into silence with its threats and bullying.This is just a start hopefully and will embolden people to take on religion and its authoritarian totalitarianism once and for all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Arab Nazi States are our Allies?

Why are we selling a long standing Islamafascist rogue state like Sordid Arabia WEAPONS and calling them our 'allies'? With friends like that who needs enemies. Could it be our wretched monarchy that has close ties to them for godonly knows what reason other than that's what monarchies do - mutually support their heinous crimes (ref history of the monarchy in Britain across the many centuries).

We expect nothing more from Mr expedience and pragmatist Trump when he argues that we cannot censure the Saudis because selling them weapons provides jobs for Americans but that the UK should be in bed with this truly monstrous regime that has been committing mass murder for decades simply beggars  belief.

Apparently many tory ministers have been bought by the Saudis and are mired in corruption and cronyism with the evil Sordid mullahs and actually have the brassneck to appear on the Bbc justifying their obscene posture and wheeling out a bizarre justification for their moral depravity and cupidity as follows: 'if we weren't selling them weapons other less scrupulous (?!) countries like Russia would be. If we weren't funding the Arab Nazis some other less scrupulous countries would be.

Don't you want to vomit all over such tory mps gentle reader s s s s?

Lies, Damned lies and Blog Stats

My blogstats state that in the last 24 hours I have had 19 thousand hits or visitors from the US and that in the last 7 days it is 80 thousand from the US. Bearing in mind that I have only ever had 100 per week I am of course not taking such stats seriously at all. Of course it would be nice were it accurate but I cannot see how it can go from 100 to 18,000 Lol.

Apart from anything else the law of averages would dictate that were such a volume of people viewing this site at least some would have left a comment but as my comment box is empty again I am skeptical.

Someone said it could be the Ruskies as I am unkind to them but although true what would be gained by bigging up my lamentable stats?

Could it be automated bots if that's what they call them? Blank-out.

Could it be the internet company wanting to give me a little bit of encouragement languishing as I do in the cyber wastes of the Great Unread? That would be sweet but I just dunno and I guess if I have  attained such a huge readership practically overnight and anyone is reading this someone or 2 can leave a comment  but in the absence of anyone doing that I will remain a Blogstat skeptic.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

America -Where did it all go wrong?

What was the flaw in the american constitution that enabled it to go from the country the founding fathers articulated, a severely delimited Republican state to an over bloated quasi socialist, welfare state, mixed economy statist democracy?

From Washington, Franklin etc to in a few generations Wilson, Roosvelt, Johnson, Obama ,Trump eek? Could it have been the introduction of the notion of taxation as a legitimate tool of the state as adumbrated in the Federalist papers? Clearly, once the principle that taxation was an acceptable tool in the arsenal of state - even for laudable purposes - was established it would only be a matter of time for the state to expand its remit across the board as the pass had been sold re the principle of taxation. Thus the growth of welfare from the beginning of the 1900s.

War is always used as an excuse to expand government which after the war continues to be funded at war levels as the people have been accustomed to big state action and are thus persuaded that such state action can be extended to domestic affairs also so the successive wars the US engaged in from the end of the 18th century surely contributed to the expansion of government as it did in Europe after the 1st and 2nd world wars.

There was nothing in the constitution apparently which prevented this massive expansion of the state into the personal affairs of the citizenry so that today the US resembles more and more the European states in its invasive interventionist statist policies and its concomittant growth of national debt.

Not being in any way shape or form a constitutionalist expert I could not possibly say what were the ommissions that led and allowed the statists to drive a coach and horses thru the constitution but this they have undoubtedly done and it remains to be seen if the US can survive the grave statist incursions of its enemies within.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Welfare in Aspic

Governments come and go but welfare endures. Like all the other philosophical crap the West has absorbed welfare came from the Germans with Bismarx. German may well have been defeated on the battle grounds of the 1st and 2nd world wars but there is n doubt that it is the philosophical political ideological victor of the 20th century right up to today.

