Friday, August 31, 2018

The Missing Link between Mysticism,Faith and Conspiracy Theories

'We deal not with flesh and blood but with Principalities'. This is the biblical message. Once taken on board it is hardly a leap for the faith based to conclude that there are 'unseen powers behind the throne' that are pulling the strings, whether they be shape shifting reptiles of the Ickean persuasion, or the royal bloodline gathering in secret locations under the Bielderberg rubric - the bankers, shadowy jewish cabals -the 'jewish lobby, the Rothschilds - take your pick from the colorful motley crew of  familiar suspects that feed the feverish imagination of the conspiraciacs and the industry grown up around their outlandish claims.

I have yet to meet any believer of such theories that is not also a New Age mystic or belongs to some obscure religious cult. It goes with the territory. These are the people who vote Trump and think there is a world conspiracy against the US and they spout all the mantras of the Trump Cult about 'fake news' and the other buzz words got from the deranged and demented wilder shores of conspiracy mania driven by the likes of mad Alex Jones.

I knew a perfectly or seemingly rational person who believed every other news story was a conspiracy theory, from 9/11 being an inside job, the moon landing being fake, even the adverse weather he blamed on the prime minister of the day Gordon Brown and would lament to me how the weather had gone downhill after Brown had taken over from Tony Blair!

If you can believe that the world was created by a spirit being from another dimension it is a mere walk in the park to think that 9/11 was an inside job. Mysticism,the willing and active suspension of  reason  and commonsense sets people up to be credulous,it is the precondition that makes the huge and ever growing conspiracy industry what it is.

Mysticism -what's the Payoff?

Abdication of personal responsibility. Put your troubles on the Lord. This is a temptation some weak minded people just cannot resist. Thinking is such a chore so when they are told take no thought for the morrow they leap at the chance. Consider the lilies of the field -so they become plant like and then wonder why they suffer mental illness and don't have any motivation to do anything with their lives.

Fatalism and determinism becomes their default mode.They look for a meaning of life that exists somewhere out there, apart from themselves, independent of any action they may take. They cease to be functioning autonomous beings but instead the mere extension of another's will, in this case a disembodied spirit from another dimension. The infantilization of this process, implicit within it will inevitably result.

When they are told explicitly by their spiritual leaders that the thinking process itself is immoral, that the intellect is not to be trusted one has only to project what this does to their cognitive process, their epistemological functioning, their way of looking at the world,their evaluation of anything they see or hear.With the thinking process hampered,compromised the only thing left is seeking to interpret the emotional emanation of others which they must some how divine from those around them by some bizarre undefined means usually going by the name of intuition which they are told is superior to mere cognition and is the result of some innate ability automatically acquired from birth.

The notion of tabula rasa, the blank slate condition of the pre perceptual and conceptual awareness of a baby is rejected in favour of the Platonic innate ideas theory of knowledge. Taken into adulthood this can only lead to arrested intellectual development, a distrust and disinclination to think ergo evaluate or understand.

Such a cretinised person is now putty in the hands of the mystics who have effectively gained an ascendancy over the minds of their victims -or what's left ofthem.

Why do people hate the Truth?

The poet TS Elliot said mankind cannot take much reality. But he was a catholic I think so he could talk! But the point is well made and definitely born out by my experience with people. I find it hard to get my head round the idea that people would find something beneficial in believing that 1 and 1 is 3 but the fact that many do is undeniable

I pride myself on wanting to get to the truth and assume that others do the same but tis not so. It is hard to communicate with people who want to confound truth and will defend their bizarre belief systems to the death.

But above all atheists should avoid any contact or discussion with believers! Except of course in a public debate where you do not expect to convince your interlocutor but maybe some of those present. I am rather niaeve on this point as beleiving in the power of reason I expect others to concede once a rational argument has been laid out before them. But reason is the very thing they are avoiding at all cost.

I even gave a  faith obsessed person Ayn Rand's Fountainhead thinking once they had read it they would abandon their nonsense! It was a learning experience as you get to see how people are wedded to their mindset and nothing will dislodge it.

' Playing God'

According to a deservedly little to unknown tin pot guru in Oregon (figures!) it is thru man's 'pride' that he 'plays God'. Why on earth would anyone take pride in playing the role of a psychopath?! A mass killer? I have to preface this by pointing out that when I refer to God I am referring to a fictional character in the Bible - as a correspondent accused me of not being an atheist but hating God. Obviously as an atheist it would make no sense hating something I do not believe exists but for some reason this was too subtle a point for him to grasp!

So pride is a man's well deserved reward for achievement but according to the perverted not to say evil creed of Christianity pride is the one thing a man should never experience. Crawl along the earth you little worm - that is the Christian view of man which makes it the most malevolent evil anti human creed ever devised.

What a tool of control such an ideology engenders. Make a man feel small and humble and you have him forever in your power. He will go thru life seeking forgiveness for the crime of being human. What sort of moral reprobates and despicable people make a living pedeling that creed?

Common Fallacies of anti Capitalist Trumpistas

The idea of Public Space. If anyone opens up a restaurant or business which invites people in they do not abrogate their property rights! It does not become a publically owned space! It is not public property. One hesitates to point out what should be the bleedin obvious but with the faux capitalist Trumps it seems one has to.

They have hijacked capitalism  and turned it into statism! In the very name of capitalism they are destroying capitalism by subverting its whole meaning and turning it completely on its head. It hardly needs pointing out that this is potentially a million times more destructive to the cause of capitalism than anything the Left could do or dream up.

Is this a deliberate act of sabotage? I think not. It is born of ignorance because no one has been taught what capitalism actually means and it is so regularly conflated with statism by default more than intent. Only those few who have read Ayn Rand's work on the subject can have a clue how far away from capitalism the Trumpistas are, albeit as I say for the most part unwittingly.Although I could be being over generous and charitable  -perhaps caused the the large coffee just consumed!

I confess to my own ignorance on this subject but we were just not taught this stuff in schools and the culture is so anti capitalist the topic is never discussed in the media and economists and commentators are generally ignorant on the subject themselves -apart from their given anti capitalist bias to begin with of course.

The schools universities and institutions have equally defaulted on honest research and discussion on this matter and I can only recommend those who truly want to hear both sides of the argument check out Ayn Rand's collection of essays entitled Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal in which the common fallacies on the subject are discussed such as Anti Trust, Monopolies (written by Alan Greenspan) and another by Nathaniel Branden.

In brief the same principle of private property as cited in my opening sentence obtains in the cybersphere. An internet company that facilitates the expression of views and opinions is not owned by anyone who chooses to use that platform! This would be the case if you chose to hold forth on a bus or train -you would not own or have property claims on those modes of transport. Using a service does not mean you own it or can dictate the terms of its use to the owners! Or claim that it is somehow a public service ie to claim that private property is now appropriated as a collective state owned cooperative . By what bizarre logic. This is communism and the Trumpists think it is Capitalism! Mind blowing.

Now you may think the owners are of a leftist orientation and I would say you are probably right for as technologically genius as the Sillicone valley entrepreneurs are they are without doubt liberal in their politics. But that is their right! They own the software! It is their baby. If they want to exclude or marginalise Right wing websites that is their prerogative!

Then we are told it is a monopoly so the state has to come in and break it up. This has been said since the industrial revolution and is a complete fallacy and simply an argument for state control and regulation, the ploy of all statists who incidentally do not feel the same about State Monopolies -the only sort that exist, in health,education etc.

If someone makes a world shattering invention that is turned into a billion dollar industry should not the sole rights to that belong exclusively to him or her? To say it should be 'broken up' ,taken over by the State is a monstrous act of state appropriation and piracy -pure communism. Hence the Anti Trust laws, the Sherman Act and other collectivist anti capitalist legislation that has destroyed business and entrpreneurship and turned businessmen into the enemy instead of the saviours of the human race.

If I were to invoke the deity at at all I would do it in honour of the creators of our modern world and pronounce: God bless Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, your inventions are the most important step forward in the human race's long journey to the light since Guttenbourg - Revolutionary - you are the heroes, not the villains as you are portrayed by envy eaten mediocrities, and we salute you.

Frank Field Swallows a camel and strains at a gnat

Hmm, not impresed with Mr Field Diva, flouncing out of the Labour echelons on the grounds of anti anti semitism. He has been quite happy to sup with Devil Corbyn,the Marxist from hell for the longest time but a whiff of anti semitism has sent him reaching for the smelling salts and up on his hind legs in unrighteous indignation.

