Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Clarke The Great Pretender

Plumbing new depths of cynicism Tory grandee Eurofanatic Kenneth Clarke in a bid for the leadership of the tory party announced last week that the Euro was a flop and he wouldn't be advocating UK membership which must be the most incredible political volte face of recent times -if he wasn't lying through his teeth which of course he was.

We'll believe he meant it when chickens have teeth and scorpions stop stinging.

A spokesman for the liberal party said they would be concerned by a Clarke led tory party because he would steal all their clothes. Still, he would make a wonderful leader - of the Liberal party (he's so left wing Labour wouldnt want him).

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Plot Sickens...

Now a man engaged in amateur('Ham') radio has been arrested and is facing charges for racist incitement by hosting a debate about Islam in the UK after someone called the police.

Of course the police couldn't wait to rush round to his house and arrest him,all crime in the UK having been solved.

PC Thought Police coming to a town near you.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Cancer Of Islam Spreads Over The UK

Recently it was announced that a BNP march in Chatham Kent had been banned by the police. No doubt the grounds given were safety but there is an alarming contrast between how the Far Right is treated when it comes to public protests and the Far Left. The latter are allowed carte blanche to protest with their anti war rallies in London and all over the country.

The Muslims are allowed to threaten and spread their poison with a cleric only a week ago urging mad mullahs to bomb 10 Downing Street and nothing has been done.Yet BNP leader Nick Griffin has been arrested and incarcerated for far less.

Also last week an editor on a local Scottish paper was arrested and charged for inciting hatred when he wrote a leader claiming that a proposed asylum centre in the region would turn it into a racial cesspit.He could get 2 years in jail.

There is one law for British people and another for the mad mullahs and we shouldn't allow this to continue. The law is bending over backwards in favour of the poisonous death worshipping cult of Islam while freeborn British citizens are daily seeing their freedoms and liberties trampled underfoot by Islamist lackeys in the Liberal Establishment.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Pat Robertson Gets It Right

In suggesting that the Venezuelan dictator Chavez should be taken out by America Pat Robertson was merely articulating what has been for the longest time bona fide American policy against tyrants.

It was attempted with Castro -and who could say that had it suceeded it would have been a bad thing? America sought to overthrow similar dictatorships in Nicaragua and Grenada to name just two. Why all the fuss? Especially as a lot of it is coming from right wing commentators who should know better.

Because he is a christian fundamentalist some of those on the the right from the libertarian wing are uncomfortable with Robertson and this has blinded them to the fact that on this matter at least his views are mainstream republican.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What Are Tories For?

Cameron the latest tory hopeful gave an interview this morning on radio five that encapsulates the glaring contradictions of Toryism. He claimed to champion the free market system and then went on to defend the public services ie NHS and Education system.That's like championing vegetrianism with a fillet steak in your mouth.

No wonder the tories are in the doldrums.No one believes them because they are unbelievable.A problem that has bedevilled them for over 50 years and they are no nearer to resolving.

A tory is someone who believes in capitalism -not socialism.So how can he or she defend socialised medicine and education and expect to be taken seriously?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Animal Rights Terrorists Triumph

Animal Rights terrorists have forced a laboratory to close after years of intimidation including- wait for it: stealing a body from a cemetery of a relative that was associated with the business.

Police were unable to give adequate protection and so the terrorists have won.Already encouraged by previous victories they are now it seems beyond the law and unassailable.

Until peole take the offensive against these evil irrationalists and give them a dose of their own medicine they will continue to terrorise and intimidate the scientific community and businesses with detrimental consequences for medical research and human welfare.

Soon there will be no recourse left but to start experimenting on animal rights protestors - preferably without anaesthetic.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Memento Mo-ri

Sorry to hear the death of ex secretary for NI Mo Mowlam but at the end of the day(uggh!) she was an IRA sympathiser as was New and Old Labour from the start and her partisan approach to the Troubles made her unfit for office.

Thanks to the lot of them with their Good Friday agreement we had the wholesale appeasement of terrorists with the inevitable corollary that Al Queda emerged, encouraged by the IRA sucess.

Like Mr Cook (who had too much spice and should have stayed with his first wife and would probably not have died from heart attack due to over exertion in the love dept'), we tend to get the effusive eulogies, and the real person with all their flaws is airbrushed out.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Who's Credulous?

How aetheists like to look down on believers as inferior defectives. They are so superior in their rationality. Yeah,right.

The most crdeulous people of all are non believers. They cling to highly rational things like er, liberalism(faith in big government),Environ-mentalism(we're all doomed), Socialism -the opiate of the people,New Age, UFOs, conspiracy theories,etc.

And look at how people behave around their various Gods like football and at rock concerts.Like they aren't worshipping at those respective altars.

As they say, who would you rather meet at night:a group of skinheads coming out of a pub,or a group of Jehovas Witnesses coming out of Kingdom Hall?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Communists Still Control The Unions

Like a tired ritual the unions bring the airports to a standstill every year. Come the summer holidays when all the working people take a well earned break the unions in their philanthropy bring everything to a grinding hault and ruin the holidays of thousands.

