Sunday, September 30, 2012

Religion And Its Psychopathology

Someone asserts on his blog that religion is the bedrock of the rule of law.Bizarre when you consider that if you tried to count how many people have been slaughtered in the name of religion you would not know where to begin and it would never end.The only reason most people no longer kill in the name of Christianity is because it has lost its power over the people,its day has gone and it has been supplanted by another religion doing the same old things it used to do namely Izlam.

Still, where Christianity does still exert power it uses it to abuse children and then seek to cover its tracks re the catholic church revelations scandal.Human beings seem to have the need to tell themselves fairy tales written in their DNA,every race and nation under the sun has its own religion,Gods,God,myths,shibboleths and one's religion is almost entirely based on geographical circumstance: if you are in China you are Buddhist,India-Hindu,Israel-Jewish and so it goes.

Then we have sectionalism.The last time anyone counted there were two thousand Christian sects alone and they each claim they are the true and only one.Human beings seem as I say to have been telling each other tall tales since the earliest recording of mankind,libraries are full of books,replete to the rafters of tales,myths,fables,allegories.Its what humans do.Even the Bible turns out to be a plagiarisation of previous texts which featured tales of floods,virgin births,resurrections etc.

Mainly religion is and always has been about the power to control others through fear,the Churches were the first instance of totalitarianism and it was about controlling people in this life by threatening them with hellfire in the next if they did not fall in line.Human beings do have the capacity to be irrational,to be riven with superstition and they embrace the supernatural to avoid having to take responsibility for their own actions,it is an act of moral abnegation and thus in essence the ultimate moral depravity.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peter Hitchens Channels Marx

It's good to have these things out in the open rather than subject to speculation and supposition but even I am quite shocked by Peter Hitchen's latest essay into Marxist thought on his Mail blog where he quotes Marx at length in what can only be described as a rant and harrangue against Capitalist progress and innovation and Peter marvels at its prophetic nature.Peter hates progress too you see and would rather we went back to a pre industrial idlyl presumably where there are no horrible cars, people go around on bicycles -his favourite mode of transport,there is no pollution,folk know their place and go in fear and trembling of the Lord and there are definitely NO Sunday opening laws.

With his desire for rail nationalisation and all of the above it is hard to see how even the broad church of Conservatism would find room for the likes of the delightfully batty and eccentric Mr Hitchens but as he is a self confessed ex Trotskyite now-Conservative one is left marvelling on the profound inefficacy of his conversion.

Old Labour Dog Returns To It's Vomit

Red Ed Militant is returning to his roots by invoking the spirit of '45 when Britain first went Socialist and its cradle to the grave enslavement officially began. From defeating German Socializm to embracing British Socializm,this was surely Britain's darkest hour.Yet the Marxist reared Mr Milliband thinks it was great,he has a poster on his wall of the architect of this miserable misbegotten Welfare construct Clement Atlee himself.

You have to look carefully at his portrait because Mr Atlee bore an uncanny resemblance to Lenin and this of course is just where the similarities begin.Both of them were consumed by a toxic nihilistic ideology of State supremacy over the individual, both shared a hatred of Capitalism and a wish to destroy it once and for all.Many Labour members had close links with the Soviet Union and looked to it for intellectual inspiration and direction.

Yet Mr Milliband is misty eyed about this appalling period in British history where the people voted for their own serfdom and where only the prophet George Orwell could see the writing on the wall when he penned his masterpiece 1984 which it turns out was simply the year 1948 reversed,a satire and terrible warning of the shape of things to come under the Big Brother State.

Back to the future with Old Labour, with a centralist command style economics, an I'm alright Jack union militancy and Labour Leftists taxing what is left of the economy into oblivion -what's not to like?

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Totalitarian Kid On The Bloc

The admirable Hitchens asserts on his Mail blog that Britain does not need Trident Nuclear weapons any more because all the bogeys have been slain.We can turn our warheads into ploughshares. But there is a little Hitch.Izlam.The new totalitarian kid on the bloc.Maybe the Soviets decided that it was better not be Red than dead but will these kamikaze muslims feel the same about their cult? Think so.All the while the mullahs can send their foot soldiers out to be martyred they are quite happy but if they were faced with nuclear anhiliation they would no doubt think twice before acting.We need our nukes to make sure they do just that.

Silly Mr Hitchens,take your place alongside the others before who thought the final war had been fought.Besides he claims the Soviet Union will never return,we have buried it.More dissonnance I fear. Even here barely a day goes by without the expression of Communist Socialist sentiment amongst our liberals.We have adopted part of the Communist manifesto with our progressive income tax,the State is bigger than ever before.

