Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Democracy Is Slavery!

Mr Elephant in the drawing room Democracy is the problem.It is the mantra all Demagogues use when they wish to enslave the masses with their own vote.Like the Jews who paid for their rail journey to the gas chambers we pay our slavemasters and go freely to the ballot box to do it.Socialism via mind control has got pretty much everyone in its grip and only the blogosphere is attempting to awaken the living dead to its plight but there is no sign of the life as yet from the corpse of the UK Collective which suggests the rot has gone too deep and there will be no immaculate resurrection from the dead.

We are effectively crying in the wildernesss.The mainstream media has become a cesspit of Statism and in the words of the stalwart Fox presenter Glen Beck is the true fringe media.We are the mainstream.Is there a 'we' or is there only me? I despair of fellow Conservatives.In the UK the Conservatives are so far to the Left they are more like American Democrats.I have very little in common with them to the point that I am thinking of no longer calling myself one.I am ashamed and embarrassed by them.Their proposed reform is so tentative,timorous and peicemeal that it hardly warrants the term. Cameron is a slippery Social Democrat,Tory so- called intelllectuals are seeking to adopt the 'progressive' mantle and there is an unseemly rush to the centre which is already overcrowded - if the centre of a vaccum could be so described.There is a depressing and weary predictability to the Prime Minister in waiting Cameron's pronouncements and but for the fact that another four years of Brown would break the camel's back I find myself wishing for the Tory pre election cat in the bag triumphalist tone to be silenced by hubristic defeat a la Kinnock back in the 90's with his hillarious pre-election victory rally.

It is only when you listen to the ConservativeLabourLiberal Man with his emollient samespeak where words are uttered totally devoid of meaning that you realise just how much work would need to be done to change political dicourse here in the UK,what a Grand Canyon of a chasm there is between the politcal classes and the man on the street who is the victim of the Democratic stitch up and the dumbing down by the Liberal media and State Education establishment. What tyrannical sway the Statists hold over the hapless bemused and hypnotised masses! If it takes two or three generations to breed out the intelligence,indpendence of thought and autonomy of people this is not going to be undone in a generation, if ever.As the spiritual guide and seer Roy Masters has said, it is easy to corrupt someone and brainwash them,almost impossible to undo the damage.A nation reaches a critical mass of rotteness and decay and like the Roman Empire there is no way back.Have we reached this tipping point?

We have to ask a simple question.Are the Tories able and willing to do what will be required to save this country from moral spiritual intellectual decay and death?To ask the question is to the see the folly of such a forlorn hope.Is it sufficient to cross your fingers and hold your nose and just vote Tory? No! They have been given the benefit of the doubt for too long.They have no answers.They have become part of the problem.Whether it be tax,welfare, law and order,BBC,the EU their response is to compromise,parley,appease,temporize,accomodate,,negotiate and surrender.This is betrayal on a industrial scale.It is business as usual,the politics of consensus that Thatcher shattered in the 80's for which she was summarily stabbed in the back by her own party. Since then it has been one long retreat as a default mode for the party that lost its nerve and has been apologising ever since for the one brief moment when it actually believed in something other than power for power's sake.Vote for that? Surely only Conservatives with a self esteem deficit and a masochistic streak could possibly consider accomodating such moral cowardice and delinquency by rewarding it with their vote?

Who will dare question the Sacred Cow of Democracy? Who will point out that the Democratic Emperor is stark naked? Who will challenge the root of Statism, Socialism and Welfarism, which is the rotten intellectually morally bankrupt philosophy of self sacrifice? The sacrifice of the good to the evil,the moral to the imoral,the demented to the sane, the pure to the impure, the industrious to the slothful,the sober to the drunk,the thrifty to the profligate.Step forward men of valour and courage and expect to have a ton of Liberal ordure heaped on top of you!Do not flinch,do not cower and you will come out smelling like a rose.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neue Labour Macht Frei

As the New Labour project putters to its denoument no one who favours freedom over tyranny can be that optimistic about the incoming Cameron Project.Conservatives on other blogs seem to think that a Tory government can improve on the mess left by Labour but the feeble and half hearted reforms they are promising will clearly not do the job which means it will be business as usual,politics as usual -unless a new way is presented and there seems to be no one or no organisation coming forward with the kind of radical solutions to the UK's ills that would be required to save it from its present predicament.Perhaps it is the case that a country can reach a tipping point when things have gone so far that nothing can save it from terminal decline.I think we have reached that stage.In 1979 when Labour last took the country to the economic brink at least we had Thatcher to start her revolution.Now we have David Cameron...

