Friday, January 20, 2017

The Very Worst Speech of all Time?

It rained on cue when the chimpanzee of a President started to speak and it was all downhill from there.No cliche was left unuttered,no plattitude unspoken,no fatuous statement unstated in a speech as leaden as it was pedestrian as it clunked on and on and on remorselessly and inexorably to its dire conclusion sprinkled with dollops of bromides and  religious vacuities along the way,surely the most embarrassing and intellectually impoverished speech in the history of presidential innaugurations.. Parochialism,provincialism,protectionism,nativism,demagoguery it was all on display, a witless humourless performance of abject cretinism and assinine nullity,the inarticulate gibberings of one barely human at all proving that America needs no external enemies, as, in plain sight the enemy is within.

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