Human nature has not changed since the end of the cold war.Izlam is the new Communism and as Iran stands on the brink of acquiring nukes only the MAD would suggesting disarming.

Hitler Speaks At The UN

Armadinnerjacket comes to the UN,makes his customary anti semitic death to Israel rant and America does -Nothing! This Hitler is on American soil.Why don't they arrest him,charge him with war crimes,cart him off to Guatanamo,torture and execute him? America is in paralysis mode.Instead of being behind Israel it gives the Iranians all the time they need to secure their nuclear facilities.Strike while the Iran is hot should be the watchword but of course with Obummer in charge it's all systems stop.

Meanwhile the minister for railways in Pakistan puts a fatwa on the film maker who brought us the much appreciated anti Mohumud youtube and the world does Nothing.Surely this imbecile should at least be drone-targetted?

And now this craven appeasement to evil even manifests itself in the Daily Mail of all places.Another customary attack on Salman Rushdie for daring to write Satanic Verses just to draw attention to himself as the journalist claims and bemoans how it cost the UK £13 million to protect Rushdie from the fatwa.No it cost far more than that.By refusing to take Iran on for defacto declaring war against the UK Iran was emboldened and a fairly straight line can be drawn from that appeasement to 9/11.The Rushdie affair and the mishandling therof cost the world dear and continues to do so to this very day for shame.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The March Of The Catastrophilliacs

The peddaling of conspiracy theories is an industry in itself.Whether you work for the mainstream media or operate on the fringes in David Icke country where they do things differently, you do so to pay the bills.The only real difference is the end is nigh catastrophiliacs claim they are operating in a high minded way, on a higher plane to save humanity from itself but when this obvious self serving rationale is put to one side the bottom line is,well,the bottom line.

I do listen quite regularly to the con theorists and what is noticeable is the rambling non sequitir nature of their discourse.You get one construction overlayered with the next, invariably contradicting the former, on top of which yet further are piled creating a veritable melange of baseless theorising extrapolatives signifying nothing .

Books,dvd,TV programmes abound proving that feeding people's paranoia is becoming big business,as witness by the fact that Mr Icke now fills large stadiums.The vacuum left by the mass exodus from organised religion has now it seems been filled by New Age credulity.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The White Queen's Off Her Head

As this is supposed to be a constitutional monarchy with the latter as mere figurhead what is the queen doing receiving the PM every week for private consultations the details of which cannot be legally divulged as they rightly should? We know the mad would-be King Charles is forever despatching missives to ministers with his meddling prattling crackerbarrel greenist interventions which of course is a complete violation and abuse of convention and protocol but the latest revelations by BBC reporter Gardiner show how this practice is not just confined to the batty prince.

The queen too is on on the act and this exposes the hollowness of the pretence of non involvement by the royals in British politics.The unseen power on the throne indeed.

The Psychopathology Of Modern Politics

To pursue the theme from the previous post I pose the following question: what sort of person gets involved in modern politics? For the most part activism and radical politics is the preserve of the Left and that is for another discussion but in national politics ie politicians one can discern a certain archetype,a pathology at work that is instructive to examine.If altruism is a product of low self esteem ie we give to acquire approval and status as a caring compassionate person what can be said of those who in politics seek self esteem and moral cachet by giving away other people's money?!

Values normally have to be earned but in the human realm as well indeed in the natural world living beings can mimic certain types of behaviour in order to in effect steal values from others.Creatures can assume an innocuous unthreatening exterior to deceive unsuspecting creatures into thinking they are harmless and when close enough they pounce and devour their victim.

Plants and creatures can camouflage themselves in order to disguise their true intent.So it is in the human realm.We call such behaviour sociopathy or psychopathy.

The world of politics is not just replete with such characters but in its present construction actually facilitates and attracts such human pathology.For in modern politics the prize goes to the party that can most convincingly persuade its electorate that it possesses all the human characteristics the culture most values ie compassion,caring,giving.Thus the more taxation a party can extract,the more 'benefits' it can promise blanking out of course where such 'benefits' derive from-the more popular and successful the political party making the biggest promises will be.

Thus can it be seen that we have a political system that mirrors the predatory dog eat dog system in nature albeit dressed up in semantics and sophistry.

