Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Endgame For Paleswinians?

As they are busily killing each other off Israel can stand back and watch the Palest conflagration. Or it may be asked to intervene and wipe out Hamas?! The suicide bombing in Elat yesterday has demonstrated that they have to go a long way from Gaza to carry out their death missions and that the much despised Wall was a correct, justified and invaluable addition to Israel's defence.

That the families (who knew well in advance of the proposed attack of the 'suicide bomber') gloated and praised his actions suggests that Israel has a little targeted bombing mission of its own to be getting on with.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Labour Gives Sodomites Access To Children

And forces the Catholic Church to Procure them! The Church is refusing to play Groom and Pimp for the sodomistas. They want to march down the aisle Sodom and Gomorrah style,(taking it up the aisle) sodomise the church and in an act of perverted sacrilige to defile the sanctity of the august and historical Church.

God has already wiped out thousands with the scourge of Aids but they come back, kept alive by perverted science to continue their homoerotic mission to debauch the youth and initiate them into their foul evil cult of death worship homosexuality.

Having stormed the bastions of the schools with the repeal of clause 28 and with the assistance of the Conservatives lowered the age of consent to buggery to 16, and obtained the right to 'marry' they now want access to children on a 24 hour basis.

The homosezual gene-e has been let out of the closet and death is on the march.

Let Us Prey......

The Church is more powerful than anytime in history: the Church of Political Correctness. It’s dogmas and mantras are far more rigid and hidebound than any traditional church. Woe betide anyone who dares to question the Holy PC creed and shibboleths. They are practically excommunicated, ostracised, sent to Coventry, villified, drummed off campuses, arrested, locked up, interrogated, treated as heretics, sent to correction-re-education camps .

This dangerous PC cult has rotted the brain of the nation and the universities seem to be the prime source of the rot. Independence of thought RIP - and with it freedom and liberty.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

CBB Update (More Intellectual Slumming 'Fraid..)

Dirk made an interesting observation. All the strife in the BB house has been caused by the women. They edited him out sharp after that. No doubt he would have ellaborated. But it sufficed. That man is so smart. He is a typical American who in a few words can sum up the whole situation with wit and panache. A Brit would take half an hour to do so and not be half as trenchant.

He took exception to the vile and creepy Clio hitting on him in an acutely unfunny embarrassing fashion which had it been the other way round would have been rightly described as harrassment or stalking. The mad Clio could see nothing wrong in what she had done and was trying to draw a parallel between her behaviour and Dirk's flirting with Shilpa. Not even in the same ballpark. I'm not into that banter but if it has to be done Dirk has provided a classic textbook illustration in the art therof. Style, humour,charm, and Clio: knowing boundaries. Americans respect people's space and expect the same. They are not space invaders (ok except Iraq -but they asked for it). This sad woman has blown it, and her cover. The nice UN peaceworker's mask has slipped and something very nasty and evil has been exposed.

The misandrist will say women may cause emotional spats but men cause wars! We would say women drive men mad and then they start the killing wars! Whatever the case it cannot be gainsaid, hell hath no fury like a woman Satan spawned.

I would like to continue but I have to go watch BB's Little Brother. (No, I don't watch the streamlining live. One has to draw the line somewhere.) Lastly, how Does Russel Brand get away with it? (He of BB's Big Mouth E4 10pm) His sole repertoire seems to consist of feeble jokes with illustrations of his self abuse. Perhaps the real question is ,why do I watch it? I suppose because his anarchic avante garde performance is spelbinding and without the scatology he can be genuinely and creatively funny, is my getout.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

George Galloway

What a hateful man George Galloway is. Snarling bitterness and contempt for the human race drips from his tongue like molten sulphurous lava, a cancerous pestilential ball of hate spewing out his choler across the airwaves via Talksport. Someone should put him out of our misery. He belongs in the stocks amidst rotten flying fruit. His British citizenship should be revoked his passport torn up. Deported to some Middle East hell hole.A curse be on his liver.

This vile specimen of human waste reads out endless sycophantic fawning texts praising him to the sky, nauseating crawling accolades of creeping cringe making obsequiousness that would make the gorge rise in the stongest of stomachs. This conveyor of bile and obloquoy with his tub thumping rhetoric and schoolboy oratory is a hypocritical lying jackanappes of the first order, a dissembler, equivocating mountebank charlatan, a fork-tongued malefactor, a Janus faced miscreant, a preening prattling popinjay, a malevolent fabricating word twister, a logic chopping sophist, a purveyor of spurious context dropping half truths, floating abstractions, and non-sequitors, a confectioner of verbal conceits and prestidigitation, a tergiversating pompous ass, a fulminating impostor, a servile mouthpeice and apologist for every stinking tin pot socialist dictator he can grovel to and crawl up the fundament of...

