Saturday, January 31, 2015

Teachers overreach pay grade

Teachers in the state schools are government employees,not employers but you would not know it to hear them hold forth about school education policy.No employee in the private sector would be able to set terms and conditions and to effectively shape the business policy of the company which employed them yet time after time we witness the arrogance of the teaching profession demanding a free hand in the classroom to shape curicula and determine the examination process.

Heaven forbid any timorous attempt is made on behalf of the schools minister to shape the agenda and determine the educational direction, ethos and practice of the state education system which after all as the representative state employer he or she has the remit to do -for good or ill, as I of course do not advocate any state involvement in education and propose a totally free market,unregulated laisez faire privatised education system which alone will bring rigor,innovation to the sclerotic non achieving union dominated closed shop of state education.

But just witness the highly organized wailing and gnashing of teeth when any attempt is made to reform the corrupt union controlled state education system with its jobs for life ethos of mediocrity and dumbing down,where at a teacher's conference years ago the rational practice of teaching reading,phonics was dismissed as 'right wing,' and you see the extent to which the teachers have organized a defacto putch in the classroom, co opting the curicula with their own leftist agendas and so inflating grades that any pass is rendered meaningless and redundant which means condemning generations to the scrap heap of unemployability replete with a full compliment of a's and b's.

So the gov attempts to stop all this nonsense by refusing to recognise any exam results that are the product of multiple sittings which in the real world is eminently sensible.If Man Utd played West ham and lost would they be able to replay the match  as many times as it took to get a result in their favour?To ask the question is to see the insanity of the whole thing but of course the teachers are up in arms about it and why? Because bad results reflect badly on them and rightly so. Better by far to have the pupil take multiple shots at the exam until they get a half decent result.And give them dumbed down Micky Mouse courses that no one can fail and then equate them with academic work that actually requires the accumulation of knowledge and the application of effort and thought.This is the equivalent of a food company adulterating its product and passing it of as quality provender.Fraud in other words.Such is the sorry state of State education and no amount of tweaking and tinkering is going to address the fundamental malaise and corruption at its heart.

Drug Prohibition Folly

It has been said that politicians usually do the right thing after exhausting all other possibilities but quite often they end up doing the right thing for the wrong reason. The call in some liberal quarters for drug legalisation is a case in point.Its advocates argue for it not on moral grounds of liberty of the individual  but on the utilitarian grounds that it would reduce crime.They also see it as a great tax revenue raising exercise and seek through heavy regulation to have a state monopoly over its distribution.

Although it is true that the prison population would be drastically reduced were drugs legalised it makes no sense as an argument for on those grounds one could advocate de-criminalising rape murder and burglary and close the prisons down completely.

The lesson of prohibition and its repeal was never properly learned and stems precisely from this wrong thinking whereby prohibition was abandoned   on utiltarian grounds of stopping crime rather than on the grounds of a defense of individual liberty.

A proper defense of liberty would be to abandon drug prohibition as it represents a violation of individual rights.This is in no way to endorse drug taking as it clearly impairs the cognitive faculties but a true test of a belief in liberty  occasionally involves a willingness to defend  some of its least attractive applications.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Imprisoning Ideology

It has been a long know fact that today's prisons are run by the inmates not the authorities and this was illustrated in a ch 4 piece yesterday where the prisoners had downloaded from their mobile phones videos of them openly drug dealing and flourishing  wads of fifty pound notes.The usual excuses were made about staff shortages but the obvious solution is to privatise the prisons as they are at present run by corrupt union officials who have a stranglehold on the service and many of whom appear to be in collusion with the drug dealers.

The prisons are just another of a long line of failed state institutions ruined by monopolised union control and a complete shake up of the system is imperative.The introduction of private companies would introduce rigour,innovation and provide employment for the inmates so they are not  left idle at the expense of the taxpayers  who are the victims twice over in the equation having been impacted by crime and then forced to subsidise the criminal's leisurely lifestyle with drugs computers and all the pleasures of the outside.

As unions are traditionally on the side of the underdog it is clear why the present situation prevails.The wardens appear to have more sympathy for the prisoners than their victims and the liberal regimes they have established in the state prisons have created the anarchy in the system. (A similar thing happened in the State schools) Introduction of privatisation of the prisons system will correct this very sorry and tragic state of affairs.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greek debt of ingrattitude

There is nothing wrong essentially in a country defaulting on its debt under certain conditions.The UK for instance could default on its huge debt that threatens to bankrupt future generations mortgaging the yet unborn but it would only be appropriate if it repudiated the whole state spending,borrowing-welfare splurging construct and pledged to never do such a thing again by having a written constitution to that effect.

