Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slave To Fashion

When politicians need to apologise(which is about every day) you won't get a peep out of them. What they like doing is apologising for things that had nothing to do with them. Preferably things that happened centuries ago.This serves a dual purpose: A) it makes them feel omnipotent apologising for momentous events they had no hand in, and more importantly for them: b) it detracts from the things they really should be apologising for in the here and now.

This gesture politics has bedevilled the political scene for too long and now it is taking on surreal dimensions. The added irony is that in the case of slavery we have a very modern version of it whereby we are slaves to the State which takes from those who work and gives to those who do not (less a deduction for itself in the poverty industry.) That is the very definition of slavery in any dictionary you care to read. One group of people extracting tribute from another by force.

Where is the latter day Wilberforce who will free us from the shackles of the overmighty State?

Becket Is Waiting For Godot

Putting a woman in charge of foreign affairs can only lead to this. Where are all the men? The UK has been made a laughing stock with girly boy Blair doing his impression of Frank Spencer standing up to Iran. The Americans are ashamed of us. How did we let it happen and why are we pusillaminous in our response? No closing of our embassy in Tehran and sending the Iranians in the London embassy packing. Just wringing of hands and polite diplo-speak. How the mighty are fallen. The Bulldog has become a peckinese. Shame of it all.....

Yeah, Right (Part 3)

Relative poverty they call it. A bit of honesty creeping in to the debate? No holding of breath. Welfare causes poverty. Logic would dictate the scrapping of welfare. Logic and politics? Not something that goes together like a horse and carriage eh? There sure is a niche market for someone to come along and propose radical surgery to our social ills. If I had a few million I would throw my hat into the ring. Just be patient everyone. I'm working on it.....

Sleeping With The Enemy

Now it is official. The article is half right. It is not the snoring or the hogging of the duvet of course that is causing the male brain drain.

Perhaps a government health warning to men is in order? Or an essay by Roy Masters on female sexual psychic vampirism?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Snappy Dresser

If she wanted to hide a reptile under her dress why didn't she choose a Paleswinian male?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Don't Say...

Gordon a Stalinist? Coming next: The pope is Catholic..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mother's Day

Why? What for? The flower companies and the card companies make a killing. The rest of us get killed giving under pressure. A little bit of us dies every time we bend and truckle to mass suggestion and manipulation. Most people don't even know they are being worked on it is so subtle. (Well I don't think it is subtle but it is for them I suppose or they would see through it.)

Guilt is the motivator, played upon by the commercial bodies. In a free market system that is fine by me. As Mr Masters once said : "It's ok to sell dumb things to dumb people". Still, how dumb can you get? The implicit inference of Mother's Day is that we neglect our mothers the rest of the year so this is make-up time. Well, speak for yourself!

It seems like human beings need 'special days' to mark and observe because they are outwardly motivated. They cannot move and have their being except someone guides them and tells them when to go to the bathroom. I beleive sociologists refer to such people as 'other directed'.

We end up with a situation where the State directs our every move and monitors every human impulse. A machine has been created that actually reads people's thoughts. Bet Tony would like to get his hands on that.......

Female Navigation Oxymoron

Here we go again. Some people are slaves to machines and think they don't have to use their commonsense because the machine will do it for them. Same as pedestrians who wait at a traffick light becuse it is red even though there are no cars coming...

Woman's Hour (sexist!) had a comic relief item where a comedian insists on bringing up the subject of map reading. Martha Carney is not amused.

Why turn Woman's Hour into a comic relief event? Every prog provides limitless amusement and laughs (albeit unintentional) on a daily basis.

Eco Loonies Start To Panic

Having been rumbled the science fraternity is back peddaling furiously. In a damage limitation excercise they are urging 'moderation' of comments by their doomsaying bretheren. The Eco cult has been busted and they are scurrying for cover. Seen for what it is, a secular religion backed up by junk science the end is nigh scientists have been exposed as frauds and charlatans who have prostituted their profession for government tax largesse.

There is no doubt that science is being used to push a political agenda. The newspapers who are pushing the green ideology are all left wing. This is no accident. The Guardian, the Independent(cough) the BBC are all riding the eco bandwagon as it carreers out of control and lurches hysterically leftwards. At least one wheel has come off this bandwagon or gravy train and bystanders can simply await its final and hopefully fatal collision with reality.