Compassion By Proxy

I've spoken in the past about a favourite political pastime I have termed 'vicarious philanthropy',ie the giving away of other people's money in welfare or foreign aid.It is the stock in trade of all corrupt politicians who like to cut a moral dash on the political stage and win votes by vying with their opponents as to who can give the greatest amount of others people's money away.It is such an obscene evil it is hard to get one's head around the kind of amoral vacuum that the perpetrators of this fraud must inhabit.

In order for this organised looting of the people to be pulled off successfully it has to be accompanied by an artfully constructed language of morality so such words as compassion are deployed thus making it hard for any opponents of this wholesale plunder to oppose it on moral grounds.It will follow as night follows day that any abuse of freedoms by a government on its people will be automatically accompanied by an abuse of the english language in order to facilitate the smooth execution of said abuse and so is it here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homage To Catatonia

As a footnote to my recent pieces on the evil of Izlam I just note that people who are quick to anger as muslims clearly are, are surely contravening a principle that most religions teach as a fundamental,namely the exertion of self control.It is observable that Christians do not react to provocation when their faith is being routinely assaulted by all and sundry.They keep a dignified counsel and the idea that they would threaten the ridiculers of their faith with violence let alone death would be unthinkable.And yet these violent hysterical juvenile paroxysms of rage in response to every slight - real or imagined - against their prophet convey the distinct impression that muslims doubt their own beliefs and are not confident in the verity of their professed religion.(Small wonder!)Dignity and grace are surely the lodestars of any religion worthy of respect and yet in this basic fundamental and rudimentary precondition of faith Izlam is singularly and starkly lacking.

These are my beliefs and if you don't respect them I will kill you is hardly the response of a civilised man and yet this is the default position of Izlam to any criticism and that being so it is the reason I do not believe Izlam has any place in the civilized world and should be banished to the outer reaches of the earth.

What lapse of journalistic judgement it was for the BBC radio 4 to invite an Izlamist on to the Today programme who refused outright to condemn the imposition of death threats directed towards any purveyors of anti Izlamic sentiment in the media despite all the legendary persistence of John Humphries to extract it from him.He should have been ejected from the building,interview over as soon as he crossed that line but of course being the BBC he was treated with the same respect as any other normal interviewee on the programme.As Lenin once observed of his liberal supporters, these useful idiots would sell us the rope to hang them with.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Churchill, Greatest Conservative?

Ok it has to go to Churchill not so much for helping to destroy German Socialism but for pointing out that English Socialism would lead to the same loss of liberty and freedom for which he was roundly vilified but prophet-like turned out to be correct.He also wrote a brilliant expose of Izlamism which again showed how visionary and prophetic he was on a truly Orwellian scale.

Liberals,Communist crime Syndicate

The only good thing to come out of the coalition is the total discrediting and destruction of the Liberal party and the complete toxification of the brand.The conference season is upon us and the liberals are indulging in their customary pastime of attacking the wealth creators and threatening them with persecution and visits from State heavy mob taxation vigilantes.Like the Mafia that goes round pillaging businesses the Liberals are threatening to hunt down the entrepreneurs with their tax goon squads and rob them of the fruits of their labour to fund liberal welfare programmes.Clegg's disgrace and public humiliation is just reward for heading a party motivated by malice and hatred of the productive.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep The Aspiration Flying

Advice from Richard Branson to would-be entrepreneurs: DON'T GO TO BUSINESS SCHOOL! Well,from someone who was a semi-literate,semi-numerate high school drop-out and has become one of the most successful business men of his generation I guess he knows wherof he speaks.Makes you wonder why people waste so much money on courses that are guaranteed only to part the students from their money.Get out there and run a business says Sir Richard, and learn by doing.For once practice comes before theory.In an ideal world all the schools would teach properly but this is not the case and the school of life is where it's at.

Muslims,Thin Skinned Rats

A muslim day of anger is a redundancy as for muslims every day is a day of anger.Outrage is their default mode.French cartoon depictions of their prophet - piss be upon him - have upset them.Well diddums,suck it up,its called freedom, clearly an alien concept to these primitive dark age troglodytes.It has almost become a duty for liberty loving folk everywhere to ridicule Islam and muslims just to show them that they will not silence free speech or intimidate us into self censorship.

Izlam is a death worshipping cult and needs to be exposed.Its pretensions as a world religion should be lampooned,its leader shown for the suspect character he was and no respect given to this evil brainwashing cult.

