Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Weird Mr Milliband

Isn't he? Only weird people go into politics lets face it.Those in absence of a life.Those who wish to run other people's lives in lieu of having a life of their own.Parasites,social and metaphysical,inferior beings from the dark side.Just look at Mr Milliband,the weirdness of the man.His father taught Marxism in a State university for goodness sake.No bar to holding office apparently.Only teaching and preaching Fascism is a bar.BNP members are not even allowed in the police force and other public offices let us not forget.But if your father taught Marxism which has killed millions in the past century you get a free pass.Still,isn't he weird Mr Milliband?No one is paying attention because no one cares about politics like I said a few posts back.And they are not wrong.But while we ignore them they take our freedom away.They must be stopped!

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron?

The dust has settled.Cameron's cynical ploy to neuter UKIP lies exposed.No one is buying it.No one believes in Mr Cameron's jam tomorrow hollow promises.UKIP will go from strength to strength.It is entirely likely that the Conservatives will never see power again with an outright electoral victory.The smell of death hangs around them like a malodorous stench that cannot be expunged,certainly not with vain promises delivered by a popinjay with insincerity and equivocation seemingly running through his dna.

Way To Go Israel!

Now you have hit Syria,go for the Big One.Nuke Iran.Now!The world is waiting for you to save it from tyranny and a descent into barabarous dark ages pt 2.End the mullah madness and de nuke the rabid muslim peril that is Iran.

The Way Forward

Freedom or slavery?We are at a crossroads.We have a marvellous opportunity thanks to the internet to wake people from their collective hypnosis and alert them to the danger they are in.Get the word out folks.A global insurrection against democracy is feasible and possible.A global tax revolt is practicable.The risk and threat of one world government via the EU and UN must be met head on,exposed,challenged and defeated!The totaltarian threat has never been greater but the means to defeat it has never been more to hand.Only the will and organization is lacking.Citizens of the world unite,you have nothing to lose but your communist change agents.

Democracy and its Malcontents

Poor little Ian Dale was crying girly tears for the death of politics on his weeny LBC radio programme the other night.I sent him a text but he didn't read out any texts so he owes me 50p and half an hour of my life wasted waiting for him to read out people's texts and hopefuly,mine.What I was trying to tell him in said text was that people have seen through the lie of poltics and want none of it.The 21st century will be the age of the individual.The internet amd mass communication means that people will simply not tolerate the lumbering sclerotic old crone called Democracy with its 'you can have any colour you like as long as it is black' arrogance,pettifofgging totalitarian over reach and its dead hand moribund pretetensions of omnipotence and competence.Why should we have to put our individual choices re health,education,transport etc to some collective vote as if we were children and cannot arrange our own affairs in those matters and all the others that the creeping ever meddling mendacious State has encroached upon over the decades?Screw you Dale and the political classes with your delusions of proprietorship over our lives,we have seen through your corruption and criminality and will opt for freedom and liberty instead thank you very much.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Algeria: Lessons For The World

If there were no Arabs on planet earth there would be world peace.They are the cause of all the problems and instability in the world.They are so evil and stupid and sub human that finding and extracting oil was way beyond their primitive tribalist sub human minds.The West came along and did the whole job.Then like the savages they are the Arabs plundered,stole,appropriated and run amok across the whole of the Middle East.The only solution is to nuke the whole of the Middle East leaving aside Israel and thus rid the planet of their cancerous pestilential presence.They have p[roven themselves to be uncivilised and beyond the pale.Enough already.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Religion,The Cross and Employee Rights

No,the woman who was told she could not wear a cross whilst working on an aeroplane should not have been vindicated by the EU court. Employers alone should set the terms of employment and if they chose not to allow employees to wear religious ornaments that is their right and it should not be over ridden by the courts especially illegitimate ones in Srassbourg applying Napoleonic non objective laws.People can wear what they want but outside the workplace.When they hire themselves out they should abide the dress code of their employers or become self employed.This law should be consistently applied but of course Christians have a point when they say that they are being singled out whilst other religions notably Izlam and Hinduism get special dispensation and preference as illustrated in the recent case of the Seikh at Buckingham Palace who was allowed to wear his turban rather than the traditional Bearskin hat .Likewise in the police where the police helmet is substituted for the turban.This inconsistency is wrong but the conclusionshould not be that all religions should be allowed to set their own dress code in the workplace but that none of them should and that the principle be evenly and consistenly applied.

