Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaaza Reaps The Whirlwind

The timely assault on Gaza by the Israelis has been met with the drearily predictable and almost universal condemnation of it in the world's press.The rest of the world seems to hold Israel to a different standard, demanding from it behaviour it would never dream of applying to itself.Talk of 'disproportionality' is peddalled by the UN and other bodies of so called respectable world opinion,the same organisasions which have looked on as genocide takes place around the world without lifting a finger.

The protest around the world from hooligan semi barbarian foam-flecked arabs is also part of the tired and predictable circus that follows whenever Israel dares to stand up and defend itself from the psychopathic Hammas scum who hurl their rockets at civilian targets in Israel and terrorise the residents therin.London in particular seems to play host to these human faeces where no less than a thousand lay seige to the Israli embassy and the police were unable to contain them at first.Surely these specimens of human offal should be arrested and summarily deported back to the hell holes from whence they came.

Israel is no doubt mindful that it needs to sort out Hammas once and for all before the muslim terrorist loving Barak Hussein Osama arrives at the Whitehouse and sells Israel down the river.All right minded people will wish Israel all success in routing the criminal terrorist Hammas and sending a clear message to the so called Palestinians that if they vote for such a psychopathic regime which wages war on Israel and seeks its destruction they themselves will face anhiliation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rowan's Archbishop Prick Laugh In

The Druid was at it again this morning on the Today programme, giving his Christmas lecture.What do you think it was about gentle reader? The scourge of abortion,the tragedy of single parent mothers of 16,the UK's highest sexual disease rate of teenagers in the Western world,the legions of people lost forever in the twilight world of welfare dependency,drug addiction and crime? Silly! It was about the scourge of(wait for it),unregulated Capitalism!

The country may be tetering on the edge of moral abyss but Rowan does not appear to have noticed,or if he has, thinks it not worth a mention.No,he is troubled about financial greed, the loss of collective consciousness,materialsm and of course,the environment.All the political fixations of the Left featured in the archbishop's ramblings, fetching up finally with his comments that it would really not be that a bad thing if disestablishment took place,by which time even the most ardent and traditional Constitutionalist could be forgiven for agreeing with him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Up With The Fairies

Richard Branson attempted to cross the Atlantic in a yacht with his son and daughter.It was known to be a risky possibly life threatening escapade with the possiblity of breaking the world record.Why would he do this,threatening not only his life but those of his children as well? He asked the question and arrived at the rationale that life is about adventure.We tend to arrive at the answer to our questions that we want in self serving way dressing it up in high sounding language.

One explanation for this derring do is that modern man lives a relatively safe soft existence with no real life threatening events as his forefathers did and so seeks to artificially recreate danger and challenge in order to grow egotistically and derive energy from this interraction with danger,hence the phenomenon of 'extreme sports', where adrenalin-rush junkies get their fix dicing with death.

In Branson's case this could be tendency exacerbated by the fact that he lives surrounded by the luxury of the very rich and requires life challenging events to offset the ennui of riches and soft living.HIs mother told him to get out the car and walk home five miles when he was four years old.Unsurprisingly he got lost.Was this the trauma that set him on the path of high adventure? The mother's argument was that his childhood contemporaries were soft spoiled namby pambies going to birthday parties and she wanted him to be independent and strong. If a mother attempoted that today her child would possibly become prey to unwanted attentions of a paedophile, or be sent in to care.

At the end of the TV programme(on Virgin channel of course) Branson tells his daughter that if he could be a Disney character it would be Peter Pan the JM Barrie creation who never grew up. He would like to flap his wings at will and fly away,forever child-like.This could be good or bad.We have lots of men-children who retain their love of childhood things long after they should have relinquished them such as those who swear life-long allegiance to a football club or continue to buy pop and rock cds etc.On the other hand JC declares that no man can enter heaven unless he become a little child.

One gets the impression with Branson that for him there is no higher being than man,life is for adventure as he affirms,and that there is nothing beyond this life.If that is the case why not indulge in danger sports,carry on an open marriage(as he confesses, and sell condoms? Talk of a creator with a purpose for man would probably only elicit from him a bemused blank stare.

