Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A Profile of those drawn to Conspiracy Theories

They are a certain breed conspiracy theorists and they have characteristics that are pretty uniform and universal. They are overwhelmingy male,single usually aligned with fundamentalist religious organisations, invariably inpecunious, unemployed or working in a low skilled job and exhibit emotional instability and high levels of anger.

And they are looking for reasons as to why they are such failures and the imperative need they have to find such reasons bogus or otherwise is what draws them to conspiracy theories which explain their failure and allows them to attain some faux self esteem by finding a focus for their rage,a scapegoat to explain away their lifetime of failure and conspiracy theories fit the bill in every way shape or form.

It's the jews! The zionists! The bielderbergers! The multinationals. The globalists. The One World governments. Soros. These are the source of their problems, the foes to be slain and only when that is done will they get a chance in life, only when those obstacles are eliminated will they have a hope of getting what's theirs.

The Alt right brigade fit this profile to a t. They are losers. This is what attracts them to Trump because he tells them the fault is not in themselves but in their stars,or the Chinese eating their lunch, or the fake news ad nauseam.

They love Alex Jones! They were losers before he came on the scen and now they are empowered,their self induced misery is now explained away,externalised,projected onto them, the system,the globalists.

This is pure rampant emotionalism, the substitution of reason with emoting and it is invariably interlarded with religious fundamentalism,mysticism tinged with new age ism -a potent intoxicating brew designed to fuel their narcissistic solipsistic rage and prevent them from ever discovering that they are losers because of their own failure to act with reason and pursue a self interested course of action based on reason and logic rather than blind emotionalism.

This is their tragedy and the likes of Icke and Jones et all are feeding on their credulity and garnishing a career and notorieity on the thousands of suckers who are drawn into their arrant knavish ratiocinations leading them away from self awareness and any possibility whatsoever of making something of their self broken lives.

Corbin's Real Crime

As bad as his affiliations with Paleswinian terrorists going back decades undoubtedly is - which is hardly news anyway as most know his past form in this dept - this is actually the least horrific thing about this worm - which is his homicidal plans for the British people if /when he gets his hands on the levers of power which he could well do as the country sleepwalks into tyranny as it shows all the signs of doing.

It is his Venezuelan socialist policies which should be highlighted on a daily basis by the media and shouted from the rooftops or red tops but its total silence on this matter is looking like complicity to me or at the very least a woeful abdication of journalistic responsibility -moral if not legal as we support a totally free press -but really if they have a role is it not to warn of the dangers of such a would be totalitarian with socialist tyranny on his mind?

If not the press who? What else could be more important? I cannot over emphasise enough what a disaster is about to befall this country and the flabbergasting fact that the British press has done next to nothing to avert it.

The Way with terrorists

The Westminster terrorist is in custody but in the words of the police 'not cooperating'. WATERBOARD him. That is official Capitalist Party policy towards his ilk. Torture is a legitimate tool of interrogation for terrorist suspects in time of war -and we are at war, we just won't acknowledge it. The Islamists know it, we are in denial hence they have the upper hand.They can carry on acting as enemy combatants in the full knowledge they will be treated as civilians and British citizens with full civil legal rights. Wrong! They lose those things when they cross over to terrorist acts in a time of war. Waterboard him NOW.

The foreign office minister or whoever has said he is a black man who was not on the radar but that has already since been flatly contradicted   by another spokesman  who said he was  known by them so its the usual confusion and obsfuscation by a security service that clearly does not know what it is doing and cannot joins the dots -  and the minister has said he was originally from 'another country'. Why the coyness? This muddled confusion and garbled announcements repeats an all too familiar and monotonous pattern whenever such events transpire and does not inspire confidence whatsoever.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Monsanto v the Mob

The disastrous verdict in the US that will see Monsanto paying damages to a farmer who has cancer and blames it on 'round up' could have fatal consequences for millions of people and set the agrochemical revolution in sharp reverse.

It will be appealed and hopefully overturned but is a graphic illustration of what happens when science is placed in the dock by the ignorance and the stupidity of the mob with the help of immoral lawyers and the anti progress anti capitalist anti growth eco crazed xealots who have hijacked rational debate and put emotion near religious hysteria and atavistic irrationality back on it s throne..

Should the Scrotland office be closed down?

There has always been something bogus about the Scottish Independence movement as Scrotland has been a dependent on English largesse for the longest time and has shown no willingness or desire to stop sucking from the English teat with it's coyly named Barnet Formula disguising its parasitic relationship with English taxpayers.

It is highly significant that its call or whine for independence goes hand in hand with its craven obesiance to Brussels and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that in seeking ever closer union with Brussels it means to merely transfer allegiance from its english sugar daddy to the Brussels one. Independence my assenach.

Of course being scottish dumb it has failed to read the writing on the wall re the EU even though it be writ in neon lights that this particular star it has hitched its wagon to is fallen and about to crash to earth as lurches from one political crisis to the next or perhaps its rabid nationalism will be at home in the EU where that sort of thing is on the rise and the spectre of fascism haunts Europe yet again?

Whatever the case the Capitalist Party would probably advocate closing down the Scottish office,ditching the Barnet Formula and vetoing any attempt at a second referendum. The Scottish people settled that matter a few years ago but just like the Brusselphile she is Sturgid wants another bite of the cherry because the people voted wrongly,they did not know what they were doing -the usual establishment condescension whenever the people dare to return a verdict unpleasing to the establishment elites in other words.

Yes, There is a Minister for Cycling!

I only found out about this yesterday when the gov announced that it was bringing in legislation to enable cyclists who kill pedestrians to face the same charges as car drivers as there is no provision for that at present. So if such a minister exists for cycling how long before there I a minister for Silly Walks? Or was that job taken by Michael Portillo years ago?

As government is like a rash that spreads an antidote is needed, a radical minister cull and a closing down of whole ministries indeed. Under the Capitalist Party it would be quicker to say what ministries would be left standing rather than what would be culled: Foreign office, er what else? The home office I suppose though what does that do anyway. I need to do some homework clearly but as the role of the state is to protect citizen's individual rights and to that end it requires the courts,prisons,police,armed forces only ministries pertaining to those activities would exist the rest would go. So go figure.

The state is a necessary good,there would still be the judiciary,legislature and executive branches but there would be a bonfire of the rest with the cycling minister at the head of the queue yegods.

Every Liddle Counts!

Apparently and I have not read it the Rod in the Spectator has said that far from there being too much Islamaphobia' in the tory party there is not enough! I heartily agree with him. He is in danger of getting his collar felt yet again by the PC brigade ie the police as he was under investigation recently for daring to : make jokes about the Welsh. I kid you not.This is how bad its got in this country now.

Evelyn Waugh would have ended up in jail for doing a similar thing in his Decline and Fall (of the English).

So yes we do need more Islamaphobia as what is a phobia but a fearr and where there is a legitimate cause for fear ie the growth like a cancer of Izlam in the West fear is the order of the day. We are right to shudder as Tony Parsons in the Sun the other day said he does whenever he sees a muslim woman covered from head to foot in a sack.They don't even dress like that in the Middle freakin east for the most part. It is a statement of intent.An intent to manifest a dark nihilism,a sinister signal of malevolence and downright hostility to western liberal values and we should not tolerate it any more than we should tolerate Nazis walking down the street with swastikas and Hitler masques.

As Parsons says it is a rebuke to everything he holds dear,freedom,liberty,women's liberation from misogynist attitudes towards them -all the things that feminists for godsakes are supposed to hold dear but we do not get a peep out of them on this except to come down on the side of the Islamists and defend the right of women to wear the dress of submission to their much uttered word patriachy.

If Izlam were a white evangelical Christian outfit those feminists would be the first in line to condemn the repressive opressive culture that has women dress like that but because it is Izlam they are as silent as the night and by so being  are every bit as complicit in the subjection of women and  every bit as guilty as the tyrannical culture that has created the burkah hijab and other female imprisoning dress in the first place and that is to their eternal shame and ignominy.

BBC for Sale! Interested Rupert,or Koch Bros?

Whilst it is true that the multimedia revolution has made BBC hegemony null and pretty much void it still has a monstrous reach across the ether and like all State behemoths acts and behaves in a despotic manner and pumps out a steady stream of pro statist propaganda and is stuffed to the gunwales with leftists,fellow travelers,neo Marxists,feminists -embittered twisted sexually repressed middle class women with nary a even conservative among its ranks bar Andre Neil the token non leftist.

It's claims of political neutrality are risible and transparently demonstrably false and it gets its recruitment from its defacto house journal in the back pages of the Guardian and it's claims of 'independence' from government are equally absurd, ridiculous and a downright lie on its very face  as the BBC is funded soley by the TV license and a tax by any other name is still a tax. (It's that quasi autonomous Orwellian doublethink at work again. It can be validated only if anyone can find a quasi pregnant woman or a quasi vegetarian. Where's the beef?)

If you are dependent on a government enforced at the point of a gun or imprisonment license for your very existence whatever else you are you are not independent of the government -it is your paymaster and who pays the license calls the tune.

This issue is sometimes confused by the fact that the BBC very often makes a point of criticising the government of the day as if to prove by so doing that it is indeed independent from it but whatever criticism it levels at government it is pretty much always for not being statist enough! For not taxing or regulating enough. It is ergo more royalist than the king but the idea that it is anything other than profoundly viscerally pro statism and big government is frankly delusional.It is there to promote the State per se not necessarily the gov of the day which as I say it likes to chide to create the illusion that it is independent from gov which makes it in my book duplicitous as well as tendentious to the nth degree and of course in so doing in a most brazen and blatant fashion it should be added, it is flagrantly violating it's own charter wherein is contained a commitment to be impartial and ideologically neutral  and has been doing that for 70 years! A State within a State or what?

