Sunday, April 30, 2017

Socialism Rules

The power of socialism to still be a thing despite the millions slaughtered on its altar in the last 100 years is testimony to the power of faith over reason and the sheer emotional pull of this irrational toxic creed for this election is essentially being contested between two socialists who only disagree in degree about how much state interference there should be and even  the idea that there is any alternative to these variants of collectivism and statism is simply not on the agenda for the public's consideration such is the anti intellectual and inherently anti freedom and individual rights nature of  democracy itself.

This point is so foreign and alien to people and runs so counter to the general understanding of the purpose of the state and is practically never discussed which is testimony to the complete triumph of statism in the culture and an illustration of how incredibly difficult,daunting hard and difficult it will be to penetrate challenge and overcome it.

God Bless Checks and Balances

Trump's 100 days has illustrated that even though a president be mad as Trump undoubtedly is he can be contained in office by the traditional checks and balances and the stabilising influence of wiser counsel around him although the term wiser in this context has to be relative.

He has the mental instability of the North Korean leader but is checked by the robust institutions that go to make the political architecture of a free country and this alone has saved the country and the wider world from the ravages of an untrammelled uncontained Trump presidency.

It is to be hoped that  this state of affairs continues and the capricious attention deficit Trump will tire of his presidential role as he has already showed signs of doing and he quits before his first term is up or gets bogged down in all the investigations into his corrupt crony behaviour in office and is forced out prematurely.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Borris Bails

Borris Johnson had ample opportunity to attack Jeremy Corbyn's socialism on the Today prog with John Humphries but he did not.Why? The answer is simple.Tories cannot mount a principled spirited philosophical attack on socialism because they share its fundamental premises of my brother's keeper self sacrifice altruism.Instead of such an attack what did we get but the  characteristically tired Johnsonian knockabout ad hominem name calling.

Once again we have a general election where principles will not be discussed and personalities are to the fore. If only the electorate had the courage fortitude or just plain common sense to stay away from the polls in June and send a clear unequivocal message of none of the above to these moral and intellectual pygmies grown fat and on the public trough of emoluments we might end up with mature enlightened government.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Free Will

Most lefties reject the idea of the existence of free will in favour of determinism for obvious reasons. Free will connotes the idea of human autonomy,the ability to change one's circumstances -anathema to the left who want to posit that man has no free will and is economically socially determined and is stuck with no hope of salvation  -except through the state of course that will provide all the goods and benefits that the helpless socially determined cannot possibly attain for themselves.

Strangely enough it is the religionists who argue for free will for some reason I cannot fathom although the guru cultist Roy Masters used to say in his characteristically opaque way that there was no such thing as free will as God gave man free will knowing in advance that he would screw up and salvation consisted in recognising this fact and giving up the human will.This is an obvious contradiction but of course the religionists can explain it all away as a divine mystery.

Some liberals characteristically like to have it both ways and claim that free will and determinism are compatable which of course is nonsense. It is self evident that man has free will and to think otherwise is the preserve of mystics and liberals who characteristically tend towards the irrational.

Only Askin

Why do lefties always refer to the mixed economy as capitalist when by its very definition it is a mixture of capitalism and socialism and could therfor just as legitimately be referred to as the socialist system? More oddly why are they never challenged when they do it?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arguments From Faith

It is interesting that the oddball pro religionist Peter Hitchens attacks atheists for holding their position in order he claims to allow themselves to be hedonists with impunity, as if there is no rational argument against God, whilst at the same time opining that he cannot stand the idea that after death is nothing and he will never see his loved ones again.A faith system based on hopes wishes and fears is hardly one that commends itself to anyone in the pursuit of truth and seems little better than one based on the infantile wish that St Claus really existed.

One cannot help but notice that although Hitchens deplores the alleged ad hominem attacks of  the modern atheists on believers he is perfectly able and willing to indulge in the ad hominems himself, seemingly oblivious of this blatant contradiction. But in the absence of any rational arguments his options in that department are indeed severely limited.