This personification of evil this spoor of Satan this Anti Christ is so contemptible that even God would forgive you for hating him.

I just don't like him!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Virgin On Greatness

Just had a guided tour of Richard Branson's Desert Island (on TV! - Cribs). He pointed out that as he had a successful hit from Janet? Jackson or the Rolling Stones he would add new buildings to his retreat. He built his citadel on Rockn' Roll... But it got me thinking about the money- making personality and what it requires. Obviously drive and ambition. But what ingredient is so present in Branson and his ilk but is so absent in all others? Don't pretend to have any answers but spirit of adventure would come into it. Upbringing. He got lots of encouragement from his family who were all somewhat eccentric individuals. Single mindedness, tick.

Personality also. I think he is a people-person. Someone sent me a business flyer and on it is a quote from Jim Rohn. " You cannot succeed by yourself. It's hard to find a rich hermit." Howard Hughes? But he became a hermit After.

Thinking 'outside the box'. Tick. Restlessness. What is that man running from?! I don't think he sits still for that long.. A sort of nervous energy. An antipathy to formal education. Was regarded as a bit of a dunce academically and 'dyslexic'. Imagine if he had gone to university! It trains out all the entrepreneurial spirit.

Informality He is not a suit. Unconventional. Contemptuous of sclerotic business institutions who seek via legislation and big government to elbow out competition. Delegation. He knows how to find the best people for his purposes and doesn't think like a one man band. (Is this all banal and too obvious? Probably.) Focused and not easily distracted by extraneous diversions. He would work at his empire building whilst contemporaries were into tuning in and dropping out in the late 60's.

Faith Healing?

Another blogger has cheekily suggested that aetheist get preferential treatment on the NHS becuase not believing or anticipating a afterlife this present life is all they will be getting and so they deserve the best here and now. Their religious counterparts will get their reward in paradise.

I responded by pointing out that the aetheists probably get the lion 's share of NHS treatment already as being Godless, faithless and wordly they will be more subject to worldy diseases. Just consider. The believer is far less likely to need NHS services for alcohol, nicotine or drug related ailments.

If he truly understands his religion he will be less prone to anger and violence thus avoiding its attendant injuries. He will not have high blood pressure, suffer diabetes, strokes, heart attacks. Opportunistic stress related disease like cancer will be far less likely. Being more conscious the believer is less likely to have accidents car related or otherwise. Being of sunnier hoepful disposition depression will not be so probable, or mental illness. Not being pervert sodomites believers will not require expensive drugs to keep their well earned HIV Aids at bay. Nor will they have abortions .

In short the NHS is for the walking wounded, the aetheists sick in mind and spirit. Let them pay for it.

Note\Disclaimer.I wrote the above 5 years ago and frankly don't believe a word of it now!

Is Alcohol The Elephant In The Big Brother Room?

Liquored up the BB contestant's Hyde character emerges. No alcohol and most of the ructions would never have occurred. It is a big problem in the UK. 24 hour drinking facilitates it further. Drinking releases the inhibitions and the dark side emerges or is formed and finds expression.. It is significant that all the aggressors were drinking and the equable characters were drink-free.

Of course humans are the agents of their own destruction but the alcohol is the vehicle that drives them towards it.

A Moral Fable

Think of Iran as a naughty child throwing its toys out of the playpen. America is the stern father administering rebuke. The liberal Democrats in Congress are the interfering wife saying 'there there' to Iran 'have some sweeties' ie Aid, appeasement and criticising Father America.

The Iranians are watching all this very closley. They see a disunited front and proceed to thow out yet more toys ie they continue building their nuclear installations and even start mocking the father, sensing America is a house divided against itself.

For this very good reason the Democrats are the enemy within professing love and compassion but sublty undermining and enabling the hooligan delinquency of the Irania rogue State. These indeed are perilous times....

BB Final Nail In The Multiculturalism Coffin

Even in the small space that is the Big Brother House groups have formed along racial ethnic lines. We see a defacto self imposed apartheid situation: a microcosm of the split schizoid communal divide within the UK itself.

