Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Wounds All Heels

Channel surfing as I do I came across and Indian TV satelite channel playing an old Krishnamurti lecture.He spent 40 minutes telling people in his characteristicalyy 'exploratory' way that the problem of Fear is caused by Thought.And Time. Words and thinking are the problem.Thinking about tomorrow.Sitting upright, sedate and somewhat rigidly he peppered his discourse with 'are you following me?' None of the audience piped up and asked him the obvious question: why if words are the problem have you spent the last 40 minutes using words -isn't this a glaring contradiction?Wonder what he would have said.

His core message was attenuated to say the least.We are divided by religious identities he claimed.Fair enough.But then his piece de resistance seemed to be that the main problem with us is this false concept of Self,Individuality.In pure Hinduist fashion he said this is an illlusion.We are all one.There is no division.To me this is bunkum.If someone hit him on the head with a blunt instrument would anyone else feel it but him?.Others may empathise but they wouldn't be the ones with a very sore head.He would.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I know this blog is supposed to be about smashing revered images but with the sad passing of pop icon Michael Jackson normal service has been temporarily suspended.

The first time I heard I Want You Back was in 1970 at school although I was only 12(same age as Jackson) I knew straight away here was something unique and different.Here was a child prodigy and although he went totally la la and a whiter shade of pale, his position as major contributor to popular music is unassailable.I never believed he was guilty of the charges levelled against him and even Roy Masters who is no fan of music expressed similar sentiments.He was more Peter Pan than Pied Piper.

It was always improbable that he would ever make it back on stage in his frail condition to perform his gruelling routines that had made him world famous and financial pressures coupled with dependency on various medications were probably the final nails in his coffin.

Perhaps in mourning his passing those for whom Jackson's music provided some sort of soundtrack to their own lives are really mourning their own lost youth but whatever the case hopefully the undoubted genius will find in death the peace that elluded him in his troubled and strange life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Galloway's Ultimate Disgrace

Should the Iranian Tv station Press TV be allowed to broadcast from a studio in London when it is funded by the extremist Muslim Revolutionary Guards In Tehran and is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Totalitarian Iranian Muslim Theocratic State which has been busy trampling upon the Iranian people in recent days in murderous fashion,arresting dissenters and jailing them?

A State moreover which is headed by a demented dictatorial,anti semitic,Holocaust-denying madman hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons,an aspiration which it seems he will imminently achieve if Obama is the Muslim Manchurian Candidate his most recent counter intuitive outrageous speech on the Middle East would suggest. A no-brainer you would think yet this station continues to spew out its tendentious,biased and abusive disinformation and is now employing the odious and arch lickspittle of all things totalitarian George Galloway who has made a career of evil giving succor to some of the most vile and Fascistic dictatorships across the globe and is now whoring his black arts of propaganda for his Iranian paymasters in true Lord Haw Haw fashion.

Healey Thyself

You can always tell where a person is coming from if they hate Margaret Thatcher.It is a litmus test.The unalloyed hatred of the Left toewards her is very instructive.It is almost 20 years since the great Revolutionary Leader was ousted by the moral pygmies of her Party yet the Left still cannot hear her name uttered without going into paroxysms of Pavlovian rage and foam-flecked fury.

The latest example of this phenomenon was the vile and odious 'Lord' Healey on BBC's Radio 4 Desert Island Discs who barely having opened his mouth vilified her memory with a monstrous canard,namely that she was a bad politician because she had no interest in the arts or music.This when it is well documented that she likes poetry and music.But moreover,this from a spiteful and malicious failure of a politician whose disastrous Socialist policies brought the country to its knees, forcing the inept chancellor - none other than Healey himself - to go grovelling ignominiously to the IMF for a bailout.To this day the wretched man cannot bring himself to acknowledge the massive and invaluable contribution Thatcher made to the economic and political revival of this country.

He is I suppose, more to be pitied than despised, but I do wish the BBC would not treat such discredited relics of the Socialist 70's Left with such hallowed deference and respect as if they were an institution when in reality they belong in one.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Palaces Of Socialism Are Built On The Ruins Of Fatherhood

With its crypto religious nomenclature,Socialism, the God that failed has blighted civilisation across the centuries and brought it to its knees.Why has such a patently bogus,false secular religion held such hypnotic sway over the masses and still to this day continues to seduce and inveigle its way into the human psyche? The People of the Lie need sustenance,the lie lovers need lying leaders.

Technologically Mankind grows in leaps and bounds over the generations but morally and spiritually no such growth occurs and each new wave of humanity makes the same old blunders only varying the theme.

Evil came into being through the Woman so the Bible tells us -the first point of contact.The corruption source is the Woman.Christ had no female disciples or Apostles and for good reason.Women were expressly designed to be the helpmeet of man,not his intructor,guide,leader. All modern political movements have the female principle at their core be they Socialism,Communism,,Fascism: Power through seduction,deceit,false promises of earthly glory.The Female Satan Principle lies at the very black heart of all Collectivist States.

Consider their agenda.Communism and Socialism seeks the destruction of the Patriachal Family and its replacement with the 'Cradle to the grave' Welfare Mother State. This is effected by the following means. Easy no-fault divorce, destruction through ridicule of the Male role model through denigration,legalisation of abortion,homosexuality,proselytising the latter in schools to five year old children -sexualising them paedophile fashion,dispensing condoms to minors.This is the work of the Satan Mother Feminist Marxist State seeking the total anhiliation of moral bourgeoise values.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Interesting Times Pt 2

There is a political vacuum in this country and it must not be filled with Fascist parties like BNP or Far Left Greens.The time for the Capitalist argument is now if it can be put cogently and forcefully.Whether such a movement will emerge is anyone's guess but the time has never been more ripe when the whole present political system has been exposed as nothing more than an organised crime syndicate.

To expect this sea change to be effected by the Conservatives is worse than futile.How many hopes have been dashed,how many times has that party failed to grasp the nettle and reverse the Socialist tide that has engulfed us? They do say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.Voting Conservative would fall into that category. The Tories consistently side with the Socialists whether it be over continued British membership of the EU,defending the NHS,supporting the Welfare State funded by egalitarian redistributive taxation,supporting State Education system,promoting the environmentalist anti Capitalist Green agenda ad nauseam.The Tories are Blue Labour -one waddling quacking duck of Socialism.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Interesting Times

Thw whole stinking Political Class is in freefall,the corrupt cabal of Westminster chancers have been exposed as frauds,malcontents,power lusting criminal bloodsucking parasites. And it is election time!This could be the biggest revolutionary change since Cromwell.Now is the opportunity for root and branch reform.

Thanks to the Telegraph with its scoop of the century we have a real chance to bring down the whole putrid fetid noxious rotten political system of patronage,nepotism,Tammanay Hall crony Socialism.