Monday, April 25, 2005

To My Critics:Blog Off!

I wonder who reads my blog as I have never got any feedback and don't much care for any. Having been on political forums before I discovered blogging it was very dispiriting to read the average response. I never knew there were so many dumb people about.

The usual stock reaction is 'your kidding,right?' Er no,actually. 50 years ago most people thought the way I do -before they were lobotomised by Socialism and the Welfare State. Trying to reach out to them makes about as much sense as going into a lunatic asylum and trying to convince the inmate that he is not really Napoleon.

I do respect Blog Land though as I have found a lot of Conservative folk out there -in their thousands. I haven't mastered the technology or the finer points of blogging,like linking, so I will just mention in passing that The Anti Idiotarian Rottweiller Emperor Misha was good enough to give me house room under the 'foreign affairs ' section and the urbane Tim Worstall gave me kind mention on his site.

Reading my blog may feel like being hit over the head by a blunt instrument cos I don't do Nuance. But there's a place for that. What's the point of doing a blog when most of it is telling people to read something else in a link - surely you want them to read what you have to say?

Britsh TV Land -One Party Rule

Am I the only one to find it downright sinister that in a Democracy there is not one Conservative TV Channel in the UK?

Watching BBC,ITV and Ch 4 you could be forgiven for thinking a left wing political putsch had taken place, for trying to find a conservative journalist on these channels is like looking for a hen with teeth.

The airwaves need deregulating so we can have some pluralism as there is in the press. From the Morning Star to the Spectator the free press caters for all viewpoints.

The Terrestrial TV channels are wall to wall liberal and that is unhealthy - and not a little spooky.

Why Women Shouldn't Have The Vote

Born to serve and follow not to lead,real women know there is a difference between their role and the male role. Giving women the vote was the biggest mistake of Western Democracy. From it flowed Socialism (rule of the Female) Welfarism,Feminism,Homosexuality,Crime,Divorce,Juvenile Delinquency,drug addiction ad nauseam.

From Patriachy to Matriachy women are now in the ascendancy and everywhere the effects are baleful and deleterious.

Female suffrage preciptated the birth of the Labour Party.The rest is Hystery..

Note/Disclaimer Written 5 years ago and views I do not hold now!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


It always makes me laugh when liberals whine: 'prison doesn't work - you let them out they re-offend!'.Duh. You let them out of course they re- -offend.

How many years in university does it take these gigantic intellects in the penal reform parallel universe to come to such asinine leaps of pretzellogic?

As well say 'look, this dog leash doesn't work -as soon as we let fido off the leash he runs away!

Us common sense oriented Tory folk understand a simple thing (because we are kind of simple and hold steadfastly to that old principle of one and one is two) that with Some criminals you have to THROW AWAY THE KEY! Ergo recidivism is eliminated. Revolving doors become slamming doors, period.

We give criminals free meals,colour TV, DVDs,a social life,cigarettes and all the other luxuries of life and they still they end up coming back! Only liberals wonder why,everyone else over 3 years old can figure it out.

'Prison doesn't rehabilitate them'. Er tell me dear befuddled liberal -how can people who have never been habilitated get rehabilitated?

The rest of us will settle with these specimen of social pathology being locked up forever in little dank cells thank you very much.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Have UKIP Got A Death-Wish?

The 'leader' Roger Invisible KnapMan was on BBC Radio Four's Any Questions and was totally Useless, ineffectual, could barely construct a sentence, and was taciturn and apologetic.

Is that really the best they can do?

Contrast him with the brilliant communicator and former member of UKIP Kilroy Silk who has just formed his own party Veritas and gave a dazzling and impressive press conference last week where he wiped the floor with all the cynical questioning liberal hacks present demonstrating that he is by far and away the most able and powerful figure in the political arena today.

The BNP Have Some Good Ideas in their Manifesto..

Such as:

Abolition of Income Tax.

The right to keep a loaded weapon in one's house to shoot burglars and if necessary overthrow an over weening Government. No need as they intend, to make this mandatory, however.

UK withdrawal from the EU.

No more Immigration. The UK is full. And then some.

The only caveat I have is introduction of National Service. I would only favour that for the criminal element.

Other than that they are all good Tory policies.....