This is not what Greece has in mind of course.On the contrary it wants its debt written off or euphemistically restructured so that it can launch into yet another orgy of state spending to buy off its client electorate in the public sector with lavish pensions,jobs for life,benefits galore - in other words to engage in the very prodigal delinquent state spending that got it into its mess in the first place.

No one despises the EU more than me but I am actually beginning to feel a bit of sympathy for it in its tortured dealings with Greece and think rather than doing deals with the degenerate and decadent Greek state it should kick it out of the Euro and the EU.Obviously the EU is the architect of this mess as it encouraged the Greeks to indulge in their creative accounting and turned a blind eye to its parlous unsustatainable economic state in order to expand its borders in its ambitious hegemonic vision of a united states of Europe and now the Greek chickens are coming home to roost.I guess they deserve one another.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Labourtory specimen

The absence of any libertarian voice in the run up to the election is not surprising as the UK may well have reached a tipping point of no return re the statist direction of travel but it is to be hoped that Farage and co may embrace their inner libertarian and move the needle slightly away from the country's present position and the murmurings about the NHS among some UKIPers gives a tiny shard of hope in that regard if nothing more.

It is wrong of course to think that the conservatives are pro markets as the only reason they are cutting back a little on the state is purely pragmatic.A narrow, utilitarian, anti philosophical expedience- driven attitude governs their policy and they are just as prone to massive state vanity projects like HS2 etc and huge state partnership with business proving that Conservatives and Labour  are sisters under the skin and that the tories are indeed at heart, collectivists.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Little Green men

There is an apparent surge in support for the Greens in the UK partly caused by their proposed exclusion in the upcoming pre general election debates but they have raised their profile and have a sizeable following which should be of concern to all those who value individual freedom which if they had their way would be radically curtailed as they are to the left of old Labour in their statist objectives.

Wholesale nationalisation swingeing taxation,curbs on growth and energy use,the only possible outcome is poverty,which taken to its logical conclusion would be an anti industrial,anti technological retreat of Cambodian dimensions,a return to nature where man of course cannot survive and his carbon footprint is removed as human existence becomes impossible.This,the true end and objective of the environihilists.

Small wonder Cameron is keen to have the environmentalist in the debate as he himself and his party have been captured by their agenda and is sympathetic to their cause so successful have they been in their assiduous campaign to infiltrate and co opt public discourse.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Beware of Greeks demanding gifts

So the Greek people have voted to take a permanent vacation in la la land,to take a pass on reality and send us the bill.They after all cannot be expected to work beyond the age of 55 and they need their lavish pensions and siesta lifestyle,their bloated corrupt parasitic public sector which includes just about every greek 'worker' -that's why they joined the EU in the first place - so the Germans and the Brits could keep them in the manner to which they had become accustomed via huge infusions of taxpayer's dough through the EU cash dispensing service.

A reminder if one were needed why we in the UK need to take the EU exit door and leave the whole sorry collectivist mess behind us.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Faith v Man

One of the first of the religious radio call in hosts in the US, Roy Masters claims on his youtube recordings that man's greatest crime is playing God.I am wondering who actually does that as to play God one would have to claim an omnipotence of knowledge,indeed to be the source of all knowledge and moreover,to be able to perform miracles and have access to another dimension.Clearly only lunatics and people under medication would lay claim to such supernatural powers.Obviously Roy Masters does not have such people in mind but rather all or most human beings (other than himself of course).So what does he mean to play God? To think independently,to rely soley on one's own mind and independent judgement,one's 'mere' intellect.

This is the essence of mysticism,a dismissal of the intellect as a tool of cognition.Yet in order to convey this idea the intellect has to be used or communication of such an idea would not be possible. Roy Masters claims we should speak from the heart but I have never heard or seen a speaking heart.

Surely the person who is 'playing God' is the one who claims to have a mystical connection with a supernatural power from another dimension which is not accessible through the intellect.But in any case what is the condition of someone who abandons their intellect and relies as Masters advocates on a non sensory,non rational,non intellectual power that will direct their actions and thoughts via  the meditation he teaches which requires that a person sits in a straight backed chair,becomes aware of their hand and concentrates on the centre of their forehead? Surely not one of a sentient thinking being but rather a mindless schmoo receptive to any amount of mystical mush of which mystics like Roy Masters seem to have in abundant supply.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sordid Arabia

Saudi Arabia the very cesspit of the muslim world,the source from which the toxic ebola-like virus of Izlam has spread across the middle east to contaminate the globe leaving a trail of destruction in its wake,this is the country the UK is honouring by hanging its flags at half mast in 'respect' of its deceased monarch.

