Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Invisible State

The degree of the UK's State power is in inverse proportion to its visibility -an ingenius achievement one has to admit. What had to be accomplished with a crack of the whip is now achieved by the click of a mouse,the silent deep State has no outward show of existence at all and is all the more powerfull in its sinuous opacity where not even veiled threats are required to maintain its puissant hold over the comatose and other directed minions who go around in a blissful state of unawareness thinking their bonded and tax indentured servile state freedom and liberty and their mental and moral chains mere decoration.

To rail against this statist quo is to risk and hazard accusations of paranoia and 'extremism' or 'market fundamentalism' but it a risk well worth taking when considering  what is at stake especially when one reflects on the fact that contrary to Rousseau man cannot be said in such a state to be born free at all.Mr Smith may not be aware of it but he is touched to the very fibre of his being by the invisible hand of the State and to deny this inexorable reality is not to be free from it and its effects but rather to subject himself by default all the more abjectly and entirely to its soporific and oppressive will.

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