Homosexuals Are Freaks Of Nurture

Inside every homosexual is his mother trying not to get out. It is all in the Jeans. Homosexuals are made not born. It is a curable condition but only for those who will repent of their sick lifestyle.

Homosexuality and paedophilia are closely related if not interchangeable and no amout of homo erotic terrorism on the part of activists from the Homintern can alter this fact. Capitualtion from the Establisment has allowed the abnormal to flounce down Main Street professing its normality.

Its Long Mince through the institutions has gone entirely unchecked but now er rear guard action is imperative to reverse this unatural order,else Sodom and Gone-a- rear is ever closer.

Send Your Child To A Government School If...

If you want them to be told that homosexuality is normal and be given explicit details on buggery and orther foul homosexual acts.

If you want them to be taught that abortion is a woman's right to choose and not an act of murder.

If you want them to come out of school with a high probability of not being able to read, write or do basic maths, have any knowledge of their country's history,or be able to think and write in the realm of ideas.

If you want them to be brainwashed with the socialistic,humanistic collectivist ethos that permeates all State run schools.

If you want them to be indoctrinated with politcal correctness.

If you want them to be taught that all religions and cultures are equal except their own (which of course is inferior and to be embarrassed and apologetic about)

If you want them to be anti capitalist and think that the State, Government and Politicans have all the answers and it is the job of people to submit to government based sollutions on all things.

If you want them to be given a values- free pornographic 'sex education' at 6 or 7, which is defacto paedophile grooming.

If, in a word, you wish to see them totally destroyed and deformed.

Taxation and the Death of Liberty

If a home owner has a right to defend himself from a burglar with whatever force is necessary then he also has a right to defend himself from thieving politicians who use the power of the State to rob him of his income through taxation - also using whatever force is necessary.

The State cannot use the excuse that it has the mob on its side who voted for taxation anymore than a burglar can claim legality by the number of fellow burglars he brings with him on the job.

Taxation is theft,the tool of tyranny, the use of force to deprive of person of his property gained through work and industry to give to those who haven't earned it. If this is 'redistribution of wealth' then so is the burgulary. Linguistics and semantics cannot disguise the nature of the acts in both cases - unadulterated theft and plunder.

Mass civil disobedience is not just an option but a required course if this country is to free itself from the tyrannical overbearing hand of the State.

Democracy is elective dictatorship and an asault on liberty and must be resisted with whatever force is necessary.

Friday, April 22, 2005

5 More Years Of Sisyphean Labour?

So much - nay all - of political discourse is conducted inside the box, at least on the mainstream media (is there any other) that you get the distinct and sinister impression of living in a one party State listening to it.

Will no one think outside the box? It is assumed for example that the only way to 'do' health care and education is via the State and politicans, even though the overwhelming evidence that confronts us every day is that politicians are the last people to entrust with such valued things. Why this closed and hermetic dialogue, with all light and glimmer of another way excluded?

An opportunity for the Conservatives to offer an alternative to Socialism lies before it but apart from a brief interregnum in the 80's this opportunity has been willfully spurned in favour of a spineless acquiescence with all the premises of that evil creed ( even the free marketer Thatcher felt compelled to say " the NHS is safe in our hands")

To this day this playing ball with collectivism is the Conservatives MO and it reaps them nothing but derision and distrust. This loss of nerve and obsession with consensus politics is verging on the pathological.

Perhaps nothing short of total anhiliation at the polls on May 5th will make them seek a different course and return to core values. After all it was none other than Winston Churchill who nailed Socialism as the evil bacillus it is. He warned the British in 45' that embracing it in the form of the Welfare State was tantamount to embracing Nazism - National Socialism - and he was spot on.

Lulled by the promise of Bread and Circuses the British weren't listening and we have all payed the price ever since. No one questions the hallowed tenets of Welfarism and there is nowhere its scaly tentacles do not reach. The death of ideology has been wildly exaggerated -it is alive and well and all parties appear to be worshipping at the same altar of collectivism.

This present election campaign has been depressingly devoid of values and principles other than said collectivism and even for the limited flawed system of Democracy this is an egregious and worrying development.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Meet the New Pope - Same as the Old Pope -Thank God!

Good to see the new pontiff is cut from the same cloth of basic fundamentalist Catholic values as his predecessor. The last thing wanted would be a PC liberal Pope going soft on core principles and bowing to modish pieties of soppy liberalism.