Just a week ago a blogger was being flogged for daring to host a forum on free speech and here we are toadying up to a vile Arab dictatorship whilst at the same time saying we are at war with extreme Islam  and that UK citizens have to give up their liberty privacy and freedom in order to fight it.

Surely proof if proof were needed that the west is not at war with this evil ideology and its exponents but is busy in Chamberlainesque appeasement of  it and is using the pretext of the phoney war on terror to rob us of our liberties and freedom on the installment plan.

Friday, January 23, 2015

You cannot be Syriza

It is risible for the international media to characterise the far left party Syriza as a radical departure in Greek politics.They are offering the same stale crackerbarrel left wing politics that got Greece into its mess in the first place albeit in more extreme turbo charged form.If the party does win at the weekend and sticks firmly to its suicidal policies it will exit not just the euro but the EU and will hasten the demise of this sclerotic and corrupt construct.

Conversely if Syriza is granted its effective ransom demands this will create a domino effect from other similar basket case economies such as Italy Spain Ireland and that too will send the tottering EU empire into a vortex and spiral of self destruction.Either way it is good news for all those who loathe the EU evil empire and wish it to be buried in the trash can of history.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Philosophy drives politics

 Our philosophy of life determines our political allegiance.Whether we think man is an end in himself or a means to the  lives of other men frames our politics.The left clearly sees man as a means to the  ends of  other men,with each sacrificing to each and this informs their social policy of tax and wealth redistribution.

This is implicit,rarely explicit for if they had to say whether they believe man is an end himself or a means to the ends of other men they would be very reluctant to admit the latter and would feel the need to rephrase the question as put in those stark terms it would make people feel uncomfortable.It is the premise that dare not speak its name -the idea that man is a sacrificial animal,a means to the ends of others whose wealth is to be appropriated for the common good,to provide for the improvident.It has to be dressed in coded language with emotive buzz words and mantra -like stock phrases that are designed to bipass the cerebral cortex such as the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

 Political discourse on poverty starts in the middle, on what should be done about  it with all the above premises explicitly excluded but implicitly informing policy decisions.Such premises are never challenged,the left has somehow won the argument without ever having it and the blame has to go to those who have allowed all these collectivist assumptions to go unchallenged.The unspoken enemy is of course altruism with its religious roots that are so embedded in our culture that to challenge them is to place oneself in the position of a heretic,anti Christ,beyond social discourse.No one has the temerity to stand up and point out that the collectivist emperor is wearing no clothes.

The very idea that the individual is nothing but a social construct,a human resource to be harvested for the good of mankind should be regarded as so abhorrent and anti human as to be beyond discussion yet such is the betrayal by the intellectuals this view is everyday currency and shapes policy across the board.Cannibalism of the individual is the dystopic endgame of democracy and from the intellectuals there is nothing but a deafening silence.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Constitutional Insania

The LSE has commissioned a written constitution via crowd sourcing and some of its preliminary findings should come as no surprise when its remit, parameters and premises are  characteristically collectivist and statist. With the stated objectives the common good, the  vox populi participants have risen to the challenge with relish producing a Santa Claus wish list of goodies  which they deem as their birthright including all the usual suspects  such as free healthcare,a living wage ad nauseam.

Ends divorced from means,a written constitution comprised of a list of demands, hanging in a void - and just how and where you might ask, is all the money is to be found for this bounty and largesse? Somehow, some way,let someone else figure that out,only our needs are paramount.

The LSE looters charter is a grim joke unless it is ever implemented and the producers are forced to provide for all the vocal needy who have helped draw it up.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DON'T Mind the Gap

The mantra of the left that the gap between rich and poor is growing is of course supposed to bipass the cerebral cortex and it is very successful in so doing but it should be  countered by saying that the gap is actually a good thing because it is accurately measures the distance between competence and incompetence, success and failure,good performance versus bad,excellence versus mediocrity.To fill in that pay gap,to shorten the distance between those two points with government legislation will not eliminate mediocrity and failure but merely enshrine, reward and entrench it.

The gap between rich and poor argument reveals the profound misunderstanding on the left of how wealth is made  and how economies actually function as it sees the economy as  finite size like a pie whose portions have to  be fairly distributed ( by the state of course) to ensure an equality of outcome and moreover that wealth is  a given,a natural phenomenon that simply exists and then has to be doled out equally which completely bipasses the cause of wealth which is individual effort and achievement,an extraordinary expenditure of ingenuity,effort and intellectual work.

It is this,the product of individual minds,independence and achievement that the collectivists seek to appropriate  to the egalitarian end of providing welfare to the non achievers,the non productive,those who merely perform by rote the actions of others.In other words, the productive are to become the slaves of the non productive to achieve this noble end of closing the gap between rich and poor.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Starkey raving mad?