Yes the crazed adherents of this nonsesnse will be out in force rampaging and frothing at the mouth just as their false prophet was wont to do.The rest of the world should look on and laugh at its absurdity and send a clear message that this behaviour is infantile,delinquent and will not silence its critics but make them more determined to face down this crude primitive anti-human death cult of Izlam.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mitts Are Off

The way the BBC Today programme reported the video recording of Romney castigating the welfariat you would think he was caught confessing to beating his wife or something worse.Liberals have the capacity to be shocked by the expression of common sense and the reason of the man in the street and are quite affronted by it.

It is just a plain fact that most voters on welfare vote Democrat.It is the party of the dependants just as in the UK.Most voters on the dole will vote Labour to get more benefits.It is such a corrupt system but the Left depend upon it for their very survival.

There are no votes in independence which is probably why the Left favour a useless education system that leaves many unequipped for the world of work and thus dependant on the State for their survival.More Labour voting fodder.

Rather than putting American voters off Mit's railing against welfare bums should be the very reason he makes it to the White House come November.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Towards A Libertarian Tomorrow?

An encouraging sign on the British political landscape in the last decade or so, not in itself but in what it betokens, is the rise of small parties challenging the hegemony of the big 3 and snapping at their heels electorally.Parties such as UKIP,the Greens,BNP,even Respect all indicate that there is room in British politics for non mainstream parties to make their mark if they resonate with enough people who are sick of the status quo.The only political movement conspicuous by its total absence on the political landscape is a libertarian one.This is a mystery I have not delved into but it is a perplexing one.I have no idea what percentage of the population would respond positively to a libertarian party but it is sorely needed.

One would imagine that such a party in promising radical abolition of most taxes with an endgame of their total elimination would attract a lot of financial support from business big and small and even more from people who feel as they indeed must that the State has just got way too big and none of the other parties are even discussing this let alone proposing any reduction in the size of the behemoth state.I have never discussed this with any libertarians as I know of none but again I wonder and am baffled at their silence and non involvement in the political process.

How To Defeat And Destroy Izlam

Countries across the world have succumbed to the threat and terrorism of Izlam.Wherever it goes it strikes terror into the hearts of weak psychotic nations who have been gulled into believing that tolerance of evil is good.With the support of liberals Izlam has infiltrated into every country across the globe and like a malevolent toxic virus it has overcome all natural resistance to its virulent strain of death.People have doubted their own reason and sanity and have allowed themselves to be intimidated by the evil of Izlam and its minatory threats against them.

The unholy aliance of liberals with Izlam has swept all before it.Countries with a former impeccable record of adherence to liberal values have fallen like dominoes before the onslaught of Izlamic intimidation and abandoned those values for censorship,fear and silence.In the UK citizens can be arrested for even criticizing the evil death cult of Izlam.Communism and Socialism once considered defunct ideologies have joined forces with Izlam to destroy all human values and set people up for totalitarian rule.When Izlam triumphs of course its liberal useful idiots will be put to the sword.

The only way to defeat Izlam is to understand its power which is the power of intimidation.Not responding to the pressure to submit and conform,standing unmoved at the insanity of Izlam and its threats will destroy the power it has over its victims.Once the psychopatholgy of Izlam is exposed it will be very easy to deal with it.This may or may not involve additional action including the nuclear option.Its time to start terrorising the terrorists.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Izlam's Useful Idiots

The Left has got a long inglorious history of sympathising with totalitarian regimes most notably the Soviet Union and for best part of the last century it was the poster boy of every liberal wet dream.The Labour party had links with the Soviets,barely ever criticised it,Left wing intellectuals drooled over it,both Shaw and Wells were hugely impressed with the Socialist experiment and apart from the sole and notable exception of Malcolm Muggerdige of all people writing in the Manchester Guardian in the 1930's after a trip to the Socialist paradise of Russia and exposing the lies and Potemkin village grand deception, the Left almost to a man and woman saw the Soviet Union as the living embodiment of the Socialist utopia.

Now of course in a desperate and cynical act of hysterical revisionism you can hardly find a single fellow traveller who would admit to ever being enamoured with the USSR.To listen to them they were all violently opposed to the whole thing from the start.Anyway when 1989 rolled round and the Berlin Wall fell and crumbled and with it the Soviet dream the Left were bereft and did not know what to do with themselves.It was pretty much all over for them by then and the 90's saw the election of Blair and with it the consolidation of centrist policies and the ditching of clause 4 and the Left were routed and retreated into a sulking sullen silence.

It seemed like history had dealt the Left a final blow from which it would never recover.Then came 9\11 and they could hardly believe their luck or contain themselves.Before the dust had even settled on what were the twin towers it was gloating in public,America had brought it upon itself,had got a bloody good hiding.Historians,philosophers pundits all lined up to critique the US and soon were to join forces in the huge anti war demonstrations and so began the Blair demonisation and of course, the Left's pro Izlam coalition was born.The Left useful idiots, phoenix-like had risen from the ashes of history and had found another totalitartian monster to grovel to to.

