Thursday, January 05, 2017

Leftist Mythologies continued

The gender pay gap! It is the litany of aggrieved feminists who iterate it with all the dogged dirge like repetitiveness of a mantra in the obvious hope that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. There is a gender pay gap but they will not admit that it is down to the life career choices women make regarding starting a family. They also choose professions that do not have the same career structures that their male counterparts choose such as the stem science oriented ones because they are less interested in them not because such professions are closed to them as they like to claim.

All the while it is women who have babies there is not really any way round this fact of nature so the feminist argument is actually with existential reality itself which they have always had a problem with and a lamentably tenuous relationship with at the best of times.

So what do women, or at least these feminists want.? Equal pay for unequal work! The same pay for Wimbeldon women tennis players as their male counterparts even though they only pay 3 sets as opposed to the men's 5 sets!

Employing a woman can often be a liability for if she is on a career path with her company how does the employer know is she will be around in a few years and does not want to start a family? She is paid less because that is an insurance policy for the employer for whom maternity leave is just another burden  so it is offset by lower wages for women employees.

Women with children work less hours in the workplace than men! They have different priorities,work is not the be all and end all for them. That is perforce reflected in their pay structures.When all these things are taken into consideration then, ie context is brought to this issue it can be seen that any talk of the gender gap is a load of feminist bollocks which is probably not so inapt a terminology as lots of this is down to nothing more than old penis envy.

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