The giant social ethnic engineering of the last 50 years has been nothing short of disastrous. Staggeringly without any mandate from the British electorate milllions of aliens were allowed into the country on spurious economic grounds and the societal fracture and meltdown of the UK was assured.

If it has done nothing else BB has illustrated starkly and graphically that the UK cannot do meltingpots.

The perplexing problem I have is that the Shipla factor has all but convinced me that the indigenous British population has been down bred to the point of no return and the only hope for the candle of civilisation to continue burning now lies beyond these shores in America and, as reluctant as I am to admit it, India. Whodafunk I'd ever say that?

Iran Soon To Be Nuked

It's getting closer. Bush has the veto. Lets hope he ignores Congress and lets Iran have it . Quickly now George. You window is fast closing. If you falter I am sure Israel will not. It has past form re Iraq.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

BB Jade Is Brown Bread

Another side of Jade and it is not pretty. I never saw her original BB appearance and have only had the subsequent progs of her on Sky to go on where she has shown a presentable reasonable face. Now its the ugly side and I am relishing her eviction when she comes blinking into the spotlight and is confronted by the smoking rubble that was her career. Sponsors are pulling out. Who cares if Muslim terrorists are preaching in Birmingham mosques as revealed in a ch 4 programme the other night? We've got Shipla's spat with Jade to discuss!

Shipla.Now that is a class act. A clash of cultures? No. More like civilisation versus barbarism. A chav culling seems like the only sollution. If Goody and co are a microcosm of 21st century UK we have a problem Houston. And it is terminal.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brown's John BULL

Wrapping himself in the Union Jack. Ass. Who's he fooling? Who let the Scottish Nationalist genie out the bottle in the first place with devilution and regional parliaments? He's running scared. An independent Scotland means bye bye to Labour in England. He must think we are that dumb.

Spare us your Act of Union Gordo. Why not go back to your Scottish thiefdom and admit the game is up. The British people don't want you as PM. You have no mandate. Had you resolved the West Loathian question the polls would not be showing an English majority in favour of their own parliament.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Prison Reform

1. Don't call 10 years 'Life'. The word must be banished. At sentencing transparency must be paramount. Call it 10 years or whatever. Not 'Life'. This Alice in Wonderland approach to language in the criminal justice (ahem) system is part of the cancer that corrodes public trust.

2. NO OXYMORONS! ie, 'Open Prisons'. (This is really connected to 1. It that pesky language thing again). Murderers are placed in these 'open prisons' - and guess what? THEY ESCAPE! They rape, murder and they have offences of telephone number proportions. They haven't even served half their 'life' sentence!

3. Don't talk about 'returning criminals to civilian life'. THEY HAVE NEVER LEFT IT! They have more home comforts that your average tax paying Brit. (Ian Huntley has a DVD player. I don't!)

4. Don't talk about taking into consideration 'good behaviour'. Hello? Lets see if we can 'unpick' this. If Mr Criminal doesn't smash up his cell and attack other prisoners or wardens he wil be let out early? Where I come from we call this blackmail.

5. Get the psychobabblers and social worker wet nurses/enablers out of the judicial system. Their job appears to be to rationalise and excuse criminal behaviour with social worker mumbo jumbo. They are parasites on the system. What used to be called evil behaviour is now excused away as an illness.

6. No conjugal visits. (I don't get them!)

7. No drugs. We can send men to the moon but we can't stop criminals taking drugs?

8. No studying for sociology degrees. Let them sew mail bags.

9. No vists from imams for muslim criminals. (It reinforces their criminal mindset.)

10 Purge the judiciary of liberal judges.

11. NEVER allow criminals to vote!

12 Build more prisons! Use the money that is at present squandered on 'the Arts'. Or lottery money. Or sack some government bureaucrats.

Why We Don't Need Coolie Immigration

We have, by this government's own admission one million people sitting idle on 'disability' benefits. What a disgrace. Same thing happened with immigration in the 50's which opened the floodgates. We 'needed' bus drivers the politicians said. Why? Because we had welfare so indigenous people didn't have to take those jobs.

All our problems stem from 1945 when the Socialists were voted in. It's the reason we got a bad deal over the US loan. They were damned if they were going to finance the Welfare State after the man who had saved Europe, Churchill, was rejected by the British people. Who could blame the Americans? Their misgivings were correct. We went from a first world nation to a third world one saved only at the eleventh hour by Blessed Margaret.