Royal's Bare faced Cheek

The latest monarchy Kate furore does not show the institution in a good light.When the royals stop funding their lavish lifestyle with tax payers money they can have back their privacy.Until then the public owns their ass,and all points northwards.

Rabid Izlam:Elephant,Room

Still the pathological denial persists.It's just a few hotheads who in no way represent true Izlam.Yeah right.Everytime another astrocity occurs in the Middle East the same old line is intoned mantra fashion and no one believes it.There is no more a moderate Izlam than there is a moderate Nazism.Obama and Hillary Clinton come from a long line of masochist liberals who refuse to confront the reality of what Izlam is and represents - total human barbarisation.

Izlam is the ne plus ultra of nihilism,the desire for the destruction of all values and a return to the dark ages where brute emotion and blind worship of a supernatural entitity is demanded of sheep like people on pain of death at refusal.It was headed if we are to believe the records by an epileptic murdering paedophile.Its adherents betray all the characteristics of a cult,slavish obediance,mindless conformity and a willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend their mad cultic beliefs.

Wherever Izlam goes,death, carnage and genocide is never far behind.The rabid followers take their cue from the epileptic leader who had a penchant for little girls.Contrast this with the moral virtue of a Christ and we see the yawning chasm between Izlam and Chritianity although I hold no allegiance to any religion these days.

Ignorance and a complete denial of individual rights characterises Izlam.Where Western values teach dialogue and debate Izlam still knows recourse only to the edge of a sword.It has had no reformation,it is unreconstructed and poses the greatest threat to civilization.Until we recognize these facts and stop rationalising the barbaric evil of Izlam we will only encourage further atrocities.

The Arab Spring Time for Hitler should wake us all up to the folly of aiding any arabic country in the deluded belief that they want secular liberal values just like us.This weeks event in Libya should surely put pay to that liberal delusion.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Christianity Began As A Cult' (BBC)

Could this possibly be true -that Christianity began as a cult? It was asserted confidently as fact on a BBC history programme about Britain.Say for a moment it was true then the only conclusion could possibly be that it still is a cult.Distance in time does not change the essential nature and origin of things ie longevity does not bestow upon stupid ideas any moral or intellectual legitimacy.A fallacy uttered a thousand years ago is still a fallacy today.The number of adherents a particular idea or philosophy attracts does not lend it any more validity either.Everyone used to believe the world was flat and those who said otherwise were considered heretics and were persecuted but they just turned out to be correct.(Incidentally the ones doing most of the the persecuting were religious.)So I think it is safe to conclude that yes,a) Chritianity did begin as a cult and b) it still is.Amen.

Time, distance,the hypnotic suggestion and power of authority,tradition and social conformity have all conspired to intimidate folk into believing something that were it appearing for the first time today would be summarily dismissed as the worst sort of cultic hysteria and supernatural doggerel and charlatanism promulgated by fraudsters and mountebanks playing on the credulity of the sperstitious masses - much in the same way that psychics ,tarot card readers,chanellers and astrologers do to this very day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Boris The Big Government Tory

Borris is boasting about the £3 bilion plus he stole from the taxpayers to fund the Olympic games claiming it was money well spent and displaying the kind of cavalier attitude to State theft you would normally only expect from some potentate in a third world Marxist State in South America.This is the great electoral prospect many desperate frustrated and delluded Tories appear to be banking their hopes on in a post Cameron world which apparently for them cannot come a day too soon.

Crackerbarrel airport schemes,rumoured standing in a bi election in Richmond to replace the mad Green crazed Zac Goldsmith,it appears many tories would prefer Boris - cult of personality loose canon- Johnson to someone who displays principles and actually believes in something.

As if in harmony with Borris a union boss was crowing about how the olympic games demonstrated how the State could deliver even better than the market omitting to mention how his union had threatend to ruin the games if his mafia mates in the public transport system weren't bunged piles of money to avert a strike.If you steal money from someone and put on a very large party for all the down and outs you can find and then claim that it was all a huge success and demonstrated how theft was a good thing most people would think you were insane but this is in effect what both Borris and the Union bosses are arguing.Perhaps they both calculate correctly that the public have been too bedazzled by the spectacle to realise that they will have to pick up the tab for the bread and circuses of the last month.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Saint Peter Hitchens Is Wrong On Drugs

Much as I admire him for being a stout and sturdy defender of real Conservatism I have to say on the drugs issue I believe Mr Hitchens could not be more wrong.I would have thought that for even an ex Marxist like him the degree of State intervention required to police what substances people ingest would have given him pause but apparently not.Perhaps when one discovers that the admirable Peter also favours renationalisation of the railways (and perhaps the post office as well?)it is not so inconsistent after all.