I was disappointed to hear the usually sensible David Starkey on Question Time last week advocating protectionism to counter globalisation.Perhaps he had caught socialism by osmosis sitting as he was next to Labour's Douglas Alexander.Just before that he had given a cogent analysis of Islam's travails caused by its insularity and its decision to turn inwards centuries ago and here he was now suggesting a fortress like Britain with tarriffs in a futile attempt to keep reality and world markets at bay.

I would suggest that it is over regulation taxation and tarriffs that have caused whatever economic problems this country has  and that no nation has ever secured long time economic prosperity by indulging in self defeating protectionist statism.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The mad mad world of john Humphries

Craziest statement of the week has to go to John Humphries on the Today prog radio 4 where I go to get my daily dose of liberal speak who excelled even himself when interviewing a spokesman from the gas industry who was complaining about the, in some instances, 80% tax on gas and urging for a reduction and Humphries  countered  surely that would be a a subsidy from the British taxpayer?( I shall pause while you grapple with the sublime  twisted logic of that statement gentle readers.) The interviewee to give him credit swiped that statement away with justified contempt.How can a reduction in a swingeing tax by the state be presented as a subsidy from the taxpayer??! Do these liberals go to a special school or what.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Democracy the God that failed

If democracy is a religion then most people would appear to be aetheist as membership of political parties has plummeted,voter turnout has declined over decades and there is a febrile disontent amongst a majority of the electorate which is expressed in an admixture of cynicism  hostility comtempt and indifference.

The political establishment is nervous and expresses alarm and dismay but it is the narrow pecuniary vested interest concern of a class facing possible extinction.The only thing they can offer by way of a sop is more devolution,regional self rule which will just result in more layers of local government  bureaucracy and a reduction of the nation state to petty Balkanised fiefdoms.

Instead of challenging the philosophical root of democracy more tinkering is proposed which will not address the frustration of the wider public who for the most part do not understand the cause of their discontent themselves which is of course the destruction of liberty and individual rights implicit in the democracy paradigm itself.

Needless to say the main benefactors of democracy ie its administrators will not be enlightening them on the matter as their very existence depends upon the democracy scam continuing into perpetuity.The proverbial turkeys will be voting for christmas before that happens.

Secularised Christianity

 Archbishop Sentanous socialist speech this week about poverty rather highlights a post I did on the C of E a few days ago pointing out that the de spiritualised church is now reduced to spouting secular collectivist nostrums that whilst they have their philosophical roots in the altruist base of christianity have been stripped of the other worldliness of a bygone age.

Their kingdom is now  of this world and so they have to get down with the secular masses and make the same noises as the political establishment.They will as a result be treated with the same indifference.Economic illiteracy characterises their pronouncements in particulary their advocacy of a living wage all interlarded with sugar coatings of altruist babble and babytalk.

Such pronouncements hasten the day of disestablishment as the church has been reduced to a political  pressure group that has abandoned its historical position as an institution ministering to the nation's spiritual needs and above the fray of sordid party politics.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pope speech. The mask slips

No one should be at all surprised at the contents of the pope's speech yesterday attacking freedom of speech as Rome has the most to fear from the exercise of free speech with its dark history of institutionalised paedophilia and support of fascism in the last century.It is clear that with the waning of the Roman catholic faith he is rather envious of the spiritual muscularity of unreformed Islam and would like catholicism to have back its similar tyrannical power of old.Freedom and liberty poses a threat to all religions so no one should be surprised by the pope's  defence of Islam and attack on liberty as shocking despicable and obscene as it was.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Green Bogeys

Clearly Cameron is in a funk over Ukip re the tv debates and is using the Greens and their exclusion from the event as a human shield to protect him from the shafting Farage  has in store for him.Even Cameron knows the greens are fruitloops who believe the climate can be nationalised and controlled through taxation.A look at the chaos they have wrought In Brighton is a salutary warning of what they would do if they got power nationally.

The Privatisation Myth

A regulated market is not a free market and we see this in the energy arena with Labour wanting to force gas companies to lower their prices to British customers in line with lowered wholesale gas prices.Privatisation was supposed to remove the state from meddling in price fixing etc but of course it has done no such thing and what we have is the typical mixed economy model, distorting prices through regulation, and swingeing taxation which in the case of gas is as much as a staggering 80%.

What you will never hear from Labour or any of the other parties is the promise to reduce the eye wattering 60% taxation on petrol and gas which is hobbling the economy and which proves that their concern for  struggling middle England is mere rhetoric and cynical politiking.