So what can be done? I think the Conservatives are a bust flush and there is no point thinking that they will be able to offer the radical reform or revolution required.We will have to look elsewhere.At this point my ruminations lead me to a large blank out.Do my thousands of readers have any answers?Until Conservative voters come to the same conclusion about the Party that I have come to we are set for more of the same I am afraid.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brown On Anti Depressants

Rumours are circulating round Whitehall that Brown is on medication for depression.Figures.Socialism is a mental illness.The only antidote is Capitalism. If your whole ideology is hatred of the achievers and a desire to rob them of the fruits of their labour to give to worthless mediocrities then your self esteem would be zero and you would have recourse to a chemical cosh to reduce your awarness of your awful depraved mental state.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

America Under Foreign Occupation

The Trojan Horse Muslim Manchurian Candidate Faux President Obummer let slip his mask this week fomenting racial hatred with his comments about the arrested professor.His beer at the Whitehouse shennanigans compounded his foolishness and has furthered the impression of a shallow opportunist president with deplorable judgement.

This racist smooth talking demagogue is busily embarked upon a Socialist Communist takeover of America's healthcare system seeking to reduce it to the shambles of the UK Socialist NHS.This is truly an American tragedy in the making.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John McDonnel Socialist Asshole

I don't often fight an urge to thow something at the TV but I had to last evening listening to the trogluddite Socialist John Mcdonnel calling for 'massive redistribution of wealth' to fight the supposed gap between rich and poor which according to a report out Monday instigated by Brown has grown ever wider under this Labour government over the last 10 years.We all know why that is.Social mobility flourishes under a meritocracy.Under a mediocracy is goes into reverse.Egalitarian Socialist meddling,Social engineering,tampering with exam results, dumbing down the curicula,ending grammar schools,punitive taxation, all drive excelllence to the wall and rewards mediocracy, creating a stagnant effluent society.Welcome to Nu Labour Britain.What better representative of this non aspiring,whining, loser failed state UK than the grievance mongering mediocrity himself Mcdonnel,Socialist throwback Old Labour mafioso godfather figure.And John Snow was in awe at this towering intellectual figure of the Left.'What you are asking for is a revolution isn't it?' he drooled.The mauling rottweiller of interviewers became a docile and fawning lickspittle.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Evil Of Psychology

The Gary Mckinnon case involving the UK cyber terrorist who the Americans want to extradite encapsulates what is wrong with the modern pathologising and therfor excusing and whitewashing of human evil.This moron decided he would hack into US military comoputers ostensibly to explore his obsession with UFO and conspiracy theories.The Daily Mail is organising a campaign to stop the extradition on the absurd grounds that McKinnon is suffering from 'Aspergers Syndrome' and was not responsible for his actions.

Leaving aside the fact that this once great newspaper has lurched to the Left in recent years and is now anti American,anti Israel and anti War on Terror this is an inexcusable populist campaign on its behalf and plays to the modish inclination of the Left to attempt to excuse away every form of human evil by giving it some bogus psychological term,inventing new conditions on a regular basis.Thus children who behave badly are not naughty or bad but are suffering from ADD and given drugs.Criminal and delinquent behaviour used to be punished.Today it is 'treated'.Psychobabblers have moved in to the criminal justice system and are ever ready to explain away every imoral act as a psychological affliction.Criminals go to hospital instead of jail.

McKinnon should be extradited.His imoral delinquent actions of military espionage could have triggered an international incident with nuclear weapons.What on earth is the Daily Mail and those idiotic Conservative politicians thinking of in defending him?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

When It's Moral To Lie

The mother who lied about her place of residence to secure a position for her child in a good school has been roundly vilified in the MSM as if she had committed a crime of high treason.She lied to the State and with the State in its present form that is an act of virtuous self preservation and moral integrity.Her legion of critics suggest she is setting a bad example to her children which is precious nonsense.She is protecting her children from the capricious,imoral irrational over- weening State. Any parent worth thier salt would do the same thing.

Most of her critics are hypocrites who preach egalitarianism for other people's children and send their own to independent schools -and Labour politicians are the worst hypocrites of all in this matter.

Let us examine briefly just what parents are avoiding when circumventing the average State comprehensive school.Tens of thousands of children leave the State system not being able to read or write or think in the realm of ideas.They have no History just an unrelated highly selective tendentious politically correct interpretation of history.Geography is little nore than environmentalist propaganda.All subjects are debased by political correctness.Sex education promotes a morals free ethics and the idea that homosexuality is normal.

The whole rotten corrupt system is run by left wing teacher unions and corrupt politicians.Until education is freed from the dead hand of the State parents will continue to do whatever they can to militate against some of its worse effects and if that means lying to protect their children they would not be loving parents if they didn't.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Conservatives Broken Moral Compass

The human oil slick Tory Cameron has made a career out of apologising for Tory virtues.Now he is seeking to curry favour with the perverted homosexual 'community' by apologising for supporting Clause 28 in the '80's.Homosexuals want to get to children.Clause 28 prevented this.Now teachers are effectively grooming five year old children into the homosexual lifestyle in the classroom.The sooner Conservatives realise that the Conservative Party is dead and gone and has been taken over by sodomite pandering Lefties,pinkoes,moral inverts and big Government Socialists the sooner we can start a new party which represents Conservative values and send this bunch of insidious Tory pretenders into the political wilderness.