It is noticeable that both sides of the political aisle have their own pet issues and areas where they favour State interventionism and neither are known for any consistency here.Tories tend to be broadly speaking non interventionist in economic areas but favour meddling in personal behaviour matters whereas the Left are more liberal in the latter but urge meddling in economic areas.Only libertarians are totally intellectually consistent and of course they are always conspicuous by their absence in UK politcs.

The argument for drug liberalisation has to be made on the individual rights issue and not the ridiculous one of being a way of reducing crime.You could argue on those grounds that burglary should be de-criminalised! It is the anti Big Brother argument that should prevail and which policy has led to the ridiculous failed and doomed prohibitionist approach that has had such comprehensively dismal results with historical parallels that only the ignorant can be unaware of.

Conservatism: No Such Thing As Individualism!

In the Deep End section of Conhome is an article repudiating Conservative support of individualism and it is a must read for all those who mistakenly hold that Conservatism and individualism are synonymous or in any way compatible.Of course being a Conservative attempt at 'philosophy' it serves up the usual mush of confused ideas in an almost deliberate attempt to obfuscate and confound the issue but if you are expert as I have become in decoding Conservative-speak the implications of said article are clear enough.Once individualism is obliquely critiqued in this fashion the way lies open for Conservatives to justify State intervention and big government solutions be it in taxation,regulation and general all round State meddling.Belittling and downgrading the role of individualism in the context of freedom cannot but have this corollary.

This is one more floating of trial balloons for Conservatism in its steady inexorable drift to the Left and should surely serve as a warning and reminder to any prospective Conservative voters that a vote for this party is a vote for more State,more controls and more government.

Paralympics Unintended Legacy

Proud as I am that I have not watched a single olympics event or paralympic either because I am opposed to State tax funded sport I have to say that the paras have served to expose the myth of disability which should have profound implications for the whole notion of welfare disability programmes.Now that it has been demonstrated so graphically just what disabled people can achieve the very argument that they should be patronised with welfare has been blown out of the water.They are just as much capable of doing some sort of job as able bodied people.

This not inconsiderable inference is what I and I hope the powers that be will take away from the events of the last few weeks which otherwise have induced in me at least ennui and irritation in equal measure at all the hype that has surrounded them.

Freedom Illusion?

Someone in conversation asserted confidently that no one is really free and I kind of got what they meant but thinking about it more it is nothing but a commonplace for every creature in obeying the requirements of its nature is constricted and circumscribed thereby.A human being cannot jump off a building and fly.A cat cannot swim underwater in the ocean,a dog cannot rebel against its dog nature and wile away its days surfing the internet etc.

All creatures are delimited in their behaviour by their nature and their requirements for survival through certain self sustaining actions.There is no absolute freedom as such,only within certain prescribed parameters. The prescription is dictated by reality.

The person in question was probably bewailing their human circumstances specifically in the need to work and earn a living.Yes it is true human beings have to trade and exchange goods and services.Right from the first humans living in caves,hunting and foraging etc certain actions were needed to sustain existence and so it is today in modern human societies.To bemoan the lack of freedom to do whatever you want in defiance of the requirements of your existence is to turn away from reality and indulge in wishfull thinking denial.

Of course some people have relatively more freedom than others.A Richard Branson versus someone working in Macdonalds for instance.We don't all come from privileged backgrounds, we have to make the best of our circumstances.So whatever freedom we can exert within those limits we are essentially free moral agents in the choice of actions we take to sustain our existence and pursue values compatible with our nature for the enjoyment and fulfilment of goals.

The only freedom we do not possess is the freedom from reality.If we choose to go against our nature we end up as a bum on welfare having others do for us what we have abdicated responsbility to do for ourselves.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Rabid Obummer Demagoguery

Obama represents the phenomena of the mountebank in its most advanced form and it is exceedingly depressing that according to polls at least half the American electorate would like to see him remain in the White house.Public 'education' has certainly done its job on them.He was at his usual and customary sociopathic Elmer Gantry tricks at the Democratic convention yesterday,seeking to promote his toxic and insidous un American message of envy and division along Marxist lines, manipulating base instincts and deploying his acquired sociopathic tools of plausibility and dissimulation to that end.