Milliband's incursion into gas prices arena is further illustration of his economic illiteracy as only half the profits of gas companies is down to the wholesale price of gas and the rest is impacted by infrastructure spending,taxation,regulation and it purchases  in the wholesale market two years in advance to protect against price volatility ie long before the recent fall in gas wholesale prices.The Mad Marxist Miliband who thinks he is more intelligent than he is venturing in areas way beyond his pay grade.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kill those who hurt our feelings

Salman Rushdie once referred to muslims who cannot brook criticism and react violently to satirists as 'thin skinned rats' and one was on radio 4 Today prog this morning,a muslim businessman no less saying many muslims felt the Charlie hebdo journalists had it coming and were not sorry they were killed and more such things would happen because of the publication of that journal today featuring the prophet - piss be upon him - on its front page.

UK muslims like the abovementioned who have the emotional intelligence of a three year old should either go on an anger management course or leave the country but they have been emboldened by years of multicuturalism/excuse making for their delinquent attitudes and a compliant poodle press and media that even in the wake of the Paris atrocities refuses to print the cartoons. This despite such UK journalists complaining about the French poodle press in the past and priding itself on its courageous take no prisoners journalism.

The kindegarten world  the thin skinned muslims seek to create for themselves in ghetto like retreat from any criticism should be challenged head on, and they should be told in no uncertain terms that their emotional fascism will not be tolerated,their offence seeking whining self pity and taking offence at every perceived slight is their problem to solve through therapy but will not be the basis of any legislation , protection or censorship and if they cannot live in an open liberal society and if they cannot accept such then they should take themselves off to another country where such values are absent.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

C of E,New Statesman at Prayer

The reason people tolerate the non separation of church and state in this country is because the church is so self neutered,has become prey to every politically correct position, a sort of liberal party in frocks that no one could possibly see it as a threat to anyone or thing.It is so bland it has  effaced itself and when whoever the archbishop is makes a speech larded  with bromides and melifluous vacuities it barely registers in the public mind.

 This is in sharp contrast with Islam where a literal interpretation of the Koran is the norm.If the archbishop of the C of e stood up today and announced that he did not actually believe in God no one would be that surprised as none of his bretheren have sounded like they do for many a year.Catholics too have trooped hynotically to church for decades not believing there is anything wrong with contraception,women priests or even abortion in many cases and what they do is pay lip service,their eyes glazed over repeating the mantra like responses in what is essentially a social gathering rather than anything of deep spritual significance.

So Christianity has been de fanged in a way Islam has clearly not. Were it to be similarly transformed we could look upon it in the same indulgent way we do modern christianity rather than seeing it as the very real existential threat it is at present.

Labour's Hollande Source

If anyone wonders what a Labour government under Ed Milliband would look like they would only have to cast their gaze across the channel at the People's Republic of France to get a picture of what they can expect.The economic basket case of France,a country run by the unions is the endgame of such statist policies and if anything Milliband is to the left of Hollande.

As the unions over here limber up for yet more mindless public sector strikes called on a tiny minority of votes we can get a glimpse of what state the country would be in after a few years with the mad Marxist Milliband at the helm.Perhaps it is time the people who pay the wages of these public sector parasites through their taxes went on strike.It would then at least make it clear to everyone who makes the country function and pays the bloated moribund inefficient featherbedded public sector.

Monday, January 12, 2015

French Cojones v British Cowardice

France is to be applauded for its determined stand against Islamists re the cartoons.We here in the UK have already given up the fight and no publication will carry the depictions of the prophet (shite be upon his head). Islam is such an existential threat to civilization that it should be a near to  duty to ritually abuse,lampoon and satirize it on a daily basis but instead we cower and bend the knee to the tyrant and of course this just drives it into a frenzy of contempt and fuels its rage and its adherents up the ante and behead a British soldier in the street by way of thanks

It is far easier to glibly proclaim Je suis Charlie than to actually put it into practice be reproducing the cartoons and thus the justified charge of hypocrisy can be levelled.I have been critical about France re its claim to be defender of liberty but in this matter such a claim is more than justified.It has banned the burkah,another symbol of oppression and tyranny whilst we baulk at the idea on the totally spurious ground of civil liberties when the burkah is itself a hateful symbol of the crushing of civil liberties by reducing womankind to slavery and incarceration behind the veil.

France has complained for decades that the UK has been a safe haven for islamists,we have harboured toxic clerics and allowed islamist cells to grow like bacilli in our prisons,universities and mosques and now the chickens have come home to roost.We protected Rushdie from the fatwah but too many people who should have known better criticised him for writing Satanic Verses and this sent out a clear message that we would not stand up and defend free speech.

