Saturday, June 30, 2018

BBC - The NHS Representative Here On Earth

'Our' State broadcaster has a symbiotic relationship with the NHS of the pathogenic mutualist variety and it has gone into steroidal overdrive,wetting its pants over the 70 commemoration of the socialised monstrosity that is the NHS.

I used to be accused of hyperole when calling the above the National Holocaust Service but in the light of its serial killing sprees in Liverpool,Shipman country and now re Doc Barton otherwise known as Doctor Death it has now become an official fact.

If one person dies in the 'private sector' it is as tragedy -if thousands die in the 'public sector' it's just a statistic apparently. 'Move along folks,we at the BBC have to tell you there is nothing to see.

Instead we are going to eulogise and froth at the mouth in drooling worshipful awe at the socialist marvel that is the NHS and we are not going to let its wholesale in-plain-sight depradations and institutionalised genocidal acts of Hitleresque Eugenics stop us. (Eggs,Omelettes, know what I mean?)

Now when there is a tragedy in the 'private sector' and someone dies there is an immediate clamour  to Nationalise it! How come it does not work the other way? Thousands are killed in the Public sector of the NHS and not a peep of outrage from the virtue signalling caring Left media establishment.No cries of Privatise it!

Are the perpetrators under arrest? Well no,they are at large, corporate manslaughter is cool if it is the state doing it apparently. You not only get out of jail free but the BBC will take your side and give sympathetic cloying voice overs to one of the nurses involved who chose to be anonymous (?!) and feels victimized and scapegoated - just for being involved in a mass killing spree! life's so unfair eh what?

So now you know why you pay your TV licence -(or go to jail) -to fund the mouthpiece of horrors like this.Still the nation sleeps on....

Friday, June 29, 2018


Eminent domain or as we call it in ole Blighty 'compulsory purchase order' - far more honest I must own - is one of the most evil of government instruments on the sinister Stalinist scale. It simply means seizure of land and I believe the Scottish have made recent similar moves recently.

It's a bit like the appropriation of white farmer's land in Rhodesia (sometimes called Zimbabwe). Now the country lies in communist ruins the natives are saying the UK as former landlords should foot the bill for turning the wastelands of former white farms into going concerns again. Maybe the Zimbabwians invented Chutzpah?

But we digress. The British government is about to bulldoze the properties of over 500 people in order for the 4th or is it 5th Heathrow runway to be built. Leaving aside the fundamental fact that the State has no business whatsoever deciding whether a particular piece of infrastructure is built or not think of the obscene violations of property rights  involved in this horrendous proposition.

And we are told the Corbyns are Marxists. Who needs them - this 'tory' gov can do the job all by itself thank you very much. In fact,irony of ironies the Corb is against the Heathrow plans.

Lets hope Borris throws his great bulk in front of the bulldozers as promised -he might end up being of use after all.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Justice Kennedy goes,Whither now the American Constitution?

Bad day. With Justice Kennedy bowing out the 'president' will waste no time filling his not inconsiderable shoes with a rabid pro abortion religious zealot taking the country further down the road to a quasi theocratic authoritarian abyss. Maybe he should  just invite Putin and Erdogan to join him in the Whitehouse and have done with it.

Out Trumped

Ok,just when you think you have plumbed the depths of Trump's moral depravity he goes down another 6 fathoms. Hard on the heels of my reporting the felon in chief's riposte to Harley Davidson for daring to protect their business from Trump's criminal tariff impositions on foreign goods by moving outside the US he compounded his evil (re the white flag comment) by adding re HD: 'it would be the beginning of the end' for the American firm (true,thanks to you) and then threatened to tax it 'like never before' (Daily Mail yesterday).

He is a one man vomit inducing industry.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Red Menace and how to counter it

Liz Truss is interesting. If she can muster some fellow non statists to her cause it may stay the suicidal hand of the 'tories' although probably it's too little and too late. But nice to hear someone in the  party of dysfunction saying we are being nannied to death. No doubt she will be gagged and sent to Maggie purgaTory.

Someone needs to be on permanent Corb alert, issuing daily warnings about the threat he poses but I hear nothing nicht nada. The 'tory' disease of complacency and denial has reached a critical phase and it is in the Lemming Mode now -even trusting opinion polls again.

There is no one and that is scary. You counter Corb with principles but looking to the 'tories' is needle and haystack territory.

