Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who Will Defend Us?

There is no protection whastoever from the predatory State - the individual is in mortal danger and his situation is all the more dire and perilous in that he is alarmingly and sublimely oblivious of his servile state! No, slavery was not abolished 200 hundred years ago, it is alive and flourishing in the 21st century in the regulating taxing meddling quasi totalitarian welfarist states of Western Europe and beyond. It cannot be the case as some libertarian minded folk bizarely posit that we have not yet reached the point where outright rebellion and resistance is required on the frankly ridiculous claim that the State is still allowing for delimited  liberty and freedoms and hasn't yet come for the whole cake.

Would such a claim be accepted in regards to a burglar who has just ransacked a property and  the owner shrugs and says,well that's ok, he left us the TV and loads of other stuff so not to worry, no need to call the police and have the burglar caught and punished. If such a policy was widely adopted towards burglary (and some say it  tacity and implicitly already is) how long does anyone think it will be before the burglar comes back and takes the rest?

This is exactly and precisely where we are as regards the individual and the State today. The principle has already been established way beyond perchance or doubt that the State has a statuary right to reach into the purse and wallets of its citizens, nay subjects, and help itself. Once that principle was established  the sums involved are a secondary issue. and it is only a matter of time before their depradations widen. The pass has already been sold and we are now at the absolute mercy of the subjective whims, impulses,appetites,predatory impulses  and discretion of the State as to how much it will plunder and pillage with the moral sanction of us sacrificial altruistic schmoos.

The time to stop a burglar is when he steals your first penny, the time to stop the State was centuries ago and hence our Herculean task before us of re education and discussion of this the only serious issue of our times. We do not have the arsenal to start a revolution so it is to words and polemics that we must launch the bid for freedom and liberty so in peril today.

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