Monday, January 30, 2017

Do the French need Le Pen?

As a corrective to the liberal drift and over-accommodation of the muslim importation in France Le Pen can be seen as a welcome tonic if only to rout the liberalist hegemony that has done so much damage to the french polity over the decades particularly with its Brussellphillia which she she will counter with a promise of a Frexit referendum. It is worth tolerating her for a season to return France back to its core secularist values that have been  compromised for so long. On the minus side of the ledger is the collectivist statist anti capitalist rightist racist  xenophobic nativism that her ideology and its cohorts embody which is itself a threat to the French Republic.From a Leftist agenda to a quasi Vichy one is not an advance but merely an exchange of one type of tyranny for another but in the round it is an improvement mostly because of the anti EU policy that Le Pen represents which could make her victory at the next election the final straw that breaks the  back of this insidious and regressive supra national institution that threatens  the rights and liberties of the whole of Europe.

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