Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bill of Rights: What to guard against

A Bill of Rights would not enshrine the faux rights so beloved of liberals and as enunciated at the inception of the UN which precipitated Rights inflation with every added 'right' of some minority negating and occluding fundamental individual rights which was its main purpose, ie,to so obscure the nature of rights  as to render the concept meaningless and null and void and to thus rob people of their liberty in the very guise of protecting it.This rights inflation is an attempt to debase the currency of rights altogether and to pitch arbitrarily constructed groups based on non essential characteristics such as sexual orientation,ethnicity,race,colour,creed, against one another via a strategy of divide and rule into pressure group warfare. This degeneration of rights into a free for all is the endgame and nadir of democracy and is a monstrous fraud perpetrated against the individual -the greatest minority of all - by political hucksters and demagogues.

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