Of course the Capitalist Party would sell  off the BBC because a state broadcaster cannot be anything other than statist left to its own devices and gov should not be mandating ideological content anyway. Like water finds its own level state broadcasting finds its statists drawn magnetically to it ready and willing to broadcast the message. Only a free market in broadcasting can bring about the plurality of views those at the BBC are forever extolling but are never, by the nature of the beast of state broadcasting  able or willing to deliver, indeed they are in their very bones, fibre of their beings  and dna  comitted to preventing that outcome at all costs.

Britain should share US Aims re Iran

It stands as the biggest threat to civilization since the emergence of the Third Reich and Soviet Union. Iran is public enemy no 1 -Nazis with Nukes who have a national eschatological death wish and want to take the whole world down with them as true Jihadis do.

So why are we playing footsie with them? Why is the UK siding with Russia and Brussels in cosying up to these Islamic Fascists? They should be taken out Now. Trump is right on this matter though it sticks in my throat to say so, but whether it will be anything other than his characteristic hot air remains to be seen. He has already appeased the mass murdering communist swine Kim Il Sick so he has recent past form but at least his sentiments are correct and he is right to urge the UK to come back from the dark side and take a firm stand against this execrably evil regime in Iran.

Or stand back and let Israel do the job but it cannot even deal with Gaza (which I think it should have flattened) so maybe Israel is a paper tiger now.

Once again the Capitalist Party would be for sorting out islamic terrorism once and for all by taking the abovementioned action  against Iran and threatening Saudi Arabia with the same. That would send a clear message to our would be and existing home grown islamafascists that the gig is up.

The HOUSES of Parliament

Once upon a time the government of Great Britan decided it would get involved in the the house building business. It is lost in the mists of time what political party dreamed this up but it was probably the socialist Labour party although Macmillan the Red tory I believe went in for an expansion of house building in a big way and was quite happy to boast about it as a great achievement so once again Labour/Tory/ spot the difference.We are all socialists now kind of thing.

Today the gov announces a Tory gov that is going to abolish homelessness by providing all indigent wastrels with social housing costing hundreds of millions of pounds. Quelle surprise. And that lady and gentleman is why we need a Capitalist Party to say NO NO NO, we are not and never will be a social housing project Party,we totally reject the idea that this is the role of the state. We will NEVER build a single house - and we will sell off All existing council And Housing Association stock. We will further abolish housing benefit and repeal All gov legislation controlling the private rental sector.

If you stand on a street corner giving free stuff away pretty soon a Very long queue will form and soon it will be stretching around the block and the next block and the next. Then gov will say see what a need there is for this free stuff.We must expand gov to meet this need,not to do so would be a national scandal and disgrace.Lets pick the pockets of everybody so we can give away all this free stuff -vote for us Now!

Never underestimate the craven stupidity and gullibility of the public when it comes to this issue. They will fall for it every time. It's why we get the crap govs we do -which the public then complains about! Stop voting for them - Hello!

So why are we the Capitalist Party even getting involved in this madness you might ask. Well,you have to try,appeal to reason.Just get a percentage of people to say o yes, we are being irrational and we are voting in politicians who are playing on our irrationality and feeding parasitically off it to furnish their careers of evil and it's got to stop. We will vote for The Capitalist Party.

I am being naieve? Probably lol ha ha ha

Postcript: True to form the socialist Labour party has announced that the gov' decision to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on eliminating homelessness is 'patheitc' as much more is required so we see how in a textbook illustration everytime the tories enact or propose to enact some socialist legislation Labour pockets the concession and ups the ante. The tories thus serve as the stepping stone for a full blown socialist Labour gov. Very useful idiots indeed.Theyv'e been doing it since the get go.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

One Export we will stop: Foreign Aid

The international welfare prog past govs have set up will of course be ended. Sending billions of taxpayers money abroad is a moral obscenity and those responsible for its administration should be fired  and the departments in question closed down immediately.

Even the idiots who dreamed/ Nitemared up the Welfare State never envisaged it would be extended to the four corners of the earth in Foreign Aid.It isbeyond a national scandal that this has been allowed to happen and the fact that most Conservatives are in favour of it and have done nothing to oppose it tells us all we need to know about them.

Taxation the tool of Tyranny!

Originally taxation -always tyranical was used to fund armies and foreign adventure and keep the peace of the realm. Logical enough albeit as I say a violation of liberty as the only proper arrangement amongst peoples who wish to be truly human and free is a system of non state coercion  and the forcible extraction of monies from the people is always tyrannical regardless for what cause it is extracted noble or ignoble.

However, as I say, at least taxation for the above purpose had some logic to it in its own way and was somewhat understandable but at a certain point in history round about the late1800s starting with BisMarx's first Welfare State and gathering apace in England with theLoyd Gorgion Liberals who at that point transformed themselves from 19th century liberals to what can now be seen in retrospect as prototypical socialists who, with the introduction of a pension scheme, and a socialising of education oversaw the nascent creeping advance of welfarism and with unionisation of the workplace and various surreptitious incremental steps towards a socialist infrastructure we can see a prefiguration of the full blown welfare state finally ushered in by the Leninist looking -and sounding Clement Atlee and his Labour wrought Welfare State, the 'intellectual' product itself of Beveridge a full blown statist ideologue in a hurry.

So we can see how taxation was 'corrupted' so to speak and turned from a means of keeping the country safe from external and internal threats into a tool of Egalitarianism with the implicit and increasingly explicit function of social engineering,'redistributing' wealth to use the coy and sly euphemism for outright theft, from the producers to feed the non productive or semi productive whose need was now a lien on the producers and those who created the capitalist system, by means of 'progressive' (another euphemism) taxation,expressly designed to bring about social engineering and the social control of the wealth producers, reducing them to little more than slaves of the slow unimaginative dullards who had now become the new royalty by dint of their relative uselessness.

And here we are today with a massive expansion of the state into all areas of people's private lives to the stultification of the polity,a sclerosis of economics and productivity and a general malaise of fear and suspicion where none dare speak the truth about practically anyything for fear of what state operatives may do to them. Will they end up in jail for speaking their minds now?

Thus the Churchillian warning, roundly scoffed at and criticised at the time about what the introduction of the Welfare State would inevitably necessitate: a police Gestapo State has come to pass. Welcome to the future.It has now arrived.

Before I interrupted myself  and digressed, the point is the Capitalist Party would phase taxation out over a generation. There would have to be a cut off point where people no longer receive benefits of any kind,say 30 35 and are given due warning to start saving for their retirement. They would of course be reimbursed for any tax they have paid up to that point.The welfare of all the rest above that age would have to be honoured since they paid into that wacky system and are owed what is due to them and not to do so would be arbitrary,dictatorial and immoral.

These are logistical matters that belong to the science and philosophy of government and law of course but are far from insuperable and the general direction of travel is hopefully indicated.

Welfare Farewell!

Private health insurance, private education for all! This could be sold more easily than most people imagine. If you ask people what they think of their car insurance,house insurance,pet insurance the chances are they will be pretty positive and if they are not they know they can get a better deal elswhere anyway at the click of a mouse.

But ask them about their experience with the NHS and their local gp -if they can find one that is or their child's school and the chances are there will be a very different response with widespread fears and criticism expressed albeit guardedly as you are not supposed to openly criticise the Welfare State Cult. It is the unofficial religion after all,the totem we are all obliged to worship or at the very least pay lip service to albeit thru gritted teeth and forced smiles.

The British love their postcode lottery education system, the ever growing NHS waiting lists,it's 5 year Plans that come to nought forever waiting for that great service that is always coming next year not this,the littered broken promises of Eldorado that the politicans use to slither to power that end up in squalid overcrowded blood flecked corridors of the dying on stretchers,the people parked up in ambulances outside with only intimations of the grim reaper for company. Don't they love it all.

The British people have surely waited long enough for the promised land of great healthcare, the New Jurusalem that is more salem than anything else. We will give them a brighter tomorrow,a future that does not lead to misery and slow protracted death in healthcare and ignorance and stupidity in education as only a scant look at what passes for education in the state system will amply illustrate. If the exam system is dumbed down anymore congential idiots will pass with flying colours -oh,that's happening already!

Only free market capitalism will bring about a renaissance in education,a New Enlightenment where knowledge is once more revered and pursued hungrily,where political correctness is expunged as the deadly tocsin and enemy of free inquiry it is,where micro aggression,safe spaces are seen as the Marxist post modernist excrescences they are and banished from the hallow groves of academe to the darkest recesses of Marxist hellholes of Venezuela and North Korea from which they are provenanced.

Why Capitalism?

Because it is the only system for which individual rights are essential and indispensable to its successful operations. It requires non coercion by the state in order to function. It is the opposite of all statist systems whatever their their stamp be they socialism,communism,fascism,mixed economy ism,autocracy, Liberalism, social democracy yada yada.

Capitalism is dependent upon reason,individual choice,non collectivism in order to flourish and humans require those elements for their very survival and growth.

No compromise with any elements of statism and coercion are tolerated whatsoever here  which automatically precludes the present system of the mixed economy which is just a mixture of freedoms and controls,freedom and slavery which of course is contradictory and schizoid and ergo incredibly unstable hence all the economic cycles inherent within it which lead to boom and bust and which will ultimately lead to either complete liberty or much more likely and present in existing trends, ultimate authoritarianism and totalitarianism -see our present culture and polity.

