Friday, February 29, 2008

Class Envy

The malevolence of the left is relentless. They just cannot tolerate the idea of academic excellence. Not content with trashing the grammars they turn to the educational vandalism of the few state schools that have acheived and seek to turn them into centres of mediocrity by bussing in the non achievers to effect some egalitarian socialist levelling and dumbing down. Schools have become laboratories of social experimenting and engineering instead of places of learning.

Now there may be a lottery used for selection. Choice is to be replaced with chance. Choice according to them is merely a 'mantra' and egalitarianism must prevail even though its baleful consequences have left a trail of devastation and educational bankruptcy across the State system.

Cut taxes radically and everyone would be able to afford private education. That would stop education being used as a political football.A governemnt dictated curicula is the sine qua non of totalitarians -which is probably why leftist love State Education.

The EU (Based On An Idea By Franz Kafka)

If the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance the cost of unfreedom is eternal billions

Useful Idiots Directory

It's good to have the enema within collected together in one place.

Council Tax Gold Plated Pension Scheme!

On the Portaloo programme we saw the old newsreel footage of the Poll Tax riots which putatively brought down the Thatcher governement. Here's what has replaced that system.Where are the protestors in Trafalgar Square - why strain at a gnat and swallow a camel?

Welfare Waffle

Politicians come and go but the welfare state endures. We have periodic hand wringing, a flurry of new policies -and nothing changes,except that we have yet more people dependent on welfare programmes.

You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to work out that this is by design. Politicians need a client base and the unemployed or 'disabled' as they now call them are that base.They certainly know how to keep their customers satisfied..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Webb Of Deceit

I find Justin Webb's despatches from America for the BBC hard to listen to because he is so anti American, anti Republican,anti Bush. I do admire him however for managing to get away with his brazenly tendentious despatches on what is supposed to be a neutral,impartial public broadcasting service.(We call that chutzpah round here)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soviet Eunion Fines Microsoft

This beggars belief -but it shouldn't. What does is that Microsoft are rolling over and taking it. Not a murmur of protest or objection. Almost an apologetic tone from them. That is spooky.

Has it come to this when one of the most corrupt criminal instituions since Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia should dictate terms to a company that has done more to advance creative technological innovation bringing prosperity and enlightenment to tens of millions of people the world over? What has this miserable bovine,inert, morribund monstrosity called the EU ever contributed to the advancement of civilisation? Zero,Nada,nicht.

Bureaucracy is the process by which money is turned into pure waste and the EU in all its corrupt and miserable defalcating,kleptocratic mendicancy is an indictment on the West which has allowed itself to be shackled to this monster.

The British Are Coming?

Forewarned is forearmed...

I'm A Liberal?!

Redraw the political maps - the liberals support a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU! The Tories are covered in shame. That it takes the leader of the Liberal party to table a motion (or whatever is the arcane language of Parliament) proposing a debate on UK withdrawal of the EU is frankly staggering and mind blowing.

Of course it was frustrated and rejected by the Commons toothless old hag whose only prupose now is to rubber stamp dictats from Brussels. If you want to see a ghost ridden echo chamber turn on BBC parliament where the debate of ratification of the Lisblon Treaty is broadcast nightly and witness the last remnant of our great bastion of freedom reduced to defending itself against the EU fascist juggernaut with only a dozen people in the chamber. All MPs should be forced to attend and give an account of themselves.

If we ever pull back from this nightmare and survive it people willl view and regard the noble and valliant defender of our liberties Bill Cah in the same light as they did Churchill in the second world war.

When In the UK...

When people leave their home country it has to be assumed for purposes of logic that they are doing so to improve their life and environment.No one leaves a bad country for a worse one. They leave to get away from horrible conditions of ethnic ,economic,political,religious strife.

It surely follows therfor that when they come to their newly adopted country that they leave their cultural ethnic religious political baggage at the border and not seek import it into the welcoming country. To simply arrive at the latter and then start reconstructing their old country in the new one is madness incarnate.