Kant, Marx, Hegel Heidigger et all -thanks a bunch, their malign influence hangs like a dark toxic cloud over European polities across the piece and let us not forget their darkest hour -the construction of the EU monolith which as most observers recognize re the EU is merely the continuation of German hegemony by other means.Hitler first outlined the blueprint for a united europe.

Now thankfully Germany is a busted flush politically as hey ho they are embracing Fascism again! and Merkel star has waned but back to welfare.

The tories have accommodated Welfare right from the get go bar some stout but almost solitary and ultimately futile resistance from the tory prophet Churchill who once again was warning the British people about the dangers of socialism but once again they turned a deaf ear and we have been paying the price ever since. What did Churchill say vis a vis socialism in England? That it would require a Gestapo to enforce it. Howls of outrage from the Left who never wanted it pointed out that the German Nazis were socialists -the clue was in th name national socialist party.

Now we have government agents and operatives telling us what to say, think,feel, eat, drink,behave, policing our words governing every aspect of our existence. If it waddles like a a gestapo, quacks like a gestapo...

Speeches from both Hitler and Goebelles testify to their affinity and direct allegiance with socialist principles but these were inconvenient truth for the left socialists who prevailed.

Fast forward to today and the kindly but deluded Ian Duncan Smith who attempted to finesse a reformed Welfare State and its the same story -the tories cast in the craven role of making socialism work and getting brickbats for their troubles.

Managerial socialism and welfare is what the tories have always posited post '45 bar a short period when Thatcher wielded the handbag and pushed back the socialist frontiers a few hundred yards but now all that ground will be retaken and extended thru Corbyn with the help of the pink tories and Welfare remains, unchallenged at its socialist egalitarian altruist roots and more a drain than ever on creativity, enterprise, freedom and liberty.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pope Beatifies Communist priest

The head of the kiddie fiddling  Roman Catholic church has officially turned a Marxist El Salvadoran priest into a saint. Isn't that all you need to know about this obscene despicable death cult religion that holds tyrannical sway over a billion people across the globe and is responsible for the deaths of millions in its sick and depraved history and career of evil?

Communism/ catholicism hand in glove. The church sucked up to every totalitarian dictatorship in the 20th century and here it is turning a commie loving priest into a saint. Why would any decent self respecting person want anything to do with such an amoral institution? That's the power of mysticism, still holding people in thrall centuries after the horrifick nitemare of the Dark Ages has passed. Still the hold endures. The power of unreason reaches across the ages and centuries holding people in thrall to its irrationalist creed -seemingly forever.

What Trump should say to the British People

My fellow Brits, forgive this breach of protocol as I know it is a well established principle that a prsident does not interfere directly in an ally's internal political affairs but I feel I have to break with such observances for I have to tell you in all earnestness I do not like what I am seeing from your once I regret to say  great country. Reluctant though I am to express the following thoughts I feel I have no choice when I see the disturbing trajectory you are on politically. The thought of a Corbyn government feels me frankly with horror and incredulity such that I find it hard even to utter these words a Corbyn government without an ominous and profound sense of consternation and revulsion

What on earth are the British people thinking of? In the last election your Theresa May only barely scrapped through ahead of an avowed Marxist, a malevolent miserable pathetic excuse of a human being who has sidled up to every monstrous regime he could find that was against Britain and its interests and by extension ours too. He is an anti semite, a proud supporter of vile fascistic arabic states and leaders, terrorist outfits, racist and malign, supported idreologically the old soviet union and as it has been revealed that the old Labour leader and extreme leftist Michael Foot was supplying information to the soviets it is inconceivable that Corbyn was not up to the same with his rabid Marxist ideology to say nothing of his despicable soft speaking sidekick John Mcdonnel with his sinister studied calmness and pathological hatred of freedom and the only system that guarantees it capitalism.

Though it pains me to say it if this vile crew of Stalinists is elected in to power Great Britain will from that moment be regarded by our country as a foe not an ally. The Special relationship which has been cultivated over generations will die an instant death the moment those sinister characters
 walk across the threshold of 10 and 11 downing st.

