Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Canute's Law

Are people really still complaining about automation lol? Peter Hitchens has done so recently and someone on RT was doing it today and in both cases the usual suspect Capitalism was in the dock - the whipping boy for the sins of Statism.Today it was argued that automation in transportation will put millions of men out of work as so many do delivery jobs and the automatically driven vehicles will spell their doom including taxis etc.

What did such men do before the birth of the automobile? It created all those jobs just as the next innovation will create jobs. The alternative for the Canutists would be man living in caves because every innovation threatens somone's job so lets just have the divine right of stagnation instead.

And what is the primary cause of automation anyway? Labour laws, unions unreasonable demands, the minimum wage,the Living Wage, regulation,taxation,restrictive practices ad nauseam Look across the channel to see how that is working out.

Innovation or Luddism, its that simple.


A man has been arrested for wearing the wrong t shirt which mocks Hillsborough victims. It was deemed his freedom of speech was threatening the feelings of others and upsetting them. This kindergarten retreat from the market place of ideas has spilled out of the universities and is playing out in the wider culture threatening to close down free speech altogether.

Anyone who cares about liberty and its bedrock freedom of speech and the concomittant right to offend should be very worried by these Orwellian developments. In a country where telling the truth or expressing unpopular non conventional views is deemed threatening and abusive and subject to prosecution and possible inprisonment via the  insidious introduction of a sinister new concept   called thoughtcrime and speechcrime the only victor is tyranny. First they came for the Hillsborough deniers....

What would a society without freedom of speech look like? We are about to find out if current trends are anything to go by. Of course we can look at a country that has totally eliminated free speech and it is North Korea but we have no grounds for complacency. You may not be arrested for criticising the dear leader David Cameron but you could well end up in the dock for lampooning one of our many sacred cows, for instance as alluded to, the alleged sanctity of Liverpool football fans.

Freedom of speech is what separates us from the animal kingdom where differences can only be settled by force and violence. Humans can resolve differences by debate and discussion. Remove that and the only recourse is to violence. Indeed freedom of speech is sacrosant or should be as it is a social safety valve that protects us from force and violence, where views can be challenged and combated by contrary ones in a free exchange of ideas.Once that is removed  only a rapid descent into barbarism is possible.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Who Loves EU?

We are told that the older generation are more pro Brexit than the young and that the working class are more likely to be anti EU than those who have been to university and we are suppose to infer from this that the bright and intelligent can see how good the EU is whilst the dull and uneducated are against the EU. But there could be another explanation. It is a little known fact that many British universities receive funding from Brussels and it is responsible for so called European Studies which is little more than thinly veiled EU propaganda disguised as objective academic study.

So insidious has the EU become that it is getting harder to find any institution that has not in some way been co opted and captured economically and politically  by Brussels. So the next time you hear a spokesman from an institution warning us of the perils of leaving the EU behemoth question its independent status and follow the money.

Age of Unreason

As a footnote to my last post it is worth pointing out that when reason is rejected people cast around for explanations  for current events and strange people emerge to satisfy the void left by reason. Conspiracy theories flourish,the likes of David Icke fill football stadiums with credulous followers ready to swallow whole his latest bizarre constructed castles in the air populated by shape shifting reptiles and denizens of Bilderberg.

There is no theory too strange or removed from reality that the people will not embrace so desperate are they for guidance and solutions and balms for their mental perplexity. Cynical manipulators emerge exploiting the credulous herd who have been abandoned and betrayed by the intellectuals and left to the tender mercy of the hobgoblins of little minds be they Icke or Russel Brand.

Religion of course has set people up for this credulous state, predisposed are they to accept tall stories from the beyond.

The Emotional States of America

What accounts for the emergence of populist political parties across the political spectrum - although to be accurate both Trump and Sanders and indeed Corbyn over here are collectivist statists of one stripe or another? It is the almost complete abandonment of reason and its replacement with emotionalism that is the cause. Pure unfocused rage seems to govern the populace and it attributable to the collapse of the intellectuals into unreason indeed into a total rejection of reason as man's tool of knowledge and its replacement with feelings and emotions.

Reality we have been told by intellectuals for generations is unknowable,objectivity impossible to achieve and we are left with intellectual constructs and arbitrary random theories entirely removed from concrete reality.

 Universities have gone from being places of intellectual enquiry to nurseries designed to protect the delicate  sensitive souls of students from being exposed to contrary views that challenge their preconceptions and possibly upset them. So no- platform policies have been intrduced to prevent controversial speakers from entering the universities and triggering emotional responses in the students.

It is in this prevailing atmosphere of intolerance to challenging different ideas,mistrust of reason, rejection of a knowable objective reality that the emerging populists are cashing in on, rising up and threatening to take leadership over the country in the form of Trump and Sanders whose electorate appears to be interchangeable. Notice how Trump talks in soundbites, vague generalities,rambles incoherently from one topic to another,contradicts himself in mid sentence,plays on the emotions of the crowd as all demagogues do, constantly demonises the other, stirs up primal irrational zenophobic fears and encourages protectionist anti American policies andpromises to build a Berlin Wall on Mexican borders.

