Friday, October 27, 2006

Chianti Commies

Daily Mail article yesterday about the wealth of George Galloway. The cigar smoking commie has got £half a million plus property in the UK and property abroad with land and a view of the Atlantic. Framed picture of Che on his wall.

These property owning commie hypocrites need exposing more. How do they square the circle? I suppose if they can rationalise and swallow the camel of communism itself their own local contradictions are but mere gnats and slide down effortlessly.

Joke Of The Year

Why can't Stevie Wonder read or write?

Because he is black.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

BBC Comrades

Radio four did a programme the other day about Communism and the Jewish connection. True that many jews were early adherents perhaps in the misguided notion that it was all about humanitarianism. But the point is how the BBC still to this day is prepared to give communism the benefit of the doubt and a free pass.

Fascism of course is another matter. It comes somewhere below paedophillia as the greatest of all crimes. This double standard is something the left have always managed to practice with total ease like a professional conjuror pulling rabbits out of a hat. Anyone with half a brain back in the 30's could have seen that communism was fascism's evil twin. The Hitler Soviet pact was a perfect marriage of compatibles. It didn't require decades of slaughter till Hungary or Czechoslovakia for the scales to drop from the eyes. But apparently it did.

The only difference between the Janus faced isms of course is that Communism killed far more people. A hundred million to date. Still the BBC can give it the gentle understanding and get away with it every time: Communism didn't fail. It was all down to Stalin and the Soviets. Yada yada yada. Imagine the BBC doing a programme with the message that Fascism wasn't that bad, Hitler spoilt it by misbehaving. (No, I can't either.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dawkins, God's Idiot

The mad raving bigot is at it again with another book attacking religion. This man is surely proof not only of God's existence but of his sense of humour too. Only G would be able to create such a ridiculous posturing absurd figure as Dorkins in all his ranting egotism and delusions. He was clearly designed by God as a cautionary tale against rampant and unchecked intellectualism.

An alternative theory is that he is a product of unintelligent design but either way he is an amusing spectacle, great entertainment and an interesting study in religious mania. Grovelling at the false idol of science this fire and brimstone preacher of rationality has become a parody of the very thing he professes to despise: feverish fanaticism and dogmatic intolerance. Truly, you become the thing you hate.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rushdie Speaks

"If tomorrow the Israel/Palestine issue was resolved to the total happiness of all parties, it would not diminish the amount of terrorism coming out of Al Qaeda by one jot. It's not what they're after"..."Go away and die – that’s all Bin Laden wants you to do. It’s not just about Iraq, it’s about ham sandwiches and kissing in public places ". He pauses. “It’s about life.”...“so much of the left always seems to fall for fascist bastards pretending to be speaking on behalf of the masses. They’ve done it before with communism in its various forms, and here’s another bunch of fascist bastards claiming to be speaking for the downtrodden masses, and they’re falling for it again".

Boy George Is He Sick

Two sad queens in the space of a fortnight. Last week it was Queen/King (Jonathon) dwelling it would seem on planet everyone's gone to the moon. Last night it was Boy George sweeping the streets of New York and sweeping the internet for rent boys. It had a horrible fascination about it, like a train wreck and you couldn't help but look.

Beginning to think those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make famous...

The Dysfunctional State

Suppernanny is dealing with our dysfunctional children.

Allan Sugar and the Dragon's Den are dealing with our dysfunctional entrepreneurs.

Victoria Stillwell is dealing with our dysfunctional dogs.

Simon Cowell is dealing with our dysfunctional wannabee singers

Jamie Oliver and that mad scottish woman is dealing with our dysfunctional eating habbits.

But who is dealing with our dysfunctional Government?

If not us, who?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Prison Cons

There is no transparency in sentencing and a gigantic fraud is being carried out on the British public. I am talking about 'Life'. How final it sounds. Like the sound of a door slamming shut. Forever. Except it isn't of course. That door will open in 12 years time and the toe rag who murdered the little boy by thwacking him over the head fourteen times with a saucepan and then stabbing him ten times will be out walking the streets. 12 years gentle reader.

So dishonesty and deception is at the very rotten black heart of the British justice system. Call it 'Life' to make it sound final and damning and then let the psycho out after 12 years. This Orwellian corruption of the language would have shocked George himself. He couldn't have made it up.

We must demand honesty in sentencing. 'Life' must be excised from the penal lexicon. Let them be forced to say what it really is so we can all see what a hollow sham,what a disgraceful travesty of justice is being perpetrated. Make the slimey judge say '12 years' so we can witness the debasement of the law in all its wicked depravity.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The News: Journalists Are Not Heroes

The ad nauseam reports of the trial regarding death of ITN journalist Terry Lloyd in Iraq is so symptomatic of the delusions of the MSM and its role in world affairs.