The reason France is better equipped to stand up against the Islamists is because it is a secular state with a constitutional protective wall between the state and religion.We have not and as a consequence we have a blasphemy law in all but name and the Christian establishment in the UK seeks the same protection from satire as the muslims do and the state has copped out to both of them on the ground of non discrimination of faith.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is France Really the poster child for Liberty?


Well hardly.France is one of the most statist countries in Europe.Entrepreneurs are fleeing under swingeing taxation and of course it is the prime mover of the creation of the EU that most illiberal of constructs.


Read communism,socialism,collectivism,anti success ergo anti freedom.


What on earth does that mean anyway - sounds like groupthink; it is a kind of half-assed word denoting a out of focus emotion undefined and open to any interpretation but largely applied in a collectivist context re unions and we know what their action has done to France over the decades, reducing it to the sick man of Europe.

So they may march in solidarity today re the terrorist attacks but the above would indicate that the biggest threat to the liberty of France is not some stray Islamic head cases but  France itself.                    

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Islam and Liberal Folly

The villains of the piece apart from Islam itself and the cause of its growth like a malignant cancer in the west is multiculturalism and political correctness.The left wing establishment has cow towed to minorities giving them effective untouchable status,has protected them from criticism with hate laws and curbs on free speech all in the name of tolerance and diversity.

As if all this were not bad enough we are now being told that the cause of terrorist atrocities such as in France is Edward Snowden for daring to expose what the state is doing to our personal data!We must give up yet more of our liberties in order to fight the terrorists whilst the authorities eschew profiling and put us all under suspicion.

Meanwhile toxic preachers inciting violence and fomenting terrorism are allowed to stay in the country in plain sight spewing their bile with impunity.


Islam the Untouchable

In Islam there is no separation of religion and state and as such Islam is a political as much as a religious construct.The fact that there is no separation of church and state in the UK complicates matters and it is shameful that this is so and disestablishment should have happened but Christianity has been through a reformation and does not pose the threat to civilization as unreformed  Islam does.

The point is that in Islam we are not only dealing with a deranged religion but a deranged political construct and whilst we may mistakenly make excuses for the first most people would not tolerate a political group with such fascist views but under the cloak or religion Islam gets away with it.This must no longer happen .It is flying under false flags.The creeping shariaisation like a slow moving cancer through Western liberal countries should have woken people up to this danger a long time ago and there are no excuses for burying our heads in the sand any longer.

The conclusion is obvious,namely that as long as Islam is unreformed it is incompatible with civilization let alone liberal democracy which puts it beyond the pale politically. In my next post I will highlight the reason we have got in this sorry mess with Islam in the West.

Empty Vassals make most noise

Islam is an assault on the mind,anti civilization,anarchic nihilism and it saw its full anti human expression in France this week.Its crazed advocates are a living contradiction in that they use the very products of the mind and civilization ie the intellectually conceived modern technology of the internet to destroy those values.They are fully cognizant with social media and use it to facilitate the havoc they wreak.They do not as the defenders of 'true' Islam seek to argue camouflage their obscene acts with religious parlance  but use the very moribund concepts of their faith to drive their actions.They are the true Islam which is why nothing but a full frontal assault on Islam will turn the tide of human misery it has set in motion.

Islam is an assault on civilization,on the human mind and until we recognise it, name it and call it out it will continue its deadly rampage in our midst and ultimately destroy us.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Taxation: Of Human Bondage

As a postscript to my Magna Farta piece a few days ago it now emerges that the document was agreed upon by the authorities on condition that taxation would be levied and accepted so we see that the much famed document on liberty that has been drooled over in hushed and sometimes noisy reverence over the centuries was no such thing as it allowed the slavery of taxation to be codified in law and so it is to this day,lending it legitimacy by association with such a hallowed document.

The longevity of a practice or tradition does not or should not lend it moral justification but as with Islam so too with taxation we find that this is far from the case and that the long passage of time does indeed furnish suspect practices with a public respectability and inviolability from criticism, acquiring the public's acceptance and acquiescence which makes the job of those who would question the morality and ethics of such things exceedingly difficult as one is fighting against centuries of entrenched custom,tradition,received wisdom and of course the powerful forces of vested interests and corrupt morribund institutions.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

How to deal with Islam

A military attack on Mecca and Medina.

 Islam  officially declared a mental illness

All further muslim immigration  halted.

 Everything  done to encourage Sunni and Shia intra religious genocide

The printing of anti Mohumud cartoons urged encouraged in publications

The banning of the wearing of muslim head dress,burqas etc in all public places

Widespread dissemination of facts about Islam ie Mohumud was a paedophile who would be in prison if he were alive today as he slept with an eight year old girl.He was a schizophrenic who heard vocies and beleived God was talking to him.He had epilepsy,a form of mental derangement and most of his followers seem to have the same thing.