Americans have gone over to the dark side where emotions rule and they are desperately seeking a furher who will look after them like the regressed infantilised cry baby emoters  they have sadly become.

End of the Estasblishment?

One thing the so called referendum debates on UK EU membership have demonstrated is how in thrall we have become to corrupt establishment elites and captured compromised institutions whether they be the EU itself, the OECD, the Bank of England, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the CBI all of whom seem to be in some way subsidised by the EU. How marvellous it would be if the British people were to stick a collective two fingers up to the lot of them and voted to leave. In one fell swoop all those institutions would be reduced in stature,their influence diminished considerably leaving them permanently discredited as they deserve to be.

These self same rotten to the core institutions failed to predict the biggest recession in a generation and indeed contributed towards it by their misguided policies and recommended Britain join the Euro another doomed venture, supported British membership of the ERM mechanism and have given consistently wrong predictions over the years.

A Brexit vote would devastate the establishment elites and change not just British politics irrevocably but the whole Soviet style EU construct and could even a trigger its complete collapse. Bright confident morning again!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Master of the Non Objective

Like everything else that issues from the lips of the arch charlatan Roy Masters his claim that he teaches an eecercise in objectivity is patently bogus. There is nothing remotely objective about his teachings which are pure unadulterated mysticism delivered in turgid doggerel. As I have had cause to mention in previous posts on this topic just being aware of your thoughts without analysing them or differntiating between them in any way is the very antithesis of objectivity and it is the level of cognition of a mental retard.This is exactly the state of mind he seeks to engender in his hapless ignorant followers as it suits his purposes which is of course to gain total ascendancy over their minds

Thinking,sorting one's thoughts,analysing learning the art of concept formation and arranging thoughts in a hierachy is what separates humans from animals and it is a unique capacity that has resulted in all the wonders of technologial civilisation.. Just observing one's thoughts is to reduce oneself to abject cretinism and it is no accident that this condition is typical of Roy Master's followers. I had the misfortune to spend a week at Roy Master's seminar in France in the late eighties and a learned Dutch memeber of the audience told me that he had been to countless religious philosophical seminars and he had never experienced such levels of cretinism and ignorance and stupidity amongst any audience as he did at the Roy Master seminar.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Rage against Atheism

Peter Hitchens makes quite a habit of abusing atheists mainly one suspects because he received such a humiliating drubbing from his brother Christopher in a debate about God years ago. In an extraordinary concession he openly acknowledges that he cannot prove God's existence but in a debate if one side admits that it cannot prove its case does not that automatically signal the end of the debate and  defeat for  the one so conceding? Yet on he goes resorting as he only can to ad hominem attacks against atheists whilst ignoring their arguments which he cannot refute by his own admission.

Religious believers are very thin skinned and cannot brook the slightest criticism. In the case of muslims they resort to violence and be headings. In Hitchen's case he has a fit of the vapors and is prissily indignant that anyone should dare to take on those of faith. You would think the last centuries of religious persecution,torture,imprisonment persecution wars had never happened. Now the religious are the victims - of satire,ridicule,contempt! And they just cannot handle it and are whining like infants.

Then there are the smears. According to Hitchens atheists are only so because it gives them licence to be hedonists,extolling sex drugs and rock n roll.This is much more like a confession on Hitchen's part. Without belief in a supernatural entity from another dimension he would be a hedonist without self control or moral compass.

He claims that an afterlife secures justice for people but man unaided by superstition and governed by reason can perfectly secure justice here on earth with objective law and the claim is absurd on its face.

What are we really dealing with here? Pure emotionalism. As someone observed most religious belief is neurotically determined. Religious people only have their emotions to govern them. Reason has been abandoned, what else is left?.Let us leave the last words  to Hitchens himself. 'You cannot prove God's existence.It requires faith and that is a choice.'

Master of Misogyny

Arch woman hater and religious nut job Roy Masters once said a very revealing thing on his radio programme that may very well explain his life-long pathological misogyny to which  anyone who has had the misfortune of listening to his horrendous radio programme would testify. He said that when he was a youth and being fairly handsome he could not understand why when he went into a restaurant or bar he was invisible to women who gravitated to the less wholesome type of man. Right  here we see  the roots of his venomous hatred of women,the sleight and abject humiliation he felt all those years ago of being ignored by the fair sex.

This festering hatred was nurtured for many a year before he eventually secured a radio programme where he could finally vent his bile and spleen against womankind.He would fashion an organization around his malicious misogyny and use religious texts to back up his perverted hate filled philosophy. Of course in this he was well served for where else but in the Bible itself is such molten contempt of women memorialised in the vile story of Adam and Eve?

(As a footnote no one ever told the beligerent chippy youth Masters that he was as ugly as sin and had the kind of face that only a mother could love. Of course as the late great Frank Cain once observed the deluded do not know they are deluded because they are deluded.)