Friday, January 06, 2017

You say you want a revolution?

One of the characteristics of all revolutions is how quickly they are co opted by the status quo and diverted from their original intention and course -the revolution devours its children,meet the new boss,same as the old boss etc.Sometimes this is a slow serpentine process and sometimes it happens very quickly. The latter example could be Egypt that went through an Arab Spring and jumped a few seasons almost instantly and became an Islamist winter with the Muslim Brotherhood which was mercifully neutralized by the militia and stability restored albeit unfortunate that the military were forced into such a position. Sometimes this process can take centuries such as the case of the United States which began as a unique experiment in the whole history of the human race -a nation predicated on a revolutionary new concept of man as a soverein being with inalienable individual rights not be regarded as a number, a cipher and pawn in the hands of a mighty arbitrary State,a mere means to the ends of others rather than an end in himself.

It is difficult to overstate what a truly radical revolutionary departure in thinking this represented -a nation built on an idea. Up till this point the European model had been the only one to follow,namely a quasi autocratic,semi totalitarian authoritarian deep state with wide sweeping powers to curtail individual rights and liberties, one with a purely statist relationship with its subjects,the idea of citizenship totally alien to it,posing a threat to its autocratic rule based on semi feudalism,kingship and the mysticism of brute force from on high.All of this was smashed and overturned by the formation of the United States and the Constitution.

Roll forward 150 years and the US turns its back on its unique experiment and adopts the socialism of its former colonial masters and Woodrow Wilson and Roosvelt and then Johnson usher in a defacto quasi socialist state and it has been pretty much mission accomplished since then with Obama being the grandson of socialism merely engaged in dotting the i s and crossing the t's but still presiding in massive state over reach in all areas not least with Obamacare. Americans themselves speak and act like socialists now demanding ever more state control of their lives,whining that life is not fair and the governement should give them more stuff,masochistically demanding more chains and manacles to forge their spiritual captivity, seeking and demanding dole, manna and succor from the super state to fill the void where their self made souls used to be. From frontiersmen, forgers of their own destiny and spiritual redemption  to grovelling cowering whining timorous supplicants in just a few generations.How the might have fallen! An American tragedy indeed.

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