Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is the Age of Reason Dead?

Whilst it is true that 'organised religion' has had its day it is undoubtedly the case that this has not led to a total embrace of reason by the human race as testified by the absurd superstition still extant across all classes  races and continents and not just in the usual areas one would expect to find this ie amongst the uneducated and primitive peoples for whom enlightenment culture has yet to penetrate and impact.

Western interest in eastern mysticism  from the 1960's is not one of the least sins and backward steps culturally and intellectually of that sorry and dismal decade but it can all be traced back to the betrayal of the intellectuals and philosophers who claimed there is no such thing as objective reality and still do to this day.As they control the commanding heights of the cultural and intellectual establishment it is hardly surprising that reason has been all but relegated to the dustbin of history and people are walking around in a state of total ignorance with the devastating effects this has on arts, culture literature,science,politics. If the age of reason is all but dead small wonder people have turned to the soporific and mindless solace of new (dark ages) age mysticism,pseudo science in environmentalism,and emotionalism and rage in politics.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see how this benefits the clerisy who seek to dominate the masses by disseminating the irrational in all intellectual fields including its practice re politics which in such a context can only be collectivist and statist for since the mind and reason is such an unreliable tool human beings cannot perforce be trusted to run their own affairs but need an elite who apparently are not prone to such human limitations and  alone are able to penetrate the mysteries of the universe by some mystical yet to be explained supra intellectual divination that makes them  capable of ordering the human family and polity.

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