Monday, January 09, 2017

Why the Left hates the World Wide Web

Despite all their attempts to co opt the interenet with such collectivist nomenclature as Social Media the Left is fighting a losing battle with it because the thing they have trumpeted since almost the beginning of time, namely the rights of the voiceless has now come to pass -except that the voice ,the free democratic expression of 'the people' far from being imbued with as they supposed and told themselves it was, namely, egalitarian and socialistic sentiment has turned out to be  the most virulently populist,hostile,non conformist,non pc and anti public service politicians who have rightly been exposed as third rate carerists and power lusters draining the public purse. Now the voiceless people much vaunted by the Left as the sole raison 'd'etre for their coming in to politics are roundly dismissed as vile trolls to be censored out of the existence by the State, if the Left have their way that is.

It was bad enough that Britain continued to have a free press very critical of the Left which it has tried for the longest time to censor and demonise but that was as nothing compared to the sheer horror revealed in the wake of  the interent which has given a voice to the general public, the 'little guy' in a truly revolutionary way it has never done before in the whole of human history but who have turned out to be far more virulently anti left than the much demonised so called right wing press itself. So the Left is now fighting an unwinnable war on two fronts having  been totally outflanked by the forces of reaction and populism and moreover exposed as profoundly intolerant,bigotted and illiberal into the bargain.

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