Criminal Thinking

The Howard In League With Criminals Reform Group has just published a commissioned report which revealed that in the UK there are too many criminals being sent to prison! Meanwhile back in the real world most people know that only a tiny fraction of those criminals who should be in prison actually are.

This absurd organisation of criminal enablers goes on to make the ridiculous assertion that 'prison doesn't work'.Not if you let the criminals out after five minutes so they can resusme their life of crime it doesn't -or if you have 'life' sentences which last 15 years and then the psycho is free to carry on his criminal career.Hardly Newtonian physics is it?

After performing these amazing somersaults of reason and hare brained ratiocination the HLPR numpties make the following proposal for solving this 'problem '. Instead of sending criminals to jail we should be giving them money and gifts to alleviate their 'Social Deprivation'!How many years in University studying Sociology did these genuises spend to enable them to come to such a staggering conclusion?

Of course as we know, Liberals make a career out of promoting counter intuitive and sublimely nonsensical illogical ideas which they periodically inflict on the hapless population.Perhaps it is a conspiracy to drive us all nuts with their nonsense but whatever the case the best thing all right thinking people can do is ignore them or listen and then do the exact opposite of whatever it is they are proposing. Then all our problems really will be solved.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Wounds All Heels

Channel surfing as I do I came across and Indian TV satelite channel playing an old Krishnamurti lecture.He spent 40 minutes telling people in his characteristicalyy 'exploratory' way that the problem of Fear is caused by Thought.And Time. Words and thinking are the problem.Thinking about tomorrow.Sitting upright, sedate and somewhat rigidly he peppered his discourse with 'are you following me?' None of the audience piped up and asked him the obvious question: why if words are the problem have you spent the last 40 minutes using words -isn't this a glaring contradiction?Wonder what he would have said.

His core message was attenuated to say the least.We are divided by religious identities he claimed.Fair enough.But then his piece de resistance seemed to be that the main problem with us is this false concept of Self,Individuality.In pure Hinduist fashion he said this is an illlusion.We are all one.There is no division.To me this is bunkum.If someone hit him on the head with a blunt instrument would anyone else feel it but him?.Others may empathise but they wouldn't be the ones with a very sore head.He would.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

I know this blog is supposed to be about smashing revered images but with the sad passing of pop icon Michael Jackson normal service has been temporarily suspended.

The first time I heard I Want You Back was in 1970 at school although I was only 12(same age as Jackson) I knew straight away here was something unique and different.Here was a child prodigy and although he went totally la la and a whiter shade of pale, his position as major contributor to popular music is unassailable.I never believed he was guilty of the charges levelled against him and even Roy Masters who is no fan of music expressed similar sentiments.He was more Peter Pan than Pied Piper.

It was always improbable that he would ever make it back on stage in his frail condition to perform his gruelling routines that had made him world famous and financial pressures coupled with dependency on various medications were probably the final nails in his coffin.

Perhaps in mourning his passing those for whom Jackson's music provided some sort of soundtrack to their own lives are really mourning their own lost youth but whatever the case hopefully the undoubted genius will find in death the peace that elluded him in his troubled and strange life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Galloway's Ultimate Disgrace

Should the Iranian Tv station Press TV be allowed to broadcast from a studio in London when it is funded by the extremist Muslim Revolutionary Guards In Tehran and is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Totalitarian Iranian Muslim Theocratic State which has been busy trampling upon the Iranian people in recent days in murderous fashion,arresting dissenters and jailing them?

A State moreover which is headed by a demented dictatorial,anti semitic,Holocaust-denying madman hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons,an aspiration which it seems he will imminently achieve if Obama is the Muslim Manchurian Candidate his most recent counter intuitive outrageous speech on the Middle East would suggest. A no-brainer you would think yet this station continues to spew out its tendentious,biased and abusive disinformation and is now employing the odious and arch lickspittle of all things totalitarian George Galloway who has made a career of evil giving succor to some of the most vile and Fascistic dictatorships across the globe and is now whoring his black arts of propaganda for his Iranian paymasters in true Lord Haw Haw fashion.

Healey Thyself

You can always tell where a person is coming from if they hate Margaret Thatcher.It is a litmus test.The unalloyed hatred of the Left toewards her is very instructive.It is almost 20 years since the great Revolutionary Leader was ousted by the moral pygmies of her Party yet the Left still cannot hear her name uttered without going into paroxysms of Pavlovian rage and foam-flecked fury.

