Saturday, January 07, 2017

My Worst Nitemare

As I have predicted the last 3 big events namely our recent general election,Brexit and Trumpet I do worry that my abiding fear and horror may also come to pass namely a Corbyn premiership. The same people who quoted opinion polls asserting with arrogant confidence that Remainers would win,Hillary would triumph and also there would be a hung parliament in 15 and Scotland would leave the UK are now telling us that Jeremy does not stand a snowflake's chance in hell of being PM. How can we listen to them or even trust them with used toilet paper?

So why do I think Corbyn could be our next prime minister? Because as evil and vile as his ideology is, he has one and he has kept faith with it all his adult life,never wavering one nano second from what he beleives in his black heart of hearts is true, he has the conviction and iron will of  a Thatcher and whether you agree with this archetype conviction politician is actually irrelevant or of secondary importance because people are drawn to someone who holds their views and ideology consistently and unwaveringly over time,who holds those beliefs to the very core of their being,for who the ideolgy and the person are one and indivisible,who are an embodiment and living manifestation of their values from which they will never shrink or deviate. Such people throughout history almost always prevail regardless of the nature and content  of their beleifs and this matter is key because for some it would sound counter intuitive but it is so nevertheless and they ultimately prevail  no matter what obstacles they initially face.

Besides these leviathans of principle the mere jobbing politician,the careerist ideological free zone of a zero politico with all the principles of a warthog and the moral values of a raddled whore are the mere flotsam and jetsam of history,the moral ciphers who would sell their soul if they had one for a sinecure and emolument, these are the ethical vacuums and black holes of amorality who make up the large majority of mos Western political institutions of office and the people rightly have total comtempt for them. Give us a Bernie a Donald a Jeremy,a Hitler a Stalin they have always cried over these moral derelicts and so I fear it will be once more all the while politicans abandon principles for power we are in mortal danger of choosing instead something even worse, a sociopath with perverted collectivist ideological convictions -anything rather than nothing.  

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