French Elections: Herpes 1 or 2?

Voting Ukip to bring about withdrawal of the UK from the EU made sense but who would want a Ukip government with its nativist,xenophobic,protectionsit anti capitalist agendas? This is not something we have to worry about as the party continues to implode spectacularly with its clownish 'leader' who bizarely and surrealy enough has apparently not even made up his mind yet whether he is even going to be  standing at the election and is prone to every gaffe, a Mr Magoo of British politics indeed.

No, we have nothing to fear but the French have as Marine edges closer to possible leadership of the country in a week. Her promise to hold a referendum of EU membership is salutary but her policies are Ukip on speed,unsavoury to the extreme. Then there is Macho an arch federalist and Anglophobe who will further entrench EU sclerotic anti democratic institutions and make negotiation over British withdrawal harder than they are already.

Tory Dirigisme

The govs plan to cap energy bills is another sign that it is anti capitalist and seeks to rig the market in the way politicians attempted to do and failed disastrously in the 70's with price controls.Its back to the Heathite future with May,the government knows best,the market isn't working properly arguments so beloved  of statists which Conservatives basically are and this provides further evidence of that fact.

 The public may wonder if all the tories can offer is failed policies of yesteryear, a sort of Corbyn lite why not go for the genuine article? Indeed I have voiced fears of a Corbyn government in past posts and still think a May shoe in on the 8th is by no means a forgone conclusion and such policies as the abovementioned will certainly not help her case.

Dr App will see you now

With the development of apps that will medically diagnose individuals and personalise their treatment and the broader applications into many fields including education this massive disintermediation will surely see the eventual end of socialised healthcare and education,thus achieving through technological innovation what ideology has hitherto failed to achieve.

The Luddites will attempt to frustrate this technological revolution but if history is a reliable guide they will fail and this will radically change the way people live and the whole political system with its collectivist anti individualistic rationale and modus vivendi will be brought into question and overturned.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Will Marie Trump All?

I have no knowledge of French politics so it would be silly to even attempt to predict the final outcome of the French election but it would be good if Le Pen became leader for the sole reason that it would probably be the final nail in the EU coffin and it would make all our vexation over leave negotiations null and void. Whether the French will make it three out of three following Brexit and Trump who knows but once again the experts are saying she could not so if I was a gambler I might be tempted to put some on Marie so unreliable are they.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Foreign Aids

With its promise to keep foreign aid spending to its present level and lack of promise not to raise taxes it is clear to all but the most purblind that the British electorate will have the invidious non choice of being screwed by either Tory taxes or Labour taxes. As Fraiser Nelson said on r4 this morning 'there is nowhere else to go'  re the tory press's gung ho support for her. Or as I would say this is how democracy works which is why it should be rejected.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jeremy Trump

The anti establishment paranoid rant from Corbyn could have been lifted straight from the Trump handbook and who's to say it will  not resonate with all the angry pro big government section of the electorate here too? If recent trends are anything to go by the mad Marxist of Islington could well be snapping at  May's heels and overturn all media and pollster expectations once again.

Statism is the national religion so the electorate may conclude why not elect its high priest? The country will continue on its trajectory to a big state authoritarianism either way  but will just arrive at it quicker under Corbyn when the country will no doubt be twinned with Venezuela.

With the help of the Greens and the duplicitous Liberals,the SNP and Welsh there could even be a coalition of the deranged, a multicoloured nightmare all needlessly created by May herself, a woman  clearly without principles or integrity who has recklessly instigated this general election from hell.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The One Party State We're In

Well we have heard Corbyn in full Red rant this morning,the predictable hate and envy mongering of Labour but it is unlikely that May will provide much of a contrast being a left wing tory whose speech on becoming leader could have been written by any Labour member so it is going to be a depressing six weeks of bromides and plattitudes and noises from the statist quo,a two chord dirge from which it will be near impossible to escape.