A man goes to a war zone and prides himself on not being embedded but wandering off in roving reporter style across a war zone, gets himself blown up and becomes a hero. You don't have to be a member of Mensa to know there is something wrong with this picture.

The man was an asshole with delusions of importance, a hack getting way out of his depths in a war he clearly had no understanding of whatsoever. On a mission to tell us the 'true story' MSM style the death of this nonentity has a perfect symetry and justice all of its own. The Americans got their man. End of. At least it should be.

How much taxpayers money is being wasted on a case that should never have come to court in the first place?

Livingstone Thrown In Police Cell?

Red Ken said on the Today programme Radio Four that views should be discarded when coming from 'White Old Males'. In one short sentence he mangaged to be Racist, Ageist and Sexist.By his own perverted PC creed he has committed three heresies in one sentence.

After yesterday's story about the girl thrown in a prison cell for her complaint about being placed in a school group where the other children coudn't speak English, Livingston's broadcast to the nation should result in throwing away the key.

This specimen of fecal matter should be hoist on his own peturd and newtered once and for all.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Is This The Nadir?

A girl complains to her teacher that she has been placed in a group of children to discuss a topic in class and none of said pupils can speak english. The teacher cries racism and the girl ends up in a police cell for three hours having been told to take off her jewelry and shoelaces.

Outrage of course. Probably the very worst story I have ever heard about abuse of police powers. So much so that I am grappling for words to express the sheer insanity of this case as reported in the Mail today.

I'd like to think the school authorities and the police in question would be publically pilloried and thrown out of their jobs. But unless there is a concerted move by all parents it will probably be forgotten and by default tolerated. One more step on the long path to totalitarianism which we seem to be treading in somnambulism.

Thought For The Day

Politicians are parasites. We must always hold this in mind when discussing politics. We are ruled by parasites. Hardly any of todays politicians have ever had a real job. They are similar to estate agents and journalists who share parasitic natures albeit they operate in a free market and we can chose to avail ourselves of their services or not.

Why does the host - ie us - allow itself to be parasited on? Should not/ would not/ the host rebel and resist? We are the body snatched. We are zombies...

There are only a few hold outs left -like us chaps in the blogosphere -and there are too many of them Shane. A critical mass of zombies.

This may sound contradictory, but it is like we are Middle England and we haven't spoken yet. When will we find our voice?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fools Rushdie In?

He may be a mediocre novelist but hats off to Rushdie for wading in to the veil controversy by saying the 'veil sucks'. Had we dealt with the mad mullahs 20 years ago when the Satanic Verses furore began we may even have averted 9/11. We gave them a free pass and now now the UK is more like the Khyber pass.

Can Mr Rushdie expect a knock on the door from Mr Fatwa? I think not. We have the scum on the run now. The backlash against Islam has begun. People are openly using the R word - REPATRIATION!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Campaign Against Islam

There is a great need to have a pro active organised anti Islam group that will protest the public menace that Islam represents and highlight the anti democratic and anti human nature of Islam.

Organised rallies in London eg Hyde park with ceremonial book burning of the Koran. and placards reading Islam is a Cult. Islam go home. Islam Kills. Mohumud was a paedophile serial killer Koran Satanic Verses. Bulldoze all mosques etc.

Obviously to be effective it would require academic support from some of the established opposition in the blogsphere especially. Once started it would receive widespread support from the general public who were never consulted about the immigrant muslim flood and takeover of whole swathes of the UK.

Lifting the Veil on the Ugly Face of Islam

Jack Straw exposes the ugly face of Islam with his trenchant comments on muslim women who cover their faces when they visit his surgery. Being of a forensic disposition and a man who choses his words carefully it will be harder for his muslim detractors to lay a finger on him although it will not be for want of trying (as the predictable chorus of 'spokesmen' with their 'insensitive' mantras have already shown).

Let us hope it is now open season on challenging muslims and this will open up the floodgates of critiques against the Islam Death Cult misnamed religion.

Trouble is brewing in Windsor too - is their no place in England that is beyond the monstrous reach of Islam now? Plans to build a mosque there are facing some stiff and orchestrated resistance. At last.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

No Muslim Pigs

The story of the The muslim 'policeman' who was taken off duties outside the jewish embassy in London because he had problems with Israel's actions in Lebannon is a glaring example of the absurdity of trying to accommodate muslims in the community, within our institutions in the UK or the West in general.

When will we face facts. The satanic evil of Islam no knows no bounds, no limits, the cancer eats away at our society till there is nothing left but a hollow shell and Islam takes over reducing us to compliant serf-like dhimmis.