Never mind that a Corbyn government would bring the country to its knees in a Venezuelan quagmire we can't have talk about zionism and apart from anything else Corbyn's dodgy views on Israel and all things jewish has been common knowledge and well circulated in the media for decades -where has he been?

He has been content to serve in a party which were it elected would destroy the country completely so whatever else Mr Field is about I think we can be sure it is not  principle or integrity because if it was he would have exited the party a long time ago.

Trump the thin skinned narcissist

Apparently the deranged White house incumbent has blocked his detractors on Twiter and has been called out for violating 1st Amendment rights and whilst I do not think that covers it he certainly cannot exercise the usual freedom of a private individual for whom such actions would be legitimate since he is hello the President and people have a constitutional right to critique him and challenge his claims and assertions when they are being made in his presidential capacity and role.

The fact is people have been correcting his errors and falsehoods which he specializes in and as is well documented he cannot cope when challenged or criticized and so has blocked such critics and he most be glad that he does not have to contend with the British adversarial system of the house of commons where his bizarre deluded fantasist politics would be torn to shreds in a moment of forensic examination and interrogation.

Roman Catholic Church Paedophile Protection Service

The Roman Catholic church in Australia has rejected legal calls to end the practice of Confessional immunity whereby anyone who goes into the church confessional and admits to being a paedophile or some other heinous crime is guaranteed confidentiality and non disclosure by the church which in itself demonstrates and illustrates perfectly how the church has plumbed the depths of moral depravity and is hell bent on protecting its own, an inner circle of hell for paedophile priests and their congregation.

As the great Richard Dawkins has said recently if the Church was any other club, or corporation, it would have had to close down but as usual churches and religion gets a free pass. Once again we see the evil Christianity cult dragging it's nightmare legacy into the present and future unless action is taken against it, the Vatican stripped of its status as a state within a state and closed down. Why would people even tolerate catholic churches in their community when this is what they are up  to- it simply beggars belief.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Have you Ever met an Intelligent Religious Person?

Me neither! Having a conversation with them is like talking with a mental retard. It's embarrassing. I see them in town, preaching and if you engage them in conversation and ask them why they are doing it they say they used to  do drugs in a gang and I say and now you are in a cult -hardly an improvement is it?

Why are criminals so prone to religious conversion? Because they know a racket when they see one.They are invariably below average intelligence, lack any individuation or ability at independent thinking, they need a sense of belonging to a group and merely  transfer allegiance from the gang to the cult

The cult in question is usually Izlam, rather than Christianity as the latter does not appeal so much  because there is no violence to be had in Christianity these days, it is spent force and  the most offensive thing Christians can do to you is patronize you in unctuous tones, say God loves you, I'll pray for you ad nauseam. Although this of course is a form of passive aggression, covert intimidation but the only tool in the Christian box so what can they do?

So Islam it is and it can be used to indulge in paedophillia as Muhumud (piss be upon him) was a paedophile! and we know the muslim gangs who prey on children and get a free pass from Labour councils and social workers up North.

Religion is groupthink, the last desperate refuge of losers the world over -and most of them are to be found in prisons, a rich hunting ground therefor.

Cohabitation Blues Revisited

So it seems cohabiting couples can expect a windfall if one of them dies and leaves the other with children as the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of such an outcome which means yet more claims on the broken and bankrupt welfare state Ponzi system as it will quality the survivor with an array of benefits.

Marriage is a contract, if people choose to live together without availing themselves of it why should they then reap all the benefits accruing to the married? If they want to leave the door half open so they can exit from the relationship without any financial responsibilities that marriage entails why should they then get to switch their status when it conveniences them?

Anyway this is academic in as much as the Capitalist Party would phase out welfare and there would be no tax funded goodies and sweeties to be had when relationships go off the rails and the people separate or indeed in the unfortunate case of one of the party deceasing and as far as we can see marriage is a contract and in the absence of any marriage there can be no contractual agreements to be honoured re financial compensation in the abovementioned cases.

Shortage of Math teachers -doesn't Add up?

Well it does actually. The State is good at creating shortages, everything is rationed including education. In a free market of education there would be no shortage of math and science teachers as academic rigor would be rewarded accordingly and this would attract the brightest and best.

In the state system with its abandonment of academic standards it pays to major in soft undemanding subjects that do not require much or any intelligence from the teachers giving them an easy ride at the expense of education of the students. With a little fiddling and debsasing of the examination currency everyone comes out with a's and b's anyway so no effort is required all round and indeed incompetence and sloth are rewarded and academic rigour punished by association.

The end result is the UK falls behind academic international tables where the results cannot be evaded and objective standards reveal the true picture of UK educational decline.

With teachers in effective sinecures and hyperactive incessant examinations designed to conceal the educational decline the State system has well and truly betrayed countless generations which must explain low productivity levels in the workplace full of uneducated non productive workers demoralized by their blighted and compromised educational background.

Yes glad you asked! the Capitalist Party would abolish State education and every child would be privately educated in an unregulated untaxed system. Let a million educational flowers bloom!

The Nano State Featuring the Caffeine and Sugar police

The micromanaged Nano state is stepping up a gear to stop young people drinking caffeinated sugar drinks. It was worried that there was still something out there in the marketplace it hadn't got round to banning.

How about banning criminals and their depredations, how about not abandoning the streets to hoodlums thugs,acid throwing motorcyclists, muggers,burglars. No, lets go after those caffeine and sugar fiends.

Yet more reasons why we should consider removing our imprimatur from the nano state, morally and financially as I have mentioned in a previous post.

We have a delinquent state, completely out of control which has entirely abandoned its proper functions and is starting to look dictatorial, over weening, meddling  authoritarian and totalitarian in intent and practice. It clearly knows there are no lines it cannot cross, no violations of liberty it cannot commit and get away with, no transgressions against the private sphere it cannot engage in, no principles of individual rights it cannot trample upon  and eviscerate.

No one with even one eye open can say there have been no warning signals aplenty that we have an embryonic  rogue state in the making with  further advances and encroachment on the personal liberties on its citizens taking place on an almost daily basis. We cannot say we have not been warned.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

God -the Biggest Psychopath in fictional History?

By a billion country miles! In fact, apologies to all psychopaths everywhere big or small, your local town official or the big league Hitlers Mussolinis and Stalin etc were all plaster saints compared to the big G who doesn't seek anything less than total submission to his will as arbitrary and contradictory though it be.

 At least the psychopaths of the 20th totalitarian century had some sort of goal,some destination to achieve however deluded, impractical, immoral and irrational it was, it was still semi coherent. But God's plan makes no sense from beginning to end -and that's the problem there is no end to it. The tinpot dictators could only get you while you're alive but this one the big G wants to torment you for all eternity -just for denying his fictional existence!

His only begotten son was a complete loser albeit totally harmless but G is the pure distillation of  evil a trillionfold over. What have you got to do get into his good books re the Good Book? Admit you are a worthless piece of s**t, apologize for existing, acknowledge you inherited the original sin of the first man and grovel before the invisible deity in fear and trembling and then perhaps ( who knows since he is arbitrary and sketchy) he might just let you into heaven where you can worship him for all eternity to the tune of celestial harpists serenading his  omnipotentence. And this goes on forever.

Deny him, give him the index finger and expect the everlasting never ending torments of hell. Really, religious people this is what you believe and this is what you worship? No wonder the whole history of your religion has been one long serial bloodbath, gazillions dead and still it goes on to this day.What cult in human history can rival this monstrous record in its sheer barbarity and evil?

It's all there in the Good Book, the template for all subsequent bad behaviour. God ordering the  raizing of towns and cities to the ground, not even sparing the goats -where's the animal rights people on this by the way, causing disease, poverty, failure of crops, plagues, leprosy, floods, infernos, genocide bestiality -all in a day's work. He has human qualities like jealousy and rage an all round bad ass dude. Let's get on our knees and worship him!

Sorry, anyone who buys one scintilla of this nonsense needs serious psychiatric help and or heavy medication. A diseased mind concocted this fictional tripe but look at the horror it has caused down the centuries and it would seem it's set to go one for a long time yet as it is clear when it comes to human credulity it's supply is inexhaustible.

Objectivists, Political Exile and Alienation from Tribal Politics

It's hard for anyone being an Objectivist or even expressing the Objectivist message because it falls completely outside traditional tribal lines which this country's polity alas is still bound by although its withers are beginning to become unstrung albeit glacially.

Old loyalties and allegiances are challenged as one realizes the ideological similarities- at their base- of Left and Right, their shared assumptions of statism both implicit and sometimes explicit,their narcissism of small differences and the total stitched up conplicitly con game of the two party system more or less across the whole Western world -and beyond.