Peterson v Brook

Could this be the moment Objectivism comes in from the cold? Both parties have a lot to lose. Peterson is going into enemy territory at OCON but what if Brook gets swamped in the tsunami that is a single Peterson sentence -and it goes on for 90 minutes? Watch that space.

I see Peterson - (and it is no secret to my legions of followers lol) as fundamentally a fraud who says some interesting things but is a horrible admixture of mystic,Jungian,Nietzchean Platonist and psychobabbler. So Brook should wipe the floor with him but lets see. Should be a hoot.

Red Alert

As the country sleepwalks into slavery and wakes up to a Red Dawn I feel it my duty as the ghost of Churchill to warn my fellow Brits about the dire Marxian fate that awaits them,coming to a borough near you.

They may have fallen under the spell of the Brexit pendulum but in plain sight the Corb quietly slithers to power from the burnt ashes of what was the Conservative party, immolated by the Brussels Question.

The 'tories' need a divorce settlement -with themselves ,no marriage guidance counselor could possibly salvage the wreck of the marriage between Remoans and the Brexitistas,they are estranged beyond the point of no return, ireconciliable differences mean they will never be whole again. Liz Truss in her comments about the absurd popinjay Gove yesterday makes this  crystal clear.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

And Chutzpah of the Week award Goes to..

The US 'President' who after starting a trade war critiques a much predicted by me (and Reality) victim of it namely an American company by the little known name of Harley Davidson who have had a huge EU tariff placed on their bicycles (wot a surprise -no one saw that coming) and who have decided in sheer self preservation to withdraw from the home market and relocate outside the US and who have then been criticized by the very instigator of this self immolating policy himself, the 'president for: ' waving the white flag'.

How about throwing rocks at your next door  neighour's  house who then retaliates and when your  family  flees accuse them of  'waving the white flag'?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ha ha Mrs May Ha ha Mr Corbyn

These are taxing times -taxing past and taxing future. It's what governments do. First they starve 'front line services' ie those services only a state can and should  provide  ie police,courts and armed services. The public cries 'crime!',  'potholes' and then wrongly concludes -which conclusion the state has contrived they arrive at, that government must  really be short of money if even essential services are being pared down ignoring the fact that the same state is shipping out billions of pounds of their cash to support every godforsaken,flyblown tyranny and basket case country around the world.

Its bad enough we have a domestic welfare state crippling the recipients and bleeding the taxpayers dry but now the state in its infinite wisdom has exported that dysfunctional welfare system to the four corners of the earth in its international welfare programme.

And sure enough we are told the NHS is in crisis (hello!) and so taxes have to rise. If the public falls for that one yet again they truly will confirm the dictum that the people get the kind of government they deserve.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Military Coup in the UK?

If the gov falls over Brexit and a general election brings  Corbyn to power could there be a military coup, cited in the 'national interest' to prevent Britain going Venezuela? Too far fetched? Maybe but a Corbinista government is the stuff of which very real nitemares are made.

Will even London zoo be safe from the Corb Death Grip,  for the zoos in Venezuela -  his spiritual nirvana - have been emptied by starved victims of Maduro's socialist experiment (take 2 thousand). Surely the animal 'rights' people should be fearful of a Corbyn insurgency if only for the welfare of their beloved higher species who could well end up being torn limb from limb and voraciously devoured.

Maybe the pied piper of Islington has peaked with the fickle yoof, his firmament dimmed but who can be totally sure these days when mad parties are springing up in governments all over the blighted EU land. (Clowns to the Left of them clowns to the Right, here we are, stuck in the middle of EU).

Would the military be right to intervene in such a scenario? Not such an unreasonable question when one has to choose between a military rule and Marxist rule -  its the devil and the deep Red sea time.New Zealand anyone?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NHS Genocide, Shipman Revisited

Here we go again, the NHS killing machine has taken yet more lives. Socialism is murder and the NHS can do it on an industrial scale,with the connivance of the police and a whole slew of government agencies conspiring to silence anyone who dares to question why healthy people have died on a homungulus scale.

Expect more such horror stories until this socialist monstrosity is put out of its misery and the killing fields of socialised healthcare is dumped into the garbage can of history. 

US Exits UNHRC Toxic Dump

Hurrah. Sooner or later Trump had to get one thing right by the law of averages if nothing else and his administration's announcement that it will be leaving the cesspit of iniquity know as the UN 'human rights' council is excellent news indeed.