O for a speech that does not appeal to the worst in people, that promises a radical reduction and pushing back of the state,a recognition or even discussion of the proper role of government, a radical uncompromising defense of freedom liberty and the only system that can deliver those things,free market unregulated capitalism.

Corbyn is right about one thing: it is a rigged system -rigged towards statist meddling, regulating and taxing. Do not expect any discussion about that in what  is now effectively a one party state -the only possible outcome of the democratic system that implicitly denies and negates individual rights.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


A record low turn out at the general election would send a clear message to the Westminster parasitic political elites - a plague on your house as they all share the same political home and there is no fundamental choice between the parties.Hubris is waiting in the wings for May and she shows herself to be very dim in actually basing her cynical decision on opinion polls of all things!

May was a continuation of Cameron,there was no break, no justification for seeking a mandate for herself,she was a Remainer like him and it was business as usual so the mandate seeking argument does not fly. No this was pure politicking and the public sense it and will probably punish her with a small majority hardly bigger than her present one - or with a hung parliament. There is a very real risk that she will be hoist on her own Heathite peturd.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

May's Folly

An opportunistic move that could backfire spectacularly and unite all May's opposition to bring about her downfall. It will be Brexit Revisited but with the opposite result -this is the danger and I think it is a massive miscalculation on her part born of cynicism.The election will be a de facto referendum re run bringing out all the divisions when the country needs to get on with the job of getting out of the EU. Imagine a hung par;liament and what that will do to Brexit.This is an unconscionable act of gross irresponsibility.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Dennis Prager's without God murder is ok video which has gone semi viral is a direct lift from Dostoyevsky's without God everything is permitted but it is still good and instructive to hear a renowned Christian making such an ass of himself in public by articulating such a preposterous view which is of course the standard religious position albeit usually couched in deliberately opaque and indirect language to avoid  scaring the horses.

It is something Peter Hitchens however oft espouses claiming there is no alternative to faith in the realm of morality,that man is incapable of formulating a moral value system that comes anywhere near to approaching  the ultimate moral system of faith and Christianity.

Man has free will and can choose to either accept or reject God's offer of a ready made automatic unquestionable moral system requiring man's absolute obedience and acquiescence but  any attempt he makes to formulate his own morality through the application of reason and common sense will, those of faith tell us, lead to disaster misery and human destruction because no such system will work out well for mankind.

God dictates that murder is evil but he can change his mind at will and instruct the carrying out of murder when it suits him not to mention his injunction to Abraham to kill his only son so it is a clearly capricious,subjectivist whim driven deity we are invited to subject ourselves to.

All this leaves any rational person to conclude that the truth  is the very opposite of what Prager posits: With God there can be no morality and anything is permitted -including murder  which incidentally,religion has been doing for thousands of years leaving a long bloody trail of carnage and genocide behind it, a fact conveniently albeit unsurprisingly  missing from Prager's argument.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Psychopathology of Faith

It is curious to note that defenders of faith assert that the latter is protection against hedonism in that it hedges believers round with a moral code which in the absence of a celestial being imparting such a code people would be swallowed in an amoral vortex of depravity. This is more a confession than anything else and it totally denies the possibility of a human moral code based on the facts of reality with no supernatural imput.

When it is pointed out to such people that many of the religious persuasion throughout history have committed the most heinous acts of moral depravity including horrific torture and murder on an industrial scale when the religious authorities had political power  they usually come back with the argument that this is inevitable because such crimes are committed by mere flawed humans who will never be able to live perfect Christian lives - in other words what they are doing is not real Christianity. If this argument sounds familiar that's because it is.

When those who advocate Socialism or Communism and it is pointed out to them that that ideology has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the last century they come back with the retort that what happened in the Soviet Union and China was not 'real' Socialism and Communism but a perversion of it and that if it was done properly it would be a moral system. Venezuelans are starving,eating dogs and have no toilet paper but most Venezuelans still believe socialism is morally superior to capitalism so this tendency to deny reality and rationalise it away is something that is common to religious and non religious people alike.