The UK skyline is littered with domes of mosques. The old adage is illustrated that 'you can take the boy out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy'. This should never have been tolerated. Now we face the task of of dimantling this toxic architectural blot on the landscape and that cannot be done without anything but apprehension and great difiiculty albeit it must be done.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's History, But Not As We Know It

I only lasted 30 minutes with the BBC programme last nigh by Michael Portillo on Thatcher. There is only so much hysterical revisionism one can take. Was this man Ever a Tory? So many misreadings of events he was seemingly witness to! Mind blowing. All the tired conservative leftists were Trotted out, EU federasts ad nauseam.

The great historic events were skimmed over or ignored and with obscene haste Portaloo was at the Maggie demise ten minutes into the programme! That was dwelt on with something approaching relish and even the given causes of that was fallacious. The woman was victim of a left wing coup by the Heseltines -nothing to do with the Poll tax which was a darn good idea -or her views on the EU which were spot on, prescient and 100% bloody right.

Yesterday's terrible programme was another reminder why I will probably never vote Conservative again.

(I know I only watched half an hour but that is quite enough to get the tenor of a programme and to see where it is going.)

The most absurd comment amongst so many was when Portaloo claimed that all Dragons had been slayed and Maggie was seeking to create artificial ones.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm A Libertarian?


Gervais: Lenny Bruce Meets Coco The Clown

Only Gervais could get away with a politically incorrect joke like this: (paraphrase)

I saw that gay rally to reduce homosexual consent to 16. All those people protesting - people power. The Government had to give way. Didn't see any 16 year old boys there though. Just 40 year old men.The 16 yr olds were probably doing their homework ,or watching the rally on TV and thinking; 'God,we're buggered!'

In the ch 4 celebration of his work last night we also saw him taking the royal piss out of charity aid on TV in a quite merciless way. I haven't quite worked out what he does or how he gets away with it but it does demonstrate how you can get a point across with humour much more effectively sometimes than normal political discourse. It disarmingly gets under the radar and scores a direct hit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Faggots Cause Earthquakes!

An associate of mine insists that negative humanoid vibes can cause seismic climactic shifts. Someone in Israel seems to think so too...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ve Have Vays Of Avoiding Income Tax!

Bravo to German businessmen,hundreds of whom have apparently successfully evaded the punitive crippling Socialist Communist German income tax system by banking their money in neighbouring Lichenstein. To listen to the BBC World Service and the various German commentators one would think it was the German businessmen who were the criminals rather than the tax sytem which takes over half the earnings of the most productive German people and squanders it on lavish and foolish welfare provision which saps the moral energy of the most productive and supports the indigent worky shy.

One very confused person in the street bemoaned the actions of the busineesmen on the grounds that 'people should work for their money'! And then presumably have said money taken away to feed those who don't?!

O Bummer

A charlatan in the Elmer Gantry tradition, if this fraud Obummer makes it to the Whitehouse many will surely question the wisdom of allowing black suffrage. He is racism's ugly face, an empty vessel emitting vaporous superfluities,a purveyor of mellifluous nonsense and vapid generalities, peddlar of airy vacuities and non-specific mood music.

Completely bipassing the cerebral cortex, Obummer's speeches appeal to the unthinking black underclass in all its stupidity and fecklessness. Like a fairground huckster he promises something for nothing, appealing to the desire for the unearned - a values-free feelgood fix with working taxpayers footing the bill. A Democratic wet dream -leaving a very nasty stain behind(called Hillary?)

Indeed, Obummer is so Left as to be positively un-American - and actually makes Hillary appear moderate, which is no mean feat.

Never has the question 'Where's the beef?' more apt. The only meat the American people can expect from Obummer is pork -by the barrelfull.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro Communist Piece Of Crap Forced To Quit

Arch criminal, crook, murdererer thug,hoodlum,bank robber,charlatan,liar psychopath communist piece of shite Fiddle Castro is finally handing over the reins of his Cuban Commie hell-hole -and like a true despot is transferring power to his delinquent son or family members.

Liberals around the world will be crying copious tears,reliving their misspent youth idolising this idiotic preposterous man with his rambling speeches,absurd posturing and delusions of grandeur. A peddlar of myths, distorter of truth, enemy of promise, only the credulous Left could swallow this man's nonsesense whole, romanticising violence and deriving some vicarious parasexual thrill thereby.