Burning HIS Money

This makes me a little queasy but that is my personal feeling. The man is spending his own money. He lives in Monaco and so his tax level is much reduced. Even though his hard earned money is going on wine women and song it is still preferable to the alternative. If he lived in the UK all that money would be going on single parent mothers to have yet more bastards, illegal terrorist immigrants and parasitic government employees.

So: Bon appetit Mr Green!

Council Tax Review Scrapped!

Even slimeball Brown knows when he is beat.

Now we need to challenge the whole premise of this evil Socialist tax. When a man is down give him a good kicking!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Biggest Heist in British History?

Olympian waste of money on a truly breathtaking staggering scale that only governments can achieve. A perfect illustration of why the State should not do Bread and Circuses. It was how Rome fell. This is shaping up to be the financial crime of the century.

Disgraceful Verdict

Shameful. The US will rightly ignore this.Friendly fire is as old as war itself. During the World Wars 1 and 2, it was a staggering 40% rate. This case was politically motivated. One more example of Political Correctness infiltrating the military.

Commonsense Breaks Out

I like it. Children are corrupted at an ever younger age. This will help avoid cross contamination. Older students corrupt younger ones.

A Damn Good Thrashing

Is what he deserves

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God (and the US Military) Hates Fags

Three cheers. At last anti gay has come out of the closet.

39 Stepford Wives

In the film version of John Buchan's 39 Steps which I saw the end of last evening with Keneth Moore, he had a female sidekick who was handcuffed to him in the plot. She was a pill but the interesting thing was the way Moore dealt with her: like a little misbehaving child. He had to constantly chide and reprove her for her delinquent emotional spasms and petulance. She is a typical female, unstable and resentful of her inferior status in the sexual food chain.

Such a film would not be made today or if it was they would have to change it to show the woman as the heroine and Hannay as the incompetent bungling male who looks to her for guidance and direction. This is how men are depicted on adverts now. ('Sexism' - that heretical impulse, is apparently okay if it is inverted.)

Such writers as Buchan are out of fashion now of course if not banned, along with Enid Blyton's Golliwogs and Agatha Christie's Ten Little Niggers. Po faced PC fascism has rooted them out and we have instead children of four being subjected to sodomite homosexaul books in school. Those who predicted such when they repealed clause 28 have been vindicated. Paedophile homosexuals are now grooming your children gentle readers (all four of you). But what do I know? I'm just a bigot and homophobe....

Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum Seekers

My solution to this would be very simple. Use live rounds to quell the riot.

Hypocrisy Of Feminism (Part 10000)

Men and women are equal -unless otherwise stated. Suddenly the idea of equality isn't so appealing huh? Poor little women mustn't go to jail. You see, men are naturally bad and evil and go to jail. If a woman commits a 'crime' it isn't really a crime at all! She has been driven to it -by men! Got it? Get with the program.Therfor, she/ they do not belong in jail.

When it comes to feminism only one thing is clear: they get out of jail free.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Cares?

A bunch of government bureaucrats get kidnapped in some Ethiopian hellhole and its headline news. If you go to uncivilised black holes and work for the goverment foreign office you run a risk of being captured and eaten by the natives. They better not have cut a deal with these people for their release. Whats' a few less State bureaucrats? One was from the sinister British Council for aid and develepment. That's our taxes given to countries that I wouldn't spit on or give the sweat off my brow to.How can you develop savage nations? They just become more savage....

Multicultural Cesspit.

Funny how when the truth is printed the messenger is accused of scaremongering. Migration Watch Mr Green was barely allowed to finish a sentence on R4 Any Questions last week. 'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth'.

We are paying for the liberals criminal open borders policy stretching back 50 plus years. If only we could find those responsible, line the jup against a wall and shoot the bastards. Quickest way to destroy a country is to allow in all the social effluence from the four corners of the earth.

What to do now? Mass deportations, repatriations. But who has the political will to do it?

Yeah, Right (Part Two)

These creepsand scumbags should be strung up. When they are dangling from the end of ropes and breathing their last we can say 'Sorry. We didn't MEAN to hang you.....'

Court Martial? Give Them Medals

What a disgrace that these men were court martialled for doing a great job in Iraq. When the cancer of political correctness spreads into the army the battle against evil will be lost.

Yeah, Right..

Teaching languages? These guys can't even teach them English. Laugh? I nearly payed my income tax.....

Horse Sense

Is it true that female horses cannot be trusted to run with males in races because they are too skittish and unreliable. Punters wouldn't put a penny on them. There are separate races for female horses called something like maiden stakes I believe. Interesting...