In place of God Branson seems to offer an ersatz humanistic religiosity.His business we are informed, is not for his children to squander in some playboy-girl fashion,dipping their fingers in his 'honey pot' empire for their personal pleasures.It is to serve a higher purpose,the community and environment.Perhaps he should come clean and admit that all those years ago when he was starting his empire the thing that motivated him was money fame and success,not some grim altruistic perverted philanthropic inpulse all entrepreneurs feel compelled to articulate these days, driven by some unwritten misguided politically correct ideology.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Shoe-In For Bush

No one can say George Bush has not seen action in Iraq. He ducked those low flying Iraqi shoe missiles with all the aplomb of a true military professional. I was so impressed.Pity we cannot have another four years.Maybe some grandson of Lee Harvey Oswald is waiting in the wings to save America from the horror just around the corner.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ex Post Facto Rationalisation De Nationalisation

It's Christmas, so that can only mean one thing: a postal strike! Was all of this carefully planned? First they whine and create a fictitious story about being made to trot at 6 miles an hour and a few days later they announce a strike to inconvenience a badly served public stuck with an antedelluvian clapped out socialist institution which is little more than a thinly disguised welfare programme for the workshy.

The Left love the post office because it holds up a mirror image of themselves,bone-idle, incompetent,locked in the past and morribund.Today a report reveals that this socialist monstrosity is about to bleed the taxpayers dry with a pensioners deficit blackhole which will mortgage future generations to infinity if it is not fully denationalised.As the tories seem happy to buy into the myth of the Post Office as social service and instrument of social cohesion there is next to no chance that we will ever be rid of this absurdist surealist nightmare of socialist State-bound mediocrity masquerading as a public service.

Ian Dumnkopf Smith

IDS sounded really wet today on the UK's asylum pile-up catastrophe.We have no control over our borders because of the EU which declares that anyone denizen from within the EU can pile into this overcrowded isle, and he was skirting round the issue in a most pathetic way, seemingly more concerned about the welfare of the asylum seekers than that of the British people who are the hapless victims of successive government's calamitous criminal open door come one come all immigration non policy.

There are about 10 million immigrants in the UK who have no business here at all and there should be a five year programme of shipping and flying all of these out of the UK and back to their country of origin.Only those who run lucrative profitable businesses should be allowed to stay,the rest are not welcome.A tiny island,we are sinking under the weight of alien hordes,creating a multicultural cesspit.Al queda operatives are walking our streets claiming job seekers allowance and housing benefits et al and the EU 'Human Rihghts' law renders us powerless to deport them.Only a country with a death wish would tolerate this state of affairs.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Murder Unavenged

The TV programme last night on the killing of Jamie Bulger by two 10 year olds a decade ago was chilling apart from the obvious reason of ten year olds going out with murder in mind in a cool detatched calculating premeditated cold blooded psychopathic fashion,but chiefly because of the way the judicial system handled the case which was nothing short of disgraceful and will be seen as a landmark case highlighting the moral abyss into which the criminal justice system has plunged.

There was no justice in this case as in so many others with the judiciary seemingly in the hands of people bereft of humanity who were hell bent on cosseting these two monsters and releasing them at the earliest moment possible after just eight years in the teeth of doughty opposition from the grieving mother who was no match for the liberal establishment of course who have given these two preternatural peices of human offal a whole new identitiy,and a brand new start in life with a legal order of silence imposed on the local authorities to maintain their anonymity.

It is clear that the only place these two belong is dangling at the end of a rope,but what can be said of the kind of people who run our judiciary who arrived at such a perverse counter intuitive judgement? For them there is no mitigating circumstances,no excuses,no exculpation,they stand condemned as moral delinquents,accessories to the fact, enablers of evil,facilitatos of gross injustice which cries up to heaven for correction.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

State Educashon - Dumb and Dumber

Soon all children will have to stay in some form of education till they are 18- a sort of protracted illiteracy programme to keep them off the unemployment rolls. The dumbed-down curicula is plumbing ever new depths with the government's numbingly moronic proposal yesterday to scrap subjects like geography and history in favour of a politically correct miasma of studies in touchy feelyism,exploring emotions and Mickey Mouse soft social non-subjects to boost exam results and further erode the last scintilla of academic rigour in the sorry State education system.