The Anti Letterbox/Bank Robber League

Borris v Emperor's new clothes -that's an easy call innit? Well you would think so but apparently according to the BBC and the whole rotten to the core stinking Establishment he should apolgise! To the people who want to go round in medieval dress and whose threatening presence in our midst is an open rebuke to the very liberal society that took them in in the first place - from the Muslim hell holes from which they fled.Why else did they come here -for the weather (bar the unseasonal heatwave just passed).

Maybe they came here for economic reasons I can hear some say. But why situation so dire across the whole godawful Middle East prey tell? All muslim countries are economic basket cases and they are for a reason -they are culturally backward,impoverished,statist theocracies who have scant regard for individual rights or liberty -it goes with the territory.

Izlam does not even allow usury. Try development without that. So they rely on Oil -a wholly European western civilization product which they promptly nationalised on 'independence' and used the money to line their own pockets and keep their own people subject with theocatical dictats depriving them of their liberty and inculcating them with murderous hatred toward the West that gave them the only semblance of civilization they were ever gonna get with their insane anti life muslim mentality.

So no,we, should all support Borris and deplore the craven conservatives who cannot miss an opportunity to grovel before Izlam,proffer apologies for daring to exist in a free liberal society and who are doing the Islamists work for them for shame.

And Bravo Rowan Atkinson for daring to speak out in a profession that specializes in political correctness and for all things unsound and deranged across the so-called liberal spectrum.

Monarchy in the UK

In the words of the famous political commentator Harry Enfield The British Monarchy: NO!

We know,the Queen is nice but when The Queen is Dead off with all their regal heads (metaphorically of course). Up with it we will not put. The whole parasitic panoply of royalty will get the unroyal boot. Air miles Andy will have to become an airhead steward. Charles, well lets just say they will all have to find their own level in the free market system and some will clearly fare better than others! Who cares,the whole superstructure will be dismantled. 800 years late I know but revenge is a dish best served Very cold.

A British Republic, what better way to seal our now genuine special relationship with the US -when Trump is a distant and scary memory of course.

Cyclists -We have you in our sights!

When the Capitalist Party comes to power (ahem) all the streets and roads will of course be privatised and their owners will determine the rule of the roads and streets but as an interim process cyclists will have to acquire a license (which of course, again would not exist even for cars in our post mixed economy dispensation) and would have to undergo similar tests to drivers before passing -so most would fail anyway as they are  singularly dumb  from my unfortunate experience with them - and most other driver's experience I would wager.

No more will we have to endure them as unwelcome travelling partners on the road who when it suits think they can switch to pedestrian mode to doge red lights or to pass on your near side,Or ride the wrong way  down one way streets ad nauseam.

In short they are an atavistic Maoist assault on capitalism and the 4 wheeling lifestyle that goes with it, an environmentalist assault on progress, technology and the modern world and for this reason they should be ultimately consigned to the musuems,the Tour de France or Lycra Hell for all I care.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Why Separation of UK Church and State

In order to fully officially recognize and acknowledge that the UK i no longer a Christian country , has long ceased to be one nominally or otherwise and that people have abandoned a century ago at least the largely inherited faith from their forefathers, it is way time to effect a separation of Church and State in this country.

To be finally rid of priestcraft in the UK would be an entirely salutary and healthy thing. Kiddy fiddling child abusing corrupt institutions should no longer have the imprimatur of the State and even the absurd cassocked moral and intellectual pygmy the Arch biship prick of Cant erbury has conceded that disestablishment would not be a bad idea.Never has there been a more rip time to push at this open door and get the thing over and done with.

With the proposed attendant closing down of the House of Lards we would be rid once and for all of the malign influence of the priestly order and their dark and malevolent legacy that casts a shadow over this nation disfiguring and blighting its history,perverting and co opting knowledge for its nefarious and mercenary cunning political ends.

Another reason why disestablishment is so essential for the mental and moral health of the country is that a day of reckoning with Islam cannot be put off indefinitely and it is our very unhealthy sick relationship with Christianity in its official guise of the Cof E which makes it so darn difficult to take a principled stand against the wholly malevolent existential muslim Islamic threat to civilization and specifically to the UK threatening as it undoubtedly does its  very survival  as a secular liberal country.

Capitalist Manifesto -a work in progress

I will not rehearse the Capitalist Manifesto in any detail at this point  as it s so wide ranging and comprehensive in its rejection of the present and long standing political system of government that it will be way too much for the average reader to fully grasp, so alien is it to the current statist quo in all its horrific manifestations throughout the polity and culture so I will just instead make a few basic statements  of core principles and premises underlying the policies,highlight the philosophical roots they are derive from and give a general outline of the direction of travel  and this I will do in a future post.

I will first however give a thumbnail sketch of a few policies that will be enacted once political power is attained(!) in the following posts just to give a flavour of the post mixed economy paradise that awaits and could be yours for the voting......

70+% of Parliament are Brusselphiles!

With a Quisling parliament that is going to transfer all EU directives and regulations from Brussels to Westminster effectively duplicating the behemoth it is clear Brexit is nothing but a political chimera, a cynical hoax perpetrated on the unwitting public who were naieve enough to believe that parliament would honour their leave vote and carry it through faithfully.

Little did they know what treacherous traitorous vermin were scuttling around Westminster ready to betray their trust with such wanton and flagrant contempt for those they ostensibly serve who keep them in the disgusting manner to which they have become so well accustomed.

This is one more reason why the corrupt two party system needs to be torn asunder and a libertarian ish movement needs to challenge the statist hegemony they represent along with all the other satellite statist parties that seek to replace the old boss with the new boss and spot the difference.

Such a party would be pushing at an open door as almost no one is happy with the present dispensation and it is important to position such  a party abovementioned to head off the sheer nastiness of what could be round the corner if some Alt Right party emerged and took the country down the dark road of the past, into fascism which is hapening in too many countries  within the EU -something it was set up to expressly to prevent from happening let it not be forgotten. By it's own criteria therfor it should be dismantled so abject is its failure to prevent the remergence of Fascism across Europe. 

Capitalist Party Launching This Year

The time has come lady and gentleman to get the Capitalist Party Show on the road. This blog will be the launching pad but we really need to put your money where our mouths are now and get the thing started.

I am looking for very rich donors who share the vision of a a free market,laissez faire capitalist party/movement with a radical programme re crowd funding and all the panoply of patreon,youtube broadcasting yada yada.

The febrile nature of politics with its shifting tectonic wotsits,the whole breakdown and meltdown of tribalist two party politics is looking just as it is: morally and intellectually bankrupt,shoddy,corrupt and hopelessly mired in 20th (or even 19th) century thinking.

In an age of ostensible bespoke individualism the collectivist rackedt of parliamentary democracy is jejune visibly fraying at the seams and is little more than a mafia style protection racket run by third rate politicos with nary a moral bone in their bodies,going through the motions and robbing the nation and its people's of their birthright as freeborn Englishmen with the concept of liberty and individual rights as their inalienable right crushed under the mighty heel of overweening statism and oppressive tax and regulation.

Join us in our fight for freedom. Line up to add a comment showing your support for this noble endeavour!

(I know,it's an invitation to a party no one will attend but I mean to hold it anyway!)

Those who make the world go round should really stop giving their money and moral sanction to political parties who are bleeding them dry and tying them up with the reddest of red tape. It's the Randian sanction of the victims writ large and they should really stop doing it and we could provide them with the opportunity to no longer sign their own death warrant by voting for the blue socialists who go under the monkier of Conservatives.

There is no excuse for the movers and shakers to keep on in this masochistic behaviour knowing as they do from bitter experience that the conservatives are big government spenders who hate and fear capitalism every bit as much as the socialists and who merely pay lip service to it as they mount yet another raid on the tax payers and expand government still further to the inevitable destination of total control.All statist roads lead to totalitarianism,it is only a matter of time. The conservatives will take a little longer to get there but will merely set us up for the socialists to finish the job.

Treason May's party if we are to believe the polls(!) are a mere 4 points behind Crazed commie in all but name Corbyn. We are just 5 percentage points away from tyranny! Why is no one terrified and cataleptic by this sinister prospect? Why is there an eerie silence on this cataclysmic possibility? Has everyone been Bodysnatched? 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Is Anti Semitism now a crime?

There is no bigger fan of Israel than moi but this hounding and attempting to silence the expression of of anti semitic sentiments is too much for even me to stomach. It comes under free speech. Lets hear from the anti semites rather than attempt to silence them and push their vile views underground.

Holocaust deniers? Bring it on. It comes under free speech. To jail the latter as they did with the historian Irving was monstrous. Let's debate these people,ridicule,lambaste,satirize them but don't silence them.

The creation of enforced speech codes to protect jewish sensibilities is disastrous,illiberal and every bit as fascistically authoritarian and totalitarian as the people it is attempting to censor.

I condemn attacks on free speech from every quarter,be it left or right. The left happens to be the main offender in our culture today but for the jewish people to play the same game in the name of offence taking is a disastrous act of supreme folly and is no better than the islamafascists who are attempting to do the same thing to 'protect' Izlam from all criticism. 

Religions will always seek special protection from criticism but they are the very group most in need of it and to pander to them will only leave religious fundamentalism and authrotiarianism as the ultimate victor.

Criminal Stupidity

To show how stupid criminals are many of them actually convert to Izlam in jail! How dumb is that? Illustrates how they are not the brightest of the species that they would convert to a stoneage religion that has even less to commend it than Christianity which is bad enough.

What attracts them to Izlam is pretty obvious however -it's for losers, a self destructive death cult, it is bound to attract the most ignorant hopeless characters doing nothing with their lives -its essential nihilism -the desire for death corresponds with the  nihilism of the average prisoner and it also allows them to carry on their criminal behaviour but with the imprimatur of a world famous religion. They are now on a mission - to do exactly the same thing ie murder and mayhem but they can now do it with a moral sanction and actually feel a sense of virtue and acomplishment as they bomb and behead in the name of Allah - Piss be upon him.