For all his many faults at least Clinton did not bankrupt the country in pursuit of his ideological goals.This president has no such qualms and only a return to sanity by the electorate in Novemeber with a swing to Romney will assure that he does not succeed.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Melissa Benn Is Madder Than Tony

Thankfully I have gone all this time without knowing of the existence of Melissa Benn daughter - spawn of Satan Tony.Yesterday that all changed when she appeared on a 'debate' on radio 4 with John Humphries about State education versus free market education.Needless to say the panel was stacked in favour of the State with one token free marketer in the form of the redoubtable James Tooley.He was contstantly talked over by the obnoxious Melissa Benn,ridiculed and generally baracked by her each time he attempted to get a word in edgeways.

No matter how appalling Tony Benn is with his Marxist ideology he certainly has more manners than his vile offspring who it turns out had a Marxist 'education' in a State school the name of which escapes me now in the 1960s which was characterised at the time as 'a Socialist Eton', disgracefully State funded.This is what Melissa would like for the whole country,its children sent off to Socialist brainwashing camps to be indoctrinated into the right way of thinking.The arrogance and the delusion of this evil woman had me reaching for the sick bag.

Thank God this government is attempting to free education from the malign death grip of the Marxised unions and councils and liberate them from State Sovietisation and the social engineers of human souls masquerading as teachers.For too long the likes of Melissa Benn have been infiltrating the educational establishment spreading their evil toxic ideologies and at last they are feeling the fresh bracing wind of competition and enterprise.No wonder they don't like it as the rude obnoxious behaviour of Melissa Benn last evening clearly demonstrated.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Seductive Allure Of Conspiracy Theories

Re my last post and the furore it sparked on the Keiser site it has got me thinking about why conspiracy theories are so compelling to so many and I think in part it has got something to do with the decline of organised religion.People seem to be hard wired in their need for simple explanations that will resolve the complexities of life and they also require the Armageddon factor, an obvious throwback to religion.The end is nigh - and the banksters are to blame!It gives them a focus for their rage.

Conspiracy theories tend to attrtact those unhappy with their lot in life.Now they have someone to blame,a focal point for their hitherto unfocused rage.There appears to be a need for a hate figure.This is the theme of Orwell's 1984 and the State recognising this gives them four minutes of hate where they can rail and vent against the hated figure on the screen.

Once people have been captured by these false salvation artists they will go to any lengths to defend their false belief and will not take kindly to anyone who exposes the ridicuous figure behind the curtain pulling their strings whether it be an Icke, Keiser or whoever

(Footnote.I normally get 25 visitors to this obscure site.In the last 24 hours or less I have got One Thousand,yes,1000!It was not my intention but can't pretend am not pleased!)

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Max Keiser Syndrome

Having watched the clowning of Max Keiser on RT over the years I have come to the conclusion that his ilk of alarmist conspiracy theorist declinists are the modern equivalent of the soothsayers and withcdoctors of medieval times with their end is nigh doomsday scenarios.Keiser lends his rantings a patina of pseudo intellectuality by invoking his past experience on Wall St but this is a mere cover for his virulent anti Americanism and anti Capitalism although he claims that he is for pure Capitalism but his constant ad hominem abuse of Ayn Rand clearly belies this.

As RT is a propaganda vehicle for Putin's Russia it is hardly surprising that the latter is the elephant in the room that never gets mentioned or critiqued by Keiser proving that he is every bit as much in the pockets of vested interests as the people he lambastes.With his sidekick Stacey Herbert they vye with one another to see who can excel in florid rhetoric and absurdist caricature of the financial world but underneath the bombastic hyperbole is the same left thinking that charcterises most conspiracy theorist purveyors.

Politicians And God

People often accuse doctors of playing God but they are the height of modesty compared with politicians especially those on the Left who want to control every human action from 'the cradle to grave' and see it as an affront and an act of heresy if anyone demurs and questions their divine right of intervention into the minutae of people's everyday life.

Most Conservatives it has to be owned are not much better and go native as soon as they get into office and take to empire building with little compunction.They also do not like criticism as I have found to my cost over at Conservativehome website brainchild of Tim Montgomerrie as I have now be banned from the comment section due to the fact that I critiqued the party from a libertarian perspective.It seems they are more comfortable with the Lefties who infest the comments than me which I suppose should be taken as a compliment.It will free me up to concentrate on political activism and my foredoomed failure to save Conservatives from themselves will hopefully serve as a lesson not to waste time on lost causes in future.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Woman's Hour Pisses Me Off

Here is how it works when it comes to any 'discussion' about Ayn Rand in the mainstream media.The host invites two people on who are hostile to Rand and gives them free rein to vent and excoriate by slur distortion,defamation and disinformation.Not one but two 'experts' are wheeled on to do the hatchet job.