The latest example of this phenomenon was the vile and odious 'Lord' Healey on BBC's Radio 4 Desert Island Discs who barely having opened his mouth vilified her memory with a monstrous canard,namely that she was a bad politician because she had no interest in the arts or music.This when it is well documented that she likes poetry and music.But moreover,this from a spiteful and malicious failure of a politician whose disastrous Socialist policies brought the country to its knees, forcing the inept chancellor - none other than Healey himself - to go grovelling ignominiously to the IMF for a bailout.To this day the wretched man cannot bring himself to acknowledge the massive and invaluable contribution Thatcher made to the economic and political revival of this country.

He is I suppose, more to be pitied than despised, but I do wish the BBC would not treat such discredited relics of the Socialist 70's Left with such hallowed deference and respect as if they were an institution when in reality they belong in one.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Palaces Of Socialism Are Built On The Ruins Of Fatherhood

With its crypto religious nomenclature,Socialism, the God that failed has blighted civilisation across the centuries and brought it to its knees.Why has such a patently bogus,false secular religion held such hypnotic sway over the masses and still to this day continues to seduce and inveigle its way into the human psyche? The People of the Lie need sustenance,the lie lovers need lying leaders.

Technologically Mankind grows in leaps and bounds over the generations but morally and spiritually no such growth occurs and each new wave of humanity makes the same old blunders only varying the theme.

Evil came into being through the Woman so the Bible tells us -the first point of contact.The corruption source is the Woman.Christ had no female disciples or Apostles and for good reason.Women were expressly designed to be the helpmeet of man,not his intructor,guide,leader. All modern political movements have the female principle at their core be they Socialism,Communism,,Fascism: Power through seduction,deceit,false promises of earthly glory.The Female Satan Principle lies at the very black heart of all Collectivist States.

Consider their agenda.Communism and Socialism seeks the destruction of the Patriachal Family and its replacement with the 'Cradle to the grave' Welfare Mother State. This is effected by the following means. Easy no-fault divorce, destruction through ridicule of the Male role model through denigration,legalisation of abortion,homosexuality,proselytising the latter in schools to five year old children -sexualising them paedophile fashion,dispensing condoms to minors.This is the work of the Satan Mother Feminist Marxist State seeking the total anhiliation of moral bourgeoise values.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Interesting Times Pt 2

There is a political vacuum in this country and it must not be filled with Fascist parties like BNP or Far Left Greens.The time for the Capitalist argument is now if it can be put cogently and forcefully.Whether such a movement will emerge is anyone's guess but the time has never been more ripe when the whole present political system has been exposed as nothing more than an organised crime syndicate.

To expect this sea change to be effected by the Conservatives is worse than futile.How many hopes have been dashed,how many times has that party failed to grasp the nettle and reverse the Socialist tide that has engulfed us? They do say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.Voting Conservative would fall into that category. The Tories consistently side with the Socialists whether it be over continued British membership of the EU,defending the NHS,supporting the Welfare State funded by egalitarian redistributive taxation,supporting State Education system,promoting the environmentalist anti Capitalist Green agenda ad nauseam.The Tories are Blue Labour -one waddling quacking duck of Socialism.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Interesting Times

Thw whole stinking Political Class is in freefall,the corrupt cabal of Westminster chancers have been exposed as frauds,malcontents,power lusting criminal bloodsucking parasites. And it is election time!This could be the biggest revolutionary change since Cromwell.Now is the opportunity for root and branch reform.

Thanks to the Telegraph with its scoop of the century we have a real chance to bring down the whole putrid fetid noxious rotten political system of patronage,nepotism,Tammanay Hall crony Socialism.

Friday, May 29, 2009


The wisteria in the drawing room is Cameron himself as everything rots from the head down.He should resign and show an example.As Westminster is simply a clearing house rubber stamp for Brussels dictats our MPs are mere EU hirelings, a shabby collection of emolument sucking sinecurists and third raters.They are merely aping on a minuscule scale their Brussels puppet masters.

As MPs fall like nine pins our only response should be:Good riddance to bad rubbish.All Tories go native as soon as they hit the Westminster Village.They are parasites in a parasitic system.The only honour they have is the honour amongst thieves.All the while we have a system where politicians can practice vicarious philantrhopy with tax payers money they will maintain their delusions of virtue and culture of entitlement.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Media Lies

Here are just a few words used to describe Ayn Rand in a BBC2 Newsnight piece on Atlas Shrugged: a mad woman,fanatic,strange,mean,her novel contains 'Aryan youths with sharp cheek bones', an obssessive,vile,'dehuman',lacking in humanity.Her novel is cult-like suitable only for 14 year old children,her characters lack humanity,are without doubt.And so on. What does this tell us? Some of these comments were from Andrew Roberts who was supposed to be sympathetic. He explained that he was taken by Atlas but that was 20 years ago,presumably when he was 'idealistic' -something he now sees as an insult.