The two parties which resemble something out of Orwells 1984 Eurasia and Eastasia or whatever they were called are working in  de facto symbiosis to carve out the political territory in a completely arbitrary and politically illiterate way and effectively take it in turn to govern in what are well established electoral cycles with their predictable tired routines of   oppositional, faux conflict.

It's your turn to plunder the economy now Mr Left Party, and we'll have our go next time says Mr Right Party. Left or Right -what does it mean anymore or what perhaps did it ever mean?

I had witnessed Yaron Brook's conflicts with so called objectivist even who think Trump is the second coming or something but have also recently had first hand experience of it so know it is a real phenomena and not some contrived or exaggerated issue.

Try pointing out to some conservative voter the appalling nature of Trump,his vulgarity,his abusiveness his crimes against human decency,the truth,logic, reality and they look at you as if you have just advocated paedophillia,the killing of the first born and the harbouring of communistic sympathies -and those are some of the lesser charges. So tribalistic in their thinking are they  -if it can be called thinking- that they simple cannot see that there can be a principled basis of argument against Trump without the person making it being Left wing - there is a pro capitalist argument against his statist policies which they simple cannot or will not grasp or get their heads around.

It is akin to communicating with someone in a cult -rather scary and quite a revelation it must be said. But  disheartening all the same. And lots of this is to do with the fact that as all rogues and scoundrels do Trump has got the sicko perverted religious right and patriot nuts on his side ,the protectionist racist red necks who never liked capitalism anyway and want subsidies and corporate welfare to give them  their rust belt 20th century jobs back that they apparently have a God given entitlement to and if that means starting a suicidal internicine trade war with China so be it. America first -right over the economic cliff to financial Armageddonsville. Make America Great Again! Yea right.

And he feeds their paranoia got from Conspiracy websites because he is similarly afflicted indulging in the same fantasist diet from the Alex Jones school of hysterical symptoms of conspiracy and derangement mania. Worse still the President of the United States is threatening the media with censorship and riding roughshod over 1st Ammendment Constitutional rights for all the world like an authoritarion thug from a 3rd world hell hole.On those grounds alone impeachment charges should proceed. In the perpetration of Un American activities Trump is in a league all of his own.

How can freedom loving, yes Republicans fall for this arrant knave and charlatan, this impostor waving the American flag in one hand and a Fascist one  in the other?

Who Killed Wonga?

The Cockd up Robbin state. To listen to those poor Wonga clients who are now outrageously claiming compensation from the company for so called miss selling you would think they were victims of criminal behaviour. They were dragged kicking and screaming to the pay day lender, forcibly made to sign on the dotted line and are now entitled to thousands of pounds compensation.

Bo###x. (family site). The state is determined to infantilise the population and give it a free pass for every act of moral irresponsibility it indulges in and we at the Capitalist Party would abolish the financial conduct authoritity and all such meddling state agencies and work on the assumption that adults know what they are doing and are perfectly able to deal with the consequences of their actions and will not receive any state bailouts for acts of folly they may engage in in the form of protective state agencies such as FCA.

If any acts of fraud take place the courts exist for that purpose and all the existing laws cover such things anyway and there is no need whatsoever for this micromanaged, stifling,crippling,onerous,
interventionist, oppressive, anti competition anti capitalist state regulation of the lending industry and indeed of the whole financial industry in general.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hello you helpless little black people of Africa...

Mother Theresa has some British taxpayer's money for you! Welfare works so well in the UK we  thought we'd export it to Africa!

This  narrative of the  white man's burden is more racist than the Powellian version and it doesn't become kosherised because it goes under the euphemism of investment either. What business does the UK PM having going swanning round the world handing out British tax pounds in corporate welfare projects?

If business wants to invest there it will, why should British taxpayers have to subsidise them? If there are good deals to be had out there they will be found and it is not the role of the British State to go picking them and meddling in global market economics. Hasn't she got enough to be getting on with here for heaven's sake?

Needless to say the Capitalist party would end all foreign aid   immediately no matter what fraudulent and bogus national interest / security   guise it seeks to clothe itself in.

Dormant Stormont - A Template for Gov?

The Northern Ireland office has been closed for what is it now 18 months -and no one's noticed any difference! The scandal of the scoundrels still drawing a salary while sitting idle to one side for a moment, could this be a model for English parliament?

It started with corruption surrounding a Green policy which greenery invariably is a scam period and since then the parties have been at loggerheads and as a result Stormont is closed for business.

The hyperactivity of the English parliament could no doubt benefit from a long vacation especially when one considers that government these days seems to concern itself with everything but its proper role of keeping the citizens free from the depredations of criminals.

Politicians want to tell us what to eat drink and think but policing the streets and pursuing criminals -one of their main roles has long been abandoned. It is also significant that many feared Ireland would suffer a rise in sectarian trouble with the closing down of    Stormont and this has not happened either so the Brexit scare will no doubt also turn out to be just that, the alarmism of politicians with vested interests and ulterior motives.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Can Faith be Compartmentalized?

No! I have done business with the Godly and when you ask them how the biz deal is going they invariably said, God willing it will be ok or, I've prayed to God  that it will turn out ok. Well that inspires confidence. How about you doing something?

No kidding, religious people are the very worse people to do business with. They just cannot leave the altar at the boardroom door so to speak. If any businessman starts going on about God hold on to your wallet -you are just about to be scammed!

And whatever they do, whatever stunt they pull it can always be sanctified, washed away with the blood of the lamb or whatever, their crimes are sanctified. So no, I have never come across any people of God who can keep their trap shut about it for five minutes. Faith poisons everything, contaminates everything, informs their every minute, every judgement.

Even if the Godly can stifle their verbalizings its still going on in their heads,distorting their judgement and leading to terrible decisions. And the rationalizations!

There is not an area of life that is not contaminated by religious belief -and business is no exception.

The UN: UNbelievable?

Following on from my last post I should have included this re the UN. Can its pronouncements on any issue be trusted? It has about as much credibility as the Roman catholic Church. Has it not just been reeling from the scandal of corruption,child abuse and what about its blatant anti semitism,its anti Israel bias,its sucking up to muslims and arab countries as its default position? The UN has rightly been charged with being a cesspit of racism.

We have no grounds therfor to trust its account of what is taking place in Burma -or anywhere else for that matter. If it has any moral sensibility whatsoever it would close down its operations and put itself along with all its delegates from every hellhole on earth onto the first available plane out of New york.

Failing that we at the Capitalist Party would definitely take the UK out of the UN and it would be in our manifesto.

I Smell a Rat re the Rhingaz Story (lots of them)

(I must preface my remarks by saying the following is conjecture and hunch on my part, nothing more, and should not be taken as factual in any way, just what I feel may be going down -my suspicions, unsubstantiated - mere speculation on my part).

What's going on in Burma or  the politically correct new name for it Myanmar? The BBC is on its moral hind legs bleating and breast beating about the latest UN report which has the word Genocide in it and the 1pm news on R4 devoted a large part of the prog to crying copious tears of outrage over the story in one of the most tendentious peices I have heard for a long time.

I am very suspicious at this point I have to say. It has been silent on Venzuela and the unfolding tragedy there and has only covered it in the last week becuse it was unavoidable and was headlines all over the world so the BBC is extremely selective in it what it chooses to direct its moral outrage towards. The fact that the putative victims are muslims cannot be overlooked I am afraid.

The Venezuelan coverage is neutral, no finger wagging, no condemnation, a case of move along, nothing to see.

I have to say something doesn't smell right about this Rhinga story. We know there has been a growing Islamist movement in Burma but the Bbc has given this no coverage at all. Perhaps the Burmes look around the world at the horror and disaster wherever muslims move and settl and decided they were not going to let that happen in their country?

San sho She or whatever her name is used to be the darling of the Left and the BBC until she got tough on the muslims in her country now she is enemy number one and Bob Geldolf that paragon of virtue himself handed back the keys of Ireland in protest at her supposed moral breach. That'l teach her! Ouch must have hurt!

No I am of the persuasion that Burma is acting in self preservation and maybe we could do with a bit of ruthlessness they are displaying to the muslims here in the West and we might not be in the awful mess we are in now.

If I am out of order in my comments and misinformed please feel free to correct me and I will make the appropriate retraction.

Should British Taxpayers stage a Tax Strike?

I ask because in every walk of life we pay for a service and the provider delivers or faces the consequences. Politics is the only field I can think of where this does not happen -we pay politicians and they go off and do their own thing - 'follow their consciences' or whatever their self serving rationale is.