The latest terrorist arrest involves a white muslim convert (in jail) man who used to revere Hitler and it is not much of a change of allegiance at  all to go from that to  to Izlamizm which is profoundly racist and anti semitic - it's little more than a change of uniform. And you can still hate jews!

Besides, Hitler lost,was badly defeated,Nazizm is universally condemned and hated -but Izlam -it's the future innit? They believe it at least and it's surely our job to disabuse them of that notion but I see scant sign that the West is doing anything whatsoever to do that. In the light of the reaction to Borris's comments it would seem we still want to bend over backwards to pander to Izlam and do the jihadists job of closing down all discussion on the Islam problem and silencing anyone who dares question the vile evil nature of this death cult religion from hell,

Northampton Canaries / Coalmines

Loco councils, 'tory' included, are bankrupt - morally and now financially. Northampton is in dire straits and will not meet its budget without cutting services and surprise surprise as the BBC has been reporting this week the services are child care and elderly social care.There are clearly many other Northamptons -basket case councils up and down this benighted socialised land which will no doubt become apparent down the line.

No one points out that the state has no business whatsoever taxing people to run such services in the first place, which latter should be left to charity. It would not cross anyone's mind to even think such thoughts and therin lies the problem. We take it as a given and to even raise the issue is to transgress into Taboosville where none dare fear to tread. (Hence this blog,gentle reader/s.)

Obviously the whole country is bankrupt with trillions of debt because the state has been welfaring everyone to death and like Venezuela the chikadees are coming home to roast.

A day of reckoning for the overweening state is way way overdue.

Unless we can find a political movement that will dare to speak the unspeakable on this and so many other issues this country will go down the socilaist plughole -with or without Brussel's help.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Vichy Brexit = Civil War?

It seems beyond doubt that May will collaborate with Brussels to keep us in the Union from Hell. (Remaniac scorpions bite, hello) The only question is what happens next.

Farage will return in March and it will get febrile in overdrive. Corbyn will reap the whirlwind,reduce UK to Venezuela With the sun.Then will come theFascist,Nationalist EDL type alt right back lash and probably, civil war.

I was right about Trump, Brexit referendum and May's gen election folly so I rather hope I am very wrong about this but all the portents point to this ghastly outcome.

Reasons? 'Social Media'. The people will not tolerate what before they had little chance to change because of tight media controls and censorship. This has been blown wide open by the internet so governments today are playing with fire if they seek to circumvent the will of the electorate and will bring very hell down on themselves if they try.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

What is Socialism

Socialism is middle class people bossing working class people about.


Socialism is secularised christianity.

That's why the BBC loves Thought for the day and religion in general. It is an endless parade of leftists in dog collars or their multicultural equivalents excoriating on a daily basis: Individualism, Selfishness, Egoism and lauding,cooperation, teamwork, non material values.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

No Deal Means - No Deal!

At last! The monumental  sound of a very large penny dropping: No deal means - EU f*** off, and we're off too.

Even the EU is getting it, warning its 27 vassalaged members to prepare for ND. Granted it is a desperate ploy to put the fear of liberty into the doughty Brits but like all its other desperate gambits it is transparent to all but the most obtuse ie the glassy eyed Remainoids, the body snatched who zombie like go round the country attempting to devour all freeborn Englishmen with their paranoia fantasies of the paradisiacal nirvana of a Brussels hegemony.

The water is warm,the sunny uplands of of a non eu future stretch out before us,a free desovietised people,40 years of occupation ended,40 years of solitude ceasing,what's not to like?

The Cables and Cleggs,Soubries,Mandelson,Campbels, Blairs et al will be but a distant memory as they sail off to board the eu titanic before it disappears under the waves. We shall be free!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

EU: Final nail in 'Tory' coffin

Here we go, the danse macabre gathers apace, the Remanaiacs get more hysterical -empty vassals make most noise. This could well be the end of the 'tories' as they make the corn law reform days seem like a May vicarage tea party. Speaking of which we may have a revival of that movement over here in Old Blighted.

Farage waits in the wings ready to re assume the Ukip mantle in March; the latter are riding high in the polls as delinquent as we know them to be notwithstanding.

But just rejoice! The conservatives will soon be no more! They are irideemably rotten to the core and it is sublime and poetic justice that the vile evil EU construct that they engineered us into should be the very instrument that brings about their demise.

And what a time for a new party,not a godamn 'national unity party- as the remainoids are bleating for - we have that already with the existing parties, they are all interchangeable -see how Labour mps came to May's rescue last night. No, we are talking a major phlosophical revolutionary new party that will turn British politics on its head where it needs to be, so screwed up is the polity.

The political air is febrile,feverish,the tecnological Guttenbergian revolution of the internet means the time has never been riper for such an existential axis shift. Carpe diem!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Conclusions from my last post

Following on from my Russian roulette with democracy post what do the now exposed former faux lovers and advocates of democracy as the Holy Grail of politics now want? Isn't it obvious? Technocracy,rule by the self elected elites - That is to say the EU, a project of the elites or pseudo elites to be more accurate as they were never the elite of anything other than illiberalism and their own miss estimation. The political scum rises to the top.

Or more to the point democracy was always illiberal from the start but now the pro democrats find it to be less illiberal than they desire. Sometimes it would come up trumps for them and they could live with it. But it was always immoral. Now they are going for what they desired all along,a liberal authoritarianism. So we see how democracy is just a launching pad,a stepping stone to the true real destination of the political pygmy elites -outright totalitarianism.Tryranny light becomes a hard tyranny.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Playing Russian Roulette with Democracy

Do the ideologically possessed Remaniacs know what they are doing playing fast and loose with democracy or do they just not care as they go hurtling off the cliff in pursuit of their Brussels idee fixe dragging the rest of the country with them?

Are they so naive that they believe they can totally bi pass the democratic Principle,the very mainstay of our freedoms - that at least something they  have always loudly espoused as their badge of honour,the very dna of their political being - and expect a free country to carry on as if nothing has happened with the infrastructure of society untouched by such undermining of its very foundations?

Or are we to conclude that the putative defenders of champions of democracy -the liberals of big and little l's were from the very get go contingent supporters of democracy -as long as it was delivering their desired outcomes? The minute the people returned a verdict hostile and inimical to their world vision of social and political norms ie Brexit they threw off their carefully constructed over a century democratic masque to reveal the ugly totalitarian illiberal beast beneath.

Those of us who were leary of the democratic 'ideal' from the start as least do not labour under such a burden of conflicting belief systems -we knew and were fully conv3rsant with the inherent contradicitons of democracy,its limitations and fundamental flaws -we never said it was the best thing since sliced bread -they  did and it is the flimsy superficial cynical  shallow nature of their committment to the principle that is coming as such an existential shock to all observers of the political fall out from Brexit. That is the devastating takeaway from the present debacle.

Should There be a Revolution Now?

There is a strong case to say the Houses of Parliament should be closed down. 17. whatever % of the people should demand its closure as their democratic vote has been thrown back in their face,their clear unequivocal mandate, the biggest in British electoral history has been held in utmost contempt,ignored and up ended.Parliament now has no legitimacy whatsoever,the people have no obligation whatsoever to continue paying taxes to support the traitorous,parasitic political elite who have stolen their birthright of liberty and sold them into abject bondage to Brussels.They should be swinging from lamp posts not drawing a salary.Its way past time for a reckoning with the governing elite.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Potemkin Village World cup

They think it's almost over. The English from Russia with love are very impressed with Putin's shiny bright Potemkin fantasy football extravaganza.

Wow. The Russians love their children too! (Stalin was my uncle, Adolf loved dogs,Castro loved cigars and meantime all the journalists are tided up in the basement)

What's a little poisoning between friends? Vlad the impaler ex KGB goon is really a nice cuddly guy with a crooked sly smile granted but its all propaganda got up by the British press don't you know.Quite why he is a multi multi millionaire or is it billion we are not quite sure since he has never had a real job in his life but who are we to judge, businessmen are a crooked lot anyway and capitalism is passe.

Glad we've cleared all that up then.

Well it was the land of Tolstoy and Checkov et al so I guess fiction and story weaving is in the Russian soul -if it had one. Maybe in a land of make believe who needs the Master and Margarita anyway? Only Solzenitsyn is looking on with grim amusement at human being's capacity for  bottomless credulity...

Friday, July 13, 2018


Trumpton is a foreign country,they do things differently there. But if it comes to dissing May I am more than happy for MR Beer,Baseball and Bragadacio Narcissist to put the boot in with all his famed brutality and undiplomatic unceremonious candour.

May has been cruisin for a bruisin for the longest time but none of her cabinet of weasels have the cojones to do it. It takes an American shooting from the lip to do the job so kudos to Baby Trump for telling the bitch How the Cow Ate the Cabbage.

His effigy may be floating over the Thames satirically  aposite, the usual Left self-parodic rent-a mobocracy may be in full frontal autopilot boorishness but Mr T has done the British people a great service in exposing the sartorially challenged Queen May with her altogether nakedly delusional arrogant ghastliness in openly flaunting her contempt for the British democratic principle.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brussels or Bolshevism?

That's the choice we are told by May and her 'tory' Remoan co conspirators that lies before us. Do we believe it ladies and gentlemen? Of course they want us to. Hague was pedalling this line on the Today prog a few hours ago. Do they think we are that stupid? Really?

If this were a few hundred years ago May and her Brussels lickspittles would be holed up in the Tower receiving protracted and exquisitely creative surgical attention from the experts in that field as befitting the traitors they so patently are. Conspiring with Labour Remoaners is the final proof if it were needed as to the moral depravity of this wretched She Devil incarnate.