Some of its members are unspeakable basket cases of deplorables, try Venezuela which is actively starving and torturing its people to death and has reduced a wealthy nation into abject poverty crime and spiraling anarchy. Not a peep from the corrupt UNhrc about this or any of the other atrocities being committed by its own members - but of course its virulent anti semitism is given full rein in periodic  outbursts and condemnations against the tiny oasis of liberty and democracy in the whole godamn Middle East - Israel.

If only Trump would deliver the coup de grace to the whole stinking corrupt UN outfit by closing its doors in NewYork and sending it packing to a more appropriate and fitting country such as indeed Venezuela,Iran or North Korea we could be rid of the whole gothic horror show once and for all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Don't Be Vague. Ask for Cannabis

'Don't Tax My Drugs' Johnny Rotten aka Lydon. Vince Cable wants to. It'l bring in billions! Canada is doing it, 6 States in the US, Uruguay partially -the kids are openly smoking it on park benches in the UK -even toddlers want it! (don't have a fit, it's only for epilepsy). The only person who doesn't want drugs under any circumstances -apart from caffeine as he is a right tea boozer - is that old stuffed shirt, reactionary and faux eccentric Peter Hitchens, but then he wants Britain circa 1955 and that ain't gonna happen is it Peter you ex commie who apparently wants wholesale renationalization (?!) but we digress.

So between the time of drugs being illegal and possibly made legal the politicians have already got pound signs in their heads as they speculate on the vast windfall in tax revenues completely elliding in the process the obvious solution which is de legalisation and complete non statist non regulation and taxation ie a free market solution. (duh).

We don't mind the youth going to hell in a cannabis hand basket -we just want to be there when they generate the taxes for our further empire building. Never accuse statists of having morals!

As libertarians we would rather the youth did not so indulge but believe it is up to them if they want to go to hell in a cannabis haze and they should be able to purchase their product in any high st shop so designed to cater to their weakness,alongside the off licences -that should be de- licensed, and the candy stores promising teeth rot and obesity etc etc.

Furthermore all drugs should be legalised including the existing drugs only available through prescription via gov controlled chemists and similar outlets.That is to ssay that I as an asthmatic should be able to purchase an inhaler from a shop,over the counter,no questions asked other than are you over 18? If not come back with your parent. Simples.

Needless to say all such products should be untaxed and unregulated and let the customer beware,caveat emptor. We are adults after all -aren't we? Tell that to the politicians who are under the illusion which we have fed them that they are our masters rather than our servants.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hello Brazil? Say Hi?

145 hits in 12 hours - unless it is a Brazilian bot lol. I have heard glowing stories of Brazil from Yaron Brook. People in dire straits seem to be more ready to hear the Rand message or approximation of it. They who suffer much crave relief much.

The Europeans sail blissfully away on a cruiser, heading for a titanic awakening.....

Wither the NHS? (please)

The 'Tories' have for the longest time seen their mission in life as to be the janitor to Labour's statist excesses: we can make socialism work! We can turn the socialist NHS sow into a silk purse, we can clear out the socialist orgyean stables and make it shiny new again -and then Labour will reap the benefits sweeping back to power and the whole sick gaudy circus can go round one more time,2 more times - ad infinitum it would seem.

Why do they do it ladies and gentlemen? Because they are socialists under the skin and now shouting it from the rooftops. Or wasn't it always so,didn't the beloved Margaret Thatcher herself become famous in part for saying the NHS is safe in our hands or words to that effect?

So here we are now, 70 years on and the sickest soap opera in history grinds on. Politicians lied, people died...

The only reason it does so is because of the residual Christian socialist ethic of altruism. No matter how bad the NHS gets it will not die until that evil ideological philosophic cancer is eradicated fully from our culture -in other words no one hold their breath.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Gig is Up

A plumber puts a spanner in the works... The supreme act of folly by the Supreme court finding in favour of the plumber versus Pimlico Plumbers probably means the end of the gig economy - (so called but which is really just business unfettered from state socialist control re regulation and  'employee rights').

No doubt aware of the liberal composition of the supreme court this was a cynical act by the litigant to cash in on the anti business culture the UK and most other countries are immersed in  -to the detriment of all of course as it is the oppressive heavy handed state intervention in the economy which will ultimately cause its death spiral  like the economic sclerosis that so blights the whole European continent and has led directly to the backlash against it's stultifying job-destroying statism.

Another dream killed by the ultimate killer, Statism. The great Gig in the Sky -but not here on earth.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grenfell Grief Porn

Here we go again, my tears are greater than yours, my virtue has a wider bandwidth than yours, I feel their pain, lets have yet another minute's silence and with a bit of luck there will be so many no one will ever have to speak again. Beginning to wish.