And irony of ironies: the blackguards we defeated got a bail-out and built up their industry (the 'German miracle') whilst we squandered it on socialist schemes; they turned away from National Socialism and we embraced it!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Can't put it off any longer. I have got to do my tax return. (On Monday!) Or rather get an accountant to do it for me because I cannot understand the forms. That'll cost me £80. Even though I barely worked that period I've still got to have the thing filled in. (That's if I am not too late for the deadline when there will be a fine of £100 I think.)

Although I worked for a company they made me self employed. So they don't have to fill in the forms. Why don't all companies do that? It would save them a lot of bureaucracy. Perhaps it was because mine was commission only. Whatever. I don't blame the company for doing that. I do of course blame the government for making me do their work for them. I am not a bureaucrat. Perhaps they would like to come and dig my garden? Oh I forgot. They don't work. They prey on those who do...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Socialism Cannot Be Reformed

The great Doctor Crippen thinks it can on his NHS blog. He might just as well try to put a plaster on a tumor. The Thatcherite atempts at reform were a mistake precisely for this reason. All it did was give capitalism a bad name. As that other great lady (Rand) once said: "The only compromise between food and poison is death".

But it is even more insidious because socialism gets a bail out. Had those reforms not been attempted NHS State Socialism would have been given its last rites long ago.

I am sure the busy man would never find his tortuous way to my lowly obscure blog, but if he did I would offer this advice: Take three Ayn Rands and see me in the morning.

Kelly Majors In Hypocrisy

You can have your egalitarian cake and eat it too. Or humble pie. When is she going to resign? When is that whino you pass in the street going to stop drinking? Drunk on power they will never let go. Come hell and high water these NULabdroids will never do the decent thing and resign.

Education (repeat three times).We now know what that means. Nothing. One more soundbite. Surely now people will rumble this bunch of chancers ( chancres), two faced liars and cynical opportunists.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Leo Won't Let The Show Go On

Isn't Big Brother getting hotted up? Leo is roaring now. It is fascinating seeing the other face of fame. The face that is usually so assiduously hidden. The white mask has come off and Leo is not a happy bunny. Perhaps he should just bear in mind there is only 25 days standing between him and the biggest comeback since Lazarus.

Jade is as ever, just wonderful. No guile, no side, just well, almost innocent. Her mother is a helot with a warmer side she manages to conceal. Shepla is princessly. Who cares if she is a tad manipulative. Her future husband might... The yank A team chap is almost a typical American: charming, polite. Jermaine Jackson keeps his counsel and has that gentle manner and nature we see in his genius brother.

The whole thing of course is a complete waste of time and energy but lacking sleep as I am it is as much as I am capable of reviewing at present. Blog for blog's sake....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Ass Called Ed

It takes a rare talent for an interveiwer to make John Prescot look Statesmanlike but Edward Stourton pulled off this amazing feat yesterday on the Today programme. He insisted on pumping poor Prezza for a good five minutes on Saddam and his er, undignified end, and JP had a right ding dong with him. The chap had come on to talk about something completley different and Stourton made a complete ass of himself.

The BBC's obsession with Iraq has become pathological.They just can't help themselves. All roads lead to Iraq and theirs is a collective OCD. They need their licence gently but firmly removed from them....

Hoist By His Own Peturd

Maybe Saddam was so calm at the gallows because he has spent his life around death: other people's. The Mail said he was 'submissive'. The Guardianistas said he was 'dignified' . ( Did they say Cauceausceau was ' dignified ' ? ) Others ask "was it a conspiracy? " ( Of course. It was a look-alike. He was whisked away to Conspiracy Land there to be met by Marilyn, Jimi, JFK and Diana....)

I didn't watch the unedited version because snuff movies are not my thing. Of course I was glad it was done. Who in their right mind wouldn't wish it had never been abandoned over here and the likes of Ian Bradey, Myra Hindley and Ian Huntley could have faced the same justice?

Meanwhile Human Rights groups are lamenting the lack of due process and no doubt wish he had been served with an asbo.

And the BBC is in its third day of mourning for Saddam. (I don't remember them lamenting the death of Ceauceausceau either.) Who needs Al Jazeerah?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Beyond Anyone's Ken

Is Livingstone Really staging a celebration in Trafalgar Square of Castro's seizure of power in Cuba 50 years ago, costing London taxpayers £2 million?

Better rename it RED SQUARE.