How can the United States maintain normal traditional relationship with a country that is hostile to freedom and liberty and the capitalist system as compromised as it has become over the decades with creeping mixed economy programmes and policies which even our country has sadly not been immune to?

But this would represent a violent break even with that as it threatens the UK with mass institutionalized emmiseration and  and impoverishment on the scale of what is taking place in Venezuela right now which the leftist media has studiously avoided reporting on.

America may end up having to set up another Marshall Plan after Corbyn has finished with your country. If it is asked to provide the means for the overthrow of such a dictatorial monstrous communist cabal my country will not hesitate to come to your assistance as we did the last time Great Britain was threatened by an extreme socialist enemy.We will do everything in our power to stop a Corbyn government from destroying the UK but you can avoid such an outcome by coming to your senses and not voting in such a freedom and liberty hating hobgoblin in the first place.

The decision is yours and I can only hope -and indeed pray were I not a proud atheist that that the British electorate after staring and peering over the abyss wisely and prudently step back and go in the opposite direction. You need a Maggie to provide you with such inspiration but alas you only have a May who does not seem to have any principles whatever, good or bad but she is still a million times preferable to Corbyn so please hold your noses and vote for her again if she is still standing at the next election and then after that see if you can find someone of moral calibre which your political scene is sadly lacking at this moment.

Regards, US President 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to counter the Red Menace

There is a very real threat that Britain could fall under communist rule and dictatorship within the year aided and abetted by the weak amoral tories wrangling over Brexit, frustrating the will of the referendum electorate and thus letting in the Corbinistas by default.

This could be precluded by the adoption of the British Constitution as outlined below whereby no such Marxist assault on the polity could even get to first base as its policies would fly directly in the face of every tenet contained within it, violating core principles of liberty and individual rights, reducing the voters to feudal serfs working for the state in state run businesses,regulated and taxed to within an inch of their lives, run by local soviets in the guise of localism and decentralization, paid hoodlums from the ranks of the newly re empowered trade unions and the thugocracy of Momentum and its petty tyrants and hirelings.

Demagoguery would never get to first base and the British citizens would be protected by law from any such state encroachments, arbitrary rule and power thus making it impossible for any would be dictator to use majority rule as an excuse for mob rule, extortion, bribery, threats of violence and incarcerations for any who resist the powers of the state to curtail their freedom and strip them of their property rights and thus their lives.

With such a constitution in place a century ago the Welfare State would never have been born, a hideous statist monster with powers to plunder, rob, pillage, loot at will on an industrial scale, tyranny institutionlalized by dictat, at the point of a gun with all the force of the state to deprive citizens of their liberty in the name of the common good -nauseatingly and hypocritically, fantastically framed as a moral good, a virtuous enterprise, the sacrificing of all to all with quasi religious overtones got from the same philosophical religious root and base of altruism -from each according to his need and that need a claim on everyone's life, a system of human bondage, man reduced to a beast of burden, enslaved to a collectivist creed cut from the Christian creed of self sacrifice and crucifixion. A gross perversion and inversion of morality trumpetted to this very day as the ultimate moral good.

A British Constitution

Government shall pass no laws or acts abridging people's freedom; freedom of speech inalienable, no laws restricting it such as blasphemy laws recast as hate crimes or hate speech

Government shall have no tax raising powers

Freedom of the press shall be guaranteed, no state control or regulation  of the media - no state broadcaster -Bbc privatised

There shall be a Separation of Church and State (disestablishment)

There shall be an immediate dissolution of the monarchy

Abolition of 2nd chamber, House of Lords as unconstitutional

Abolition of the Welfare State and also to  to include areas of health, education, transport, the Arts, sport, culture, media, unemployment, social security, childcare, adult social care and housing -immediate selling off of all social housing stock including housing associations, cessation of all government house building programmes

Privatisation of all public spaces, selling of all public land, forests,national parks,roads streets, motorways, waterways etc, abolition of greenbelt and the successive Town and Country acts restricting building.