The truth of the matter is that religion and secular collectivist ideologies have far more in common than people care to admit and they both rationalize away the horror caused by their programmes although collectivism has only decimated populations for a few centuries whereas religion has been at it for thousands of years.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

How Democracy Fooled All the People All the Time

It is extraordinary how Democracy, a system specifically designed to deprive people of their liberty freedom and individual rights could have so successfully presented itself as the sole guarantor of those things. Such a total triumph of deception has at least to be marveled at if not respected.Such is the high esteem with which democracy is held by everyone that it has even been the pretext of humanitarian wars, itself a terrible concept, in order to visit this prized commodity upon other Democracy-deprived nations much to their invariable chagrin and resistance. True those resistant to the alleged charms of Democracy are usually totalitarian in character and resist it not in defense of the principle of individual rights but of tyranny.

Herein lies the rub for the champions of Democracy always pose a false alternative in their defense of the latter namely  Democracy or tyranny. No one wants people to know that the alternative to Democracy and tyranny is liberty! It is so hard to liberate them from the thrall of received wisdom,a Herculean task indeed that it has hardly ever been attempted except by a few brave souls who have been roundly vilified for their trouble.

No one would dream of applying the principle of democracy to their shopping,putting their shopping list up for a vote and if they did the results would be infuriating as they may have included on their list lasagne and baked beans but could well end up with corned beef and custard or anything but lasagne and baked beans.If they would not do that with their shopping why do they do that with their child's education or their healthcare? Blank out.

As usual if we trace all the nonsense of democracy with its false claims and flagrant violations of rights to its source we eventually end up with the usual suspect, religion and its evil creed of self sacrifice and altruism.Unless and until we identify the root cause of democracy's hold over people and challenge it philosophically we will never be rid of it and it will con tinue to fly under false flags and wreak its havoc on all it purports to represent and defend.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Poor Grammar

The sole consideration and angle adopted by interviewers of the minister concerned with the government's grammar school policy was how it would impact on the poorer children from less well off homes. Social policy as altruism. Nothing about the intellectual health and well being of intelligent children who need grammar schools as much as food and drink -no they and their education are of no significance,the able and bright are to be sacrificed to the poor and dim. This is social policy and social engineering every bit as bad as child abuse and the fact that the conservatives are prepared to pander to this evil with concessions,giving priority access  to the non achievers, cobbling crippling compromising and diluting standards thereby means that they are morally  no better than the left.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trump Lesson in Amoral Pragmatism

One could fill this blog with daily updates of Trump flip flops and u turns which is nothing less than what I predicted with this totally amoral sociopath and today it is a volte face on Nato which now is no longer obsolescent.Rule by arbitrary dictat -this is what it looks like when people allow emotion to become a tool of cognition as opposed to reason.The America last, foreign policy as altruism has resumed,its business as usual, nothing to see,move along folks.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Religion is the Curse of the Thinking Classes (cont)

Take no thought for the morrow! The religious injunction which if followed leads to craven inanition.Dickens surely understood human nature when he created the absurd tragic comical character of Micawber who went through his days 'waiting for something to turn up' going from one financial crisis to the next,consuming more than he produced. Not so much I think therefor I am but I am therefor I think is the answer if one is to stand any chance of having a happy productive life.A man may fail in his thinking if it is inadequate or for whatever reason and thinking is no guarantee of success but the latter was never achieved by blanking out and abnegating the responsibility to think -you may not succeed in your thinking but you will never succeed without thinking.

How Your Mind Can F##k You Up

I make no apologies for confessing that for too many years I was involved in a religious cult of Roy Masters which for all its profession of being different from conventional organised religion preached its  standard anti mind anti intellect trope. The epistemological chaos that results in such teaching is incalculable as it divides the self from itself,creating alienation, leaving the victim drifting around in a fog of directionless mental chaos and waiting for some mystical intervention to give meaning to a meaningless world.Thinking is difficult and requires effort but Masters teaches that effort is egotistical and the ego is evil and has to be overcome by a total surrender to the higher being of God.

