Saturday, March 30, 2013

Philanthropists,Self-Hating Capitalists

You hear it all the time.Philanthropists are doing it to 'give something back'.What?The implication is obvious,these people have taken something from society and by becoming philanthropist they are now giving something back and thus redeeming themselves.Bollocks,sorry.They have created value,introduced some innovation in production and the market and provided a service for which they have been renumerated.But they have been taxed on an industrial scale.And they have provided work for thousands if they are a very successful entrepreneur.They have 'given' far more to society than all of their critics put together.The only time they become parasitic is in their philanthropy when they seek approval from others for their misguided altruism.That is sad and it plays into the owing something and putting something back rhetoric/narrative of the liberal critics of capitalism.

Towards The Post Democratic State

How will people be educated and inducted into the post Democratic State and what are the signposts pointed in that direction?The freeing up of State schools and their transition to non council quasi independent status is key.The Marxist teachers union stranglehold on state education has fostered generations in a statist mindset and the shackles of that mental bondage are slowly being prised open.This will not happen without resistance from the militant teachers unions but their unholy Marxist hegemony over education must be smashed and the consensus truly overturned.The internet will play a part re the blogosphere and the economic crisis befalling western States will challenge the idea that democracy can deliver the goods mired as it is in outdated 19th century precepts totally ill sorted to the desires hopes and dreams of millions of individuals tired of cynical politicians playing them off against one another in a tired ritual of ballot box demagoguery.The collectivised 19th and 20th century will at last give way to the individualised 21st century.

Lib Lab Con Axis of Evil

The Collectivist Statist Quo incants that there is no other way.The only way is Statist.The EU collapses in front of their eyes,the whole Democratic Mixed Economy is crumbling like the Berlin Wall and the iteration remains the same.The economies across the western world and beyond are in free fall,debauched by Keynsian mad men with a democratic remit and their eys fixed in the rear view mirror of history,condemned to repeating the same mistakes,the hollow men head peice filled with straw.The dummy electorate with heads full of nonsense about Democratic freedom watch the Arab world implode in search of the Democratic deficit and applaud their doomed quest.They are about to discover the terrible truth that they have been denying for a century or more namely that Democracy is not the harbinger of freedom and liberty but rather its destroyer and negator.If cannibals could vote they would vote for more comsumption of human bodies.Their cannibal leader would stand on a platform of increased productivity in the field of human consumption of body parts.The people hqave spoken!Democracy has triumphed!Pity about the corpses piled up to the sky.And In the enlightened West,we are so superior with our tribalistic ballot majority rule rituals.We can trample on individual rights and not have a care because the majority has spoken.They fetishise Democracy and condemn liberty to Hell.

To Dream the Non Dualistic Dream

New Agers have a common theme they return to,a leitmotif to which they constantly refer known as non dualism.We are all one with the Cosmos don't you know.Separation is an illusion,a Western conceit of self and invididualism.Passivity and accomodation with this non dual self is the goal of awareness and realisation.Phooey I say.If we took one of these new age characters and placed their hand in burning coals who would feel the pain but them? If we are all one and there is no separation we would all be burned but as this is demonstrably untrue the individual obviously exists as a self contained unit of one.Individual, does it not mean divided,separated from the other?New agers have their political agendas which are basically collectivist,environmentalist,anti capitalist,anti indivudual,anti growth.They run a cottage industry of book production,lecture circuits broadcasting,classes etc and this is all well and good as it furnishes them with a career of sorts but for those who imbibe such content what is their fate if they have to continue to function in the world as it is?An anti individual anti man anti progress agenda is hardly the sine qua non to getting ahead in life is it?

Human Potential and Its Malcontents

It has been said that the average human being only expresses a tiny proportion of their potential and this begs the question why the gap between potential and that which is actually achieved? The factors we would have to address would be environmental parental conditioning,trauma,resentments creating negative self denying programmes of limitation,lowered expectations, narrowed perspectives leading to non achievement and social exclusion.Societal institutions which could play into such poverty of expectation and achievement would be Welfare which encourages learned helplessness and dependency,entitlement,non effort and the prevailing orthodoxy in the culture that emphasis the collective over the individual.The altruistic ethos of Socialism plays down and denigrates the individual and champions the masses and collectivist groupthink.Environmentalsim stresses the harm caused by progress and urges a limits to growth perspective which fosters passivity over action and stagnation over development.The systematic hounding and demonising of the producers,the productive wealth creators and their persecution through the confiscatory tax system predicated on socialist envy discourages entrepreneurism and encourage State dependency.So the contributing factors that facilate non achievement of the individual and the expression of only a tiny proportion of potential are culturaland social therby impacting on the personal to produce a dysfunctional society over-dependent on the State.The solution is a programme of self liberation through introspection,analysis,philosophical enquiry and reprogramming of negative thought paterns that are self limiting and negating.Parental factors aside the biggest obstacle to personal growth and development alas are the educational institutions of the State which over the centuries have gained an an un healthy monopoly over the transmission of knowledge and have seized the commanding heights of education and inculcated a socialist ethos into the curicula poisoning the well of knowledge with a toxic brew of collectivist Marxism across the board producing generations of disaffected uneducated youth fit only for the welfare dependency whch has locked in generations since its inception 70 years a go in Britain.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

