Sunday, November 17, 2013

Clown Prince (Show Some Disrespect)

The prospect on nutty Charles assuming the throne keeps even rabid monarchists awake at night.This preposterous figure has disfigured the polity for 30 years with his ridiculous ongoing and meddling commentaries on cultural matters and he is clearly an unstable character with issues.He is also of course republican's not so secret weapon.Keep on scribbling your inane missives to politicians Charles and the tottering corrupt empire that you are the prospective head of will crumble like all kleptocratic tyrannies down the ages.

Phillipine's Idiot Wind

Everyone with sense knows the typhoon was media er,overblown but why?Seems obvious - because it allows the liberal main stream(sewer?) media to ride its two ide fixees namely putative man made climate change and poverty.The ghastly tragedy in Phillioines allow the MSM to go into liberal overdrive in a ghoulish display of shroud waving and hand wringing.The victims are mere walk on parts to this tired liberal pantomime.Nothing can possibly trump liberal cynicism in full flow and it has been on sickening display this last week.

Kennedy's Deadly Legacy

I'm not usually in favour of presidential assasinations and prefer to rely on native American intelligence but sometimes it can be seen as an acceptable alternative.Such was the case with Kenndey,a charlatan from a mafia background whose very election was bought by the mob which in fact Nixon won as records show.It is testimony to his statesmanship that the latter let the verdict stand for fear of widespread unrest if it were contested.No such scruples were shown by the arch mountebank Al Gore of the putative hanging chads.)Kennedy as Rand pointed out at the time was a Fascist who created a superstate on nothing more than ersatz charisma which turned out to be tostestrone driven(he once confessed to Macmillan that he could not go more than a few days without sex without exploding.A Dallas bullet performed that eventuality.)But the poisonous legacy of Kennedy is the cult of personality,the whole Camelot meme (he like humping) and the misbegotten spawn of Obama.Appearance over reality,slick presentation hiding a void beneath.The American people were well shot of Kennedy but his toxic memory casts a shadow on American politics to this day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Princess Horse Face Ann Says Let Them Eat Horse

Well,tis meat.Ann thinks horse consumption may be the way to go.Horses for first courses,but the real lesson from the Animal Pharma horsemeat scandal is this: All animals are equal,but some animals are more equine than others.

Oprah Talks Crap(Again)

Silly Oprah Winfrey says people disrespect the presidency when they critique Obama and it is racism.No,its called free speech and if you are going to play the race card at every turn you are a despicable race hustler and perhaps you should shut up.Obama's colour is not a free pass,he has destroyed America with socialized healthcare and Americans are justified in railing against him.He is anti American,not his critics.Shame on you silly woman.

Let It Be (Please)

Silly Macca appealing to RusPutin to free eco terrorists.Lock em up and throw away the key Put,and wish we would treat our enviro-mentalists with as much rigour.Greenist nutters are a scourge and lets keep them back in the USSR please.