Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cameron's Post Empire Burlesque

Cameron's Blair moment has crashed on the rocks of reality.He should have stayed on the beach instead of initiating an inept bungled recall of parliament. Labour be it ever so cynical and opportunistic has de fanged the Coalition's attempt at another doomed military adventure this time in Syria.What a cesspit of depravity and iniquity is the Middle East and why we should be dragged into yet another morass for God knows what reason or objective is anyone's guess.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Western Democracy Versus Individual Rights

Democracy militates against the individual.It is collectivist at its core.It says the majority will prevails.Screw the individual.The most productive industrious people have the most to fear from democracy.The parasites gain, the producers lose Into the electoral ballot box is funneled all the crime, pernicious injustice,tyranny,imposition of brute force,violation of individual rights,it is the very triumph of brute force over reason yet it is presented as the quintessence of civilization and the highest flowering of human invention.How have countless generations been so fooled?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Democracy: Rape Of the People,By the People,For the People

Greater minds than mine have exposed the tyranny of Democracy and I can only offer up a feeble echo of their words.I advise those interested to go to Ayn Rand for a complete expose of this miserable thing called democracy and what it leads to.For my part I can point out that taxation is slavery ,indentured servitude where the productive are enslaved to the non productive and governments do this at the behest of the people through the ballot box and for some reason this sanitises the larceny and makes it kosher in the public mind where clearly reason and sanity are bipassed thanks to centuries of brainwashing and socialist collectivist programming.The violation of property rights which is what taxation is is given moral imprimatur through democracy.One challenges this orthodoxy at one's peril.Democracy imposes a tyranny of orthodoxy and those who stand outside it and challenge its shiboleths can expect no tolerance and no fair hearing.Fortunately we have the internet and such unfashionable views can be expressed but still the scorn will follow.Press on fellow freedom fighters and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the prize of liberty!

Egypt Routs Its Izlamizts

Egyptians rumbled Democracy in five minutes,we still labour under its delusions.Hitler was voted into office in democratic Germany.The muzlim Hitler Morsi came to power in Egypt similarly.As Mr Roger Scrutton has pointed out in a recent BBC broadcast of all places Democracy is not synonymous with liberty.Unless other key things are in place it can be a cover for tyranny.Izlam has been given a damn good thrashing in Egypt today and it is to be welcomed as it sends a message that the Nazi-like Izlamists will not be able to use the figleaf of Democracy to impose their evil tyranny through the ballot box.