To Think Or not to Think.That Is The Question

Animals have a simple life.They run on instinct.They do not have the capacity to conceptualize.They just live out their animal instinctive existence,following their animal natures to reproduce and hunt for food and prey and be preyed upon by other animals.Humans on the other hand do have choices.The main one is,to think or not to think,to engage in cognitive activity or allow their minds to vegetate in an unfocused state of fog,prey to their unconscious fears and imaginings,wandering around without direction or purpose and prey to others who will be quite happy to do their thinking for them at a price - at the expense of the unthinking slaves who place themselves in their care and power.We call such people who will take on such a role as demagogues,politicians,carers,sociopaths.The unthinking masses who have abdicated thought to the experts are in a thrall to a tyranny we sometimes refer to as democracy.In any case a basic requirement of human survival is thought,It guides the actions of thinking men and leads them if done properly to a full and worthwile existence of meaningful activity in furtherance of their existence,in the enjoyment of acheivment.In order to be able to conduct their lives on this level individuals have to understand what the requirements for their survival depend upon and know what threatens it.Reason has to be the guiding principle and man must be left free to excercise it unhindered by force from others.For this purpose government is instituted to protect and defend the individual from the use of force by others who would seek to gain an unearned value at the expense of thsoe who have achieved it by effort.This is the sole purpose of government.Its function and purpose has been corrupted and co opted by enemies of freedom and liberty who have turned the whole purpose of government on its head and used it to rob individuals of their freedom through taxation redistribution of wealth,regulation and imposition of non objective law based on socialist collectivist principles.

Global Democratic Tyranny

Nowhere is safe.There is nowhere to hide.The choice is stark.Outright tyranny of gangster States -or the mixed economy democratic states.Not a free capitalist non statist country in the world.How did we get to this?The failure of the West and it is a catastrophic failure to produce a model of freedom that enshrines individual rights and delimits the state has set the world on a global spiral of Statism which to varying degrees ensnares its citizens in semi free unfree states where the right to free choice in personal affairs is circumscribed by government decree,imposts,regulation,taxation and non objective law predicated on statist collectivist assumptions.Nothing short of a philosophical coup and revolution is required to free man from universal slavery of statism as it exists in varying degrees around the world.The only county that has grasped these principles is the United States and its sad and sorry decline into statism over the last century may well drag the rest of the so called free world down with it.If the freest country on earth has abandoned principles of freedom and liberty for the individual who else will take up the baton?It is far more likely that the whole world will descend into barbarism and collectivst tyranny and squalor.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

TheLesson WeShould Draw From Eastleigh Farago

Everyone is talking about the problem with the political parties and trust but I think the problem is much more fundamental than that.It is the system itself that is at fault but no one dare discuss it because it would mean a paradigm shift in how we look at politics and what the role of the State actually is and there are too many vested interests who do not want that debate. Anyone who raises this issue is thus parodied as a lunatic.What system am I referring too?Why, the system that is not even named correctly ie what we actually have and have had for over 70 years - the Mixed Economy.It is that that does not work,never has worked and never will work because it is based on a contradiction that you can mix Socialism and Capitalism and have a happy result. How can we begin to find a solution to our problems when we have not even identified and diagnosed them properly and traced their cause?It is this fog of unknowing,this incoherence of the debate that has us going round in circles spouting plattitudes and offering bromide like solutions about brands and suchlike.The felon in the dock should be the Mixed economy but the Left with the default silence of Conservatives have put Capitalism in the dock and that is the Conservatives gravest sin.Who will argue for Capitalism and defend it from its multifarious enemies? Certainly not intellectual pygmies like the hapless Mr Tim Montgomerie.Who was it said,'all that it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing'?