Abolition of Eminent Domain -Compulsory Purchase Orders

Privatisation of fire services

Separation of Economy and State, free banking -  re privatisation of Bank of England

Government shall have no regulatory powers over trade industry and business or engage in any form of' partnership' with business such as obtains in the statist construct of the mixed economy.

Prohibition laws regarding consumption of drugs repealed

Government shall impose no protectionist tarriffs on imported goods -abolition of all import export controls bar for issues of national security and the checking of those with communicable diseases or suspected terrorists

Government shall form and create no 'quasi' autonomous bodies -Quangos and all such, without exception, to be abolished

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What do we owe Future Generations?

Nothing! They don't exist! You cannot owe the non existent anything hello! Man is not a self sacrificing animal to the living let alone to the yet to be born. What a monstrous proposition. Eat less meat! Consume less, your carbon footprint is too big, sacrifice for future generations. Bollocks! No!

The New Puritanism -Environmentalism. Last time it was Malthusianism and that was a monstrous lie too. Mortification of the flesh anyone? Surely you are not a denier? A heretic. Burn them at the stake -o you can't -it will cause pollution.

Religion is dead, long live environmentalism. It has exactly the same pieties, strictures, shibboleths, hectoring sermonizing, threats, imprecations, mythology and irrationalism and should be treated with the same contempt. It should be seen as every man's duty to up his meat consumption in direct defiance of the sustainability crowd, the anti growth zealots and eco doom mongers.

China's Cure for Islam

A million muslims in camps being programmed out of their Islamic faith! It's an ambitious audacious project but you have to admire the Chinese for attempting it. Of course it is shocking and totally against objectivist principles, the state involving itself in personal matters of faith and belief but we live in parlous times and is the West's approach to the Islamic menace so much better?

Here we shrug our shoulders and allow muslims to run our prisons and brainwash fellow criminals with Islamic propaganda. The Chinese have looked at the West's approach and its hardly surprising that they were not impressed. If a country has a death wish it would make sense but China does not and it is besieged with an islamic threat of its own and is not about to passively acquiesce in its downfall.

And look at the self confidence and optimism of its belief in transforming transgressive minds - an amazing self confidence that we in the West are sorely lacking and the irony is we have far more to be self confident about than China if we only knew it, with its bleak amoral communist ideology and even its Confucian philosophy as good as it is in parts cannot compete or compare with the enlightenment pro reason values of liberty and individual rights that is the bedrock of Western civilization. All of that lost in our anti reason multicultural political correctness that has engulfed our culture and eviscerated it.

No, the Chinese are to be commended in their intentions if not perhaps in the mass incarceration but I do find it preferable to  the West's morally invertebrate approach and its craven  surrender to nihilism across the board including Islam which could end up posing an existential threat to it if it does not become robust in defending its glorious heritage pretty sharpish.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Scots (Not) Missed

If Scotland wants independence from the UK why does it continue to take handouts in the form of English tax funded welfare to the scots in the form of the notorious Barnet Formula? Should the SNP not come clean with its electorate and acknowledge the debt of gratitude it owes to the English with its endless dole to their Scottish dependencies but of course in time honoured fashion Scotland bites the hand that feeds it.

Now it is in search of another sugar daddy in the form of Brussels. Good luck with that one. It will be hitching its wagon to a fallen star as the European continent is about to be engulfed in a tidal wave of fascistic nationalism with its truculent members straining at the Brussels leash and about to bring about the dissolution of the whole shooting match which will take  EU sucker down -and the Scots with it.

Some Independence anyway as Scotland seeks to tie its self to Brussels apron strings. It's about time turgid Sturgid talked turkey to her turkey like electors about to vote for Christmas if they ever get the chance.

Atheist but believe in the Paranormal?

Sorry, No! The bbc radio 4 prog wants people to think that circle can be squared and seemed to take some pleasure in trying but it is nonsense on its face. But why would they even want to try you may ask gentle reader?

Atheism requires the paramountcy of reason and the left fears this -and rightly so. Once people start embracing reason there is no telling where it will lead. They will begin to question possibly secular forms of unreason like collectivism or am I being too optimistic? Maybe..