As most people do not take such nonsense literally they manage to live normal enough lives which of course is hypocrisy but it achieves the goal of perpetuating faith whilst relying on reason to maintain  human existence and flourishing in much the same way that the pro reason capitalist part of the mixed economy allows it to perpetuate, the socialist part of the mix  parasitically living off the capitalist part as religion lives parasitically off those who have not renounced reasoned thinking and effort.

Thinking is not something that appears to be taught in the educational system amazing as this is. Imagine a sporting academy where no sport took place at all or a music academy where no music was taught. Schools teach what to think not how to think and it is hard to see how this is anything other than deliberate and ideologically motivated. A mentally supine society is easier to control and manipulate and this is something all religions and cults practice to hold their victims in dependency and stupefaction.

In politics the same epistemological chaos reigns and it is all too obvious to see the advantages for politicians in this arrangement and it explains why people persistently vote in to power politicians who cause them harm and deprivation but who enrich themselves in the process.

Thinking is the enemy of tyranny whether educational religious or political and is the only tool of freedom and liberty and has to be exercised on a daily basis if the forces of evil are to be kept at bay and ultimately defeated.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Foreign Policy as Emotional Spasm

It is nauseating to witness the UK in the form of bumbling Borris playing the tired and cliched poodle to the US in cravenly falling behind Trump and his emotionalist response in Syria in an Iraq Blair Bush  Groundhog Day routine. Has nothing been learned from the Iraq fiasco. Not I guess when foreign policy is dictated by leaders who appear to be suffering from acute Alzheimers disease.At least there was something approaching an ideology when Reagan was in the Whitehouse.Now there is nothing,a moral and intellectual vacuum which can only embolden the enemy and inspire new outrages in the full knowledge that they will be met by nothing more than a momentary blind tantrum accompanied with pious plattitudes about God's children. File under How the West was Lost.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Religion's Endgame in Middle East

Religion began in the Middle East possibly and it will end there as even the most purblind come round to seeing that it is the chief cause of all the mischief mahem and devastation across the world throughout human history. The secular totalitarians were mere amateurs,they have come and gone but only religion endures to inflict its misery on its victims and even the secular tyrants took their cue and ideology from ancient mystics with absolutist rule,deification of the leader,a cult like worship of the personality, unquestioning allegiance, belief in the mystical powers of the leader,persecution of detractors etc but religion trumps it because of its promise of eternal victory beyond the grave which even the communist and Nazis could not promise.

But as the empty promise of eternal triumph begins to ring hollow as the adherents notice that their material lifestyle is not improving but deteriorating as opposed to the wealth of the secular West,that they have no progress and are living in squalor and poverty they will begin to either question their absurd beliefs and become secular or die in mass poverty and simply die out altogether as all morribund corrupt cultures and civilizations have throughout history. The West need only stand and watch as dispassionate observers but to get involved and take sides with one of the the warring factions is a grand folly which even though all the recent evidence testifies to the West is still alas doing.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump, Read my Lips, I'm Lying Again

Wonder how many dramatic volte faces Trump will have to perform before his blind followers turn on him or will he like the cult leader he resembles take them right over the precipice as they are declaring their undying love for the blessed leader. Whether it be the disastrous failure to repeal Obummercare or the mindless kneejerk empty gestured attack on Syria which can only aid Al Queda rebel forces and that had  all  the thought and consideration of one of Trump's mindless tweets it seems there is no length and depth of delusion that his supporters are not prey to.

The fact that Trump is rationalising his irrational act of lashing out in anger at Syria with religious language of the most embarrassing sanctimonious kind is the most disturbing aspect of this sorry affair -that and his outright betrayal of the promise to conduct Us foreign policy on the doctrine of America first when no possible American interest is served by his actions which indeed run the risk of creating yet another failed State alongside its growing list of such in Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya where it has been fighting its proxy wars using Vietnam as its template.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Beyond Labour's Ken

Lord knows there are enough reasons to censure Red Ken Livingstone,for his past support and financial ties with the IRA,his Soviet links in the pre 89 era when leader of the now defunct GLC,his hobnobbing with militant extremist groups of various stripes including the evil PLO but the latest furore over his off colour remarks about Hitler and Zionism for which he has a lot of past form and which is beginning to look like an unhealthy idee fixe are part of a worrying trend in our culture at large of punishing and proscribing people who hold and express controversial views or what are perceived and characterised as such.

