Saturday, July 26, 2014

Israel's Right to Mow its Lawn

The anti Israel hysteria is noxious and pure anti semitism.The Zionophobia of the media is nauseating. Why is Israel the only country on earth not allowed to defend itself?Why does the so callled international community hold Israel to standards it would never apply to itlelf? Did the West not fight a war against Germany in which tens of thousands of 'innocent German civilians' were burnt to a cinder?What sickening hypocrisy.Why does it perpetuate the lie and propaganda about 'occupied territory' when it is clearly Israel territory captured in a war it did not start?Why should Israel cease the blockade of wretched Gaza when it is a known and established conduit of arms intended for use against it by the psychopathic Hamas regime?Why is John Snow on channel four allowed his anti Israel rants, acting as a Hamas lickspittle?What a betrayal of journalistic standards, the man is a disgrace. The UN is an immoral rabble of racist anti semites and should be closed down as it has more sympathy with Hamas than Israel. If a man throws rocks at his neighbour's house from his own with his children at his side and his neighbours retaliate with rocks and his children are killed who is responisble for their deaths but him for using his own children as human shields,counting on the expectation that his neighbours knowing he has children in his house will not  respond in kind?  Yet the media says Israel is wrong to retaliate against Hamas rockets,Israel should turn itself into a human sacrifice and let the psychopathic Hamas prevail.Maybe Gazza should be razed to the ground.Whatever it takes.Go Israel.