Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anti Politics Open Door

There is so much disgust by the general public of all things political that now is a perfect time to introduce revolutionary thinking into public political discourse.The arguments are not essentially political but philosophical namely what the role of the state actually is.The challenge is to take the argument to the defenders of big State mixed economy and argue for markets,freedom,deregulation and pure laissez faire capitalism on purely moral grounds.Up till now it has been left to the Conservatives to carry the baton for Capitalism but they have dropped it way back in the mists of time and are now fully paid up members of the pragmatic mixed economy compromise which has bedevilled the country for decades and left us in this sorry pass we are now in.The country cannot be saved on a mixture of flawed premiseswhich are toxic and rooted in egalitarianism and socialism.This must be rejected and a stout defence of freedom and liberty presented in unambiguous unapologetic terms.

To do the above we first have to ask the question why are Conservatives so reluctant to champion Capitalism unambiguously.The answer lies in a comment Peter Hitchens made a month or so ago on the Andrew Marr Start the Week programme on radio four.When asked to define Conservatism and its roots he claimed, I think with justification, that it has its roots in Christianity.Now one thing we know about Christianity is that it is strong on self sacrifice and altruism which is why it very often seems to be more aligned with Socialist thinking than Capitalism.The fact that Hitchens believes in a nationalised post office and rail system,is profoundly anti car which is a symbol of Capitalism and is social Conservative when it comes to proscribing personal behaviour he disapproves of such as drugs only serves to prove how profoundly anti capitalist such conservatism can be.Sunday trading laws are far too liberal he believes,the list goes on and illustrates how hopeless and futile it is to rely on Conservatism to defend Capitalism.Until enough people can see what a lost cause Conservatism is re Capitalism the spelll cannot be broken and tory voters will continue breathing life into the rotten raddled party.

People are so conditioned to think that altruism is moral that it is a task and a half to convince them otherwise.The media hammers away at this meme 24 7 and no one even exposes the ideology of socialism that underpins the tax system.Any discourse on taxation starts from the unchallenged premise that taxation is inherently moral and anyone who seeks to avoid paying it is guilty of a heinous crime.Until the ideology behind taxation namely altruism is challenged no progress can be made in eliminating it from the moral realm in which it is ensconced by default.What a triumph of the Left that they have managed to entrench their ideology at the very heart of the tax system and to have ensured that it is morally unassailable.This is where we need to strike,at the very heart of the beast!It is a bit like the emperors new clothes syndrome.Once one person or group challenges this canard the whole system will come tumbling down.Any political party or movement that introduces this subject into public discourse will have the whole field to itself because the status quo dare not raise this issue as it is considered too radical,unthinkable,beyond mention.