EU - Through The Looking Glass

In true Carollian fashion the chattering classes descant on the virtues of UK EU membership and warn of the terrible consequences of an exit from said institution totally ignoring the fact that the main driver for this imminent catastrophe is of course the EU itself - with ample assistance from the respective welfare systems of each component part of the EU.Fiddling while Europe burns indeed.

Entrepreneurs.Two Types

There are second generation entrepreneurs like Murdoch and Trump who build on pre existent structures inherited geneologically ie in Murdoch's case his father was in the print business owning magazines and periodicals which he then expanded into his vast empire we know today.Likewise Trump took over his father's real estate holdings as far as I know and from there expanded into his building empire as well.Then we have first generation entrepreneurs like Branson who build from the ground up,starting with nothing other than a good environment of parental encouragement,one example of which being when the young Branson was coming home from a family trip in the car and his parents dropped him off miles from home and told him to find his own way back.He recounts the story in his autobiography of wading through streams and climbing over mountains and eventually reaching home,muddied but triumphant.His parents obviously viewed this as character building although in today's climate it would probably be counted as child abuse.Obviously the ground up entrepreneurs are to be most admired rather than the second handers to give another example of which would be Deborah Meadon of Dragon's Den provenance who took over her parent's holiday resort business and then went places with it.Speaking of the TV series a firsthander from the same series would be the woman with the name that escapes me! who built her haulage empire from scratch and whose name I will retrieve in due course.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Why the Left Fetishises the EU

Because it is protectionist,bureaucratic,centralist,top down,Socialist,regulatory and edict driven,undemocratic,tyranical,arbitrary, petifogging,despotic,interfering,tax mad,mendacious,redistributive,egalitarianist,communist,lying,criminal,totalitarian.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Essay.Why Welfare Is Designed To Kill

First enslave the masses with welfare.Make them dependent on agents of the State who administer the welfare dependency poison.Junkies of the state care for only one thing: their next fix.The politicians who promise more ill gotten welfare take the electoral prize.This we call Democracy.People vote for their own enslavement like Jews paying for the privilege of travelling on the trains to Auschwitz.We finance our own destruction.How we crave more of the same poison and demand yet more government succor as our sense of freedom and liberty is eroded by our dependency.We call this civilized caring society.It is a parasite's paradise where everyone preys on everyone else.This is now a global Ponzi scheme as countries around the world have adopted it and enslaved themselves to State created dependency.None dare call this conspiracy and madness.Only a minority see the insanity because they are the ones paying for it.The small productive independent business people,entrepreneurs the so called 1% who are forced to finance their own servility and captivity via the tax grab of the fruits of their labour.They are a helpless minority served up as a tasty milch cow for the idle and parasitic non working welfare classes.


Yes the Loyalists have been provoked unconscionably by the unholy cabal of rabid, corrupt,criminal,gangsteresque Republican/IRA/ Liberal- cohabiting sympathisers and they are disenfranchised working class disaffecteds but what are they effectively disenfranchised from? They are merely the neglected rump who cannot get their snouts in the government trough which is now fully occupied by former terrorists and their followers in the Republican ranks.Ireland is Socialist and the warring factions are fighting over government spoils and handouts.The flag issue is merely the trigger,post hypnotic signifier that sparks and ignites the flame of discontent.The sectional strife has no more profundity than the same of any rival football gang out for a riot.The boot is on the other foot now,that is all.The reublicans are now the pigs who are more equal than the loyalist pigs.Religion is merely the figleaf.The only solution is Capitalism and freedom of the markets with a small delimited State.But now under Republican control that is the only solution the devolved government of ireland will never contenance.

UKIP Mission: Destroy Conservative Party

There is nothing for it: UKIP must destroy the Conservatives.Farage said he would require any Tory pledge re EU to be written in blood.Not enough.Tories can never ever be trusted on Europe.They are like paedophiles -beyond reform hope or redemption.They must be anhilliated.The only reason they are making anti EU statements now is because they have been driven to the precipice by UKIP.It is now time to push them over it.Tories are only interested in power and if that power is threatened they would sell their granny, or even their soul (if they had one) to cling on to that power.They have past form.They got us into this godawful mess with their Heathite machinations.The frog trusted the scorpion in the old fable and of course it stung poor froggy to death.Farage may look frog like but I trust he is savvy enough not to befriend the Tory scorpion on the EU.As if to confirm this fact the Mail on Sunday screaming headlines today: Cameron: UK would be mad to leave the EU.From the whores mouth.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

UK 51st State?

