Monday, August 28, 2006


It is a sobering thought that literacy rates were higher over a hundred years ago in the UK before education was seized by the State and Nationalised. It is a mystery why so many still cling to the belief that Nanny knows best and we should leave it to the State to run education. Perhaps it is simply that people have become so dumbed down by state education and cannot consequently think clearly about anything anymore.

It could also be the gambling syndrome. Addicts will repeatedly return to the roulette wheel even though every past experience should have taught them that they cannot beat the wheel .One more throw should do it. Likewise the State keeps on failing them and not delivering but they keep on coming back to it with their false expectations. We have all become State junkies. What do they say about madness ? - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

10m Brits Want To Leave

According to a poll in today's Times. They cite high tax as the main reason.Could we be seeing another political sea change? As I mentioned below multiculturalism is receiving its last rites. Now could it be a tax revolt is in the offing? Stephen Byers of all people mooted abolition of the inheritance tax which was shot down admitedly by Old Labour Troglodytes but it would seem he got encouragement from on high (Blessed Tony).

Clearly Blair wants to set the agenda beyond the political grave and will not give Gordon a free pass. Quite right too.The public never voted for this Scottish mountebank and defalcator. A general election should be called before he is ensconced in Number 10.

But where are the tories? Lost up some PC culdesac spouting modish pieties about the environment and hugging hoodies. A political vacuum has opened up -or is it a black hole? - and smarmy Dave has disappeared down it.

If there is a zeitegeist the present politicos are not reading it just yet.Perhaps this latest poll in the Times will wake them from their rip van winkle slumber.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Multiculturalism The Graveyard Of The Delusional Left

So now it is official.Multiculturalism is dead.Causes of death: exposure -to the cold wind of reality.What is that reality? Whole cities infested and riven with malevolent aliens disfiguring the landscape with their Middle Eastern architecture and fomenting discord and social unrest.Legions of labour voters turning to the BNP for sanctuary. Even the Muslim Rats are deserting the sinking ship of Nu Labour and defecting to the liberals.

As the false consciousness of multiculturalism is thus exposed what other bankrupt ideologies of the left might we see suffering the same ignominious rout? Welfarism? Softly softly approach to crime?Might Nero Tolerance (fiddling while our cities burn) turn to Zero Tolerance? No holding of breath please.

Notice how the turnaround has not been accompanied by any show of contrition or admission that the failed policy was built on sand and faulty premises, let alone an apology to all those who were labelled racist for daring to point out the bleedin obvious. As the great Solzhenitsyn once said referring to the Soviets 'we never make mistakes' - only U turns.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Parasitic Islam

Like one of those parasitic insects that invade a host, supplant and devour it from within, the invading immigrant muslim hordes latch themselves parasitically onto the host country and then begin their devouring usurping mission.

By calibrated degrees they insinuate themselves into said countries,colonising and taking over indegenous areas,planting their alien sub culture in the host country -mosques and muslim institutions,becoming a majority by prodigous reproduction of alien muslim spores until a critical mass is effected and Islamic hegemony is achieved.

Muslim Pest control is the only antidote to this poisonous cancerous invasion.Unless it is done expeditiously the amount of antidote required will kill the host as well as the invader.Time is of the essence....

Footnote: Even in its own environment Islam has become parasitic, living off the proceeds of oil.Oiligarcies have arisen as a consequence. The morribund nature of Islam will ultimately be self devouring.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Is it time to be rid of Islam once and for all? We rid the world of Nazism. I like to think Israel is poised to drop the big one on Iran but how can we de Islamify Europe? I think it could be possible to purge the UK of Muslims and by so doing be an example to the rest of Europe who would chase them out back to the Middle East.

Communism was defeated. We face a bigger cancer but with radical surgery it can be eliminated.The first thing to do and promulgate is the obvious fact that Islam is not a religion at all but a dangerous cult.That would not be hard to do as every time a Muslim opens its mouth the cultic nature of the belief system is exposed.It is not a religion of peace.That too is not going to be a difficult sell is it?

Spraying mosques with bacon powder so they become unusable, publishing an expose of the evil prophet serial killer child molestor mohumid, exposing the fraud of the whole Islam scam are just a few ideas. Making Muslims mere dhimmis able only to take lowly unskilled jobs which they mostly do already, preventing them taking public office, removing their British citizenship, denying them the right to vote, exposing them to regular systematic ridicule and lampooning at every opportunity, having them all electronically tagged and sterilised are some more.

Clearly when it comes to finding ways of ridding the West of the scourge of Islam we should be limited only by our imaginations!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Islam.The Bastard Progeny Of Serfdom

Not so much a religion gone bad as a bad religion conforming to type.The roots of Islam as has been pointed out by others is based on illegitimacy.The son born of a slave in an act of faithlessness could only ever be bad. An ersatz religion,based on a lie and bad faith rampages and storms throughout history leaving a trail of havoc and devastation in its wake to the present day.

Liberals tip toe around Islamitarianism for their own dark agendas,little knowing that the revolution will as ever devour its children -(in this case the infantile liberal useful idiots who champion the right of muslims to practice and promote their death worshipping cult).

So Europe lurches back to the future conjuring up the spirit of Neville Chamberlain to appease the unappeasable, throwing it sacrificial offerings,benefits and rights as it proceeds its subcultural triumphalist march through the institutions,the media,universities,schools to the final end of dhimmitude and Islamist hegemony.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bush Nails 'Muslim Fascists'

Well said George.We are dealing with Muslim Fascists.And how did we rid ourselves of Fascists last time round?

Mass expulsion from our shores of Muslims is now inevitable.Closing down of all mosques a sine qua non.

On Chan Al 4 we had the usual muslim apologetics.Those interviewed on the streets were 'angry' at the police raid and were worried about 'disproportionism'. We'll give em disproportionism...

Meanwhile Israel carries on its good works in Lebannon. How about inviting them over here to sort out our Muslim Hezbollocks?