For atheism denotes non belief in God -it leaves open a whole vast field of things someone who is an atheist could believe in but surely what it must preclude is the realm of un reason ie religion,faith, mysticism, the supernatural or heaven forefend the paranormal.

Thus some woman who was identifying as (as they say these days) an atheist was recounting with all earnestness her paranormal experiences. No! Does not compute. God is to include all supernatural experiences including th paranormal. Nice try stupid bbc -but sorry -she was no atheist.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

When is the State Illegitimate?

This is the problem I have for as far as I am concerned it becomes illegitimate the second it uses force and coercion against the citizens (or in the uk we would say subjects). That is to say whenever it imposes taxation on its citizens it loses all authority and moral legitimacy. So we have a problem Euston. Having sold the pass centuries ago on taxation it is very hard to take a stand this far down the line. People have been inured for centuries to taxation and have no leg to stand on now.

Still, force is force, coercion is coercion and a criminal act does not become moral because it has been committed a billion times or more.

A system embedded for millenia, entrenched down the ages, institutionalized as a norm, has a very
 powerful hold on its victims. Who can challenge custom and convention especially as it has taken on a moral dimension, woven into the philosophical fabric through the religiously instantiated concept of altruism, an unquestioned edict sanctified by centuries of rote tradition and conditioning, underpinned by practically every philosophical school since Plato with the honourable exception of Aristotle and Ayn Rand.

Even the non religious secular minded have taken on board the ideology of altruism if not in practice still as an agreed ideal to be aspired to if not fully realized. Until the altruist spell is broken and men assert their inalienable right to self determination, liberty, freedom from the arbitrary dictats of the state the slavery of statism will prevail and men will continue to be spiritual slaves and ultimatley physical ones as well as observe present trends.



Concepts make the world go round! They don't exist as such but without them there would be no civilization. What amazes me about Ayn Rand is she says things you have never heard before but should have done. She talks about the very building blocks of civilization, things we should learn at our mother's knee or just after.

School teaches you what to think but not how to think. It tells you that thought is impotent, that one view is just as valid as another, that there is no objective truth, anything goes, one man's theory is as good as the next, feelings are paramount, there is no objective history just subjective history based on race, class, gender etc.

The individual is impotent, he must be subordinated to the group, tribe, sacrificed for the common good. Mysticism spiritual or secular is promoted and no critical thought is allowed towards a person's faith and beliefs for such would be a thought crime, hate crime.

Nothing is allowed beyond the perceptual level of consciousness, everything is random and arbitrary including all subjects on the curicula which are just a mishmash of concretes piled sky high to be memorized and parroted without any attempt to integrate or conceptualize.

Modern education via the state is a rape of the mind on all levels from kindergarten to university.A crippling of the cognitive faculties is the avowed but unspoken aim of the education establishment designed to create a passive bovine subject population who will vote for collectivist political parties to enslave and herd them ultimately into 21st century slave pens. Mass Corbinization can be the only outcome and there is no one standing between the people and their fate if there ever was.

Things that Annoy me

People who talk on their phones in public. People who ride their bikes on the pavement. People who ride their bikes on the road - I fervently hope they will be crushed under th wheels of a 4by4.  People who give their pets human names. People who let their dogs urinate on park benches -esp if I am sitting there. (If a person urinated against a bench they would be arrested but apparently dogs doing it is ok). People who tell you that theirs is a rescue dog. People with grating voices, to include accents, scottish,welsh, yorkshire etc. Radio 4 - full of whining bitter and twisted middle class wimmin feminists riding their collectivist hobby horses -public service propaganda -an endless pitch for government solutions to everything, North Korea  style. That's it really, I'm an easy going kind of person as you can see.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

May Outs herself as a Red

Quelle surprise. May is whoring around for Labour votes, appealing to disillusioned Labour voters who find Corbyn too much to take -she doesn't say why, and here's why. She shares his views -she cannot, will not and has not repudiated socialism and its tenets that he represents, she just hopes Labour voters will see Corbyn as weird and  anti semitic.