I think what all this shows is that people cannot deal with Rand and her message so their way of coping with her uncompromising reality and unbreached rationality is to resort to ad hominem and gross misrepresentation.How could anybody wade through one thousand pages of Atlas and come away thinking that Rand was a Fascist? Rosy Boycot for one,who made the Aryan slur.And here is the interesting thing.The word fascist is almost always used by people for whom it most aptly applies: liberals who beleive in big government and the all powerful State.What we have here is a classic case of projection.

To a liberal a book with the message that people should treat one another as free agents,basing their relationship on voluntary trade rather than State enforced coercion would be seen as 'vile'.In their inverted moral universe human sacrifice is the order of the day, 'need' is the highest value and independence and individuality is an evil that the State should work night and day to eradicate.In such a twisted universe that the liberal inhabits and wants to foist on the rest of us,any book which draws a picture of another world where people treat one another as non serfs and free men would represent a threat to everything they stand for.Every impulse to destroy values and human endeavour is threatened by such a book.It must be destroyed,its author ridiculed,slandered,calumnised,misrepresented and character assasinated.That is what the Newsnight prog set out to do,a demolition job on the truth and it was done with surgical albeit demonic precision.

Rand On Arab Evil

Over 20 years before 9/11 writer Ayn Rand had the measure of the Arabs.In this fascinating clip she references the sub human nature of the Arabs and their terrorist activities placing them outside civilisation.Pity no one was listening,least of all the vile Phil Donahue.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tories Are all Socialists Now

The latest Tory Tax proposal of 45p on those earning £100000 is just another dismal example of what happens when a political party abandons principle for pragmatism and thinks it can operate in an ideological vacuum.Divorced from reality it stumbles into the territory of its supposed opponents accepting all their socialist programmes and is reduced to merely haggling over tax percentage points.

Conservatives are spineless,gutless,cowardly and fundamentally immoral.They despise philosophy and end up taking on board the philosophy of their opponents as it is not possible to be an ideological free zone.They have never challenged the premise behind income tax which is essentailly Marxist,Socialist Communist egalitarian,redistributive and criminal, reducing the population to mere serfs of the State,enslaved to a class of theiving Socialist bureaucrats.

Here is the wretched and obscene endgame of a party that prides itself on militant ideological ignorance and pragmatism.It is left floundering in a moral quagmire, up to its neck in Socialist ordure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BBC And Institionalised Instinctive Leftism

Andrew Marr referring to a guest's earlier life on Start The Week said:'You were a liberal idealist,innocent..' What a bundle of assumptions packed in to such a small space! What twisted form of ideology could possibly associate or conflate liberalism with idealism? A political philosophy which counts the highest good as every individual made a ward of the State is 'idealistic'?! One thing liberalism is not is 'innocent'.Liberals know exactly what they are doing.

This value laden assumption ridden tendentiousness is written into the dna of all BBC presenters and they would not be employed if they did not come ready made with this twisted ideological canker in their soul.Imagine a BBC presenter saying the following to a invited guest: 'You were a Conservative idealist,innocent'. No, I can't either!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Minimum Wage Retards Growth

The minimum wage should be abolished as it represents unaceptable State meddling with market forces and has contributed to the unemployment rolls for the added financial burden on businesses has meant growth has been hobbled,businesses have had to cut back on hiring staff which means less people in work.It is the height of economic illiteracy to claim that the minimum wage does not have any effect on hiring recruitment levels. The minimum wage was introduced at a relatively low level and as was predicted by its critics has since been raised by stealth.This is the standard practice of legislators who introduced income tax at a low level to minimise dissent and then progressivly and incrementally increased it over time.

The present economic situation would also be ameliorated by repealing other onerous employment legislation relating to matters such as maternity and paternity leave, unfair dismisal and discrimination cases which has had the effect of turning the working environment into an extension of the welfare state, retarding productivity and economic competitiveness.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

How To Reduce State Spending

Some taxes ripe for the axe in these troubled economic times would be Corporation tax,Capital gains,Business rates,Vat.Savings could be made by eliminating some government departments altogether such as Ministry for sport,Media, The Arts Council and Foreign Aid.Providing bread and circuses is not the proper role of the State.

Tax funded art is almost always self indulgent, mediocre and pretentious, encouraging charlatans and the talentless.There is an inevitable bias to political art of a leftist persuasion which is little more than Socialist propaganda thinly disguised as art.Non representational,non objective art which no one would want or pay for vouluntarily is given a lifeline it does not merit.