You might suppose that at least on a public service broadcaster such as the BBC that some attempt might be made to have one of the guests in question be sympathetic to Rand and at least put her arguments forth honestly for the sake of balance which the BBC is always at pains to assure us it strives for.But no,in a blatant non balanced fashion Ayn Rand bashing is what we were treated to on last weeks' excerable Womans Hour on radio four.

It is standard practice as I have mentioned before when it comes to Rand but really it applies across the board no matter what the subject under discussion is.The BBC has got away with this egregious tendentiousness for half a century and the only solution would be the one Rand herself would advocate namely the removal of the TV licence from the BBC so that it can be free to proeselytize its 20th century collectivist credo without benefit of tax payer support.

How To Get People To Love Politicians

To change the near universal hatred and contempt the public has towards politicians into something approaching love or at least non hate is very simple.People hate politicians because they are paid for out of the public purse ie through taxation.If this were not the case and politicians had to rely on individuals and groups financing them through voluntary contributions all the anger felt towards politicians would melt like snow in the summer sun.

It is obscene and profoundly undemocratic and a violation of individual rights that anyone should have to finance a politician who has opposite views to them.This works both ways of course.Just as I resent having to finance George Galloway a dyed in the wool Lefty would resent having to finance Cameron and his Tory cadres.My solution obviates this problem.Yes unions can support Labour if they choose but the caveat being that the legal immunity they got from Labour 100 years ago regarding immunity from striking would have to be repealed.If someone goes on strike that is a breach of contract and the employer should have the right to sack them immediately.

The answer to the argument that no one would want to be a politician if they were not paid out of the public purse is very simple. In a Capitalist system there would be very little for politicians to do and only a small percentage of the present commons intake would be required.Power lusters would have no scope for advancement as they would have very little to offer their prospective electorate in terms of bribes and welfare bounty and they would have to find expression for their psychopathic impulses elsewhere,perhaps in the criminal underworld which would be their natural milieu.

This of course also obtains re big business support for Conservatives.As there would be no meddling in business under a true Capitalist system businesses would not have to pay Conservatives what is effectively protection money to defend their interests from punitive taxation and bureaucratic Red tape.The whole lobby system would cease to exist and the grubby compromising backroom deals between politicians,unions and big business would be but a dark and distant memory.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Towards The Taxless State

It's time to think outside the ballot box.Tax serfs of the world need to unite for they have nothing to lose but their chains.Freedom and liberty are rights not to be voted away by the ignorant horde.The insanity of crowds has ruled long enough.The chains of guilt wrought by the toxic canard of altruism will be broken and man will stand erect on earth unbowed by unearned guilt.

Neither 20th century liberalism or discredited conservatism will stand in the path of freedom with their lies and half truths and mixed economy premises.Their preachments have led us to the maw of hell and as we peak over the abyss their nostrums will hold no sway, but will merely reverberate with a hollow echo signifying nothing.Their day has truly gone.

The shiboleths of democracy will no longer enthrall,the siren call of a socialised existence will lie exposed as the power lust of megalomaniacs and the nightmare of a dystopia without end.The liberal democratic illusion will be shattered,scales will fall from eyes,charlatans will stand naked, their game exposed, claims scorned, tricks unmasked.

1%, Persecuted Minority

Minorities are regarded with mystical awe and respect in Western Democracies -unless the minority in question is the 1% business community that provides half the total taxation take.This minority is persecuted mercilessly on a daily basis and has opprobrium dumped on it with ritualistic zeal by practically everyone

It is open season on the wealth producers and the only wonder is why they put up with it.Why don't they just shrug or at least organise and start a union and go on strike or something?Beats me.All we ever get from the producers movers and shakers is silence or an apologetic defence of their right to exist.They need some cojones.

They of course have been silenced by the thing I alluded to in the post below -the insdious toxic debilitating guilt creating power of altruism to hypnotise and subjugate all before it.Unless we can break the hypnotic power of altruism to paralyse all resistance and expose it for the self serving lie it is the wealth producers will continue to be persecuted and degraded and conmen of social parasitism will continue to enslave the productive through the tools of guilt and Socialist rhetoric.