The BBC thinks Grenfell is Social Housing's 9/11 and they are going to pedal the manufactured grief well, forever it seems. Its socio economic apartheid don't you know, it's s  sad commentary on divided Britain, the have's and the have nots yada yada yada, get the picture and less you don't we are going to repeat it on every bbc broadcast until you feel good and guilty you middle class haves.

So lets all breast beat together till we feel adequately down and guilty and: mission accomplished!

Friday, June 08, 2018

Daily Mail, NO!

Time to read the last writes on the Daily Mail as the legendary if deeply flawed genius Dacre is replaced by Geordy Greg  an arch Remoaner from the Mail on Sunday - its the stuff nightmares are made of.

When I was complaining about the paper's sad trajectory in a recent post I had no idea this disaster was about to befall it. It had lost its way a bit but was was still a vibrant force on the national if not global media  stage,  but now words cannot convey what a disaster this represents - an existential catastrophe!

Get the Fire Brigade!

Sauve qui peut!  or as the cloddish municipalised statist fire brigade nabobs would have it, 'Stay put!' The difference far from being linguistic has turned out to be that between life and death itself re Grenfell.

'No one is coming' said the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden but the trouble with the Grenfell residents is they believed someone was.

The fire brigade was nationalised in the 1930's as was so much else and after Grenfell it is time to privatise the service that has become sleepy,inert,corrupt or in the common parlance not fit for purpose.

Let us not also forget that the cladding used was an attempt to cover up the hideous brutalism of nationalised architecture of the 50's and the wider question Grenfell raises is the dubious and misbegotten concept of social housing itself. Up on housing project hill its either misfortune or infamy...

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Brussels and the Deux ex Machina

Brussels will save us, says the arch bishop - prick of pious Cant, Welby. God is dead, long live Brussels! We may not believe in God anymore (indeed we don't) but if  he does exist Brussels is his representative here on earth. Really?

Welby has said it would not be a disaster if the C of E was disestablished. I think we should take him at his word and bring about this thing devoutly to be wished. Then the witterings of this ridiculous absurd prattling prelate would be consigned to where they belong -oblivion.

Brussels he adds is the flower of civilization - alongside the bubonic plague and the rampaging tanks of the Nazi Panza division presumably?

Or is God's idiot  doing us all a favor by highlighting the moral intellectual spiritual bankruptcy of  religion per se and its  super-secular arm in the gilded halls of Strasbourg and Brussels - and indeed of all State bureaucracies for that matter?

Friday, June 01, 2018

Trump Flunks Economics 101

Another day, another supreme act of folly,the President is out of his depth in the Whitehouse for sure and he has surrounded himself with numbskull munchkins with as much grasp of economics as himself and they are clearly soley there as an echo chamber for his economic illiteracy and to massage his anti capitalist prejudices.

The scary thing is he has brought into the Whitehouse people who have been successful in business and yet here they are initiating some of the most destructive suicidal policies that could not be more counter productive than those  its worst enemies could dream up

By what right,what constitutional precedent can the president initiaite anti trade policies that will directly harm the American citizens it is his sole and only aim  to protect? If that is not an impeachment issue then nothing is.

This is government policy by emotional spasm and to hear the hare brained ratiocinations of his advisers and the bogus arguments they cite for this act of self immolation is truly staggering.Scaramouche was it it this morning and they are all reading from the same statist handbook and suffering from an advanced case of historical amnesia - or lets just call it plain ignorance.

China is 'dumping' steel on America - bring it on -poor people need more cheap imports not less. You cannot compete pathetic America? Try reducing your labour costs,remove all the job retarding regulations,the restrictive Labour practices,slash taxes. Duh. No,they will not do that because Trump is a statist thru and thru and an economic nationalist.

So called Communist China is more capitalist than America now. Conjure with that one. Liberals like to present it as communist because they can then attribute wealth creation to communism and then argue for it here at home but no one who understands the basic principles of the market could possible assert that what China has been up to for the last 3o years is communism. Politically,yes,economically no.

No communist country on earth has ever achieved the economic growth of China nor could it ever. It can achieve Venezuelaisation though.Watch out for the Red mist mentalist Corbyn in this regard.

Where will it all end? Where it always does,with economic collapse across continents,political instability and all its concomitant immiseration.No doubt the idiot president will be hauled back in line at some point before then and he will then be off on some other range of the moment tangent wherever his semi vacant lot  of a brain leads him.