So the most extreme Labour leader ever is about to become prime minister and a tory PM has nothing to say about it.

What does she offer these estranged Labour voters? Moderation and patriotism.

Moderate what -statism? Apparently. And we all know what appeals to patriotism means. Empty bromides, a moral vacuum where an ideology should be.

The electorate have been conned and its been going on a long time. Until a small state anti mixed economy pro liberty and freedom party emerges we are going to be left choosing between 5 variants of statism and that apparently is democracy. 

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Supreme Twat Kavanaugh v Me Too

What an invidious choice! The supreme slimeball sex fiend Kavnaugh with his religious hypocrisy, hair trigger temper and nauseating sense of entitlement to say nothing of his toxic views on abortion v the hysterical emotionally incontinent Me Too crowd -I'm a victim too! Back in 1972 a man made a pass at me! Give me a million.

A plague on both their houses but frankly Kavanaugh is such a creep and a deadly serious threat to Americans, the constitution and to all women that I don't care what low underhand methods the Democrats deploy to unseat him and if he does pass the audition I hope they pursue every inquiry from the long queue of women no doubt waiting to emerge with their stories and dog him to the bitter end.

The fact that the judge gets the imprimatur of sex pest Trump should surely rest this case.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Green eyed monster

There was a time when the Left used to excoriate capitalism for not producing enough stuff for the poor but when this proved a blatant canard it switched tack and now it is bemoaning that capitalism creates too much stuff and will it kindly stop it before it destroys the planet.

 This is the latest green message at its party conference and the government is also asking ( beware when government asks companies to do anything as it is invariably the kind of asking you cannot refuse) companies like Primark to come up with ways to produce less stuff because its fabric particles get into the water system and will cause a eco armageddon.

So poor people can go hang now can they since they will be the victims of this anti growth anti producing ideology as cheap products will no longer be available in the shops to cut down on our carbon footprints but it will at least enable the greenies to virtue signal as they destroy the capitalist system which is their obvious and clear ambition.

A journalist asked one of its spokeswomen if they would consider joining the Labour party now that it is so far to the left but she declined presumably because Corbyn is not left enough for them but he was right to identify their Marxist inclinations and such is where their toxic anti life ideology would lead us were enough gullible voters to be tempted by the greeny siren call.

Trans People and the Age of Subjectivism

There is an identity crisis. A is no longer A. It could be B or C or whatever you choose. The law of identity is dead. It has been supplanted by the Law of feelings and subjectivism. Objective reality? Are you kidding? The German philosophers two hundred years ago disproved that nonsense.

So here we are. Gender fluidity, men walking into female toilets and changing rooms because they 'identify' as women. The Left is eating itself over this one with gay groups castigating Stonewall for defending this insanity. So something good has come of it at least.

We have now moved into an Age of Non Identity politics,  Ickean politics. Shape-shifting reptiles are walking among us!

It is now pretty much illegal to boldly assert the law of identity -to assert that A is A. You are offending those who believe it is b or c. Acknowledge the Kantian universe or pay a heavy price!

An assertion of the arbitrary and an insistence of it enforced by law is the ultimate totalitarianism which of course was the goal of the post modernist left all along and those chickens have now come home to roost.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Feminism v Women

I always start off feeling sympathetic and empathetic to women and their unfair treatment over the centuries but as soon as one of their self proclaimed representative feminists starts up that residual synmpatico quickly evaporates. Why are they so obnoxious, talking in prescribed stock phrases, exuding misandry from every pore?

They take a perfectly good case, a legitimate argument and turn it into something toxic and poisonous. Take the issue of sexual harrassment which no one can doubt has been a problem in the workplace and no doubt universities but their prescriptions are so draconian and prohibitive they would not be out of place in Orwell's 1984 in their sinister applications and implications. It's the anti sex league with government functionaries monitoring student's behaviour, the males having to go on courses to be instructed in how to comport themselves around female students.

Effectively the takeaway as they say these days is that men and women cannot coexist in any social space without rigorously enforced codes of behaviour and harsh sanctions for transgressors. Sexual McCarthyism stalks the corridors of academe and the workplaces too, a national hysteria and paranoia, a new puritanism positively Victorian in its rigid and hidebound applications.

