Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rich ARE Different

The likes of Allan Sillitoe on Desert Island Discs this morning seem to think that the rich create the poor.To paraphrase he said with audible anger in his voice that those who make excess profit from the poor should be strung up on lamp posts.Now let us reason together.If the rich were removed from the picture over night would the poor suddenly find their feet and liberated from the yoke laid on them by the rich become successful,well-off individuals?Does this scenario not stretch credulity to breaking point? Yet it is what is implicit in the Leftist narrative of exploitation and Capitalism.

If the rich did do a disappearing act the poor would have no one to blame for their miserble state than themselves so the Left should pray that the rich will always be with us so they can have a permanent hate figure scape goat upon which to focus their fear and loathing on and upon whom they depend for their carreer of appropriation and plunder via taxation.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Flat, Stale, Muted, Mannered, Tiresome Obummer Speech

What a damp squib and anti climax it turned out to be.For someone who likes to talk the talk it was a pretty feeble speech with the standard flowery flourishes and mannered verbal conceits, and, reflecting the man,without substance.But very dull. If the million strong rabble were expecting to be roused they would have gone away chastened and disappointed indeed.

The media were fawning and reverential of course having to create the emotion which was so lacking in the speech.The president faltered from the start and nervously stumbled on his oath which will mar his reputation as the great communicator.

The hysteria which has followed this man into office does not bode well and has bordered at times on demented idolatory. One cannot help thinking that this is a wordsmith and not a man of action; someone who is more likely to give a speech in a time of emergency than know what to do about it. The Left love him because he is an intellectual and shares their leftist delusions, but an ability to sway crowds with words is the tool of demagogues down the ages.The Germans who were renowned for their intellectual pedigree and culture were taken in by Hitler and his swooping rhetoric and a good speaker does not a good man make.The most easily suggestible and hypnotisable subjects are intellectuals.As Orwell once observed regarding some ridiculous statement: 'it was the kind of thing only an intellectual could believe'.One has the feeling with Obama that he is the kind of man who can believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.The audacity of hype indeed.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

UN Hamas Alliance

Thankfully there was no UN during the war with the Nazis giving them succor and aid.This is what the UN is effectively doing in Gazza.Its hostile pronouncements against Israel have shown it to be a biased tendentious pro Arab front rendering it unreliable and pro terrorist and therfor not an organisation which should be supported by western democracies.The EU is equally supporting the Palestinians with tax funded British money which is imoral and insupportable.Both the UN and the EU should be driven out of the Gazza war zone as western journalists have rightly been so that Israel can get on with the job of crushing Hammas.All the while they are there they are giving aid and support to those who seek the destruction of the West and that is a fundamentally immoral and active collusion with evil.