Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Written Constitution

No taxation without representation! We are all supposed to marvel at such a noble sentiment. Why? It is supposed to be acquiesced in as though it were the wisest proposition ever uttered by man.Really? The State here is effectively saying: Hello, I am from the government, this is a gun pointed at your head,give me your money, I am here to represent you. It's an offer you cannot refuse and its straight out of the Godfather. How about No taxation -full stop!

So in a Capitalist State with a written Constitution proscribing taxation all working men and women  would fill in  a voluntary tax form and pay what they deemed appropriate for the services they required which would be strictly delineated and  delimited  by said Constitution to the core functions of the State with  the sole purpose of protecting its citizen's individual rights ie the inalienable right not to be prey to fraud and force from other individuals and this effected by the institutions of a police force, a standing army and the court, legal system.

People would not pay if it were voluntary? This is counter intuitive as most homeowners pay house insurance though it is a voluntary arrangement as self preservation and plain commonsense dictates that they should. A people who do not deem it necessary to be protected by a police force and standing army do not deserve to survive long and will soon be plunged into a vortex of violent and ruinous anarchy and or be over run by foreign invaders. In the same way they would pay for a legal system that would protect contract as not to do so would render business impossible to conduct, as it would fall prey in the absence of such protection to the inevitable depradations of corrupt fraudsters and criminals.

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