Modern feminism has lost the plot and hopefuly there will be a backlash against it before too long or the population rate will plummet as men and women remain in their respective silos eyeing one another warily and suspiciously - which, some would say, is what feminists wanted to happen all along.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Happy Not Clappy

Don't whoop holler or clap at a Manchester university -you may disturb the autistic and the deaf! Just wave your hands about like they do in deaf school -jazz hands its called apparently.Yes the bats have got into the belfry.

If society is to be predicated on the needs and requirements of the defective and subnormal and those with exotic food allergies where does that leave the rest of us, the normal majority? Make way for the cripples and the disabled!

It's more virtue signalling of course. Look how virtuous we are in turning the whole world upside down to cater to and accommodate the special few who are to be elevated to a higher status by dint of their abnormalities.

It's sinister really, a sort of inverted eugenics is at work where the fit and able are to be sacrificed to the unfit and disabled. Crippling the able is the left's game -the ultimate  egalitarianism. It is animated by a spirit of hatred for the fit and a desire to drag it down - pure nihilism in other words.

Cometh the hour.....

It's a long standing fact that the only truth ever uttered in tory conference season is on the fringes and so it proved to be yesterday with an impassioned barnstorming performance by Borris - (if your'e tired of Johnson you are tired of life).

Of course the media tried to downplay it but it blew Theresa May away in a devastatingly powerful performance with all the Johnson vim and vigour with the combination of levity, gravitas, genuine anger and surgical assault on all the villains of the piece from Corbyn Hammond May, Brexit betrayal, tory weakness and vacillation,treachery the whole gamut of evils swatted away like irksome flies.

Borris is a freak within the tory party as he actually believes in something, is passionate about it and it is manifest in every move and gesture and of course he is an orator and can move crowds with his words.

Most tories are dogmatic pragmatists, stubborn in their wrong rather than their right. They will go to the barricades for pragmatism and moderation  but in an age when the conflict is clearly between good and evil, an existential fight, this is worse than useless, it is complicity with that evil and the only beneficiaries will be the  fascist left that has taken over the Labour party and is beginning to feel confident that the prize of power will soon be theirs -by dint of nothing more than tory default.

Tories will not be soon forgiven for that and the only good that could come out of this whole debacle is the breakup and dissolution of the tory party altogether and the emergence of a non statist right party that does not feel the need to tack to the left in a Corbyn lite caricature but will stoutly defend liberty and the small state.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Why are so many businessmen Leftists?

The mixed economy is as marriage made in hell between business and politics but it is an arranged marriage with one party, the hapless businessman corralled into it, in  an effective involuntary servitude, like an invitation by the mafia one cannot refuse.

Politics gets the vicarious kudos of having the businessman's - albeit coerced - imprimatur and business gets the protection by the state from upstart rivals who are tied up in red tape and government bureaucracy of regulations which they themselves can negotiate exemptions from by pull and favour thru the corrupt lobby system.

Big business thus loves big government as it acts as a protector from rival competitors and it can gain some albeit perverse reflected glory by being associated with the government of the day and receiving official recognition.

Business therefor has to be leftist in order to survive and thrive under a mixed economy and should any business stick its neck out and argue for a small state with low taxation and regulation it will be singled out for special attention, become the target of highly vocal vilification, censure and persecution and will have inland revenue agents all over its business like a rash. Self preservation thus makes all business in the mixed economy Stockholm Syndrome Leftists.

The Heseltine Hammond Sindrome

When businessmen go into politics it is almost always disastrous. The very skills that make them so successful in the marketplace or what passes for it, make them a total disaster in politics. Entrepreneurs by definition have Big Ideas, they create business empires and are hugely successful and wealthy so doing.

