Thursday, August 06, 2015

Iran needs its Hiroshima

The wrong lessons are usually learnt from history.Hiroshima led to hand wringing,self doubt,self loathing in the West when it was really a cause of celebration that a wicked psychopathic nation had been brought to heel.There were no politically correct,timorous souls in the military back then which is good because otherwise we would all be speaking German jetz -or be human lampshades.

Iran needs the Hiroshima treatment now because compared to it the Japanese were highly evolved beings.It will have to be done when Benedict Obummer leaves the Whitehouse which he has besmirched almost beyond repair.Israel will then join a rejuvenated US and bomb Iran to smithereens,saving the whole world thereby.

As a footnote and re my last piece on Peter Hitchens amongst his other immoral positions alluded to therein is his delinquent posit that Britain was wrong to flatten German cities and that bomber Harris was immoral.I think we know who is immoral in this matter and  when it comes to mortal conflict with an obvious enemy  Mr Hitchens clearly believes it is better to Haw Haw than war war.

Andy Burnham and Peter Hitchens

Andy Pandy's manifesto 5 point plan Marx him as a commie but in his support for renationalization of British Rail he would have moral support from arch reactionary Peter Hitchens,the alleged 'ex'Communist who has repeatedly advocated renationalization of practically everything that moves.When I pointed out to him on his blog a year ago that his nationalisation of industry and commerce is lifted directly from the Communist manifesto he expressed surprise and ignorance (right there!) and claimed to be unaware of the contents of said Communist Manifesto!This from a journalist who was a card carrying member of that evil and insidious organisation for shame. He then went on to claim presumably on the basis that if you tell a big enough lie people are more likely to believe you that nationalisation has got nothing to do with Socialism!A man who is prepared to brazenly dissemble thus is not to be trusted on any mater one would have thought and yet his has a large camp following and when I pointed out his errors on this and other matters his response or the Mail Online's response was to banned me from contributing to the comments.Standard communist practice incidentally.

Oh well,anyway he at least should be pleased with Mr Burham's 5 year plans for us all.Lets hope they will not come to fruition till Burnham woodentop comes to dunce inane.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The statism we're in

No one can lay a finger on Corbyn as he represents explicitly the principles that his opponents implicity hold  which is why he poses such an acute embarrassment not just to Labour but the Conservatives as well who beneath the thin veneer of pro capitalism share the identical statist premises as Corbyn.

What a mess.But the field is wide open for anyone who wishes to occupy it to present genuinely radical solutions not the pretend ones Corbyn posits.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dada Politics

Nothing is more surreal than the spectacle of tories joining the Labour party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn believing they are doing something smart and clever when what they are really doing is exposing their contempt for ideology and principles in politics.That they would seek to risk having elected a Marxist who were he sucessful will reduce the country to abject penury and slavery reveals them to amoral nihilists of the lowest order.

Some Labour politicians started this by voting for Corbyn on the grounds that it would stimulate debate when all it has done is let the commie genie out of the bottle.Having seen this why did those tories think it would be smart to give him a smooth passage to victory?

For some reason the spectacle of the UK being taken over by communists is something that does not bother them one wit.Would they feel the same about Nazizm and vote for Hitler or his equivalent in the name of destroying the Nazi party?Pure insanity.

If not now when?

I am more and more convinced that now is the perfect time to start a radical revolutionary political movement in the UK and rippling out globally for unregulated laissez faire capitalism.Why? The political landscape has changed radically all over Europe and the Us in the last five years.Witness the Tea Party movement in the US.In Europe radical far left and far right parties have emerged and the status quo has been irreparably compromised and all but eviscerated.

The election results in the UK further re enforce this trend with the emergence of UKIP and the meltdown of the Liberals and emergence of SNP and the mad Jeremy,so it clearly shows no sign of being a temporary phnenomena.Social media has played a big part in this quiet revolution as anybody with the will can get a global reach for their message at the mere click of a button.This technological revolution may well be as important as the introduction ofCaxton's printing press and its implications as far reaching.

So if not now,when indeed?

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Corybantic Corbynism

The press as usual has got it all wrong re Jeremy Corbyn.He is a narrow,reactionary,pedestrian,conservative leftist statist who merely wants to increase the parameters of the state further than they are already,to ratchet up the pre existent tax and regulatory infrastructure of government to new levels of control and oppression -in other words to take the mixed economy to its logical conclusion of absolute state totalitarian power,to make explicit what has hitherto been implicit.Not radical,not new.

What would be radical revolutionary and new would be a capitalist programme of deregulation,de-taxification,a complet laissez faire free market dismantlement of state structures,a delimited state protecting individual rights with no tax raising powers,to completely eliminate coercion in human affairs and institute the non initiation of force principle guiding human relations.The state shall have no dominion over the individual and may not initiate force against the individual or groups of men for political ends.That would be revolutionary.Let the battle be joined