Who can they worship now? As I suggested the other day the Castro clone prince Chavez is their best bet.He exhibits the same demented delusional character traits,the messianic theatricality windy rhetoric and economical illiteracy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Global Balkanisation

Ayn Rand was prescient in her essay Global Balkanisation. Nostradamus was an amateur. Just look at what is happening in Kossovo with their bid for independence. I don't usually agree with Putin who seems to have dragged the Soviet dog back to its vomit but in this he is right. It is illegal, unconstitutional and should not be recognised by the international 'community'. I am half hoping Russia will intervene militarily.

I've always thought the West was on the wrong side in the Balkans conflict and should have supported the Serbs in their battle with the muslim fascists. You could make a good case out for our missalliance with the muslims in that conflict leading to their actions re 9/11.As usual the EU is supporting ther Kossovans as it cannot see an argument without getting on the wrong side of it.

Heather,You Parasite

Heather Mills is a parasite! Scratch a feminist and you find a gold digging harlot. This woman hasn't got a leg to stand on. Ripping Macca off for £50 million, for what? Making his life hell and being a prize bitch. Everything is biased to women now. The legal system, the schools, the media.We are under the malignant sway of matriachal feminised hell.

Her apparent dislike of the Beatles hasn't stopped her from receiving royalties for life from the proceeds of said Beatles recordings.

Muhamud Was A Terrorist (Shock-Horror)

Kudos to the Danes for republishing the cartoon of Muhumud as a terrorist, for this indeed was what he was. His mad foam-flecked followers are merely aping(right word) their mad cult leader. The BBC thinks the cartoons are provocative which is hardly surprising considering where their sympathies lie: with the Devil himself in all his earthly politically correct Leftist Marxist Muslimist incarnations.

Thanks (again) to the Danes for refusing to buckle under death threats and pressure from the pusilaminious treacherous Muslimista-succouring Left in its mendacious multifarious manifestations.

Stray Observations

I managed just ten minutes of George Galloway on Talksport last night. The man is 54 for chrissakes and yet expresses the views of a rather immature university student who doesn't know his a from his elbow.Dallying too long on Planet Galloway is seriously dangerous for your mental health. (The man looks more like 65 by the way)

Last night he was trying to morally equate the actions of the US during the cold war to that of the Communist states. Yes America invaded countries George -to free the world from communist tyrannies that you seem to favour. There were Soviet Communist satellite /puppet/ proxy states in Latin America and many other places. America overthrew them - and finally overthrew Soviet Union. GET OVER IT! You have still got Marxist Cuba to drool over -for a while until Castro stops drooling over Cuba and shuffles off his mortal coil. Then there is the Chavez Castro clone....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts On The Creeping Talibanisation of the West

Is the Talibanisation of the West a reaction to the crass liberalism of the 60's? There is certainly a moral vacuum at the heart of society which the TaliBinistas have rushed in to fill. The baby killing, drug taking, acceptance of sodomists perverts and feminisation of society in the 60's and 70's was hardly a high point of civilisation after all.

The Martin Amis's view that liberalism is so tolerant of everything that it will tolerate the very forces that will destroy it seems to be born out by the Rowan Williams school of thought that Extreme Islam must be accommodated.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

File Under Charlatans and Impostors

He made a fool of everyone... Yet compared to the Mad Mullahas his influence was rather benign.People who do yogic meditation tend not to strap bombs on their person and blow themselves up. They may be up with the fairies but they do not exude the subhuman rage and fury of the Islamists.

Perhaps it is time to issue an ultimatum to the muslimistas: reject your death cult, convert to christianity -or get out.

Pure Evil of the Arch Bishop-Prick

For sheer wickedness this anti Christ sitting in Canterbury cathedral takes some beating. Who will rid us of this turbulent priest?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OBummer: The Black Satan

The spawn of Satan Black OBummer is so far to the Left he makes Hillary look like a Conservative.Collective insanity and mass Obummer hysteria sweeps across America felling all before it. The man is not fit to be a rat catcher, disses Bush wherever he goes and promises to parley with America's enemies.

Bin Laden is hiding in a cave and praying for a Obummer victory. Evoking the name of Martin Luther King, a serial adulterer, and Kennedy (ditto) maybe America's black people deserve Obummer. The rest of the world does not.Who was it said 'cannibals elect cannibal kings'?