To conflate action with the expression of views is a totalitarian practice which has no part whatsoever in a free society that values or should do free speech which is either unfettered or not free speech at all.The whole emergence of the totalitarian concept of hate crime and hate speech -thought crime effectively, is a sinister development and coupled with the repressive anti free speech movement which has swept across universities across the whole of the West is a timely reminder of how the war for freedom and liberty of which free speech is a vital and integral part is never fully won and has to be constantly re fought if liberty is to be maintained - the price of freedom is indeed,eternal vigilance.

The real test of advocates of free speech is when they have to defend amoral toerags like Livingstone,but it is a price well worth paying.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Trump Schizoid Episode Take 3

No matter the American President across the decades its foreign policy remains incoherent and chaotic. So we have an assault on Syria as arbitrary and erratic as only Trump can be. This kneejerk approach to foreign policy should worry everyone and betokens a man mentally unstable and unpredictable as any schizoid patient but with his finger on the button.What makes it even more troubling is his 'reasons' for the attack when he refers to the victims of the alleged chemical attack as 'God's children'. A religious fundamentalist fruitcake as president of the most powerful country on earth should keep everyone awake at night.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Labour's War on Excellence

It is an open secret that Labour wants to close down private schools and this latest announcement of raising Vat on fees is just another step towards that end as it will drive thousands of parents back into the State education system which is its deliberate intent.

It was pitiful to hear one worried parent saying they had made 'sacrifices' to send their child to private school as it was not receiving the necessary education in the state system and that it was unfair to target struggling middle class families who could not afford the hike and that it should rather be directed towards the rich who could cope with the rise of fees.(!) First of all if you value your child's education above spending money on home improvements and holidays abroad as was cited by aforementioned parent how is spending the money on your child's education a 'sacrifice'? A sacrifice is where a lesser value is prioritised over a greater one so lots of confusion there alone. But the main argument and proper defense against this vindictive criminal proposal should have been that said parents already pay into the wretched State system that screws with children's minds but do not use it so are effectively paying twice already for their child's education and rather than paying more should actually be getting a tax deduction for paying into a system they are not using because it is so damn awful.

Unless the victims of this evil proposition get their act together and mount as proper spirited focused defense of their right to choose their child's education without being persecuted and punished for it the assault on their freedom to choose will be eroded piecemeal out of existence which is how socialists operate - long term, insidiously and sinuously to their desired evil end.

Syria - Weapons of Mass Hypocrisy

Here we go again,mock outrage at Syria's use of chemical weapons, huge servings of pious cant all round, the UN in overdrive of pseudo outrage,an attack of the moral vapours that should fool nobody. Let us not confuse moral principle with virtue signalling in this ,matter. America ended the second world war with chemical weapons dropping them on Japan -a worthy recipient which enabled it to return to civilization.

 Whether a person is hit on the head with a hammer half a dozen times or poisoned with chemicals is neither here nor there, the means of their death is irrelevant,they are just as dead either way, and it is not a moral issue except to those who want to make it one to cover up their true motives,ie virtue signalling and moral posturing.

