Saturday, July 16, 2016

What Brexit Should mean but probably won't

We must demand not just the honouring of the spirit of Brexit which means the full repatriation of powers from Brussels but also the dissolution of those very powers altogether for if they are merely duplicated in Westminster it will be a pyrrhic victory indeed. I fear it will turn out to be just that as our own politicians are power lusters and they will naturally seek to guard and gather such powers jealously to themselves rather than relinquishing them. We may find that the Westminster dispensation is no different from the Brussels one but all the more chagrining and onerous in that it will be our own government doing the enslaving. This we must guard against but I am not optimistic.

How to End Future Nice s

Here is the recipe to bring the outrages like Nice to an end .We must stop fighting proxy phoney wars like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya et al and go straight to the head of the snake, Iran and Saudi Arabia and take them out.. Take out Mecca and Medina militarily. End of..

Erdogan the Anchora W####r

Pity the coup failed and was bungled. This vile Izlamist Erdog is ripe for overthrowing. The Turkish military should have studied the Egyptian model to see how it is done. O well,next time hopefully.

Religion Poisons Everything

Religion is a cancer devouring the world. The carnage in Nice was religiously motivated. The fact that the pepetrator was a unhinged psychopath does not alter the fact that he was radicalised by religion and used it to justify his psychopathic acts.

I see the vile evil bastards proselytising their christanity in town and there is not a hair's difference between them and the Islamists except the death cult of Christianity has been de fanged, disempowered and all it can do is rail at its arch enemy reason and science. It no longer has the power to enslave and torture and now just makes bleating noises as it seeks to gull the imbecilic, the psychotic and the philosophically disarmed.

Religion indeed - all religion without exception is a cancer and the  cure and antidote is reason,science and ridicule. If there is a hell which of course there is not it would be reserved for the religious and their preachments, for all the misery and suffering it has inflicted on mankind,the oceans of blood it has spilt,the wars it has caused, the mental psychological havoc it has wreaked over the centuries and to this very day. A plague on all its houses.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet the New Boss..

How quick the tories were to close ranks and place their Establishment lickspittle Treason May in Downing St acting for all the world like the referendum had never happened and the status quo had not just received  its biggest thrashing in living memory. With her Stassi approach to 'national security' where everyone is under cyber surveillance it truly is now the Nazi Party and this vile woman has lost no time in positing a far left socialist programme that would not be out of place in the Socialist Worker's party manifesto. She will lose no time also in sabotaging the EU Brexit negotiations as an unprincipled Remainer who skulked in the shadows during the referendum debates waiting to see the result and then hoping no one would remember she was an ardent defender of the EU and its criminal depradations.

As the Labour party tears itself apart its business as usual for the tories who spurned the best possible candidate in Teresa Leadsom who could have truly ushered in a capitalist revolution and opted instead for an amoral mega statist robot who will lead the UK to its ultimate demise down the long and winding road to serfdom.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Remain in denial

Further to my comments on the illiberal nature or the Remain side is the despicable way those Remainers in the Labour party are now seeking to depose the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn and replace him with a New Labour apparatchik via a crudely staged  coup.

In the past Trotskyites and Marxist of every ilk had to sneak in the back door of th Labour party and seek to undermine it from within as entryists but thanks to Milliband's change of rules last year they can come in through the front door clutching their three pounds membership fee and this they did in their tens of thousands and now comprise Corbyn's not inconsiderable army of activists but it is no point bewailing this state of affairs when it was willed by the party itself and it now has to live with the consequences rather than seeking to drive its democratically elected leader from his post in a maladroit and bungled putsch.

This unseemly spectacle is only surpassed by the hordes of Remain's bad losers who have taken to the streets demanding another referendum because the first one did not go to their liking.

Remain's dirty little secret

Funny how the great champions of democracy have turned against it now it has delivered a verdict they do not agree with. They are saying the referendum was a mistake and that it should never have been called. This of course is not a new conversion to the anti democratic position as the advocates of the EU supported it for that very reason, namely that it is anti democratic and  they are quite open about  this declaring that the EU secures worker's rights which politicians in Westminster cannot be trusted to defend; in other words the EU is good because it circumvents the will of parliament and ergo its electorate!

Instead of democracy the Remainers favour a technocracy -rule by technocrats and experts,a global elite comprised of the IMF,OECD,UN,EU,Bank of England et al. Electorates are pesky ignorant,uneducated,troublesome guaranteed to vote the wrong way and they cannot any longer be allowed to thwart the global elites who alone know what is best for them. As a half way house they favour proportional representation which will dilute the popular will and mitigate against its worst effects ie someone like Thatcher who under that system would never have come to power and brought about her anti socialist revolution.

Not only has the referendum therefor liberated the British people from the tyrannical totalitarian yoke of arbitrary rule from Brussels but it has also exposed the EU defenders in the Remain camp as profoundly illiberal and anti democratic. Indeed,the referendum is the gift that keeps on giving because it also provides schadenfraude in the form of the sight of Heseltine and co near foaming at the mouth that their master plan to enslave the British people has been so comprehensively thwarted. The only pity is that Edward Heath the chief architect of the EU UK folly is not here to taste the bitter fruit of defeat to the dregs. Still, Heseltine will do.