Tuesday, November 29, 2005

McCartney:Bull In China

Sir Paul Macca has let it be known that he will not musically perform in China until they stop their appalling abuse -of animals.Millions of human beings dead under the communist regime and not a peep out of the man but news that some animals are being abused and Paul is outraged.

With his faded looks and enfeebled voice other countries wanting to be spared his embarrassing and tired capers need only announce that there are no animal rights in their country.So some good may come from the ridiculous and vacuous posturings of this moral pygmy after all.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Best Bitter-End

As a youngster I regarded George Best as a hero and was disappointed when he went awol and then retired prematurely from Man Utd.I used to be a bit of a footballer at school and many rated me as having some Best like attributes,but I lost interest in football when he hung up his boots in ' 72. However should we not set aside childish things in adulthood? The hagiographical media worship of Best is surely the sign of a society with its moral compass awry.

Sport and entertainment has become the new God in the abscence and rejection of the real one.It really is true: when people don't believe in God they end up believing in anything and worshipping the wrong God.They even use religious terminology such as rock and sporting 'idols'.(Yes I will probably be watching the X Factor as well tonight but even whilst doing so I can recognise the false and contrived emoting,the manufactured sentiment and the mild hysteria surrounding it, knowing that it is not to put it mildly, altogether healthy).

With the press practically camped outside the hospital waiting for Best to die and giving endless updates of his condition the media has surely plumbed new depths of the macabre.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bush re Al Jazeera: Way To Go

Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera we are told.Totally legitimate target.Al Jazeera is the Goebelles propaganda outfit for Al Queda and should have been raized to the ground 2 years ago.

Borris Johnson very bravely says in the Telegraph today that if he came across the printed plans of Bush's intentions he would print them and risk going to jail(the government has threatened that sanction should the press print the information). Pray Borrris gets his wish and this blundering buffoon will be locked up out of harms way

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Conservative Sea Change?

Two blips of Good in a world of Mad: A large number of Brits think girls and women who go out dressed like whores are responsible for getting themselves raped.One in the eye for mad feminism.This was revealed in a survey done by Amnasty International -the leftist scum must have choked at their findings.

Many Brits also think that if people over-eat,drink and smoke they should pay for their medical treatment -or should even be turned away from the hospital untreated.

Is commonsense creeping back in from the cold? Don't hold your breath.......

Monday, November 21, 2005

Nothing Wrong With White Phosphorous

During the first world war the Germans used chemical weapons.When the British responded in kind the Germans desisted. During the second world war the allies Nuked Japan to end the war.

So there is no reason why the Americans should not use their white phosphorous against the insurgent terrorists in Iraq.Quite proper.Those who say otherwise are opposed to the war against terror anyway and their views are as predictable as they are wrong.

Had such liberal journalists been reporting on the second world war in the vein they do today they would be regarded as traitors,taken out and shot in the back of the head.The likes of Mad Max Hastings and Corelli (off- his) Barnet are but two of the many Quislings now writing in the Daily Mail of all places and deserving of the Lord Haw Haw treatment.Their anti Americanism is pure poisonous racism.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shot Female PC Sacrificed On The Altar Of Feminism

The dead PC shot on Friday was a victim of more than black gang crime.Feminism should also be in the dock for driving women into the front line in the police force where before the 70's their role was in office work and treating with children and women offenders.

Needless to say when the vermin who shot the PC are apprehended they should be strung up by the nearest lampost but of course they willl get the usual VIP treatment coddled in jail for a few years before released(no doubt on good behaviour) to continue their war against British society.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Self Pity Default Mode Of Islam

I would like for just one day to turn on the TV or radio and not hear the phrase(mantra) 'Muslim Community'. We don't talk about the 'Christian Community', The Hindu Community', the Buddhist Community so why the #### do we have to put up with the 'Muslim Community' 24/7?

What is it with these people -are they so full of doubt about their own religion that they have to define themselves by it? Could it be that deep down they know their religion is bogus at root and they must be heard for much speaking and protesting too much? Methinks so.

Self imposed isolationism and cultural apartheid -these are the fruits of multiculturalism.The only thing we need from the 'Muslim Community' is a protracted period of silence.

Conservatives Must Disavow Socialism

Conservatism is a house divided against itself. It is like a schizoid patient, talking in tongues self contradictory gibberish. How it loves to apolgise for its virtues,and self flagellate in public for its imaginary vices.

If the bugler sounds the uncertain cry who shall follow?Weak, timorous, apologetic, seeking to emulate all the worst vices of its opponents,subject to fits of doubt and post Thatcherite angst,prone to spouting modish pieties - that is the Conservative Party as it stands today.

Conservatives need to get one thing and one thing only straight.They are not socialists. Words mean something. Ideology exists whether acknowledged or not.Either implicity or explicity ideology exists. Not being Socialists Conservatives must publicly disavow Socialism and its tenets.This means they must explicitly repudiate socialist principles and practices chief amongst them being Welfarism paid for by taxation.

Conservatives must make public their wholesale rejection of Welfarism through confiscatory,redistributive taxation for social engineering purposes.It has an appalling record of abysmal failure and conservatives must point this out graphically in all the gory detail they can muster -which isn't hard as it abounds everywhere throughout society.

