Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Should Business be the State's Tax Collector? A Modest Proposal

The State is a gun pointed directly at the head of its subjects against which the latter have little or no defence. Yes they can vote out the offending political party which is enslaving them but the opposition waiting in the wings is from the same corrupt stock, a rival mafioso group waiting for their turn to tyrannise and extract royalties with menace. In fact the mafia analogy is inexact because its power its severely delimited in scope and scale and does not have the panoply of force at its disposal as does the State with its heavy arsenal and army which it can rely upon in the last resort when required to quell and crush dissent, an unspoken Damocles sword hanging over any potential rebellious faction that would dare to challenge State hegemony over the bodies and souls of its captive subjects with only their puny vote to protect them from their daily depradations.

Democracy is the figleaf all democratic despots invoke when about their business of subjugation through their bureaucratic offices that proliferate in order to admistrate this mannered despotism via the ballot box. Apparently you can fool all the people all the time in this regard.

Tho only possible opposition to this intolerable situation which cannot be remedied via the democratic process because it has been comprehensivley captured by corrupt officials and political parties with a vested interest in the status quo is simply non cooperation. Where resistance is possible it is morally imperative and this is where business can man the barricades by refusing any longer to collect taxes for the government in the form of VAT and National insurance and refuse to comply with minimum wage laws. What cannot be achieved in the streets can be achieved my mass non compliance with tax returns. Thus the notion of an employer's Strike.Employees are granted this right by the State because it is not threatened by it but a strike against its imposed and arbitrary authority will strike it a mortal blow and wrest power from its corrupt agencies back to the individuals who have been too long under its yoke.

It is important to stress that such a proposition as presented above is for the future and is the last resort to be used as a bargaining tool and not something to be advocated at the present time and the above is just an outline of possible future tactics when all appeals to reason and fairness have been comprehensively exhausted but it is a tool that needs to be in the arsenal of all those who oppose the tryranny of unchecked State gigantism and let it not be forgotten that it was of course a tool used by the founding fathers of the US and was the foundation of its institution lest I be accused of unprecendented revolutionary zeal and fervour outside the realms of civil discourse!

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