This is most ill sorted. Why should they wander off piste, engage in self expression, indulge their pet hobby horses, mislead and betray the British electorate in such a brazen wanton way and then claim the moral high ground for their  betrayal, turn their vices into virtues,rewrite reality to conform to their capricious will?

Why not payment by delivery? The british public voted in overwhelming majority for the UK parliament to take back control from Brussels and this it is clear they are intent on not doing, openly and brazenly frustrating the will of the electorate in a high handed treacherous illiberal authritarian way -and there is to be censure, no consequence for such undemocratic behaviour?

To add insult to injury they are now attempting to say that since they have betrayed the will of the electorate and sorry, just couldn't bring themselves to do what they were instructed to do -'the numbers in parliament just aren't there' - they now have the brass neck to tell the British people to go back and vote again in a 2nd referendum - and this time make sure you get it right by voting Remain!

Well in that case we reserve the right to say to them You'r fired', we are paying your wages if you flagrantly go against our wishes no tickee no washee. Close down Parliament, forget the massively lavish refurbishing programme. They should all collect in a more appropriate venue -like an underground sewer. There's lots to choose from in London.

But a tax strike would be logistically problematic  as politicians are  not paid through the council tax which would be easier to withold and most people are not self employed but are taxed at source so the politicians are well insulated from such a possibility which is obviously by design and probably why they feel they don't even have pretend to be accountable, but the sentiment of such a tax strike is I believe well justified.

Venezuela - It had to Happen!

I mean the rewriting of of the Venezuelan crisis and its cause. We had it from a former Venequelan diplomat on r4 Tday this morning: The Revolution Has Been Betrayed! Maduro is not a Marxist, he has squandered the Chavez legacy!

Like a formatted sitcom it conforms to type with well worn predictability. After every disastrous collapse of Socialist Paradise wherever it appears we get the socialism betrayed script -you would think they would come up with something mildly original, just for once?

It must be a comfort for the millions who are fleeing the ravages of the rat infested socialist hellhole of Venezueal to hear that their paradise was destroyed by a lack of socialism -it just wan't socialist enough! Ah,well, next time we will get it right. Maybe try it in Perur or Ecuador? The influx of confused Venzuelans will maybe help get it started?

The ideological pathology of the left is to never learn from its mistakes which means that somewhere in the world another harvest of human beings will begin and the whole grizzly socialist programme will crank into gear once more.

The Secret Power of Mysticism Revealed!

How do they do it the mystic pedlars? Obscurantism. The faux profundity of the language of mysticism with its  deliberate vagueness,its linguistic ambivalences and approximations  intimidates  people into thinking it is too deep for them to fathom, they should just accept it, who are they the humble to question the mysteries, it is only their prideful intellect that would make them presume they could possibly grasp it with their limited fallen human understanding. That is all mysticism requires of them to gain its desired ascendancy over their minds and ensure total compliance.

One only has to speak with those who have bought the mysticism scam to see the results in the conversation that ensues with the evasive language, the fuzziness of expression, words bent to mean something completely different from their common usage, the sheer elasticity of words  scrambled to the point of inanition, is the common stock of mysticism as it throws up a fog of words and leaves a trail of confusion in its wake.

Its our fault we cannot understand it you see, we are too earthly, too literal and precise in our language, we demand clarity, logic, reason, we are too intellectual, souless, prideful, daring to question the mysterium, relying on mere words - don't we understand -'the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life'? But we point out,  those are words! Without words you cannot convey how unimportant words are, it's a contradiciton!. There you go again says the mystic -it's a divine mystery. And so it goes on Yada yada yada. Words mean what we want them to mean, give up your prideful intellect.

Thus the mysticism fraud holds its victims in total thrall and it is the most insidious of all scams because the most pervasive and all consuming. To destroy a culture first the language has to be destroyed. The precision and clarity of language gives it it's strength and resilience. The biggest enemy of freedom is the destruction and undermining of language and thus of meaning. Once that is done tyranny has a clear run.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Why the West Cannot Defeat Islam

The sinister emergence of Hate Speech laws across democracies of the Western world is the biggest and most fatal error it has committed and the consequences and repercussions flowing from it could well spell its final doom. With Islam threatening  wherever it goes and settles the very sinews of western democracy, its institutions and polity, the very last thing on earth west should be doing is closing down debate, curtailing freedom of speech, creating a chilling effect on the free exchange of ideas, jailing and imprisoning people for having the wrong views, persecuting them, fining them, creating speech codes, behaving in fact like a continent with a death wish which it clearly has.

Why this loss of nerve in the face of an existential threat like Islam? Instead of confronting it with home truths it waves the white flag, appeases it, actually does its dirty work for it by censoring any dissent and making it illegal and subject to prosecution and jail.

It self censors itself. After 9/11 every newspaper and publication worth its salt should have published the Mohamud piss be upon him cartoons. But no, it cowed, it bending its knee and here we are today our culture in ruins, our moral force spent ready to be taken over by any despot wielding the whip.

Why? How did it happen? Isn't freedom and liberty worth fighting for? Not if political correctness and multiculturalism tells you that western democracies are just a s corrupt as dictatorships and our culture is no better than the pygmy ones in far away continents and that we should apologize for our liberal values and for bringing the civilized world into existence with scientific discovery and all the aesthetic spiritual intellectual industrial revolution marvels that flowed from the Enlightenment.

If we don't value those things what defence do we have against the barbarians at the gate which we have now let through the gate? How can we convey moral and intellectual strength  and confidence and yes moral superiority when we no longer believe in the cultural intellectual values that bought us such abovementioned things because the intellectuals in our institutions have spent the last hundred years decrying and smashing those things into a thousand pieces?

How can we fight the ideology of islam  with pragmatism and amoral anti ideology, when we despise  ideas and think that truth is arrived at by consensus and opinion poll?When we don't have a clear and consistent and integrated philosophical base from which to proceed and and think all ideas should be accorded equal value be they good bad or indifferent?

The war we wage is with ideas and philosophy and unless we realize this and have a clearly defined and integrated philosophical value system we in the West will be overtaken by barbaric ideas from the dark ages which have emerged expressly because of our moral and philosophical default in the war of ideas and our abandonment of the field to savages.

Christians Envy Islam!

There is no doubt about it, Christianity is a dead cult and it eyes enviously, secretly the political power of Islam and its global reach.The prattish Peter Hitchens has even come out and said the West better start making accommodation with Islam because it is a world force to be reckoned with and isn't going anywhere. So we better watch it!

It is obvious that frustrated Christians like Hitchens who see the sun well and truly set on Christianity and who observe what they regard as the Godlessness of the West with despair would rather the uk succumb to Islam as the national religion than become an atheist nation.The latter is what keeps Hitchens awake at night, grinding his teeth.

And when you think about it you cannot put a cigarette paper morally and ethically between the depradations of the evil death cult of Islam and Christianity. It's just Christians had to give up the torture, rape and pillage centuries ago although tell that to the victims of the catholic priests.Islam is still getting away with it and the animus Christians have towards Islam is partly tinged with this envy at its loss of political power and influence in State affairs.

Make no mistake about it if Christianity got back its political power it would be behaving in the exact self same manner as Islam is today. Even with its power reduced the Roman Catholics have still managed to behave despicably and show no sign of doing the honourable thing and closing their evil institutions down. A new lick of paint  and its business as usual for the Church.

I have been accused of being harsh towards peoples's 'cherished  beliefs' on this site. How can you be harsh enough towards the moral obscenity of religion and its centuries long horror show of slaughter genocide and  industrial scale human misery?

Atheists are Communists!

Really?! An old associate informed me of this  fact just recently so I thought I would explore the idea and that's what I shall now attempt to do gentle readers. (Deep intake of breath).

Try this reasoning for size:The communists are atheists ergo all atheists are communists.Communists are humans ergo all humans are communists. Need I say more? I think they call that reductio ad absurdium - I was third in my class for Latin but there were only three in the class. Anyway you can see the absurdity of the proposition so I really do not need to proceed beyond this point -but I will anyway!

In both Soviet Union and Nazi Germany the State churches were quick to get behind the communists and Nazis and as far as I know the same holds for Spain and Italy in WW2.

Stalin was a seminarist, fully schooled in scripture and not long into his reign brought and incorporated the church into his wider communist program   recognizing that the hold it had over the peasant masses could be utilized to his ends rather than eliminated as the burning down of churches does not an atheist country make. Christianity was too indelibly rooted in the Russian peasant soul to be eliminated by such a crude and superficial act of church burning, indeed he recognized that  the very credulity of the uneducated peasantry that kept it under the sway of the Church could be utilized to sell them the equal dud of communism for whom the promised land was always just another 5 year plan away from fruition.Have Faith comrades! One more push! One more famine and we will reach the promised land!