We are Not Charlie Hebdo

In the wake of the atrocity in Paris yesterday comes a veritable media tsunami of cognitive dissonance,weasel words and moral funk.Already we are told that the perpetrators were doing unislamic things in the name of islam, that there must not be a backlash,Marie le Pen must not be allowed to capitalize on this tragedy -in other words the very self-same craven cowardly pusilaminous,politically correct,defeatist masochistic expressions of cultural cringe that has led to this atrocity in the first place.

This moral decadence,this wailing and gnashing of teeth,this empty show of of resistance, this flight from reality and refusal to confront the evil in its midst will be the death of western liberal society and the capitulation to the forces of darkness, the triumph of Islam in its pure unreformed evil state is the only possible outcome.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hitler,the EU and the birth of the 4th Reich

It has been evidenced that Hitler had drawn up detailed plans for a European Union and this should be born in mind on the day Mr Cameron goes Chamberlain-like to Her Merkel in Germany to try and squeeze some pathetic concessions out of her re EU powers.He will no doubt come back waving a piece of paper saying peace in our time as Mr slippery has past form in hoodwinking the British public over the EU but it will be the usual smoke and mirrors as he has already stated that he wishes the UK to remain in the EU and this is not a credible bargaining position.

Not that we should be seeking any bargains with what is essentially a profoundly illiberal construct,a pan European quasi socialist project that strips powers away from nation states and sucks them in to a supra national centralising power with the obvious objective albeit covert of creating a super state with a totalitarian reach.

In light of German arrogance it is more likely that Herr Jackboots will send Cameron home with a flee in his ear as she knows most EU countries resent the UK for its relative success and will expect her to give him short shrift.The cold hard facts are that the hegemonistic ambitions of Germany  sees the EU as a fitting vehicle for it mission creep of regional supremacy and its desired destination of a defacto Fourth Reich .

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

General Election.Its Shroud waving time

5 months to go before the election and  the scare mongering, threats, and warnings have begun as the two main rival gangs trade insults over who is best to run the criminal racket called democracy and who will get to decide how to spend the plunder taken from the taxpayers.Only a masochist could derive any pleasure from such a gruesome immoral spectacle.To complete the grizzly scenario is some ritual shroud waving by Labour over the dire fate of the NHS if the tories are allowed to continue with their austerity programme.People will die!This is the best political system devised by man,underpinned by the Magna Carta apparently.Three jeers for democracy.We can do better than this.At least a vote for UKIP will shut these morribund parties up and drag them towards something approaching reality.It will not solve the problem but it will be a step in the right direction.

Monday, January 05, 2015

The Cancer of Altruism

One of the arguments people use for altruism is that respectable scientific research has shown that those  who practice it have better self esteem,are happier and healthier.From this the inference is that such a benign activity with such beneficial outcomes for both the practitioner and the recipient of altruism should be implemented by governments in the form of taxation and redistribution of wealth to provide social care and support for those in need.

 This argument musters other research that shows that people with vast wealth are not even happy and therefor to remove some of the material things that lead to unhappiness amongst the wealthy would actually benefit them as well.Leaving aside the arrant sophistry and amorality of such an argument those posing it find themselves hoist on an internal contradiction and it is this: if being altruistic makes people feel good about themselves and provides them with moral uplift then they are obviously not practicing altruism since by definition altruism is the sacrificing of the self to others and this by its very nature cannot but be painful,unpleasant,incurring loss and suffering to the person who has sacrificed their well being to others.If it makes them feel good about themselves it is contrary to the very spirit and essence of altruism and is thus clearly not altruism as there is a selfish motive behind it namely to make the doer of good deeds feel good about themselves.

As altruism is clearly impossible to practice without complete anhiliation of the self it is obvious what the motive of those who argue for it is, namely, nihilism,the destruction of all values,the dehumanisation of man,the enslavement of all to all in an infinite spiral  of self immolation and death.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Magna Farta

Magna Carta, what's all the fuss about? It sounds like it was some stitch-up with monarchy that had precious little to do with defense of individual rights which was an alien concept back then and is given scant regard now.Expect to hear loads of liberals extolling its virtues which is a sure sign that it had not much to do with liberty as they all favour a big state that smothers the life and independence out of the people.