We can have our Brexit and eat it too.With the TransMoggrifier we can navigate our way out of the treacherous waters of Brussels to the sunny uplands of freedom,liberty and Brexitainia where we waive the rules shoving EU dictats and regulations where the sun doesn't shine.

Ireland will erupt if we have a little border security? That is racism,bigotry, moonshine. The Irish know where their interests lie even if the EUphilliacs do not.A resurgence of sectarianism is not on the cards or in anyone's interests either side of the border and to pretend otherwise and scaremonger is immorality not to say evil on steroids.

With Mogg synthesisa we will be out of Brussels,not a penny of Brusselsgeld paid and the fears of the Corbyn is coming 'tory' crowd will melt like snowflakes in hell wherein Corbyn and his fellow Venezuelan renegades are no doubt bound (if I wasn't an atheist).

Monday, July 09, 2018

Time for A General Election

It can't go on. The Danegeld May must be ousted and a general election called. Mogg should stand for leader on a No Deal ticket explaining why it is not possible to make a deal with the EU, that they are not honest and sincere negotiators and that the UK will leave on WTO rules but that even those are chalengeable.

Boris Johnson,Gove and the other so called brexiteers should back him and let the people decide. Notwithstanding that Gove is a wittering incubus and Johnson a buffoon.

This deal is so bad even a Corbyn gov would be preferable. He dislikes the EU more than May. What a mess.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Ve Hav Vays of Makin You Stay in the EU

Merkel's Bitch has has played her Remoaner joker card and enforced Collective compliance on her brain dead cabinet to Brussels Diktat on pain of sacking and her Euroskeptic In Name Only lackeys have dutifully grovelled in line wrapping themselves in the white flag of moral appeasement and treason.

Whodafunk it?

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Gay Conversion now Illegal!

Look, who cares re gay or straight - certainly no one round here. But if religious wingnuts want to go round trying to 'convert' gays back to 'normal' ie like them(!!?) they should be free to offer such wacky and potentially harmful treatments -just like heroin is harmful but people should be allowed to partake.

But: not on the NHS! Ban it there absolutely, the NHS, well see my recent posts about the unspeakable evil of it - you can only stomach so much of the subject -but not a ban on private 'conversions, because that is the state meddling in free speech and adjudicating in the realm of ideas and as all good libertarians and objectivists know, that is a NO NO.

So once again the state advances into the private domain of the citizen and no one bats an eyelid -or those that do object because in their tired hackneyed cut and paste response 'it's not going far enough'. There's still some freedom left! We still have work to do!

Monday, July 02, 2018

Non Business Rates

Most governments corrupt from within, their greed for the citizen's money grows with the feeding and this is true whatever stripe the party of government  it is, Conservative or Labour. Mostly the latter, as we have seen are superfluous because predation knows no particular affiliation -one political party is all political parties in the mixed economies of the West and statism is the common denominator between them all.

Business rates under this and past administrations are killing business - everyone knows it yet the brigandage and plunder goes on leaving a trail of destroyed businesses behind it. So ravenous is the state that it ends up eating itself  and we are fast approaching that stage in the UK.

The Daily Mail is right to launch a campaign today against this scandal and wanton abuse of  State power though whether the gov will see reason in this matter is far from clear. If characteristics are reliable it will continue its rampage devouring all before it and thus pave the way for Corbyn to finish the job - Uk RIP.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Railway Blues and Reds

A railway franchise gets its timetable in a tangle and the gov says it is drinking in the last chance saloon. A health service murders tens of thousands of people over the decades and it rewards it with yet more taxpayer's money and lauds its 70 year killing spree with anniversary salutations. When did it ever call last orders on the NHS killing machine?

Of course the franchise system for the railways brought in by the Blair government was a dog's breakfast as governments do not know how to structure business -it's not their job and have no business poncing about as franchisees.They don't even know how to run the State let alone something as sophisticated and organic as business.

So it all went pear-shaped as perforce it must and now there are calls for renationlisation but was it ever denationalized with all the regulation,taxes and the absurd franchise system - an arbitrary construct wrenched from the unity of the original railway system. It was tantamount to dismantling a Rolls Royce and  selling off different parts of the car to different companies and then wondering why only dysfunction results.

The absurd chuntering Chris Grayling does not help things but then he is in an impossible position because his job is absurd -Transport Minister -the railways were supposed to be privatized so why is he meddling in its affairs? Because it never was privatized -it is a semi nationalized hybridized mongrelised Down Syndrome of a railway system part funded by the taxpayer -a regular pushmi-pullyu me circus freak show of a railway system.

If we want to see a proper railway system sell the thing off and close down the Ministry of Transport. No? Then this railway soap opera will outlive Cornonation St.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

BBC - The NHS Representative Here On Earth

'Our' State broadcaster has a symbiotic relationship with the NHS of the pathogenic mutualist variety and it has gone into steroidal overdrive,wetting its pants over the 70 commemoration of the socialised monstrosity that is the NHS.

I used to be accused of hyperole when calling the above the National Holocaust Service but in the light of its serial killing sprees in Liverpool,Shipman country and now re Doc Barton otherwise known as Doctor Death it has now become an official fact.

If one person dies in the 'private sector' it is as tragedy -if thousands die in the 'public sector' it's just a statistic apparently. 'Move along folks,we at the BBC have to tell you there is nothing to see.

Instead we are going to eulogise and froth at the mouth in drooling worshipful awe at the socialist marvel that is the NHS and we are not going to let its wholesale in-plain-sight depradations and institutionalised genocidal acts of Hitleresque Eugenics stop us. (Eggs,Omelettes, know what I mean?)

Now when there is a tragedy in the 'private sector' and someone dies there is an immediate clamour  to Nationalise it! How come it does not work the other way? Thousands are killed in the Public sector of the NHS and not a peep of outrage from the virtue signalling caring Left media establishment.No cries of Privatise it!

Are the perpetrators under arrest? Well no,they are at large, corporate manslaughter is cool if it is the state doing it apparently. You not only get out of jail free but the BBC will take your side and give sympathetic cloying voice overs to one of the nurses involved who chose to be anonymous (?!) and feels victimized and scapegoated - just for being involved in a mass killing spree! life's so unfair eh what?

So now you know why you pay your TV licence -(or go to jail) -to fund the mouthpiece of horrors like this.Still the nation sleeps on....

Friday, June 29, 2018


Eminent domain or as we call it in ole Blighty 'compulsory purchase order' - far more honest I must own - is one of the most evil of government instruments on the sinister Stalinist scale. It simply means seizure of land and I believe the Scottish have made recent similar moves recently.

It's a bit like the appropriation of white farmer's land in Rhodesia (sometimes called Zimbabwe). Now the country lies in communist ruins the natives are saying the UK as former landlords should foot the bill for turning the wastelands of former white farms into going concerns again. Maybe the Zimbabwians invented Chutzpah?

But we digress. The British government is about to bulldoze the properties of over 500 people in order for the 4th or is it 5th Heathrow runway to be built. Leaving aside the fundamental fact that the State has no business whatsoever deciding whether a particular piece of infrastructure is built or not think of the obscene violations of property rights  involved in this horrendous proposition.

And we are told the Corbyns are Marxists. Who needs them - this 'tory' gov can do the job all by itself thank you very much. In fact,irony of ironies the Corb is against the Heathrow plans.

Lets hope Borris throws his great bulk in front of the bulldozers as promised -he might end up being of use after all.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Justice Kennedy goes,Whither now the American Constitution?

Bad day. With Justice Kennedy bowing out the 'president' will waste no time filling his not inconsiderable shoes with a rabid pro abortion religious zealot taking the country further down the road to a quasi theocratic authoritarian abyss. Maybe he should  just invite Putin and Erdogan to join him in the Whitehouse and have done with it.

Out Trumped

Ok,just when you think you have plumbed the depths of Trump's moral depravity he goes down another 6 fathoms. Hard on the heels of my reporting the felon in chief's riposte to Harley Davidson for daring to protect their business from Trump's criminal tariff impositions on foreign goods by moving outside the US he compounded his evil (re the white flag comment) by adding re HD: 'it would be the beginning of the end' for the American firm (true,thanks to you) and then threatened to tax it 'like never before' (Daily Mail yesterday).

He is a one man vomit inducing industry.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Red Menace and how to counter it

Liz Truss is interesting. If she can muster some fellow non statists to her cause it may stay the suicidal hand of the 'tories' although probably it's too little and too late. But nice to hear someone in the  party of dysfunction saying we are being nannied to death. No doubt she will be gagged and sent to Maggie purgaTory.

Someone needs to be on permanent Corb alert, issuing daily warnings about the threat he poses but I hear nothing nicht nada. The 'tory' disease of complacency and denial has reached a critical phase and it is in the Lemming Mode now -even trusting opinion polls again.

There is no one and that is scary. You counter Corb with principles but looking to the 'tories' is needle and haystack territory.

Peterson v Brook

Could this be the moment Objectivism comes in from the cold? Both parties have a lot to lose. Peterson is going into enemy territory at OCON but what if Brook gets swamped in the tsunami that is a single Peterson sentence -and it goes on for 90 minutes? Watch that space.

I see Peterson - (and it is no secret to my legions of followers lol) as fundamentally a fraud who says some interesting things but is a horrible admixture of mystic,Jungian,Nietzchean Platonist and psychobabbler. So Brook should wipe the floor with him but lets see. Should be a hoot.

Red Alert

As the country sleepwalks into slavery and wakes up to a Red Dawn I feel it my duty as the ghost of Churchill to warn my fellow Brits about the dire Marxian fate that awaits them,coming to a borough near you.