My old associate then came out with a real gem: Communists, to paraphrase, do not disbelieve in God - they just hate him. In which case they are not communists! But it is worse than that contradiction for I do believe that my old associate will not permit atheists to not believe in God -it will not be countenanced so we will settle for them hating God instead! Atheism will be not acknowledged! The possibility that someone could actually have come to the conclusion weighing all the evidence for his existence (ie none) that he does not exist will not be tolerated!

Maybe he hopes I will renounce my atheism for fear of being an unwitting communist since he knows I am pro capitalist? Whatever the case it will surely come as a huge surprise to the millions of Ayn Rand appreciators to discover that she was really a Commie all along!

Mc Cain Good Riddance

Are we to look kindly on the old fool because he is dead and because he hated Trump? One simply cannot overlook the sheer comprehensive awfulness of Mc Cain and what he represented and the damning proof of his awfulness in the ready praise Obuma has heaped on him -nuff said.

As bad as Trump is just hating him does not qualify for respect re Mc cain -anyone can see thru Trump and despise him -it does not take any particular moral sense to be disgusted with him.

In many ways MC cain and his miserable ilk of Republicans could be said to have created Trump. Had they not abandoned true Republican principles long ago Trump would not have slithered up out of the cesspit and into the Whitehouse. He would never have gained traction without the help of the McCainites.

Yes he was tortured by the Vietkong but that was the fault of the US military fro drumming into their conscripts heads the perverted evil principle of not giving away State secrets, to sacrifice themselves on the altar of patriotism rather than saying tell the enemy whatever to avoid torture including the truth if you have to.So he ended up tortured and giving away military secrets as far as I know but am open to correction on that point.

The essence of it is, he was a twat, a nonentity and the main reason why the Republican Party is as dead as the Conservative party -it just won't lie down. US politics needs a realignment as much as British politics -to blow away the MC cain/ May syndrome - or else face a Trumpian dystopic future.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Christ the Self Sacrificial Schmoo

Take up your cross! Blessed are the persecuted! Sacrifice yourself on the altar of altruism. Don't think of yourself, think of others. Sacrifice yourself to your neighbour. Your neighbour, sacrifice yourself to your neighbour. Your neighbour's neighbour, sacrifice to you neighbour's neighbour's neighbour - yada yada.

Now we have everybody sacrificing to everybody else - doesn't that remind you of something? Communism!  That's the whole point of altruism -nobody benefits! If someone benefits its not altruism. But everybody loses,everybody is diminished. That is the essence of Christianity, that is the essence of Communism.

Sacrifice is sacrifice, it matters not a jot what your or anybody else sacrifices themselves to. It could be God, Alla (Piss be upon him), your neighbour, the Proletariat, the Fatherland, the Motherland, the Mother in law -you name it.

But back to Christ. We are told he effectively put himself up in the cross and suffered the most excruciating painful horrific slow protracted death imaginable to pay for the sins of the human race. A scapegoat in other words. This is profoundly immoral. No man can expiate the sins of another, take on himself the responsibility and consequences of another's sins -the very concept is monstrously evil. But the injunction is we should all do it too or if not that be happy that someone else is going to carry the can for our sins. Really? That's your religion? How depraved and evil is that?

But there's more! If we debase ourselves enough ,grovel and admit we are a pile of crap, miserable pathetic creatures, crawl on our knees and beg forgiveness from God for existing he will reward us in heaven when we die, with heavenly choirs singing as we praise him for all eternity! Sounds like hell to me. What if we say er, pass?! Hellfire - forever!

Ladies and gentlemen I put it to you, this is far worse and evil than communism.At least Stalin did not promise his slaves eternal slavery in the communist hereafter, at  least the misery ended in death. But with Christianity after death is when all the fun begins! The torture, the misery, the suffering, the mayhem -for all eternity!

Beside the Christian ideology Communism is positively benign! It has an end, a surcease. No, Christianity is only something that could be embraced by the mentally ill, the morally depraved, the craven. The most ingenious, man made crowd control tool ever invented. The power it has exerted over human beings over a millenia and counting is testimony to  that.

Religion, the Last refuge of the Scoundrel?

For the sake of some obtuse folk who may be reading this I use the word religion generically to include all those who base their deeds and words on faith,mysticism regardless of whether they see the inside of a church or mosque or not. The outer form of their belief system, where they congregate and the rituals they perform or don't perform is totally irrelevant to their core beliefs. I mean the whole corrupt lot of them!

That clarified I ask the question, is religion the last refuge of the scoundrel? I think the affirmative for many reasons. Those without much in life cling to religion for the last scrap of dignity left to them. Their lives may be a complete mess -by their own actions or innactions but at least they can comfort themselves with knowing they have a close connection with the one who organized the cosmos. What a self esteem booster for the losers of the world. The reflected glory, the reassurance that they will be saved from the self made crap of their existence and get unearned love, non judgmental love -salvation from their self made nothingness and the moral vacuum where a life should have been.

The booby prize for all such moral derelicts is religion and its false blandishments, its faux profundities, its pious cant -they suck it up as if manna from heaven -manure more like it.

Failure dogs their every step but  Praise the Lord! God bless you! See how sanctified I am. Does my shit smell -I don't think so! I can con, cheat, steal depradate through life and rationalize it all away. I couldn't help it! Sin made a home in me! Let me commune with my creator.

This life is nothing. Others may achieve but all that will serve them nought. My treasure is in heaven. Bollox is it - sorry but really....!

My Feelings are Hurt! I'm Offended!

Since when did we allow  a culture to grow up where some people's fragile self esteem is allowed to hold freedom of speech hostage like a child having a tantrum when it's little ego is frustrated? I dunno but it's scary for us grownups, for liberty, freedom of speech - our very survival as a free people hangs in the balance if we do not scotch this nonsense pretty soon.

The offence culture is having a chilling effect on free speech - and that of course is its express intention. Coming as it largely does from the Left it makes sense as it has lost the argument comprehensively, all the evidence of recent history is against it, all it's collectivist assumptions and theories have been exploded countless time over -what does it have left but censorship - and the moral intellectually bankrupt anti ideology of post modernism to hide behind?

But it also comes from another insidious malevolent quarter namely the religious organisations who in a last desperate attempt to salvage their moribund and morally corrupt mystical faith and irationalism are seeking by subterfuge and stealth to bring back the old discredited blasphemy laws to close down criticism of their ridiculous belief system. Islam is now practically a no go area re criticism, ridicule,satire and any public person goes there at his peril.

This censorship for such it clearly is has been successfully re branded as a move against 'hate speech' which means whatever anyone wants it to mean so vague is it's construction -which of course is it's specific intent. No one knows if they may fall foul of it or not if they venture into the perilous seas of critiquing faith so for sheer self preservation they avoid the subject  and the religious groups have triumphed. Issue the threat in legislative form and self censorship does the rest. Job done.

No one has the right not to be offended. They can go live under a rock if they choose but all the while they live among people they will have to tolerate criticism of themselves and their belief system and what does it say for such beliefs anyway if they cannot withstand a cold critical eye cast on them?

The religious and the Left do not have a leg to stand on, they lost the argument long ago so let us resist their desperate rearguard attempt to silence us and continue to cast light on the intellectual , moral darkness and bankruptcy they represent and embody.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Kicking against the Pricks

Measles anyone? The disease that had been more or less eliminated in the West  at least has come back with levels higher than for the longest time and why? The anti vaccine conspiracy nuts have done their job re the faked up MMR scare/ hysteria which led as a consequence to thousands of neurotic paranoiac parents witholding the vaccine from their children in the 90's and even going to the extreme of home schooling them.

Now that the cohorts of that generation are mixing again in university and the workplace they are particularly vulnerable but it can be remedied by them having the vaccine now and hopefully thanking their parents for screwing them up by swallowing the faux health scare, anti  medicine/science New Age propaganda agendas of fringe lunatics in the conspiracy peddalling business.

Christ. Fiction's Most Psychotic Schizophrenic Loser?

The Bible may be a bad novel gone very wrong but what about the main character 'made flesh' as a template for model human behaviour ie Christ? Really? Take up your cross and be a self sacrificial schmoo. You'll get your reward in Heaven!