Now why would any government want its subjects to be geographically and historically ignorant I wonder?

Welfare Reform Groundhog Day

There is only thing more perennial than Christmas and that is 'Welfare Reform'.How many times must we hear this mantra from Governments of every stripe -and why do they think anyone believes their feeble promises, more crumbly than pie crust? The Left need have no fear and trembling over this one.Hell will freeze over before any government takes any radical steps to end the welfare gravy train.Too many vested interests are at stake here and as they say,characteristics are reliable.

Economic Illiteracy of The Left

I wonder if Gordon took time off from his er, busy schedule to watch the excellent series about money on ch 4 by the historian Niall Ferguson. If he did perhaps he will take the clear lessons Ferguson draws about the folly of Welfare Statism and the economic fallacy it embodies.He cited the salutary lesson of Japan whose Welfare State appeared at first to have bucked economic reality only to see its whole shaky structure come tumbling down in the face of an unforseen demographic timebomb dynamic. Exposed for a gigantic ponzi pyramid scam the parallels with the British experiment of welfarism hardly need making.

A second example was Chile which was run into the ground by Allende the mad Marxist in the late 60's, early 70's only to be rescued by the Friedmanesque monetarist policies ushered in by Pinochet, the Left's bette noire.He turns out to have been a percursor of Thatcherism,eschewing centralist command economic Statism for free market capitalism which saw Chile go from the economic basket case of Central America to its bread basket. A timely message indeed for a premier hell bent it would appear, on taking this country on one of the greatest State economic binges in recorded history.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mugabe's Genocidal Endgame

As the world watches Zimbabwe slide into the swamp of epidemic decay and death you you cannot help concluding that if this was a white dictatorship it would have been toppled a long time ago but because it is a black tyranny it gets a free pass from the bar of world opinion. Tony Blair's doctrine of benign intervention obviously does not extend to the black continent.

The question arises,can blacks self rule? The post colonial evidence across more or less the whole benighted continent of Africa is an unequivocal negative.Is re-colonialisatiion the answer I wonder? It is certainly time this one time liberal feted genocidal maniac Mugabe met his maker the mad Marxist molecule.The ghost of Ian Smith is no doubt looking down and murmuring to himself in grim satisfaction, 'I told you so'.

EU Goosesteps Ireland Into Another Referendum

Beyond shame, the morally bankrupt EU is to force Ireland to hold another referendum on the wretched Lisbon Treaty with the implicit threat that if it votes 'no' again -which it surely will if it has a modicum of cojones - it will place itself in non- communitaire purdah.

This totalitarian bully no longer feels the need to disguise its fascistic nature and is brazenly going about its business of strong arming Ireland into compliance with its dictatorial will.Surely now everyone can see the ugly soul of the EU laid bare in all its toxic putrescence and will arrive at the only possible conclusion about its hooligan insolence and anti democratic delinquency: its dissolution cannot come a day too soon.

Greece In '68 Back To Future Psychodrama

Shoot the students! Use live rounds! The rioting moral retards of Grecian youth are a bizarre throwback to the student unrest of the 60's:Marxist caricatures of a backward,spoilt degenerate youth acting out their callow infantile regressive socialist-driven psychosis.

Their student tantrums are enacted in the face of a passive spoiling corrupting authority, standing back as it trashes all the capitalist symbols of freedom and liberty,afraid to confront the products of its own moral relatavist situationalist ethics.

Monday, December 08, 2008

UN Charter Of Inhuman Rights Celebrates 60 years Anniversary

Eleanor Ruseveldt the Wicked Witch of Un-American Communist Activities was a prime mover in ushering in the wretched world-wide criminal cartel known as the UN.It is she we have to thank for the 'Human Rights' industry, a cancerous socialist imposition on sovereign States, a veritable criminal's charter which bedevils us to this very day.

Needless to say the BBC went to town venerating this evil witch and salivating at her wretched legacy.Its hegemenony is so entrenched it no longer even feels the need to serve up a pretence of objectivity.

The social and economic 'aspirations' of the Declaration Of Human Rights (the empty pomposity of these words!) was given moral imprimatur from none other than the then Soviet Union.What more damning condemnation on this evil charter could there possibly be?