They may have fallen under the spell of the Brexit pendulum but in plain sight the Corb quietly slithers to power from the burnt ashes of what was the Conservative party, immolated by the Brussels Question.

The 'tories' need a divorce settlement -with themselves ,no marriage guidance counselor could possibly salvage the wreck of the marriage between Remoans and the Brexitistas,they are estranged beyond the point of no return, ireconciliable differences mean they will never be whole again. Liz Truss in her comments about the absurd popinjay Gove yesterday makes this  crystal clear.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And Chutzpah of the Week award Goes to..

The US 'President' who after starting a trade war critiques a much predicted by me (and Reality) victim of it namely an American company by the little known name of Harley Davidson who have had a huge EU tariff placed on their bicycles (wot a surprise -no one saw that coming) and who have decided in sheer self preservation to withdraw from the home market and relocate outside the US and who have then been criticized by the very instigator of this self immolating policy himself, the 'president for: ' waving the white flag'.

How about throwing rocks at your next door  neighour's  house who then retaliates and when your  family  flees accuse them of  'waving the white flag'?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ha ha Mrs May Ha ha Mr Corbyn

These are taxing times -taxing past and taxing future. It's what governments do. First they starve 'front line services' ie those services only a state can and should  provide  ie police,courts and armed services. The public cries 'crime!',  'potholes' and then wrongly concludes -which conclusion the state has contrived they arrive at, that government must  really be short of money if even essential services are being pared down ignoring the fact that the same state is shipping out billions of pounds of their cash to support every godforsaken,flyblown tyranny and basket case country around the world.

Its bad enough we have a domestic welfare state crippling the recipients and bleeding the taxpayers dry but now the state in its infinite wisdom has exported that dysfunctional welfare system to the four corners of the earth in its international welfare programme.

And sure enough we are told the NHS is in crisis (hello!) and so taxes have to rise. If the public falls for that one yet again they truly will confirm the dictum that the people get the kind of government they deserve.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Military Coup in the UK?

If the gov falls over Brexit and a general election brings  Corbyn to power could there be a military coup, cited in the 'national interest' to prevent Britain going Venezuela? Too far fetched? Maybe but a Corbinista government is the stuff of which very real nitemares are made.

Will even London zoo be safe from the Corb Death Grip,  for the zoos in Venezuela -  his spiritual nirvana - have been emptied by starved victims of Maduro's socialist experiment (take 2 thousand). Surely the animal 'rights' people should be fearful of a Corbyn insurgency if only for the welfare of their beloved higher species who could well end up being torn limb from limb and voraciously devoured.

Maybe the pied piper of Islington has peaked with the fickle yoof, his firmament dimmed but who can be totally sure these days when mad parties are springing up in governments all over the blighted EU land. (Clowns to the Left of them clowns to the Right, here we are, stuck in the middle of EU).

Would the military be right to intervene in such a scenario? Not such an unreasonable question when one has to choose between a military rule and Marxist rule -  its the devil and the deep Red sea time.New Zealand anyone?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NHS Genocide, Shipman Revisited

Here we go again, the NHS killing machine has taken yet more lives. Socialism is murder and the NHS can do it on an industrial scale,with the connivance of the police and a whole slew of government agencies conspiring to silence anyone who dares to question why healthy people have died on a homungulus scale.

Expect more such horror stories until this socialist monstrosity is put out of its misery and the killing fields of socialised healthcare is dumped into the garbage can of history. 

US Exits UNHRC Toxic Dump

Hurrah. Sooner or later Trump had to get one thing right by the law of averages if nothing else and his administration's announcement that it will be leaving the cesspit of iniquity know as the UN 'human rights' council is excellent news indeed.

Some of its members are unspeakable basket cases of deplorables, try Venezuela which is actively starving and torturing its people to death and has reduced a wealthy nation into abject poverty crime and spiraling anarchy. Not a peep from the corrupt UNhrc about this or any of the other atrocities being committed by its own members - but of course its virulent anti semitism is given full rein in periodic  outbursts and condemnations against the tiny oasis of liberty and democracy in the whole godamn Middle East - Israel.

If only Trump would deliver the coup de grace to the whole stinking corrupt UN outfit by closing its doors in NewYork and sending it packing to a more appropriate and fitting country such as indeed Venezuela,Iran or North Korea we could be rid of the whole gothic horror show once and for all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Don't Be Vague. Ask for Cannabis

'Don't Tax My Drugs' Johnny Rotten aka Lydon. Vince Cable wants to. It'l bring in billions! Canada is doing it, 6 States in the US, Uruguay partially -the kids are openly smoking it on park benches in the UK -even toddlers want it! (don't have a fit, it's only for epilepsy). The only person who doesn't want drugs under any circumstances -apart from caffeine as he is a right tea boozer - is that old stuffed shirt, reactionary and faux eccentric Peter Hitchens, but then he wants Britain circa 1955 and that ain't gonna happen is it Peter you ex commie who apparently wants wholesale renationalization (?!) but we digress.

So between the time of drugs being illegal and possibly made legal the politicians have already got pound signs in their heads as they speculate on the vast windfall in tax revenues completely elliding in the process the obvious solution which is de legalisation and complete non statist non regulation and taxation ie a free market solution. (duh).

We don't mind the youth going to hell in a cannabis hand basket -we just want to be there when they generate the taxes for our further empire building. Never accuse statists of having morals!

As libertarians we would rather the youth did not so indulge but believe it is up to them if they want to go to hell in a cannabis haze and they should be able to purchase their product in any high st shop so designed to cater to their weakness,alongside the off licences -that should be de- licensed, and the candy stores promising teeth rot and obesity etc etc.

Furthermore all drugs should be legalised including the existing drugs only available through prescription via gov controlled chemists and similar outlets.That is to ssay that I as an asthmatic should be able to purchase an inhaler from a shop,over the counter,no questions asked other than are you over 18? If not come back with your parent. Simples.

Needless to say all such products should be untaxed and unregulated and let the customer beware,caveat emptor. We are adults after all -aren't we? Tell that to the politicians who are under the illusion which we have fed them that they are our masters rather than our servants.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello Brazil? Say Hi?

145 hits in 12 hours - unless it is a Brazilian bot lol. I have heard glowing stories of Brazil from Yaron Brook. People in dire straits seem to be more ready to hear the Rand message or approximation of it. They who suffer much crave relief much.

The Europeans sail blissfully away on a cruiser, heading for a titanic awakening.....

Wither the NHS? (please)

The 'Tories' have for the longest time seen their mission in life as to be the janitor to Labour's statist excesses: we can make socialism work! We can turn the socialist NHS sow into a silk purse, we can clear out the socialist orgyean stables and make it shiny new again -and then Labour will reap the benefits sweeping back to power and the whole sick gaudy circus can go round one more time,2 more times - ad infinitum it would seem.

Why do they do it ladies and gentlemen? Because they are socialists under the skin and now shouting it from the rooftops. Or wasn't it always so,didn't the beloved Margaret Thatcher herself become famous in part for saying the NHS is safe in our hands or words to that effect?

So here we are now, 70 years on and the sickest soap opera in history grinds on. Politicians lied, people died...

The only reason it does so is because of the residual Christian socialist ethic of altruism. No matter how bad the NHS gets it will not die until that evil ideological philosophic cancer is eradicated fully from our culture -in other words no one hold their breath.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Gig is Up

A plumber puts a spanner in the works... The supreme act of folly by the Supreme court finding in favour of the plumber versus Pimlico Plumbers probably means the end of the gig economy - (so called but which is really just business unfettered from state socialist control re regulation and  'employee rights').

No doubt aware of the liberal composition of the supreme court this was a cynical act by the litigant to cash in on the anti business culture the UK and most other countries are immersed in  -to the detriment of all of course as it is the oppressive heavy handed state intervention in the economy which will ultimately cause its death spiral  like the economic sclerosis that so blights the whole European continent and has led directly to the backlash against it's stultifying job-destroying statism.

Another dream killed by the ultimate killer, Statism. The great Gig in the Sky -but not here on earth.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grenfell Grief Porn

Here we go again, my tears are greater than yours, my virtue has a wider bandwidth than yours, I feel their pain, lets have yet another minute's silence and with a bit of luck there will be so many no one will ever have to speak again. Beginning to wish.

The BBC thinks Grenfell is Social Housing's 9/11 and they are going to pedal the manufactured grief well, forever it seems. Its socio economic apartheid don't you know, it's s  sad commentary on divided Britain, the have's and the have nots yada yada yada, get the picture and less you don't we are going to repeat it on every bbc broadcast until you feel good and guilty you middle class haves.

So lets all breast beat together till we feel adequately down and guilty and: mission accomplished!

Friday, June 08, 2018

Daily Mail, NO!

Time to read the last writes on the Daily Mail as the legendary if deeply flawed genius Dacre is replaced by Geordy Greg  an arch Remoaner from the Mail on Sunday - its the stuff nightmares are made of.

When I was complaining about the paper's sad trajectory in a recent post I had no idea this disaster was about to befall it. It had lost its way a bit but was was still a vibrant force on the national if not global media  stage,  but now words cannot convey what a disaster this represents - an existential catastrophe!

Get the Fire Brigade!

Sauve qui peut!  or as the cloddish municipalised statist fire brigade nabobs would have it, 'Stay put!' The difference far from being linguistic has turned out to be that between life and death itself re Grenfell.

'No one is coming' said the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden but the trouble with the Grenfell residents is they believed someone was.

The fire brigade was nationalised in the 1930's as was so much else and after Grenfell it is time to privatise the service that has become sleepy,inert,corrupt or in the common parlance not fit for purpose.