Imagine the ultimate perfect scam ever devised by man and  -you have the Bible. Can't fail. Give us your money, pay us our priestly wages - and when you die you will get your reward! Wish I'd thought of that one! Give me some money this biz opportunity can't fail. You won't benefit now but when you die you will have riches beyond your wildest dreams! Where do I sign?

And what a psychotic loser this fictive Christ is. He wanders around in a psychotic daze,having visions, talking to himself, is clearly schizophrenic, does magic  tricks as all fakirs, gurus and shamans do, he gulls the uneducated illiterate peasants of the day, pulls a few stunts, annoys the Romans who pin him to a cross. Someone nicks his body and the story gets out he has risen to heaven, transcended death, a world religion grows up in his name helped and expressly facilitated by the Romans as they know a good pacifying peasant-crowd controlling cult in the making when they see one -render under Ceasar yada yada.

The Roman State thus captures and co opts Christianity, exports it globally, hundreds of millions of people over the next 2k years are murdered in endless wars and genocides and eventually after oceans of blood has been spilled Christianity is put back in its box from which it should never have been released, the Reformation tames it, the Enlightenment neuters it and it is now a pallid pathetic shadow of its former evil self, free to mutter its watered down blandishments, its leaders suitably defanged, left going through the motions mechanically soulessly,impotently in a well deserved fate of self parodic irrelevance.

Transgenderism. Essays in Subjectivism

Today Matthew I will be a woman! Today I will identify as (fill in the blanks).Sorry, no. A is A. The law of Identity holds. The law of non contradiction holds regardless and irrespective of your wishes, desires, whims, caprices. Don't look to the law to alter reality for you. It should not and in a sane world would not.

But, are we in a sane world? Silly question. In a world or at least the Western one because elsewhere illiberal though they mostly are such nonsense would not be entertained for a minute, objective reality has taken an indefinite vacation. In our post modernist world all bets are off, reality is subjective, the primacy of consciousness rules and you can effectively assert with a straight face that 1 and 1 is 3 - because you want it to be and if any dare challenge you on this it is they who will be in the dock -sometimes literally so topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland is the world we now inhabit.

Words mean what we want them to mean. It's a mixed up muddle up world la la Lola.Rebel rebel, against reality, not sure if he's a boy or a girl - or how about gender neutral?

Unless the West asserts that A is indeed A it will drown in  a post modernist world of super subjectivism and won't be able to tell its ass from its elbow. A bit like now really. Mind how you -or some gender neutral pronoun, go.

Charity begins at - the point of a Gun?

I don't know how long charities have been part funded by the state via taxation but it is a rum thing  in that it surely violates and indeed subverts the whole principle of voluntary giving which is the definition of charity.

An act of volition ie charity is now turned on its head once the state through taxation gets involved and one cannot help thinking that it is this invidious involvement that may have contributed to the growing and increasing politicization of charities particularly and most notoriously Oxfam which has steadily over the years morphed from a relatively harmless charity into something quite foreign issuing heavily political messages through its charity portals on the high street and elsewhere.

Who knows but if the recent problems of Oxfam re sex allegations has also stemmed from this transformation from charity to impersonal bureaucratic political agency  imbuing it with a sense of entitlement and protection from the kind of scrutiny the more humble traditional charities would be subject to?

Whatever the case it is a moral obscenity that the state is using taxpayer's money to part fund charities of whatever stripe and rest assured the Capitalist Party would put a stop to such co option and inversion of the charitable impulse by the state - however minor and marginal  in the hierarchy of  values  giving to charity is or should be in the lives of  individual donors.

Should we Thank the Roman Catholic Church?

For helping to destroy Christianity the Roman Catholic Church should be praised! It's last shred of respectability is now gone and as the pontiff heads for Ireland there is absolutely nothing he can do or say to restore the Church's reputation and credibility let alone resurrect the perverse anti human Christian theology behind it.

Ireland has embraced modernity and humanity and left the depraved inhuman Christian doctrine behind, where it belongs in the dustbin of history. It has a gay PM, it has legalized abortion more or less, contraception for heaven's sake is legal and the church's stranglehold over the Irish people is thankfully a thing of  the past. It was noticeable that in the recent abortion debate the church remained totally silent - a sign of just how far it has  morally fallen in the estimation of the Irish people.

The people have rumbled the Roman Catholic Paedophile Church and all its dark doings stretching back decades and centuries into the mists of time. Has any country on earth suffered more at the hands of priestcraft and the sick Cultic Christian ideology behind it than Ireland?

One expects kiddy fiddling and child abuse from the Islamic barbarians whose leader - Piss be upon him - was by all accounts a paedophile  but Christianity and the suffer little children to come unto me motiff turns out to be more of the same but  with  mountain sized hypocrisy thrown into the mix.

The pope can do his usual pious schtik but the corrupt institution he heads back in Rome in the vatican - a state within a state - and its' dark shameful history of infamy has lost all power to terrorize and intimidate the people and its followers are a rump and dwindling faction of deluded lost inadequates without self respect or dignity -exploited of course by the corrupt clergy who still sadly hold some sway in their petty thiefdoms.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Is Faith a mental disorder?

Of course one has to guard against pathologising belief systems or human behaviour in general for that matter - the Jordan Peterson expression 'ideologiclly possessed' comes to mind and the word Islamaphobia as it can all to easily be a way of dismissing ideas without having to give a reason for such dismissal other than it's mad! Yet I have lately decided through Rod Liddle's comments to appropriate Islamaphobia and admit to having the condition myself on the grounds that Islam is so invidious and evil a construct that to fear it is a normal natural human response to evil.

So I do think the question is religious faith a mental disorder a legitimate one, with some caveats. The religious commentator and author Scott Peck observed that most religious beliefs are 'neurotically determined' and of course I think Freud dismissed the whole field of faith in those terms.

One thing is for sure, faith and mysticism are very harmful to human psychology and mental stability. (I make particular reference here to the most brilliant essay on this subject I have ever come across namely Nathaniel Branden's Mysticism versus Mental health in the collection of Ayn Rand's essays The Virtue of Selfishness which I cannot recommend highly enough).

The total corruption of one's cognitive faculties, the epistemological corruption of one's thinking, the metaphysical corruption -faith is a toxic concoction that will impair the mental functioning, lead to passivity of thought, atrophy of the will, fatalism, death of ambition, mistrust of human beings not to say misanthropy, contempt for reason and rational discourse, hostility to all worldly considerations, hatred and excoriation of natural sexual expression, an obsession with other's supposed deviant sexual orientation, a dictatorial authoritarian disposition, a hostility to freedom and liberty, small mindedness, conspiracy mania and near total dismissal and hostility to human invention, creativity, self confidence and human  achievement, militant anti intellectualism, - all and much more, can rightly justifiably and accurately be laid at faith and mysticism's door. Who in their right minds could possibly see any of that as to conducive to mental health?

Faith, Atheism, autobiography and Faith's Resurrection

Can one lose one's religious faith after 40 years? Er yes, but it is not easy as the old conditioning kicks in again from time to time so eternal vigilance is required!

For my part it has been a process and the struggle to lose it saw much back sliding -at least four attempts as I recall over a 20 year period.

Ayn Rand started the process for me 30 years ago but it was Christopher Hitchens youtube recordings in the early to mid noughties re debates and interviews that sealed it for me for the following reasons which I shall outline with some historical detail.

Ayn Rand saw religion as so absurd and so patently ridiculous that it merited it hardly any discussion or analysis in her non fiction beyond asserting her atheist position and dismissing faith and mysticism as the arrant fraud it clearly was but she did it in passing because at the time of writing religion in America was largely marginalized and discredited in public and political life,there had been a massive falling off of religious influence re expressions of faith and it was not until the appalling Reagan appeared and the emergence of the diabolical religious right that all of that was reversed and the Christian religious re asserted their influence directly in politics in a most regressive atavistic pernicious and lamentable way.

Elmer Gantry as it were and his acolytes came back as if from the dead to reap a malign and toxic influence on the US polity which exists to this day with the gruesome spectacle of serial sex offender Trump paying lip service at least to the religious right and bizarrely -or not- getting its imprimatur.

The emergence of the religious right like a cancer on the body politic coincided with Rand's death although she did remark disfavourably on Reagan. But it was not until the emergence of the militant atheists if you will re Christopher Hitchens et al that I first heard the atheist view expressed and it took many years before I finally and fully took it on board.

Religious conditioning is very insidious and powerful because it is integrated into one's whole world outlook,every question is seen through the lense of faith and un raveling that takes a long time,a process of disintegration has to take place and the longer the period of conditioning the harder and more protracted that process will be.