The I'm alright Jack mentality endures to this day despite the sterling work of Thatcher in pulverrizing its most extreme forms. Let's hope the illegal strikers lose their jobs and face prosecution for their moral delinquency and malice. (Don't hold your breath)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hiroshima Anniversary: A Timely Warning to Islam

Just like the Kamikazee Japs who wouldn't listen to reason and had to be Nuked into submission is there not an obvious parallel with the insane Islam Troglodyte Terrorists who drove planes into the Twin Towers and who seek the total destruction of the West and a return to barbarism,beheading innocent people and videoing their gory deeds?

It is no coincidence that the same liberals who tell us we should apologise for Hiroshima insist that we should apologise to the Mad Mullahs for wanting to live.Evil never goes away,it just takes different forms and guises....

Bush. Be a True-Man.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Judicial Activism: The Enema Within

Ermined bewigged traitors called judges are the main threat to British polity today! A major infiltration of liberals and leftists into the judiciary over the decades has destroyed all concept of justice and produced a lawless state where feral juveniles and their elders rule the streets and near anarchy prevails.

Until we put the liberal judges up against a wall and shoot them the decay and moral delinquency abroad will continue apace.

Government allowing 24 hour drinking could be the final tipping point as drunken youths rampage through our cities like modern visigoths sacking and laying waste all before them.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The BBC and its Twisted Allegiances

The BBC has spent most of its current affairs programmes today agonising over the fate of the arrested and soon to be deported terrorist supporters and agitators. It is worried that if they get sent back to their home countries they may be arrested and tortured. Inverted moral priorities so typical of the BBC which clearly cares more about the fate of muslim terrorist loving scumbags than the fredom of of British citizens to go about their business without being blown up.

This is what we are paying our TV licence for?It is becoming a licence to satanize.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Isn't It Time To Nuke Iran?

We waited too long with Russia.Had the US nuked it before it got nuclear weapons think how many lives would have been saved in the 'cold war'.

Israel took out Iraq's nukes in the 80's in a premptive strike. Surely now is the time for either Israel or American to strike -while the Iran is hot. We cannot have mad Mullahs with nukes. They have a death wish and like all suicides they want to take everyone else with them.There can be no MAD(mutually assured destruction) deterrence here because you cannot reason with them or offer them anything.Only complete subjection and submisssion will do.'Islam' means submission after all.

Sadly Israel is preoccupied with submitting to the Palestinian Nazis who seek only its destruction by giving up land; as if the Arabs don't have a whole continent to live in.

That's (Not) The Way To Do It!

No I am not making this up. A Punch and Judy pupiteer in Broadstairs Kent has been told that he cannot include in his act a Saddam Hussein Puppet because there have been complaints.There is a long tradition of Punch and Judy shows including figures from the world of politics which goes back centuries.Adolf Hitler used to feature heavily in the 1940's and would receive a good whacking for his troubles.All knockabout stuff,very British.

But apparently now there is no area of social life where the tentacles of political correctness do not stretch and the local council have banned the puppet master from including Sadam in his show.Poor old Soddom the mass murderer has his human rights after all and such character assasination is obviously a violation of them ye Gods.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Liberals are Shape Shifting Reptiles

Galloway praises the terrorists in Iraq as heroes which makes this quisling slime ripe for incarceration or posssible exile to the Middle East.Like the loonie David Icke he believes that al queda don't exist and 9/11 was an American job.

Gallway recently announced that he is writing a book in praise of che guevara. What is it with this man and tyrants?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

'Muslim Community' : Pants to that

I retch at the very expression'muslim community'. It reeks of the ghetto,apartheid and is actually the very anithesis of multiclturalism, which we are all supposed to endorse. How dare they talk of a muslim community.

The 'muslim community' is angry, the muslim community is upset.Diddums.Is that the spirit of their religion to be angry all the time.Since when did being angry validate the angry and make them right? By that twisted logic someone with road rage would be totally validated in their actions and that way madness lies.

If non specific rage and anger is the default mode of Islam it is a religion of moral delinquents andl infanitiles and it should no more be acquiesced to than the red mist mentalism of a road rager or football hooligan.

Did we go tip toeing around the 'German community' in the UK during the second world war,asking their opinion on the matter,apologising for invading Nazi Germany? Did any politician or member of the German community suggest that Britian had brought the Blitz on itself by declaring war on Germany?

In so far as there was a German community in the UK they were rounded up and interned-but then we hadn't at that point as a nation lost our marbles ,had we?

We must follow the example of the French and throw out all the rabble rousing clerics -and to hell with due process and EU lawyers and the Human Rights Act garbage -and also ban muslim head dress from schools. For once the French have got it right.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Capitol Punnishment for Muslim Terrorists

Surely it is time to bring it back. No reasonable person could object to convicted terrorists being executed. One of them is actually surnamed Haw. Lord Haw Haw was executed merely for propagandising for the Nazis, not actually murdering or attempting to himself.

Perhaps we are too morally enfeebled and divided as a nation to stand up against those who seek to destroy us. Unlike during WW2 when the people were hardened by circumstances we have had 50 years of socialism and have become soft and decadent,according murderous scumbags rights and lawyers and benefits.

Multiculturalism has weakened us which is what the leftists who promoted it wanted so we are not able to unite against the muslim foe.

There is a glimmer of hope as a sizeable number of people poled support the police actions in pursuing suspects,racial profiling - and even the use of torture! Give em the taser treatment.Make em squeal!