Let us not also forget that the cladding used was an attempt to cover up the hideous brutalism of nationalised architecture of the 50's and the wider question Grenfell raises is the dubious and misbegotten concept of social housing itself. Up on housing project hill its either misfortune or infamy...

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Brussels and the Deux ex Machina

Brussels will save us, says the arch bishop - prick of pious Cant, Welby. God is dead, long live Brussels! We may not believe in God anymore (indeed we don't) but if  he does exist Brussels is his representative here on earth. Really?

Welby has said it would not be a disaster if the C of E was disestablished. I think we should take him at his word and bring about this thing devoutly to be wished. Then the witterings of this ridiculous absurd prattling prelate would be consigned to where they belong -oblivion.

Brussels he adds is the flower of civilization - alongside the bubonic plague and the rampaging tanks of the Nazi Panza division presumably?

Or is God's idiot  doing us all a favor by highlighting the moral intellectual spiritual bankruptcy of  religion per se and its  super-secular arm in the gilded halls of Strasbourg and Brussels - and indeed of all State bureaucracies for that matter?

Friday, June 01, 2018

Trump Flunks Economics 101

Another day, another supreme act of folly,the President is out of his depth in the Whitehouse for sure and he has surrounded himself with numbskull munchkins with as much grasp of economics as himself and they are clearly soley there as an echo chamber for his economic illiteracy and to massage his anti capitalist prejudices.

The scary thing is he has brought into the Whitehouse people who have been successful in business and yet here they are initiating some of the most destructive suicidal policies that could not be more counter productive than those  its worst enemies could dream up

By what right,what constitutional precedent can the president initiaite anti trade policies that will directly harm the American citizens it is his sole and only aim  to protect? If that is not an impeachment issue then nothing is.

This is government policy by emotional spasm and to hear the hare brained ratiocinations of his advisers and the bogus arguments they cite for this act of self immolation is truly staggering.Scaramouche was it it this morning and they are all reading from the same statist handbook and suffering from an advanced case of historical amnesia - or lets just call it plain ignorance.

China is 'dumping' steel on America - bring it on -poor people need more cheap imports not less. You cannot compete pathetic America? Try reducing your labour costs,remove all the job retarding regulations,the restrictive Labour practices,slash taxes. Duh. No,they will not do that because Trump is a statist thru and thru and an economic nationalist.

So called Communist China is more capitalist than America now. Conjure with that one. Liberals like to present it as communist because they can then attribute wealth creation to communism and then argue for it here at home but no one who understands the basic principles of the market could possible assert that what China has been up to for the last 3o years is communism. Politically,yes,economically no.

No communist country on earth has ever achieved the economic growth of China nor could it ever. It can achieve Venezuelaisation though.Watch out for the Red mist mentalist Corbyn in this regard.

Where will it all end? Where it always does,with economic collapse across continents,political instability and all its concomitant immiseration.No doubt the idiot president will be hauled back in line at some point before then and he will then be off on some other range of the moment tangent wherever his semi vacant lot  of a brain leads him.

Monday, May 28, 2018

CiIvilisation 10 Roman Catholic Church 0

Bravo the Irish, you gave Ireland back to the Irish, destroyed the malignancy of priest craft forever, struck a hopefully deadly blow to Rome and took a brave step into the 21st century.

Now can we have separation of Church and State for Chrissakes? -Disestablishment now. (Amen)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Why you cannot Wing the Presidency

As a perfect illustration of why a presidency by the seat of your pants does not/ cannot,/will never ever work I reference the US North Korea nuclear debacle . It explains why the greatest country that ever existed (for all the reasons I rehearsed below) can end up being played  by an obese psychotic with arrested development, a Marxist numpty ruling over a slave pen.

Hence the representative of the dumbest ideology in the world can run circles round a cynical, amoral, anti intellectual, pragmatist who thinks running off at the mouth and uttering the first banal inane idea that creeps into his faeces packed brain will serve as public policy - which amounts to giving a petulant child the title and role of President of the United States.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Donald Ducks

Wiser counsel prevailed, maybe it was the wise ish introduction of Boulton into the Whitehouse that did it but whatever the case the  No deal is the only sane result. Maybe he will finally get it that you cannot just do deals with anyone, to sit down with evil to negotiate is evil. The only result can ever be the waxing of that evil and the waning of the good, which of course was never that good  or it would have not conceived of the idea of parleying with evil in the first place.

Imagine if a hoodlum came to your door and said he was going to burn down your house and rape your wife and children first if you did not give him an open ended directed debit arranged 500 a week welfare provision. Would you say that sounds like a good deal I will set it up right now? Far fetched, ridiculous? Would you say no human being would ever agree to such outrageous blackmail and intimidation? Then why would you be in favour of a country acting in exactly the same craven suicidal manner towards a psychopathic sociopathic deranged tyrant busily heaping up his nuclear stockpiles with the power to blow up not just your house but the houses and human beings on a whole continent of the greatest, most noble, moral, advanced, richest, free est powerful nation in the whole history of the human race, namely the United States? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Masters of the Cover Up?

Could it be true that the tin pot guru / fake/ fraud / Roy Masters has been arrested yet again for pulling a gun on a member/s of his family for Chrissakes? It is almost impossible to know as whatever information is on the web is scanty and negligible to say the least. Whether it means that the mafioso like Master's clan are very effective in muzzling the news outlets to cover up this embarrassing saga or whether the US libel laws are more stringent than ours or maybe that he is such an insignificant little nobody in the media scheme of things that his bizarre antics warrant no attention whatsoever or indeed that my interest in his shennanigans is more a reflection of the sad fact that I for a very long time was under the spell of this arrant knave and arch deceiver  I do not know, but whatever the case the events are shrouded in mystery and blank outs. Who is he in dispute with -which sons? If anyone across the pond knows (to be blunt) what's it all about and wants to fill me in on the details I would very much appreciate it, thanks.

Friday, May 18, 2018

See the Booty of the Royal Scam (Take 50)

So it has come upon us yet again, another gaudy display of plundered wealth parading its appropriated lucre in a sickening festivity of self regarding pomp and tawdry meritricious vulgarity. The crowds lining  the streets in forelock tugging fawning sycophancy -empty vassals make most noise - whilst the saner stand back in bemusement tinged with horror and incredulity that this surreal freak show could be taking place at the beginning of the 21st century.

But no it is not a dream and the crime syndicate known as the royal family is strutting its stuff as the global media flocks to the event to relay its mind numbing banality across the world blind it would seem to the blood curdling history of this genocidal outfit that behaved as every bit as barbarically as the taliban do today carrying their royal lineage of blood with seeming pride and unconscionable insouciance.

How do the young royals seek to ingratiate themselves with the brain dead supporters but by becoming the poster boys and girls for political correctness embracing  every modish cause as platforms for their smug virtue signalling self regard.

The only group that is supposedly standing in opposition to this velvet gloved tyranny is a pathetic outfit called Republic whose spokesman on radio 4 yesterday spent the whole interview talking about opinion polls that apparently show the public's lukewarm attitude towards the monarchy as a substitute for pointing out all the reasons why Britain should have dumped the royal family into the dustbin of history at least 500 years ago.No principles,no argument nothing but a discussion of statistics and percentages. O for a Thomas Paine or Christopher Hitchens even to give the royals the kicking they so justly and richly deserve.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Russia, Land of Serfdom

It is no accident that the tribalist collectivist ideology of communism took root in Russia, the most stupid, backward, pre industrial, superstitious, religious,  primitive nation in europe as opposed to where Marx hoped  it would flourish, in advanced semi capitalist countries like Germany or England who may have tolerated the presence of Marx in the British library but who were stoutly resistant and impervious to his obscurantist theories.

The weak and feeble of mind require a strong leader and this is what Russia had for centuries and it seems it still requires re RusPutin ex kgb goon and soviet autocrat with his journalist killing death squads,  poisoning espionage activities ,state controlled media and paranoiac hatred of the free West and cyber space spying.

The non productive Russian gangster state seeks affiliations with similar dictatorial barbaric nations such as Syria and Iran and shares the arabic anti Israel anti semitism. It's only friends are socialist kooks like George Galloway and rabidly mad Max Keiser an anti capitalist anti American RT shill.

It is Russia's primitive superstitious heritage of fundamentalist orthodox Christianity which has set it on its disastrous path which is why it has such affinity with the fundamentalist abrahamic death cult of Islamism and associates with its low life arabic friends abovementioned.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Utopian Fallacy

The highly overrated columnist Peter Hitchens has said utopias can only be reached through oceans of blood and you never arrive. The misnomer here is contained in the totally erroneous assumption that the utopia, in this case theoretical Marxism, is utopian in the first place. The idea of forcing people, individuals into a uniformity of outcome regardless of talent,ability,aptitude,effort,competence,level of achievement is about as opposite to utopian as you could possibly get. It is the very definition of dystopia.

Dominic Sandbrook in yesterdays Mail essay on Marx was perpetrating the same canard and another one as well by claiming that such 'utopian' ideas are ok in theory but should be left in the library and the error is attempting to turn it into practice since we all know the fundamental conflict between theory and practice. We know no such thing for the theory/practice clash is yet another misnomer as in principle there is no such conflict. The only time there is is when the theory is removed from reality to begin with such as Marxism but this is not Sandbrook's point. He is claiming the general principle that there is a conflict between theory and practice which alleged dichotomy is not just erroneous but fatal. If something is right in theory it is right in practice.

If you tell people that their ideals may be noble but to put them into practice will lead to the deaths of millions they will plough on as ideals are what drive people and they will go to any lengths to achieve them.But to present morally depraved ideas as ideal is perhaps the greatest crime of all. 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Masters Of Nothing

Mental guru 'Roy Masters' had an even more idiot son David and he used to tell his listeners that you should not be 'outcome based' an idiocy of course got parrot fashion from his father. This is indeed the essence of mysticism and is worth examining.