Yet I exaggerate somewhat as in many ways it has been fairly painless and easy. I only have to listen to former associates who are still spouting their mystical gibberish and pretzellogic, their fallacious arguments, their emotionalism, their total dismissive disregard and denial of reason whilst bizarrely attempting to appropriate it in their cause, their evasions, denial of reality, dishonesty, rationalizations, the moral corruption of their personal lives all glossed over and rationalized away by their faith -the whole disgusting obscenity and dishonesty of that is enough in itself to remind me why I abandoned the wholly immoral belief in all things supernatural.

This is to say nothing of the pathetic nature of the above mentioned characters,the feebleness of their minds and the irrefutable evidence that faith and mysticism in a traditional religious setting or not -in my case not- makes people unremittingly stupid - certainly embarrassing and verging on the cretinous.

I close on a word of warning. It is absolutely futile seeking to engage in dialogue with such people once you have abandoned your faith -unless you relish the prospect of playing chess with a squirrel. It is beyond futile to debate them -unless in a public forum when you will be speaking through them to a wider audience and I speak from personal experience!

One more point on this which I have mentioned in the past but is relevant to my specific experience and may be to some others. In the modern world there has been an outcrop since the 60's of alternative culture, the emergence of New Age, independent movements and a do it yourself religion, free market approach as it were -all well and good sort of, but it has led to some organizations which are not church based and who claim that they are somehow the pure faith,  falsely asserting that they should not be judged harshly like the false players of organized religion but as they share exactly the same religious ideology with the same roots ie the bible this is a fallacious claim and one intended to turn the spotlight off them and give them a free pass when they share the exact self same philosophically corrupt source of  faith, mysticism but shorn of its material church based paraphernalia re services,  bureaucracy and clerical hierachies.

To expose the sophistry at work here imagine if ideologically loyal and dyed in the wool supporters of Hitler and his evil ideology kept themselves relatively separate and never went on Nazi rallies and marches or shouted Heil Hitler in the street or wore Nazi regalia claimed that therefor they should not be lumped in with organized Nazism would anybody take such a request seriously? We should treat the no church mystics with the same dismissive derision when they seek to pull the same stunt -and for the same reasons.

Corbyn to Propose State takeover of entire media

The Left cannot rule with a free press and media - indeed  there is no history of it ever doing so and it comes as no surprise therefor that the Corbyn government-in -waiting is already floating a trial balloon regarding it -in the form of a speech he will give later today to muzzle the already over regulated media, impose swingeing taxes on the digital so-called tech giants in order to fund 'citizen independent journalism'.

 An independence which will be paid for by holding a gun to the 'tech giant,s' head reveals a very unusual definition of the word - ie  its complete opposite!

It's plans for the BBC are equally sinister. It will tax the said 'tech giants' to boost the already swelling bulging coffers of the State public broadcasting giant and, place license payers on the board of governors or enable them to decide the composition of the board and have Class Quotas to ensure the beloved word of the left, diversity.

Such proposals of state incursion on free speech will no doubt   endear him to the fascist left ie his base but it can only send a chill through the hearts of  all those who cherish freedom of speech and liberty and to whom this is a direct and sinister existential  threat.

Representation without Taxation?

It seemed like a good idea to take the low paid out of income tax altogether -indeed it was but the lesser thought about consequence has been an inversion of the no taxation without representation principle -we now have representation without taxation and the implications are only now starting to dawn on political observers.

A sizable part of the electorate now get to vote on issues that will not affect them in their wallets and purses whatseover -they can vote on higher taxes without being  affected by the consequences -effectively voting to put up taxes for other people which will not touch them adversely at all and moreover which they will be the direct beneficiaries of.

The proper trade off for such an advantageous position on the part of the non taxpayers should have been the withdrawal of their electoral vote. No taxation without representation contains within it an implicit acknowledgement of its reverse expression -no representation without taxation -remove the one and you remove the other.

If you want a say in politics as it is now constructed -and we of course at the Capitalist Party advocate a very different system from the existing one (as outlined in some detail in previous posts) you have to have some skin in the game -you cannot influence what people pay in income tax when you are exempt from it as any notion of fairness would automatically preclude such an unfair proposition.

We advocate an abolition of income tax altogether but this done as previously stated over a generation by a gradual tapering off and reduction. It  is enough here at this juncture to point out the obvious iniquities of the present arrangement and highlight the breach of faith with the original principle of no taxation without representation that  it represents  in reverse.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dr Owen, you were the broken mould on British politics!

The ever self aggandizing Dr Owen on r4's The Reunion prog was reminiscing yet again about the Sdp's 15 minutes of infamy back in the 80's with the usual blinkered conceit of the deluded.

He may not have understood why the whole thing was such a damp squib and truly believed he and his party was some sort of radical departure from political business as usual but it just doesn't stand up to any analysis whatsover and the British public saw through it pretty quickly.

He would not join the Liberals - why - because they were not  wing enough and the further clue as to why the whole thing was a vanity project of thwarted egos re the clear statists Messrs Owen, Shirley Williams and Jenkins  was the narcissism of small differences between them and the hard leftists who at by this time taken over the Labour Party. Owen may look like a tory but he was a man of the left and still is to this day. He just opposed Labour tactics believing, quite correctly, that it would keep them out of power for a generation but principally there was never enough difference between Sdp Labour and liberals for anyone to tell them apart or to get  out of bed to vote for them and they merely served the purpose of splitting the left three ways rather than the traditional two with the result that Thatcher stormed to power for a third time in '87.

He likes to blame the first past the post system but this is to confuse process with principle. The same system prevailed pre 1920's but it did not stop the formation of the Labour Party and it's eclipse of the Liberals to become the second most powerful political force in British politics and then to end up in actual government. All excuse making and nothing more.Bad loser!

Venezuela, the BBC and lessons Not drawn

The BBC has been dragged kicking and screaming into covering the tumultuous events in Venezuela and for good reason as it was a socialist flagship and there aren't many of those and it would not touch it with a barge pole - until it absolutely had to and it went into predictable meltdown, the way of all socialist utopias with all the others, onto the dustbin of history.

Now it reports all the drama but analysis is thin on the ground. Experts are wheeled in with their variegated positions but the overwhelming takeaway as the jargon goes is wholly and totally absent namely, this is what socialism leads to without fail. The implications and ramifications here in the UK are too obvious to make yet we must as Corbyn lurks in the shadows ready to pounce or slither into office on the debris of May's defeat re Brexit.

The parallells are obvious but not being made least of all from the BBC who carry a torch for Corbyn and would like nothing more than to see the the ceremonial ousting of the albeit lefty tories (as far as we are concerned) and the potential installment of the most extreme political semi Marxist leader this country has ever seen.

But do the people of Venezuela now get it? By all accounts no. There appears to be no soul searching going on whatsoever  as millions head for the border to Columbia for refuge and work, many of the professional middle classes having left the country in the last 8 years as they saw the Marxist writing on the wall. All we have heard from reportage so far is that they are in a state of bewilderment and cannot understand what is happening to their country. Really? They are certainly not going to get any help from the international media judging by the lamentably shallow reporting so far.

Will Corbyn be asked to give an account of himself re Venezuela? Probably not.He certainly won't be pressed by the BBC who are clearly in institutional denial as ever and are going to make sure only a fragmented, non conceptual, non philosophical range of the moment reportage will characterize their coverage of yet another socialist nightmare come to fruition.

When does a State become illegitimate

The  preconditions for such a state of affairs are:

1) State control of the press.There are moves afoot with this re the fallout of Leveson and bearing in mind that the internet is the 21st century version of the press the various government crackdowns on 'hate speech', increasing systematic concerted intimations and threats of imminent legislation and government intervention to bring pressure to bear on internet platforms to censor and delete 'offensive content' all point to a chilling effect on fee speech which is inimical and incompatible with the principles of a free country.

2) Overbearing taxation and regulation.This is on a continuum as it is hard to say at what point  such invasive and oppressive state encroachment tips over into the totalitarian -on principle if the gov steals just one penny in tax it has crossed the line, the principle has been established that it has a right to do so and the rest is just a matter of time - it's incremental  purloining is intended to soften people up like the lobster being slowly boiled -by the time they realize what is happening it is too late and they have conceded their liberty on the installment plan.

The question of when such a state has crossed the line is therefor somewhat academic, a judgement call, but the seeds of totalitarianism are present in all so called liberal democracies, mixed economies with their mixed contradictory premises -be they social democracies,welfare states or whatever extant variants and mongrelized combinations and it would have been better for all nations under such systems to never have gone down those roads of statism in the first place so inexorable and inevitable would be their final place of destination and unless the process is reversed and such institutions are purged of those statist elements authoritarian totalitarianism can be the only outcome.