Why not? If the US is so concerned with the UK being sidelined by the EU if it goes it alone we could join the Union as we have far more in common with they across the Atlantic than we do our strange alien neighbours of Europe who seem intent on socializing themselves to death and taking us with them in their death spiral. As the great liberal European death wish plays itself out we should be looking towards the US despite the Obama blip aberration.Suddenly at such a prospect the Left would start intoning about the need for independence and not being shackled to a super power.Never underestimate Left hypocrisy and illogic.But yes, I think it would be a very good idea.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Iliberalism Is The Spirit Of The Age

Or is it? Perhaps people have been denied an alternative viewpoint.They the illiberals dictate the agenda but this not need always be so.The emperor's new clothes syndrome could be broken when the first person stands up and points out the attire-challenged emperor.A vain dream? Perchance to dream on.

Political Flat Earthers

The political Statist quo has the public in a mind grip and the mainstream media outlets reinforce the condition on a daily basis.The blogosphere is too disparate,siloed and fragmented to offer any coherent alternative.Libertarians are confused and contradictory and totally incoherent and the objectivists are as far as I can see talking amongst themselves.If the latter group were to exit their ivory towers and form a political party -but they appear not to be so minded.It is left to a few individuals to plough the lonely field of pro freedom,small State, liberty defence but the small quiet voice of reason is drowned out by the raucous illiberal spirit of the age.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The End Of Politics

Not in our lifetime of course.The delusions of crowds is potent and has some way to run before it reaches the end of the road.People love the irrational and they embrace it in politics,conspiracy theories and religion.It is lonely in logic and reason and the comfort of delusions albeit a false comfort is strong.We few are doomed to live out our lives in an artificially created irrational universe called civilization.Fast forward a few centuries and if mankind has not imploded it may well have dispensed with the doomed experiment with politics ie Democracy and shed its Socialist Welfare delusions.It will take future generations to see clearly the folly of Statism and look back on our collective insanity in believing that it was a fair or just system.Small comfort for those of us who clearly see it now! Should we then give up and submit to the irrational?No but we do have to be realistic about what can be achieved.Just as you cannot debate with the religious you cannot really debate with liberals either as they have as scant regard for logic and reason as the faith driven.They unfortunately seem to outnumber the logic driven folk.Conservatism with its militant anti philosophy and ideology never was a match for Leftism which is why the latter has so comprehensively triumphed.Just look across the Atlantic for further proof of that.

Amerika Lurches Greekwards

So much for the Tea Party effect.Republicans are betrayers ,just like our Con.servatives.They talk the talk but when it comes down to the wire they cave.Big government Democrats or slightly less big government Republicans.You can have any colour you want as long as its grey.The con of democracy laid bare.Will Americans take this lying down? Probably,they usually do.It is futile to look to American any more as an example of the way to go.They have become Europeans in all but name.Short of a monumental collective change of heart(or Lee Harvey Oswald's great grandson putting in an appearance) America is headed for a great big Socailizt/Communist black hole from which it will probably never emerge.

Why Democracy Sucks(.com)

Democracy sucks because: I don't want my next door neighbour or anyone else determining what sort of education and school I send my children to (if I had any) or what sort of health care I choose to have.Simples.Any more than I would want my neighbours determining what shopping I purchase or house I buy -I don't want those things put to a collective vote thank you very much.To my neighbours I would simply say if you think you are too cretinous or infantile to make such choices on your own using your hopwfully informed independent judgement go hand your life over to a committee or bunch of failure loser bureaucrats and let them run it for you.Good luck with that one but don't ask me to do the same because unlike you I am quite happy and competent enough to make such decisions myself.That's why democracy sucks.It is enforced infantilsm of the poopulace by a parasitic self selecting liberal elite whose only sense of life is the life it can extract from the masses by enslaving them through dependency and learned helplessness.Welfare is the ultimate tyranny.Hereth endeth lesson for the day.