But translating such skills into politics leads to more politics, grandiose adventures and schemes -the Heseltine sindrome where huge sums of money can be commandeered for vanity projects -they love things like the Hs2 monstrosity and similar ventures - and since it is not their money they can become even more ambitious and expansive, more reckless with no cost to them when  the whole thing crumbles to dust leaving losses and debts for someone else to shoulder ie the taxpayers who are the pawns in the big shot businessman cum politician's maniacal projections.

When businessmen express opinions on politics they are almost invariably the most statist of all, it is almost as if they take a holiday from reality, no longer having to persuade people to go into partnership they have the brute power of state coercion at their disposal where the gun and dictat take the place of reason and mutual self interest.

Thus state power corrupts even the most noble the minute they get their feet under the table and go native and politics for the businessman is therefor a a siren call they would do well to resist - for everyone's sake.

Mixed economy Blues -and Reds?

Corbyn made an extraordinary comment amidst his socialist rant at the Labour conference last week, absurdly characterizing his state takeover of the economy and business as 'real mixed economy'. Makes you wonder what he thinks we have now which by any definition is socialism with at best a dash of capitalism.

But is he proferring a mixed economy? It is nationalization disguised by the introduction of regionalized government agencies, mini soviets, an illusory diffusioin of centralized power into a Maoist localism first mooted by Cameron whose effects will be every bit as deleterious as the Soviet nationlization of industry and business from the '45 Labour government.

Now is surely the time to challenge the mixed economy model from a libertarian position since the Marxists have taken control of Labour - everything should now be on the table ideologically. Do not expect any such thing from the tory conference, just more feeble, half hearted, apologetic defence of capitalism hedged in with buts and provisos, damning with faint praise and the use of such coy evasive terminology as '21st century capitalism' '- ie a diluted, effete, eviscerated, mixed economy compromised, bastardized, emasculated, hideously deformed, hollowed out caricature of capitalism in name only.

And still the yawning chasm where a new politics and ideology should be remains, a windswept landscape unpopulated, barren and bare.

Monday, October 01, 2018

5 Months without tv...

And not missing it a bit. 100 channels and nothing to watch. Tv is so bland and pc because it is a highly state regulated medium. Contrast it with the edginess of the internet, youtube. If you want an inkling of what youtube would look and sound like if the government ever got its hands on it and subjected it to  heavy handed oppressive regulation  just watch tv.

It is hardly surprising that the state would like to regulate the  internet as it is a threat to the preservation of its carefully cultivated and projected benign image. If there is to be an equivalent of a peasant's revolt it will come from the new digital arena which is why the state is on the look out for the slightest pretext to rein it in and clip its wings and will always use some spurious pretext to do so -the standard one being  the  protection of children.

It will use the language of fear, referring to the internet revolution and its architects as 'tech giants' a term taken up by old media as it sees its lunch being eaten by the new kids on the block.

Welcome to the Red Tory Conference

In which insignificant nobodies fight futile personality battles and a Remainoid 'leader' attempts to shove her Bremain Chequers deal down the gullets of recalcitrant members and collectivist policies are trumpetted as an alternative to the ultimate Red Labourite Corbyn and his fellow Marxists who smell victory -by default and secretly give praise to May and her red tories for paving the way for his effortless ingress into 10 Downing st.

Its not as if the tories are betraying any values or principles and have just recently become ideologically corrupt and amoral. They never had any principles to betray in the first place. That is their tragedy, and by extension the country's as well.

How much ruin is in a nation -how long have we left? One prominent tory columnist was predicting recently that the tories could be in the wilderness for the next 15 years but it is hard to see how the country could survive 5 years of Corbyn let alone any longer. Of course the tories have been in the wilderness for the longest time -it is hard to know when the moral intellectual deline began -it has a Chequered history and one I confess to be not fully conversant with, only recalling the Thatcher glory years with any clarity.

The Objectivist Millwallian chant -'everybody hates us and we don't care' may be all well and good but unless I have missed it their ingress into the polity and culture has yet to even begin. Holy shit, its hard to see how Western culture can survive much longer of the present garbage unless I am mis reading the whole thing? But when not one single person is speaking up in the whole political field, not one commentator, one champion of freedom how can one be anything other than despondent and pessimistic?