A friend's child got a hamster. It was female and apparently they are more aggressive and bite frequently. I draw no human parallels of course...

But .. there are studies which show that boys and girls do better in single sex schools. When you are a 14 year old male and the girl sitting in front of you in class has a micro skirt on and plunging neckline your first interest is hardly likely to be the Irish potato famine or the study of sedimentary rocks is it? Go figure. Apparently those in authrority cannot as some of the best schools in Kent have been infiltrated by the female species and school has gone from being a rarefied place of learning to a forlorn place of yearning.

Levy Was Dry

All of this is a ruse to get public funding for political parties which is the sine qua non of totalitarians. They are moving to get a cap on financial contributions from individuals. Unless this is resisted Democracy will be supplanted by political gangsterism. Government as Mafia is what we defacto have. The British people (well the mongrelised rump therof) is sleepwalking into slavery and unless the few who are awake take action it will be curtains. The fat lady may not be singing, but she is clearing her throat....

Worthy Of Notes

It's about time. Now how about according recognition to Maggie on a ten pound note? Suggestions for who they could put on the Euro: Del boy. Al Capone. Hitler. (Isn't he the true architect behind the EU, a supra Socialist State?)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Clueless In Gaza

If you choose to report on a moral cesspit don't be surprised if the denizens of this netherworld kidnap you. (They will probably let him go when they realise he is one of them.) A grizzly end for him would be nothing more than hubris. The BBC is the home for many lost causes and its support for the Paleswinians is just one more of them. It has more camels than London Zoo. It should be called Camel lot.

What is happening in this black hole of incipient internicine civil war has a certain poetic symetry to it. Arabs don't discriminate it would seem: they hate Everyone, especially themselves. Israel can now sit back and watch as the nextdoor neighbours from hell implode.

Hang A Hoodie

This man thinks he can get to 10 Downing St by patronising youth scum (pictured). They do say a Conservative is a person who has been mugged by reality. Cameron's counter intuitive approach to law and order seems to suggest that whatever else he is he ain't a Conservative.

When will he be rumbled. Does he truly think Toriy voters have nowhere else to go? The Ukip and BNP must get on their knees and thank God every morning for CaMoron.

A View To Tax

Politicians are like junkies. Once they get their snout in the public trough they can't quit. Their days are spent thinking up new ways of getting more of that stuff. One could call their ingenious attempts to extract ever more tribute from their tax slaves creative but if it is creativity it is of a very black and negative kind. The sort of feverish activity of a bureaucrat as he devises yet more byzantine stratagems to tie and bind his victims in knots.

The government bureaucrat-parasite is dependent upon a comatose victim to practice his black arts on. The British public is tailor made for this purpose. Having been worked on for over 60 years and conditioned to think that an Englishman's home is his councils it is no great feat for this public serpent to pass laws making it legal to enter anyone's home, do a survey and then levy a tax on such things as 'a good view', a large garden etc without a whimper of protest from the so called owner.

Even now some such public serpent is scraping the barrel desperately trying to wring one more ounce of flesh out of his dying prey. Hows about a tax on breathing? We could attatch a breathometer...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Buggers Belief

Homosexuals will be able to insist that churches open up the doors of their social centres for them to hold their meetings if the new legislation beomes law. Christian printers will be forced to accept and print homosexual organisations' literature. This is tyranny. This is open war. Will the Church stand up to this blatant provocation and intimidation? I wish I could say unreservedly yes. I fear it will not.

Keep your Crutch out of our Church would be a good rallying cry. What we are more likely to hear form the Church is not a bang but a whimper.

Of course it doesn't work the other way. Homosexual groups will not have to print literature from churchses condemning homosexuality because that of course would be 'homophobia' - the secular heresy. It's a win win situation for them. If that is they are allowed to get away with it.

Sodom and Gomorrah coming to your church very soon.......

Devine Intervention

No principle involved here.

Just another cynical opportunist scuttling from a sinking ship.

Taxation Is The Tool Of Tyranny

Go see

Friday, March 09, 2007

Eno-ugh Already

Brian Eno and someone called Albane? have released an albumn about banning the bomb. Pass the Retro cliche please. Poor delluded Brian on radio was telling us how politicians are so predictable and you know what they are going to say before they say it. Here's something Brian. We know what the likes of YOU are going to say long before you open your stupid mouth. Left Left Left. Liberal drivel. More predictable than Big Ben. It's sooo tired. Climb back into your 60's 70's time capsule. We shall overcome,we shall be overcome with ennui...