When the government is not using tax payers money to subsidise pseudo art it is throwing it at opera and theatre.Poor working class people who have no interest in such art are thus forced to subsidise the elitist art of the upper classes who could well afford to pay the market price for their opera and theatre tickets.The likes of Dickens and Shakekepeare were not sustained by tax payers money and a flourishing culture of Arts existed long before the Arts Council came into existence.To suggest that it would not do so again if the latter were to be abolished is mere special pleading by people who cannot hear the word culture without wanting tp point a pistol at the head of the hapless taxpayer.

Roots Of Welfare State

The welfare state was founded on piracy,brigandige and plunder from the start.Private property and businesses were seized by force by the State and nationalised, reducing the hitherto independent sector to a miserable state of servitude and enforced public service.

How could a system based on coercion and brute force, pillage and appropriation lead to anything other than a Leviathan state and an erosion of civil liberties? Over night doctors were transformed from proud independent profesionals into serfs of the State,shackled hirelings ruled by government bureaucrats and arbitrary dictat. The self respecting doctors unprepared to prostitute their skills and talents to a Socialist system predicated on slavery and self sacrifice simply fled the country in what became famously known as the 'brain drain', leaving the suppliant remainder to relinquish their independence for a mess of State pottage.

THe social fall-out of the Welfare state has been equally calamitious.The family has effectively been nationalised, fathers supplanted by the mother State acting as surrogate.Girls can have babies on the State,be provided with an ersatz family structure, council accommodation, food provision,child benefit rendering the male socially redundant, with the inevitable corollary of social breakdown,crime and juvenile delinquency.

Socialism cannot function without coercion for no one would willingly subject themselves to its tyrannical yoke.It is therfor a total violation of individual rights,a negation of liberty and freedom. Why then to this present day is Socialism still presented as a benign expression of the humanitarian impulse? Truly a triumph of presentation over reality!

Saint Bevan And The BBC

Last night BBC4 showed a programme by Greg Dyke on Nye Bevan and it was the usual uncritical hagiography of a clearly wretched character who was almost singlehandedly responsible for the disastrous introduction of socialised healthcare in the UK.

Bully, thug, Bevan was a large burly figure not adverse to picking fights with employers and was from the start an aggressive agent provocateur trouble maker stirring up unrest in the work place.It was inevitable that he would go on to become an extreme Marxist Leftist in the Labour movement and the darling of the far Left which he came to dominate with his dubious powers of rhetoric and demagoguery.(As a recent controversy regarding a company blacklist of agitators in the workplace has shown, those seeking to disrupt businesses and stir up trouble often use the workplace as a springboard to politcal power and companies have every right to avoid employing such indivuduals and sharing inormation about them.)

The usual suspects were wheeled on to vouch for Bevan as a man of the people such as windbag Kinnock.The programme showed that there was a perfectly adequate healthcare insurance system run by employees long before the inception of the NHS which clearly provided all their medical needs but the obvious inference that there was therfor no need whatsoever for a universal national health care system was of course not drawn.The motivation for such a grandiose and unwieldly system was obcviously politically motivated,ideologically driven, designed to give meglamaniac political power lusters self advancement.

Born it would seem with a chip on his shoulder and a smouldering resentment of the successful Bevan was seen as a class warrior by his followers and his bile and inferiority complex came to the fore when well into his career of evil he declared at a public meeting that the Tories were 'vermin'.This played into the hands of his opponents and from that point his star faded and he mercifully died prematurely as all parasites do of cancer thus sparing the country from the fate of his prime ministership which would almost inevitably have taken Britain into Communist rule.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Capitalism Still Rules

Capitalism may be going through its dark night of the soul but who truly imagines that Socialism is our slavation?It can surely be no coincidence that every time the UK faces financial oblivion there is a Labour government in office.

To believe that Socialism can save Capitalism is to believe that foxes should guard hen houses.Every other politician is on the make,bending the spirit of the law on their expenses and most would not recognise fiancial probity if it kicked them in the teeth.

Brown was never a supporter of the free market and the banks fiasco has been a blessing for him as he gives his Socialist impulses free rein,nationalising the banks and seizing total control of the money supply like any power-crazed third world kleptocrat.

As it has been clearly demonstrated that command style Keynsian economics protracts recessions rather than curing them there is no excuse to go down that road to serfdom again.Only someone historically illiterate could retread that old ground.

The banks should have beeen allowed to take the hit and learn the painful lesson thus being more likely not to repeat such folly in future.The danger of Socialst intervention is that one bail out necessitates the next and future generations of tax payers are in hock to perpetuity.The banks hunger for tax payer bail outs will only grow with the feeding.

Teacher Teach Thyself

With tens of thousands of children falling off the school rolls at 14,record levels of truancy,(not to mention the thousands of parents who collude with their children's absence by phoning them in sick each morning) perhaps it is time to examine why the State schools are failing so many of their pupils.