The average muslim -there are no others - owes no allegiance to anything but Islam, to hell in other words. There is no parleying with it, no accommodating, no truckling, no compromise with it. The only compromise between food and poison is death.

The very absurdity of inviting muslims to be policemen should have been obvious at the outset. There are supposed to be laws against this kind of thing. Policmen are not allowed to be members of the BNP yet to allow a muslim to become one is doubly absurd and hypocritical and double standardist.

Muslims are by their very sick and perverted nature anti semitic. They fought with Hitler's Nazis. They promulgate anti semitism as the default mode of Islam. They cannot leave their sick and deranged 'philosophy' at home. It is what they are. Hardly fit to be rat catchers to invite them into the police force was to invite trouble and tantamaount to allowing paedophiles to run nurseries.

Torycamaron Run Aground

Same sex marriages receive Callmedaves imprimatur. The country may be falling to peices around us but at least one man has got his priorities right.The three letters N H S we now know stand for Nancy Homosexual Sodomite. Yegods are there no depths of moral depravity to which this popinjay will not sink in his vote whoring?.

Three words sum it up. Vacuous Facile Superficial. The speech was awful. Stomach churning. I am now officially a voter and supporter of UKIP. Or if I have time I will stand as an independent ( that will showem!).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Islam's Version Of Voltaire

' I hate what you say - and will fight to the death to prevent you from saying it.'

'Private' Sector RIP

The latest legislation making it illegal to hire or fire according to age is another nail in the coffin of the so called private sector. There is nothing private about it, it has become the public property of the Corporate Fascist State.

Maternity leave, paternity leave, minimum wage, and the jillion other legislation and red tape tying business up in knots have made such socialist inroads into the non state sector that private enterprise is effectively eroded to the point of no return.

The trade unions created a political party to represent their interests. Is it not time for those who support free market capitalism to do the same? There was a time when the tories were supposed to perform that function.....

Sorry To Badger...

But is Ruth Badger an entrepreneur? The girl who came second on Allan Sugar's Apprentice has apparently done well for herself having secured a regual newspaper column, TV appearances and now set up a business consultancy on the back of her newly aquired fame.

But what is her background? Pure corporate. She has never run her own business, unlike the now maligned winner whose name escapes me who was sucessful at 24 with said business. No, she has climbed the corporate ladder, ( no doubt Badgering her way up the slimy pole),and then gone on TV. No Branson she. She may go on to great things, but we are in danger of confusing reality TV show fame with entrepreneurism and that can only be harmful.

Planet Galloway Revisited

Passive aggressive is George. Menace bubbling up from the potemkin village facade of calm. Very small people have this characteristic; agression to compensate for their physical Short comings. This partly explains the human repository of venom and hate that is Galloway. But only partly.

Yesterday his listeners on Talksport were invited to 'look back in anger' over the Thatcher years. They duly obliged. And then some. At one point amongst the many catalogued failures of Thatcherism Gorge included the tories 'care in the commnunity' programme. As many of those released from mental hospitals onto our streets semed to be phoning in and sending him texts and emails , perhaps he was right on that one.

'Anger' is the key word here. It is the bread and butter of the left. They couldn't function without it. Perhaps this is why they sympathises with the camel shaggers, sorry, Arabs. Still, it is not a good look. No sir. Listening in last night was like being a fly on the wall of a mental asylum where all the inmates think they are Napoleon. A hermitically sealed 'conversation' was going on with its own internal logic, rules and language than which nothing could penetrate. Horrifying yet strangely fascinating.

Of course, as someone here recently pointed out, one takes one's sanity in one's hands just listening to this sort of thing. But someone's got to do it. Like keeping the sewers clean, scraping human remains off motorways, the twitching corpse of leftism has to be observed and monitored and the findings subjected to analysis for the health and future survival of the human race. Guess I have my work cut out for the forseeable future...

Devil or the Deep Blue Sea?

Playing Salieri to Blair's Mozart (second fiddle) the brooding incredible sulk Gordon is so looking like damaged goods, Qausimodo with a chip on his shoulder who kind of knows that the bells are tolling for he.

The ideological-free zone Camoron is looking like a shoe-in and nothing short of total disaster this week at the tory conference should see him soon comfortably encsonced in No 10. Perhaps we should all pray for said disaster...

Go Figaro

The French newspaper has printed an unompromising article on the evil of Islam. Now the writer has gone into hiding as his life has been threatened by muslim scum.

Unless the West stands up once and for all and speaks with one voice to these evil sub human muslim scumbags we will all be hiding in caves soon. Nothing short of mass expulsion of the human islam facecal matter from Europe will solve this problem. There can be no dialogue with Islam other than: 'f*** off'.