Why do pop rock singers think their views on politics are more worthy of our attention than anybody else's? They May be great singers and composers but when they stray beyond their remit into world affairs their veiws are every bit as banal and silly as the man on the Clapham omnibus. Correction: more banal and assinine because at least the former inhabit the real world 24/7 unlike these preening pretentious posturing delluded artistes with too much time on their hands..

How To Politics

Should politicians be paid for by the public through taxation? No. They should be privately funded by their supporters. Why should I pay for Labour,Liberal and socialist politicians?

Only business people and those with independent means should be politicians, people with experience of the real world, not 'profesional' politicians who haven't run a whelk stall let alone been captains of industry.

Businessmen politicians would make far more sensible decisions. But there wouldn't be so much for them to do as they would be efficient and wouldn't cause problems as our politicians do but solve them in practical ways.

The only welfare would be private insurance so there would be no political corruption and bribing the electorate with their own money. What a caper. Why have we put up with such a corrupt system for so long?

British Law Meets Lewis Carol

Judges should keep their traps shut - and keep their traps open.

Life should mean life or call it something else. Release murderers because they have become geriatric? Bring back the death penalty and problem solved.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here's The Dope On Drugs

Usual cop-out presented as realism.

Liberals never learn. Or they are just EVIL. Let's try again: you don't get rid of a problem by legalising it.

Now they want to spend taxpayers money on buying adicts heroin.

Here's my sollution. Jail the druggies when the commit crime and don't let them out for along time. Have zero tolerance for pushers. Shoot them as they do in China. End of.

Chocolate Soldier

There is a long standing tradition in the Conservative Party that when a tory member of parliament speaks the truth he has to resign immediately. Or he is pushed.

The Conservative Party died years ago. What we see now is the twitchings of a stinking corpse.

Ha Ha Snigger Snigger

Keep death off the Rails!

They also lack commonsense. Give a woman a choice between logic and illogic she rushes to embrace the latter.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Understanding Liberal Evil

This man oozes goodness from every pore. Why do the liberals have a visceral hatred for him? Because of that goodness. Which makes liberals: EVIL.

On a BBC programme on Blair's relationship with Bush the presenter Michael Cockerel referred to Bush as quote: ignorant,neocon, extreme etc. To the Left good is evil.

Their idea of goodness is to sentence a murderer to two years jail. That is compassion to them. Sympathy for the devil is what it is.

Blair is to be commended for recognising the good in Bush. His diehard leftists who are now circling in for the kill owe no allegiance to anything other than hell and recoil from the good in Bush like Dracula from the cross. It is an honour to be hated by the Left. When they start liking you you need to worry.

Driven To Destruction

Here it is. Keep death off the roads!

It was a hunch. Now there's the number crunch. We see it every day. Women cannot drive! They have a genetic predisposition to crash and drive badly. Too emotional. Whatever the reason we need to take this very seriously. Of course there are exceptions but they don't make the rule. They say they cannot navigate either! What are women for?!

I guess it is the man's job to steer them on the right course and protect them from themselves. What a thankless task that is. The human race lives under a curse of original sin and we are stuck with it. Women cannot help themselves. They die after their partners usually because they have driven them mad. The grave is a welcome escape.

Still. They are nice to look at......

Separation Of School And State

The UK should follow this

State mind control of British youth is sinister and fascistic. Keep the State out of our Schools would be a good motto.

The State has had a century or two to get it right. It was never going to happen. Third rate politicians running schools - whose bright idea was that.

The State is a cancer on education. It fears independent schools and wants to suck them in to its satanic maw. When they have lost their independence they start issuing demands. They seek to dilute the quality and integrity of such systems by foisting on those schools the hoi polloi, lowest common denominator, the no hoper social effluence. This is not done to elevate the latter(who could) but to drag down the calibre and quality of the best.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Animal Rights Terrorists Jailed

At last these scum will face some sort of justice. My punishment would be to throw them into the lion's cage in london Zoo. They can discuss animal rights with the noble beasts before they rip them to peices and eat them alive.

