Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Do you Feel Lucky, Punks?

Corbyn's blood curdling speech yesterday when he said he would take 100% of the wealth of the higher earners has met with some critical response in the press but it wide off the mark nevertheless . How about Dominic Sandbrook a left wing historian in the Daily Mail no less who laments on the fact that this measure by Corbyn will drive all entrepreneurs out of the country and with it all the tax revenues that flow from their earnings! Nothing about the wholesale looting of private property,ust the negative effect it will have on government revenues yegods.

Sandbrook then proceeds to say that as horrific as Corbyn's proposals are he does not think we have much to worry about because it is unlikely that Corbyn will be elected because the  polls indicate he is very unpopular.Leaving aside his credulity in trusting to anything the polls have to say in the light of their recent abysmal record consider th grave implications of his comments and what he is actually saying. We may be confronted by a prospective Prime Minister who will launch an all out assault on private property and raid the incomes of our highest achievers but do not be concerned because he will probably not get elected! So we are to rely on the subjective whims and goodwill of the public towards our entrepreneurs as to whether or not they will be ruined and their businesses are destroyed and the country's economy shot to pieces? Any political system that allows even a distinct possibility of such an outcome and is predicated on self preservation and indeed  sanity itself  needs to rid itself of such a suicidal system immediately..

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