So no change on the scourge of abortion, homosexuality women priests and sexual liberation movement.

There will be no sodomites taking it up the aisle on Ratzinger's watch.

The State Emperor Still Wearing the Same Clothes

Can people really be contemplating voting for a third Labour victory? The opinion polls could be wildly innacurate and I do suspect a lot of fraud and skewed questioning as so many polls in the past have been incorrect. The attempt is made to create a feeling of apathy, fatalism and inevitablility of a Labour win so there is no point in going out and voting for an alternative.

Such ideologically driven psephology is one of the more egregious examples of the corruption of the political process in the liberal media.

Above and beyond that there is the unavoidable fact that the elctorate have been corrupted by the welfare socialist system of Big Government and have been bought as client groups of New Labour and have little incentive to do other than vote for their provider and nanny even though the overwhelming evidence is that clinging to nurse for fear of something worse is not a long term gambit that has any benefit, as it renders the elctorate to little more than hapless supplicants of a ramshackle system that aportions them handouts funded out of their own pockets.

In the Welfare State we surely see the greatest ponzi pyramid scam of all time. Unfortunately not enough people have seen though it yet so the rest of us will have to go on suffering a while longer I guesss.

Timorous Tories Tout Trivial Tax Reform

Cannot say I am too inspired by the election campaign. The Tories are being very timorous and guarded about tax cuts. There is no boldness or ideological zeal, just the measured tones of cautious modesty in its tax proposals.

In place of radical reform of the bloated welfare driven tax system we have pledges to cut small slivers of flesh from the mighty State Leviathan.

Rather a promise to run a sword through its stinking rotten black heart!

Flat Tax is for for Flat Earthers

How can anyone think a flat tax is fair? Even if it is 5% the same inequality and iniquity obtains. 5% of £200 and 5% of £100,000 ain't the same .

The only fair tax - if that isn't an oxymoron - is for all government services (and there shouldn't be many of them beyond maintenance of armed forces, police and courts) to be costed and everyone pay the same.

Rich and poor alike pay the same for a loaf of bread and that is the only fair way tax should be levied. All egalitarianism and socialism should be removed from tax policy.

A local sales tax like they have in the US should be introduced in the UK with the abolition of VAT.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Poped His Clogs

Sad,but media overkill in evidence once more. That he was a good man there is no doubt. Apart from a few ill advised swipes at Capitalism and comments about the black poor he was a right on pope: right on evils of communism, abortion, contraception and women priests.

Hopefully the next pontiff will not be some PC liberal with modish misguided so called progressive views.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Democracy Violates Individual Rights at Every Turn

Coming up to a general election I cannot help reflecting on how Democracy isn't all it's cracked up to be. It is rule by the lowest common denominator - Mobocracy and the intelligent few are held hostage to it.

Why should my life be determined by cretins and moron's uninformed whim who will vote for the Stupid Party (Labour -Liberals) who will promise them yet more of the unearned in welfare with my taxes?

Meritocracy is preferable,rule by the intelligent and solvent,those who run businesses,who employ others and contribute to the Capitalist system,not the takers and parasites,looters and moochers who only seem capable of reproducing and draining the productive classes.

In fact no one under 25 should be able to vote except he falls into the above meritocratic group. It is hardly surprising that Labour wants the vote given to 16 year olds -malleable putty shaped and brainwashed in Labour sink comprehensives.

State employees should likewise be excluded as they are but a parasitic client group of Labour bought with working people's taxes .

Should women have the vote even? Surely not as it their role to follow not to lead or make decisions that affect the public weal.

Immigrants are another group ineligible for the vote particularly Muslims who pose a threat to Western values and are a cultural bacillus.((Not all muslims of course but way too many)
Democracy sucks and Meritocracy is superior.

Thankfully many cretins will not vote. The stupid ones are disaffected from Labour so the Conservatives may scrape home. But we shouln't leave it to chance and happenstance. The present system need scrapping as it violates freedom and individual rights.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Charles and Bad Press

I am no raving monarchist but even I can see that Prince Charles is given a bad rap. The latest contretemps involves him muttering under his breath imprecations against a BBC journalist(who couldn't).

Imagine being followed every minute of the day by hack hounds with their questioning banalities; anyone would snap.

He actually made a joke but the media twisted it as they usually do. The man is straight and good in the main and he should be given some slack.