Mind How You Go

When they are not protecting terrorist muslim scum they are promoting gay and lesbian drives. A poster on my local police station -which looks more like a shop(but with fewer opening hours) announces a meeting to discuss the sodomites equal opportunity to join the police force.
Limp wristed pansy policemen, the thin pink line. There was a time when people were arrested for engaging in perverted acts. Now the police are promoting them.
Sometimes the pigs -( for that is what they have truly become) arrest people for having the wrong thoughts about homosexuals and suchlike. Eric Blair Tony's namesake aka George Orwell wrote a book about this thing called Thoughtcrime. It was a warning Tony,not a blueprint for your government.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Truth Trumps Fiction

In Gogol's classic novel Dead Souls the story is told of a con man who seeks to gain the identity of the dead serfs referred to as souls whose owners sometimes had taxes levied on them via a census .By purchasing these dead souls the protaganist seeks to gain social and financial cachet.

Just last week it was revealed that the deceased numbering in the tens of thousands are still receiving benefits beyond the grave to the tune of millions of pounds. The government is now paying dead people with the proceeds of the living. Cradle to grave is obviously not enough for this government. How long before it anounces that the dead will be allowed to vote? No taxation without representation is after all the watchword of all democrats. Death duties with a new twist.

My advice for those that die. Protect the pennies on your eye...

Creatures Of The Night

If I got involved in politics it would not be to help people but to protect them from people like this. There are legions of non-people like him who exist only to depredate and usurp in the guise of service. They are uncreative and parasitic. Never having done anything in their life they get theirs by taking life from others.

Thanks to this plunderer I have got to fill in a tax form which makes no sense whatsoever. Not only do I have to bare my neck to the vampire but I have to become a bureaucrat and twist my mind into pretzels like some government functionary in order to circumnavigate the doggrel and bureaucratese that these people spew out. They don't just want your soul; you've also got to do the paperwork.

I will have to pay over £100 to these bloodsuckers because I was late in filing. I may include a covering note telling them a thing or two. They will probably regard my complaint as more grounds for persecution.

Of course thes subhumans who work for government are very secretive. They may know your name and every last thing about you: where you live, your telephone number, how many times you go to the bathroom. But what do we know of them? Where do they live? What is Their phone number. We could pay them a visit.

Would they be so arrogant then? Would they make threatening intimidating comments to our face? You can see these living dead sitting in their Kafkaesque buildings issuing the latest minatory missive with veiled or overt threats of prosecution and fines for disobeying their demands for money with menaces. They sit there blinking in the darkness,souless the living dead. You have just threatened to cut off their life source by refusing to play their game of neck baring. The Gods are outraged,offended. The moral and spiritual counterfeiters rally their goon squads to swoop. Only immediate payments with interest will stay their hand.

God's banker or something that rhymes wants to be your leader now. He will Brown nose the public for a while with breath taking chutzpah on a smarm offensive. He is chameleon comedian and caricature. The public like being screwed apparently.Wasn't it Ayn Rand who summed it up? Sanction of the victims.

More Roots. Tony Tosser

It is a good job this photo isn't zoomed in. What was lost on the playing fields of Fettes....


MSM fanned hatred of the middle class seems to be becoming a national blood sport. Parents from this despised class are being villified for trying to get their children a good education in the face of a corrupt and clapped out State system.

It is rightly called a lottery. They stand more chance of winning the latter than getting quality education from such a wretched and ridiculous monopolistic socialist system.

A man from Civitas was on the radio arguing for more competition via a vouchers system. Bad schools would face an exodus and flight of pupils to better schools but Socialist middle class twat Jeremy Corbyn was having none of it and insisted that the best approach was more government controlled local authority schools which is tantamount to saying that if someone is being poisoned to death the sollution is to feed them more poison. These people aren't stupid. They know Exactly what they are doing. File under EVIL.


An amateur geneologist has found out that black Democrat contender Obama's family had slaves a few centuries back. Bummer Obama. That'll shut you up. (Sorry I havn't found a link to this and got it from that bastion of right wingery Radio Four this morning.)

From the same source we were told that Hillary is more popular with black Americans than Obama. Will she make it to the Black sorry Whitehouse? As I have remarked before, they do say criminals always return to the scene of the crime....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today Prog Covers Homeschooling

But they had an ex teacher on who advised against it. Too difficult he said. No doubt his failings as a teacher would be exposed in a one to one setting whilst in a classroom it is less obvious. The message was clear: don't try this at home.

