Sunday, January 15, 2017

Democracy Part111. Postscript

The cause of all the rage in Western Democracies that we are witnessing in the form of emergent populist movements can I think be put down largely to the issues I highlighted in my 2 previous posts on the matter ie a prevailing and overwhelming sense of frustration and impotence in the face of the democratic process itself which has gone completely unidentified by the clerisy and intelligentsia for reasons I can only conclude are deliberate and conscious, motivated as they undoubtedly are by a desperate need to hang on to its power and influence as the prevailing elite orthodoxy across politics media and academia.

Rather than tell the public their rage has its origins and cause in the failure inherent within democracy itself they seek to deflect onto personalities or parties arguing with cognitive dissonance that the problem is not  enough government,not enough statist interventionism and nannying busybodying in their lives,not enough regulation and state support -in other words like a losing gambler the statists argue for a doubling down on statism in an Einsteinian repetition of folly. The drunken man lying unconscious in the alley just needs more alcohol!

The public in red mist mentalist mode is strangely susceptible to this Sirenic doublthink as it has clearly taken leave of its senses and is looking for a strong man to save it and like the drowning man they will clutch wildly for any straws however flimsy. Maybe they will listen to the cool voice of reason, someone who will tell them politely that they have drunk to deep at the well of statism and its time to dry out. No politician will of course do this any more than a publican will tell his clients not to booze. Hence the dilemna. But the cause is clear, Democracy itself has brought us to this pass and identifying the cause is more than half way to the solution.

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