The New Conservative Manifesto

1. Abortion made illegal

2. Homosexuality made illegal

3. Capitol punishment for murder

4. UK withdrawal from the EU

5. UK withdrawal from the UN

6. Privatisation of the NHS

7. Privatisation of State Education (Separation of School and State)

8. Repatriation of all 'British Muslims' in the UK and dismantlement of all mosques

9. Ban on any further immigration other than from US and Australia,bar billionaires from other countries on a person by person basis.

10. Scrapping of the BBC TV licence

11. Homeowners right to a shoot to kill policy with burglars and intruders without fear of prosection.

12. Cessation of all State funding of the Arts

13. Spartan condition in prisons with no luxuries,TV's drugs,cigarettes,tea,coffee,conjugal visits,early release for 'good behaviour', - 'life' meaning life.

14. Child prisons, abolition of Asbos, public corporal punishment for juvenile offenders.

!5. Abolition of all State benefits for 'single parent mothers'

16. Abolition of Disability benefit sand Unemployment benefit

17. Abolition of VAT and gradual phasing out of income tax; abolition of all existing stealth taxes

18. Abolition of Council Tax

19 Abolition of Inheritance Tax

20 Abolition of tax on fuel

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bullying In Schools: Institutionalised Denialism

Bullying in State schools is institutionalised for one simple but hitherto undiscussed reason.We have had lots of horror stories of late about brutalist attacks on pupils by fellow pupils but the response by the media and the schools in question have been predictably feeble,pusilaminous, evasive and rationale riddled.

There is one elementary reason for this denialist rationale.The schools are State run,and ergo staffed by a predominantly liberal faculty and what is the liberal default mode mindset re criminal behaviour?A collective looking the other way.A collective pro criminal pro offender disposition.The victim can go hang and as we have also seen of late many of the bullied do resort to suicide in the absence of any support or protection from the criminal colluding liberal educational establishment.

Only one thing will correct this monstrous liberalist collaboration with criminal thugs in the schools.The parents of the victims should sue the ass off the schools where the assaults occur.That alone will concentrate the liberal minds of the harbourers of criminal elements within the schools.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Germany Goes Gaga

Miekel the new German leader in a coalition with the liberals has just announced a rise in income tax for the rich 3% and a rise in VAT. Germany's economic woes are serious and need to be addressed she said.

A bit like claiming that the solution to world hunger is to feed the starving with arsenic.

The new so called iron lady is showing alarming signs of rusting already.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lenin: We Will Bury You

After over 80 years of being buried only in aspic the preserved and much displayed and visited corpse of Lenin (he wrote Revolution) may now be consigned to a grave as the Russian authorities seek to bury the memory of their embarrassing revolutionary past.

The cult of Lenin worship was always at odds with the avowed collectivist ethos of communism and it is surely way past time for this tyranical monster to be removed from voyeuristic public view.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Tories Abandon National Security For Cheap Political Gain

Once again the tories are opposing the Government not out of principle but for tawdry short term political gain.The 90 day period of holding suspects without trial is necessary post 9/11 and 7/7 and the public by a large majority support this.The fact that the tories have sided with the liberals in opposing this points to their moral delinquency and cynicism.

The law of 90 days should only apply to muslim suspects just as during the WW2 Japanese and German inhabitants of the UK were profiled for specific attention. We are at war and all muslims are suspect all the more so as there has yet to be a clear unequivocal statement of opposition to islamic terrorism by the so called muslim community in the UK.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

France Surrenders To Islamic Terrorists

Well France does have form on cravenly surrendering to any who would threaten it so its cowardly supine negligence in the face of ten days of rioting by islamic immigrants is hardly surprising.

Nor of course is the coverage in the British media who for a week tried to pretend it wasn't happening and have now taken up the story soley from the point of view of sympathy and empathy with the rioting sub human muslim scum. Blame is heaped on Sarcosi who actually called the rioters what they are.Blame is heaped on everyone and everything except where it belongs on the pieces of human excrement that have run riot throughout France unchecked.

Could France fall to Islam?It is looking that way right now.We may have the first Islamic State in Europe right on our doorstep.Yes we do need our nukes updated.NOW!

Friday, November 04, 2005

BBC: Only Half The Story

For a week there have been riots in Paris by muslim immigrants but the BBC in its reports cannot quite bring itself to tell us this and its silence on this matter is positively sinister.

Like the riots in Birmingham (which I wrongly reported above as taking place in Manchester) the story just doesn't fit into their distorted PC world view so they simply don't cover it, or do so minus the salient details.

Not for nothing did George Orwell base his novel 1984 on his experiences working for the BBC for which he invented the title Ministry Of Truth.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blunket Goes - Again

Blunket had to go but mainly because his position of reforming the welfare state was compromised because it involved a radical shakeup of the disability payment scam where millions are freeloading on the system with their imaginary illnesses and costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions in false and fraudulent claims.

Being disabled himself Blunket was thus labouring under a compromised objectivity and already was seen to be failing his role by baulking at Blair's radical proposals.

He was one of the most ablest of his generation but lacking in judgement over recent years and felled by serpentine femail associations his position became untenable.