He opened his comments by referring to those who homeschool as 'white middle class'. The sneer in his voice was barely concealed. The underclass use it to obviate prosecution for truancy and he was concerned that if a child is not registered by the educational authorities they can escape with only a few inspections a year or in more severe cases once a month. The implications were clear. He wanted legislation to deal with the errant parents but we all know how it would be used: to harrass homeschoolers who have the effrontery to question the educational system devised by their superiors to brainwash - sorry, educate their children.

Homeschooling and the exponential growth therof is an open rebuke of the failed flawed and compromised not to say atrocious State system. They won't brook it.

In Germany homeschooling is illegal. One man who attempted it had to flee over the border to escape the pursuing authorities who jail offenders. Ve have vays of making you conform. I rather think the ex teacher might have some sympathy with such a system.

Friday, March 02, 2007

My Manifesto (Little read Book)

I am going in to politics! The zeitegeist is aligned. Taking it to the streets. I'm now on the pavement thinking about the government. Strange days indeed. So here we go. Will I get your support gentle reader/s.? In no particular order:

Public hangings for murderers. The public bit is negotiable. Nothing elese! Criminals want the vote?The only vote they will get is a swinging one.

Scrap the welfare state. No more pussyfooting about with this Socialist Communist millstone. 60 years of moral economic spiritual depradation. It's all over now. Like the Berlin Wall, it's coming down!

We are leaving the EU! The communist bloc will have to do with one less teat to suck on. In fact we won't rest until we have brought that pack of jokers cards down. For starters we just need to get out.

No more funding of the 'arts'. If your art cannot support itself in the marketplace too bad. For most modern paintings hanging is too good for them. Socialist propaganda at taxpayer's expense is over.

No more immigration. In fact we are sending about 5 million back! All mosques are coming down. There is no room for Islam in the West. It belongs in the Muddle East if anywhere. Only entrpreneurs can stay and those with businesses. I'll decide later if they can vote. At the moment only indigenous Brits will be able to vote. Well some of them anyway. More of that later.

We are sacking over a million public serpents I mean servants. They will just have to dig ditches or something.

Income tax will be phased out. Vat scrapped. Inheritance and stamp duty too. And capital gains tax.

Separation of School and State. Government involvement in education has been an unmitigated disaster. In fact it has been a success. Countless generations have been lobotomised into socialist vote fodder. It may even be too late for this country. Probably is. ..

The BBC is going. The game is up. It can relaunch as Guardian TV and advertise for lots of governement jobs. But there will be a lot fewer of those so it better put its thinking head on.

I am libertarian but this homosexual thing has gone toooo far. Not clear yet on this but I think they need to be reigned in somehow. Raise the age of consent to 21 etc. No legal recognition of 'partnerships'.

Divorce is way too easy and the alimony laws are insane. The whole judiciary needs overhauling. Too many 60's hippy liberals are judges. Judge Judy where are you? Another good woman. I am close to idolising!

We are abolishing the DTI. Even the liberals supporting this! No, I can't understand it either! Still just because stupid people say sensible things once a millenia doesn't mean we should reject them. This bureaucratic monster needs to be ritually slaughtered. It's monstours reach stretches along Victoria st casting a large shadow over British business and the parasite's feast must stop.

Gender Wars.When the Battle's Lost and Won

Things are becoming quite insane. A stupid woman politican on radio four was complaining about the unsocial hours of an MP. She wants maternity leave. Take it -and don't come back! Emotional unstable women in the house of commons is all we need. She wants 9 to 5 hours. How about a little breast feeding during PM's question time. (A little PMT.) Jesus Christ on a bicycle have we all taken leave of our senses?

Is there no bastion of male supremacy that hasn't been smashed by this monstrous regiment of shemales? And to what end? We have feminist tokenism. Women not there by merit(you only have to listen to them for two seconds to know that) but Because they are female. The Tories have gone down the same road. They even have a girly-man as leader. (That thing he does with his tongue and lip - like a baby is surreal..)

Now that shemale is talking about her male associates in parliament. To paraphrase: "The house is so full of testosterone(really?), it's like a boys club. I was walking though it the other day and one of them said'look, it's a woman!. The other replied,'no it's not. It's a liberal!'. Good for them.

I guess for some women condescension and a patroninsing tone is all they have. Resentment makes them feel superior and contemptuous. Deep down they all seem to feel they are better than men despite the total lack of evidence to support such a belief.

There have been some great women in history. Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher and Julie Burchill come to mind but these seem to be the exception. And what did those three have in common? They all had good relationships with their fathers and all but idolised them. Go figure....