We tend to think that if child does not like attending school there must be something wrong with the child but dare it be suggested that there might just be something wrong with school? Rather than addressing this the Government typically approaches the problem from the wrong end and issues a declaration that all children will have to stay in some form of education until they are 18!

Tens of thousands of children leave school unable to read or write which should be a national scandal and yet the government proposes that they remain in a system that has palpably failed them, showing what an extraordinary state of denail it is in.

If we take our car to the mechanic and he fails to fix it do we pay him? Why then do we continue to pay for a school system which is clearly dysfunctional and is failing so many of our children?

The school system should be opened up to competition.The Teachers Union have got a stranglehold on it and the results have been nothing short of calimitous.One teacher at a recent conference even declared boldy that teaching children phonics, ie by the sound of words as opposed to allowing them to guess what words mean, was quote 'Right Wing'!

The curiculum across the board is riddled by an insidious toxic political correctness and Socialist ideology which is enough to dull the minds of the keenest of students.Every subject has been so infected from Geography to History,English to Science.

Schools must be freed from the pernicious sway of Council employed Socialist minded teachers giving parents the freedom to choose their children's education free from State imposed dictat and the cleverly manipulative Social engineering of lottery and postal code selection.Those who choose the independent rout should also be given tax cuts as it is quite wrong not to say immoral for them to be forced to subsides a system they quite justifiaby have no faith in whatsoever.

Crime Under The Socialist State

People often wonder why the Government can never come to grips with burgeoning crime when the answer may be staring us in the face - albeit it may somewhat alarming.Big Governments that are ideologically driven do not regard crimes against the individual as being that important and sees social causes behind crime which renders it disinclined to allow the punishment to fit the crime.

What really excercises Governments of a totalitarian stripe is a fictitious concept called 'Crimes against the State' -and for this is punishes people most severely.Failure to comply with tax laws for instance will land you in jail quicker than mugging or burglary.Governments that are Socialist drven will be very lenient on crimes against the individual and very harsh on what it terms 'political crimes'.This explains why we appear to live in a country fit for robbers and muggers and why the innocent have to look over their shoulder in Brown's Britain before expressing an opinion for fear of being apprehended by police force on the lookout for Thoughtcrime.

Income Tax Terrorism

Income tax is a tax on intelligence and productivity which is why it is so loved by the Left. It is regressive,redistributive,punitive,egalitarian,Socialistic and profoundly immoral.If we need any tax at all it should be levied on a rational basis and it should not be motivated by discredited 20th century Socialist dogma.

Taxation has rightly been called the tool of tyranny and is a form of slavery forcing the productive to support the idle and shiftless.Workers are effectively slaves to the non workers.

Spare a thought for these hapless taxed drones many of whom have to file their own tax returns and are confronted by what amounts to a tome of inpenetrable jargon and bureaucratese designed by its very opaqueness to intimidate. (The Campaign for Plain English has clearly not penetrated to the inner recesses of the Inland Revenue)Non compliance leads to hefty fines of £100 a month and possibly £60 a day and an eventual jail sentence. Tax collectors have been given extraodinary invasive powers to enter people's homes, intimidate and threaten. A sign on the back of a van sums it up: "fight organised crime: Abolish the Inland Revenue".

Library Of The Dumbed Down

The reason charity shops abound in our High Streets is because they are not subject to business tax.Surely in these parlous economic times this business levy should be waived to give a much needed fillip to beleagured business?

Business may be floundering but Government just keeps on getting bigger with more people working for the State than any time in our history.If the market has to pull in its belt why not the State too?

Perhaps a good place to start cost cutting would be with our public libraries which have become surplus to requirements what with the proliferation of said charity shops that sell cheap second hand books and discount book stores including supermarkets.More and more library space has been given over to internet use where seedy furtive looking individuals hunch over computers 'chatting' endlessly online.

The last time I went to my local library there was a large display at the entrance celebrating what was called 'Black History Month' featuring books written by such dubious characters as Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela.I cannot imagine seeing a seeing a similar display celebrating White History Month with books by Enoch Powell somehow.

Newspapers in libraries are available but only catering for those who lean to the Left ie the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman. No Telegraph, Mail, or Spectator. There is an musty odour of municipal Socialism about our public libraries and it is time these not fit for purpose fossilised intitutions were let go.

Coucil Tax Grab

The council tax is really a misnomer as it is actually a property tax.It is a pernicious Socialist imposition and has doubled under this wretched Labour administration.

Everyone receives the same 'services' from the council so why should they not pay the same council tax? After all,when people go shopping they are not asked questions about their income or property -everyone pays the same for a loaf of bread and the price of goods and services are not predicated on some absurd egalitarian notion of 'fairness' or 'ability to pay. Only in Government are the laws of logic and justice arbitrarily suppended.