It's a lie, a contradiction and in reality as opposed to mysticism contradictions do not exist. David Masters only went on the radio to convince his listeners of his argument -outcome based right there. Presumably he thought his ideas were a) worth propagating and b) would help people -more outcome based behaviour.

Would he go on the programme calculating that no one would support it with donations and so therefor the prog would close down -or whether it closed down or stayed open was of no concern to him either way?

Should a man enter business with no concern of making a profit since such concern would be outcome based? To ask the question is to see the lunacy of it yet this is the essence of mysticism and the advice it dispenses to its cretinous credulous followers.

It is no accident that mysticism prevailed in the middle and dark ages -the most horrendous period of barbarity in human history when the irationalism of religion was at its zenith. That some mystics in the 21st century in the light of all that recorded and documented horror should be pedalling the same mental poison is I would posit the very definition of evil itself.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

And Justice For All

Some religious 'thinkers' ie half wits like Peter Hitchens (yet again) claim that God has to exist else there would be no justice with the clear implication that there is no justice in this world. How so? Has he not heard of the courts of law, prisons - to say nothing of the underlying assumption that those who may have succeeded in evading such institutions and appear to have 'got away with it' have clearly done no such thing.

One has only to examine the wretched lives of criminals, the profound absence of self esteem they manifest, the neurotic inner world they exhibit in their behaviour, their wretched relations and interactions with their fellow man, their squalid short term lives of precariousness, random chance and impulse - to say nothing of the insecurity they experience of never knowing when that knock of the door may come when the law catches up with them, to see that such creatures have no sense of well being, no sense of integrity, no peace of mind or sense of achievement and live lives of quiet or raging desperation.

It is the judgement of reality, harsh relentless and ruthlessly logical that punishes man's delinquency in the 'here and now' not some disembodied entity from another dimension in the mythical next life of Hitchens and co's feverish imagination.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Roundabouts or Traffick Lights?

It has been said that roundabouts are capitalist and traffick lights socialist because roundabouts assume that individuals are intelligent to work out when to stop and when to go when to give way and when to drive on whereas traffick lights are socialists because they think drivers are stupid and cannot negotiate their ingress and egress,the interaction is beyond them and the only result without such traffick lights is cars crashing in to one another.

Even when only one car is on the road traffick lights will turn red and you sit there like a lemon waiting for nothing because the bureaucrats who designed the system desire the senseless,the arbitrary -the dictatorial for no other reason that it frustrates and impedes the liberty of its subjects and violates commonsense as socialism is intended to do.

Its the same with: Bicycles or cars? and for similar reasons.  Bicycles are Maoist and cars capitalist which is why there has been an unremitting 20 year war against the car waged by leftist environmentalists and a refashioning of the highways to accommodate the muesli munching virtue signalling (but no other signalling) cyclists.

Bycycles are Maoist, an atavistic slap in the face to modernity which is why virulent anti capitalists like Peter Hitchens (him again) are so in favour of them and take pride in holding up traffick with their obstructive road clogging shennanigans.

Cyclists see themselves as anarchists violating all the highway code and are quite happy to jump lights, ride on the pavement and cause the tax paying motorists grief at every turn. They are pre industrial yahoos who now and again face summary justice under the wheels of a 4by4.

Adams Family Values

One of the fairly common arguments against communism made by some Christians like Peter Hitchens is the idea that the family stands as a bulwark against the State,  pointing out as he repeatedly does how his visits to the then Soviet Russia revealed to him the almost visceral hatred for the family manifested by the Soviet State.

This may seem semi plausible but when closely examined is revealed as fallacious, misleading -deliberately so I would suggest - and totally ill founded.

The family contrary to Hitchens characterisation can embody the most evil and  illiberal of values, indeed it represents the collective principle and is in essence a collectivist construct where many injustices go unseen and uncorrected, where tyranny can rage behind closed doors in an environment of faux domesticity, where individual aspirations can lie crushed, unborn, thwarted, suppressed mocked and destroyed.

The family is a collectivist unit where individualism can be implictlyy or explicity denied discouraged disavowed and forcibly suppressed which one suspects is why the likes of Hitchens as a Christian fundamentalist at heart if not in overt proclamation is so enamoured of it. The self according to him should be collectivised into the manifestation and  encouragement of performances of selfless tasks,  the antithesis of his repeatedly expressed bete noire, 'selfism'.

Does not the sinister term selfism conjure up the Orwellian notion of the crime of 'own life' the audacious desire for personal autonomy?

Now granted in a family unit the children are the recognized wards of the parents who have delimited rights over their upbringing and can be very beneficial vehicles for childhood development  and up to 18 the child should respect his parents if they are worthy of such respect but true individual development and independence  is implicit in the dissolution of the family unit and the individualization of its constituent parts.

The bulwark against communism and collectivism is not the mini collectivism of the family but the defense of individual rights which it seems many Christians find as problematic as the communists who they allegedly  oppose.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Lords Suicide Bid

The Lords have effectively signed their own death warrant by subverting the democratic will of the people as expressed in the Brexit referendum by co opting parliament and derailing it from its purpose of negotiating a withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

The government may not be able to act at the moment as it does not have a majority but the Lords will surely pay for their act of betrayal down the line and have effectively guaranteed their obsolescence and extinction - it is only a matter of time.

The Establishment it is clear will go to any lengths to thwart the democratic decision by the people in, let us not forget, what was the greatest voter turn out in the whole of British history - far greater in magnitude and scale than any general election, period.

As well as being a slap in the face of the electorate who were under the illusion that their representatives were elected to represent their views it has served as a great eye opener in that  it was indeed just that, an illusion, a deception of the greatest order, placing a huge question mark over the very legitimacy of the British democratic system itself which hitherto has justifiably  prided itself on being a beacon and example to the rest of the world  as to how to conduct its affairs of State and  whose sole ambition of  other countries  was to emulate it.

Forget all that now as we look at a constitutional crisis and an uncertain period of political strife and instability.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Daily Mail, End of the Affair

Either I have lurched to the right in recent times or the Mail has lurched to the Left but I find it too much to stomach these days. It's as if it was invaded in the night, all the journalists tied up in the basement and replaced by rabid leftists possessed by pathologically politically correct tendencies.

Hardly a week goes by without the Mail launching a crazed zealous eco driven campaign against some product whether it be plastics bags or posturing indignantly against the latest business takeover bid spearheaded by the economics editor Alex Brummer whose narrow,parochial,chauvinistic economic nationalism and hysteria against foreign companies stealing our economic heritage would not be out of place in the Guardian or Mirror.

When it is not riding these leftist hobby horses it is railing against businesses for not paying enough taxes or campaigning for more taxes on sugar and unhealthy food products like the worst sort of bbc- type  nudging,  nannying, statist do-gooder. And don't even get me started on its nauseating,  fawning unquestioning, servile,  forelock-tugging, sycophancy towards the Monarchy..

Enough already, my near lifelong association with the Mail is at an end or at least until it clears out the Augean stables and pumps some invigorating pro capitalist free market blood into its tired veins.

When is a Monopoly not a Monopoly?

When its a private one. There are no private monopolies,the only monopolies are government State enforced protected ones. Even in a mixed economy with relative freedoms and lots of regulations and restrictions on business and trade monopolies cannot exist as witnessed by the fact that companies that are riding high one decade can suffer irreparable damage the next,whether  by error, lack of innovation, complacency, taking its eye off the ball, to say nothing of the disruptive technological changes that have revolutionized the way consumers purchase products - see the radical churn in the high streets in recent years with large household names going under or being overtaken by upstart new kids on the block - and online.

State monoplies on the other hand are the real deal and like bureaucracies they endure eg the NHS, the BBC, State education system. There is no way anybody can compete with them as they operate outside the market, they are unchalengeable, untouchable; they stand there generation after generation, untouched by the winds of change, solid, stolid, adamantine, monolithic, Stalinist monuments to sloth, sclerosis, complacency, State patronage and corruption.

If the dictatorial illiberal stassi-like CMA were to apply the exact self- same rigorous standards and criteria as to what constitutes a monopoly to the Public sector as it does towards privately owned companies (which it has no business meddling with and interfering in whatsoever) then the NHS, the  BBC, and the State education system  would all have been broken up  into separate parts a long long time ago.

But of course no such thing will happen because the State operates under a grossly hypocritical double standard when it comes to private enterprise and 'monopolies', a sort of political schizophrenia overtakes it, a  double book keeping which reduced to Orwellian terms would be: Public Monopoly  Good, Private Monopoly Evil.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Icke the Gift that keeps on Giving

Having watched a few of his excruciatingly tedious videos lately a few last comments on the absurd character Mr Icke. The sheer banality of his political views,the standard left wing conspiracy theories trotted out with their clunking predictability peppered with hackneyed phrases and words such as regime change,weapons of mass destruction lies,neocons, yada yada ad nauseam but most telling of all the recurring word in most of the recordings watched so far: Perception.

The hapless Joe Public is forever having his 'perceptions' monkeyed with and that word is appropriate because as Mr Icke  thinks humans being live on a soley perceptual level of conciousness they are reduced therfor to nothing but animals in some Pavlovian game beyond their ken.The conceptual level of conciousness is clearly completely beyond Icke's grasp and we are all just brainless dolts subject to flickering images on a screen who cannot think objectively beyond the cognitive level of a 2rd old who has yet to form his first concept.

What else is left to such a tribalistic perceptual conciousness than the utterance of New Age mystical burblings from the beyond.