War is ghastly and it should be to deter people from engaging in it except where absolutely necessary. Indeed the nastier it is the better as it serves as a deterrent to those who would start one.The objective of war should be a short sharp shock,total ruthlessnes to eliminate the enemy as efficiently and in as short a time as possible,not to drag it out with faux proxy wars. Only liberals believe deludedly that wars can be fought on politically correct,Queensberry rules,an environmentally friendly war preferably with no casualties.This just leads to endless never to be resolved conflict such as our open ended,never to be ended so called war on terror.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Between Gibralta Rock and a Spanish Place

Gibralta and the Spanish mainland may be geographically cheek by jowl  but politically they could be in different continents. Gibralta has near to zero taxation and near to no unemployment  whilst Spain has astronomic taxes and equally high unemployment. As an object lesson in the contrast between socialism versus capitalism it could not be bettered. Of course no one is going to draw on such a lesson and advocate capitalsim and the reason is the one I give at regular intervals namely the code of altruism with its my brother's keeper religious roots.Until people divest themselves of that philosophy they will continue to deny the evidence under their nose and vote for impoverishment and zero growth a la Spain and no amount of elementary Economics will sway them as it is morality that guides people not economics.

Spain could take heed of the Gibralta experience,slash its taxes and see unemployment fall to Gibraltan levels but it will not as the political class has a stranglehold on the system and they would rather engage in sabre rattling,seize Gibralta and reduce it to the same economic emiseration as it in the same way that socialist countries invaded non socialist ones in the last century to plunder and depradate what their system prevented its people from creating, namely wealth and prosperity.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Baby State

The State paying people to have children? No, not China but Great Britain and and its ever burgeoning welfare state. The fact that no one thinks it at all sinister that the State is determining how many children people have is what's sinister. We have become so accustomed to this state of affairs we think nothing of it and get lost in the weeds of gov policy -should it be two children who are state subsidised or 3? and we miss the whole horror of the concept of State baby engineering itself.This is the way every welfare issue is discussed and presented,the concretes dominating the debate and the principles nowhere in sight.Even the so called right wing press will not deal with the issue as almost everybody is on some sort of benefit or the other and it would alienate its readership.

Until the public is presented with a philosophical argument against welfare which attacks the ideas behind it and their source ie religion with its altruistic,brother's keeper selflessness the madness will continue,the Brave New Welfare State will grow and the autonomous individual with rights will be completely eliminated to be replaced with State produced serfs/Eloi fattened and bred to be devoured by their masters.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Who does the Left have to Fear?

Ayn Rand is the only real enemy the Left have ever had. Conservatives have far more in common with the Left than the latter dare admit. They spend their time demonising the right and paying them compliments they do not deserve ie that they are pro capitalist.As Rand is such a marginal to non existent figure and her followers a band of ivory tower intellectuals with practically no visibility or influence at all in culture and politics the Left have a clear run and the only opposition they face is the alt right who are every bit as collectivist and statist as themselves. If and until the objectivists become a political force to be reckoned with and find a Farage or Trump like personality the Left's rampage across the polity will go unchecked and between them and the alt right freedom and liberty or what we have left of it will completely disappear from the West.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Softly softly Tusk Force

So much of animal 'rights' protest is virtue signalling,ignoble people pursuing noble causes and the campaign against the ivory trade brings them out in force.Elephants are like any other natural resource,to be used by man for trade.Without ivory would anyone have heard of Beethoven and Chopin. And ivory art is a wonder to behold. Let it not be forgotten that animal rights is an oxymoron as rights pertain only to humans as only they can conceive of the concept.When animals can conceive and put into writing a declaring of human rights then and only then will they be entitled to them.All the while individual rights are being violated across the board around the world on a daily basis to be concerned and exercised over the faux rights of animals is a form of moral delinquency of the lowest order.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Eu's Ominous Parallels

Whenever I observe the EU's minatory noises against the UK for having the temerity to assert its centuries old sovereignty temporarily and foolishly relinquished when it joined the hideous EU or EC I am reminded of the old footage of people in East Germany attempting to cross over to West Germany running the gamut of barbed wire,barking alsation guard dogs and East German soldiers shooting at them as they attempted to cross the no man's land to freedom.This is clearly not a free trade area but a prison camp of collectivist supra statist  authoritarian rule and those who seek to escape will be treated as convicts seeking their liberty and treated with ruthless punitive measures. This wretched institution is showing its true authoritarian colours and making the UK's argument of withdrawal for it.