Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Learn the Truth at '17?

The rolling revolution which we may term Eurogeddon or the Insurgent Spring may yet claim more scalps this year with the coming general elections in 3 key european countries. If Marie le Pen does indeed win the seismic shock could well topple the EU and tip it into the garbage can of history for France is its lynchpin and it would struggle to withstand such an existential shock to its being. Despite her unsavoury alt right views it is worth stomaching them just to see an end of this sclerotic doomed dystopian nightmare institution just as it was worth having Trump in the Whitehouse as he represents a trashing of the long protracted and much despised, discredited and failed liberal hegemony.

Now that the unthinkable has come to pass this provides an opening for those of neither the above camps to put forward a case for smaller government although this could be a tad optimistic as I have pointed out on numerous occasions both camps are statist to varying degrees and we should not be too carried away with what is essentially a Trumped up Farageo of a  faux revolution.

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