The dead give away is the reference in the Magna Carta to taxation as something that must not be levied except with 'common consent'.What the hell does that mean? It is the get out clause to raise taxes as long as some people agree that taxes will be raised which is exactly the liberal argument for taxes today.Weasel words,common consent have allowed governments down the centuries to tyrannize at will always claiming it is what the majority want.The Magna Cart has blighted the country by pretending to be a document securing the rights of the people thus making a written constitution redundant.We have seen the results as the last vestiges of our freedom have been wittled away.

What is the greatest threat to the human race

Is it ebola or islamism, two admittedly deadly viruses? Whilst they  pose a serious danger I believe the  threat they present pales into insignificance compared to that of the deadly philosophy of altruism and its concomittant, statism.This threatens to bring about a descent into global totalitarianism as all the pieces are in place - from the erosion of liberty,political correctness and an ever encroaching state which effects every so called free nation on earth to varying degrees and levels of progression.

 Just as it was philosophy which created civilization and allowed mankind to crawl out of the darkness of superstition and irrationality to rise towards the sunny uplands of the enlightenment, it will be bad philosophy that will destroy it and push it back into the pit of darkness,slavery and oppression.Whilst mankind rose upwards via the enlightenment it remains a fact that the baleful effect of religion casts it shadow on his ascent and in its secular version of altruistic statism threatens to drag him backwards into the self immolation and slavery of totalitarianism.

Unless man can break the bonds of serfdom by throwing off the shackles of an atavistic altruistic mentality he will again hurtle back to the past of the dark ages where mankind dwelt,in the black pit of slavery, reduced to the pitiful choice of being devoured by others or seeking whom he may devour.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Can't Pay? Take it anyway

The US reality show Bait Car where police entrapment of auto thieves shows them leaving a car unattended with keys in the ignition and waiting for an opportunist criminal to hop in to the driving seat and take off is instructive in revealing the moral wasteland inhabited by the crooks who only hesitate to seize the vehicle long enough to ensure that they can get away with it.

The range of the moment instant gratification mentalities of the criminals who are being videoed in the car has a  comical side especially when the police sirens start wailing and the looks on their faces turn from thrill and elation to glum and stunned surprise as it dawns on them that they are headed for another spell in jail, but it illustrates the unthinking impulse driven delinquent entitlement culture of the criminal underworld.

This same entitlement culture is on display in a UK prog entitled Can't Pay?We'll Take it Away about enforcement officers who collect unpaid debt but in the prog I saw about squatters who had taken over a large office complex and caused 100,000 of damage the interesting aspect was how they believed they had a right to do what they were doing,because the welfare state had taught them that they were owed a living and sheltered accommodation.They had none of their own so it was perfectly natural that they should seize someone else's property and claim it as their own.The shocking thing is that they were allowed to walk away presumably to find another property to ransack and appropriate when they really should have been arrested for theft and criminal damage and thrown in jail.Proof if proof were needed that socialism and the welfare state teaches people that they should be paid for existing and if they do not have what is their god given right they should seize it from others.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Churchill's U turn

Although excoriating socialism in all its works in 1945 Chuchill like a true conservative decided to accommodate this Nazi like evil and by 1951 when his party won back power from Labour he more or less continued with the socialist experiment on the British people, even increasing spending on the NHS and no attempt was made to reverse all the nationlisations that had occurred under the previous administration.It had to wait till 1979 before a tory leader in the shape of the redoubtable Thatcher reversed some of these catastrophic state controls, the intervening years seeing successive conservative governments continuing this appeasement and accommodation of socialism.

If ever proof were needed that in order to confront an ideology you need an ideology to do it this was it.The cowering tory pragmatists of the 50s and 60s were no match for the rabid ideologues of  Labour.So terrified of being accused of having an ideology to this day the tories will insist on being pragmatists as if this were any virtue when in fact it is responsible for destroying the freedom and liberty of the British people by refusing to offer an alternative to the toxic socialism of its supposed opponents.

This timorous cowardly refusing to confront the evil of the Left has had disastrous consequences in particular re the NHS and State education to this very day and continues to corrupt the polity.  

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Public FArt

It is always grimly amusing to pop in to my local 'art' gallery to see the displays of vomit on the walls and the public earnestly trooping though to gawp bemusedly at the embarassing apoligies for art.Some of it is mild lefty agit prop,almost all of it is the product you would expect to see adorning the walls of a lunatic asylum.

At the foot of these visual excrescences is invariably some text by the artist by way of  intellectual justification or explanation and these make as much sense as the work itself and fittingly are right out of pseud's corner.All this may seem innocuous enough, a sort of employment programme for those with special needs but it is really a serious assault on cognition, cultural vandalism and tyranny.This is what happens when art is subsidised at a point of a gun directed at taxpayer's heads.It is the art nobody wants and hence the coercion to make them pay for it.