Now and again some hapless OAP is sent to jail for refusing to pay this iniquitous Socialist tax,but if instead of being picked off individually there were to be an en masse non payment a clear message would be sent to this rapacious Government that this council tax is an extortionate criminal tax too far.

Conservatism Is Next To Godliness!

I am sick of Conservatism being presented in a negative light in the media. The word Tory has always had a pejorative ring but when BBC presenters utter the word the sneer in their voices is clearly discernible.The word Conservative is only ever used on the BBC in a negative context. To refer to someone or a viewpoint as Conservative is the ultimate condemnation, rendering that person or thing totally beyond the pale and outside any civilised discourse or discussion.

This attitude of intolerance and bigotry is all the more offensive when research has shown that to be Conservative is a sign of highly civilised and evolved dispoisition. Conservatives love their children and take better care of them than liberals,are far less liekly to get divorced,take drugs,commit crime and anti social behaviour or end up in jail.If a survey of prisoner's politcal views were taken it is almost certain that the majority would be of a left persuasion which is why the Liberal party wants to give them the vote.They would hardly be putting forward such an outrageous proposal if prisoners were Conservative in their beliefs!

Conservatives are often charged with lack of compassion but this is just another egregious misrepresentation and slur.The difference betweeen liberals and Conservatives is that liberals have compassion for evil people whereas Conservatives have compassion for good people. Quite a big difference when yiu think about it.

The only criticism of Conservatives I have is that they are too prone to take such misrepresentation lying down and that they are not robust enough in their defence of freedom which is under systematic attack from liberalism. Conservatism is about a small State and defence of individual rights which means minimal taxation and interference from the State in the affairs of the individual.Rather than standing on these core principles Conservatives are too apt to mimic Liberals in moral panic and promise salvation via the State which is a betrayal of everything Conservatism is supposed to stand for. People are crying out for a champion of freedom from the bully State and a populist Conservative party would wipe the floor with the liberal alternatives if only the Conservatives would wake up to this fact and seize the day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rich ARE Different

The likes of Allan Sillitoe on Desert Island Discs this morning seem to think that the rich create the poor.To paraphrase he said with audible anger in his voice that those who make excess profit from the poor should be strung up on lamp posts.Now let us reason together.If the rich were removed from the picture over night would the poor suddenly find their feet and liberated from the yoke laid on them by the rich become successful,well-off individuals?Does this scenario not stretch credulity to breaking point? Yet it is what is implicit in the Leftist narrative of exploitation and Capitalism.

If the rich did do a disappearing act the poor would have no one to blame for their miserble state than themselves so the Left should pray that the rich will always be with us so they can have a permanent hate figure scape goat upon which to focus their fear and loathing on and upon whom they depend for their carreer of appropriation and plunder via taxation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flat, Stale, Muted, Mannered, Tiresome Obummer Speech

What a damp squib and anti climax it turned out to be.For someone who likes to talk the talk it was a pretty feeble speech with the standard flowery flourishes and mannered verbal conceits, and, reflecting the man,without substance.But very dull. If the million strong rabble were expecting to be roused they would have gone away chastened and disappointed indeed.

The media were fawning and reverential of course having to create the emotion which was so lacking in the speech.The president faltered from the start and nervously stumbled on his oath which will mar his reputation as the great communicator.

The hysteria which has followed this man into office does not bode well and has bordered at times on demented idolatory. One cannot help thinking that this is a wordsmith and not a man of action; someone who is more likely to give a speech in a time of emergency than know what to do about it. The Left love him because he is an intellectual and shares their leftist delusions, but an ability to sway crowds with words is the tool of demagogues down the ages.The Germans who were renowned for their intellectual pedigree and culture were taken in by Hitler and his swooping rhetoric and a good speaker does not a good man make.The most easily suggestible and hypnotisable subjects are intellectuals.As Orwell once observed regarding some ridiculous statement: 'it was the kind of thing only an intellectual could believe'.One has the feeling with Obama that he is the kind of man who can believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.The audacity of hype indeed.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

UN Hamas Alliance

Thankfully there was no UN during the war with the Nazis giving them succor and aid.This is what the UN is effectively doing in Gazza.Its hostile pronouncements against Israel have shown it to be a biased tendentious pro Arab front rendering it unreliable and pro terrorist and therfor not an organisation which should be supported by western democracies.The EU is equally supporting the Palestinians with tax funded British money which is imoral and insupportable.Both the UN and the EU should be driven out of the Gazza war zone as western journalists have rightly been so that Israel can get on with the job of crushing Hammas.All the while they are there they are giving aid and support to those who seek the destruction of the West and that is a fundamentally immoral and active collusion with evil.