When the state gets so large, its military so powerful and unassailable from within a revolution of any sort is not practical and would indeed be an act of self destruction leading to  inevitable defeat and great loss of civilian life to no purpose whatsoever and of course to consequent  outright military dictatorship with the mask of democracy quickly whipped away to reveal the true nature of the beast lurking behind it.

The winning of hearts and minds is therfor the only way forward and that will be a hard slog indeed should anyone even try to undertake it. Vasts sums of money would be required,a massive pardon the expression, re education process undertaken and a protracted period of time stretching into decades and beyond needed to even stand any chance of a success.

Changing a whole culture is a monumental task over a generation or 3 so only someone with rare fortitude vision stamina and  organizational skills need apply. Only the groundwork can be laid now and that is being done by ARI and other satellites and the individual efforts of bloggers and youtubers and we take our humble place with that fraternity not making any extravagant claims about being vanguardists, just contributors to the cause - and judging by our lamentable to non existent stats very humble ones at that!

I should point out in conclusion that changing hearts and minds always has to come first before anything else and that would implicitly obviate the use of force and more importantly it must be stressed that force even if successful in overthrowing the existing polity would not lead to anything better, indeed to far worse outcomes because the cultural groundwork would not have been laid and to attempt to impose liberty at the point of a gun is self contradictory on its face and would involve the substitution of tyranny with another every bit as dictatorial.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Turkeys don't vote for Bernard Manning....

And politicians don't vote for small government! More news from the Hello dept! So the very act of voting is an act of endorsement for the Statist Quo.Unless the party in question is.. fill in the dots to spare you the repetition.

Our, my party, will do what it says on the label.It is not in the mindless act of conserving tradition re the conservatives or pretending to be a little bit capitalist -quasi capitalist if you will, no Red Tories here. It will not make socialist speeches al la Treason May on the street of 10 Downing st and enact business crippling taxes and regulations and laws, it will not talk about a partnership between business and state and have ministers for everything under the sun and lay out a red carpet for Corbyn to waltz into no 10.

Nor will it make obscene gestures of conciliation to the anti human - capitalist hating envrionmentalist brigades and  pay obesiance to its absurd misanthropic agendas. It won't present itself as the middle way between socialism and capitalism, bowing down to the God of the Mixed Economy, an embodiment of an anti concept and  the law of contradiction.It will not insult the intelligence of the British people  but instead treat them as adults and lay out before them clearly the imperative for a limited state, setting out clearly its proper functions, its role and purpose and how to stray beyond that into meddling in the stuff of people's personal affairs, choices and decisions is to transgress its function and stray into the realm and down the tortuous road to  the authoritarian and totalitarian.

Yes it will with meet howls of protest from all the legion of special interest groups -ie the whole establishment practically and will be rounded on not just by the usual suspects, the Left but the right too who will sense that it poses just as much a threat to them as to the left - which as far as we are concerned - and will make clear, much to their chagrin, it resembles in more ways than it differs.

So winning a popularity contest will not be easy(!) but the very act of making the distinction of clear blue capitalist waters between us and all the rest will be an exercise in enlightenment if we dare to   use such a word, or even a raising of political consciousness in the British public so that even if we meet with no success which in our present culture let's be honest is the most likeliest outcome, it will still have served a very useful educational service for future forays by different actors - who knows, into the rotten at the heart polity.

From the Government and here to help.....

Governments obstruct business at every turn and then launch programmes to help business! Laisez faire, Laissez faire, Laissez faire! The two words you will never hear politicians - whatever their stripe utter. Only here at the as yet unofficial Capitalist Party website will hear hear such incendiary, radical revolutionary words. Tear down the barricades! Governments,Tear  Down that Wall of protectionsim, tarriffs, tax, regulation!

All Roads lead to Brexit - In BBC Land

The Today prog, radio 4 is the setting in which Justin wets his pants pleading with a tory minister being interrupted - I mean interviewed by him to tell him how Brexit will Ruin Everything, will be the cause of everything going wrong and in which the feeble minded woman pleads back at him repeating his name pathetically 20 in the 'interview: 'but Justin, let me tell you...' but she is talked over yet again by 'Justin' desperate now to have the minister validate his deepest prejudices and he will settle for nothing less. Makes for great listening -very instructive albeit not in the way it should be instructive, in a proper grown up interview. That's the BBC for you when it is riding it's  anti Brexit hobby horse which should surely have be sent long ago on a one journey to the knackers yard.

The poor woman was supposed to on the prog to discuss how the gov will be assisting and encouraging businesses to export export export. How about cut taxes and regulation duh?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Death to all Quangos!

That's Capitalist Party policy re Quangos. They are an abomination and there will be a raging inferno of them in which none will be spared. They are the most sneakiest and serpentine of all the ways the state gets to grow itself  by  a deliberate act of deceiving the public about the very nature of the beast in question, quangos.

We will acknowledge their legitimacy only if there can be produced as evidence in support of them a quasi pregnant woman or a quasi vegan.

Quangos are in direct violation of the law of contradiction -namely, that contradictions do not exist -A is A and when the state seeks to violate such a law it does so for one reason only, to deceive the public and attempt to get away with immoral activity, to enlarge its powers, grow government and curtail the freedom of its citizens still further which it knows it cannot do directly, in plain sight so engages in sleight of hand devious underhand methods, by smoke and mirrors in which category the invention of the quango is in a category and class all of it's own in its darkly ingenious anti concept conception!

Quangos are the last refuge of the scoundrel. What evil genius invented them. It was surely a committe,a group of civil serpents and politicians sitting together in the basement of government ponder on how to create a non accountable body of pooled shared responsibility -ie no responsibility at all that could appear to be separate from the state yet not separate at the same time. The quango is the ultimate light bulb eureka moment in the whole sorry history of statism and government enlargement -governments' Kafka moment come to full fruition.

Out out damned Qaungos -you are about to meet your Waterloo.

Venezuela Collapse -the BBC has just noticed!

Where has the beeb been the past few years re Venezuela and why the erie silence from it about  this  central American basket case? We know why it's maintained a trappist silence on the matter don't we. Had it been a Right wing basket case the beeb would have been all over it like a rash -it would barely have been off the news agenda for a day.

But it's a left wing one so we better not report on it lest the viewers join the dots and start linking it with our belove Corbyn on who we are pinning all our future hopes of socialist Valhalla.

It did make the news the other week after what seems like a systematic self imposed moratorium for years -don't mention Venezueal, we did it once but we think we got away with it - when poor old Mad uro was subject to an alleged assasination attempt. The it was headline news on the BBC and the coverage was sympathetic to Mad!

Maybe they should atone for their glaring sins of ommission by inviting Corbyn on to ask him to comment on Venzuela. It will be worth it just to see him squirm in his seat and observe the panic in his eyes before he collects himself and comes out with his usual pat evasive answers delivered in his faux passionate manner and weasel words. He needs to be Paxmanned on this but probably won't be.

Plastic. O NO, Banned!

I know b****r all (family site) about plastics but I do know an eco bandwagon when I see one careering about madly. I know the accompanying nauseating orgy of vitrue signalling by the usual suspects. The religious zeal with which the anti plastic brigade have latched on to this latest supposed environmental outlier of Armageddon/ ecocide.

So who knows if plastic is a problem -and does it matter anyway as it it's really not the issue nor are any of the other periodic eco scares that have come and gone like the fads they invariably are. The issue is that the environmentalists care and they are going to let us all know how much they care and they are going to lay collective guilt on us and it's going to involve a further curtailment of our liberties and we are going to have to do yet more penance which always ends up costing us in taxes -government's just gonna have to get that much bigger,that much more invasive,that much more finger wagging new agencies will emerge,more jobs for the environmentalists,more punishments for the heretics who deny Gaia and question his mighty powers and omnipotent will.

The despoilers of the earth -that's you and I folks are gonna have to pay and have to engage in governmental programmes of re education to correct our false consciousness regarding the sacred environment and apolgize daily for our plastic transgressions. The high priests of the green religion will sort out unbelievers and punnish them sorely!

Who Owns the Internet platforms?

Not Alex Jones! How about the owners? He has been thrown off a few platforms allegedly for his abusive content but the owners do not have to supply a reason -he's been critiquing them for ages and perhaps they had enough of the paranoia ingrate and din't see why they should showcase the loon and his rabid forays into the parallel universe he inhabits. Let him go somewhere else to pedal his paranoiac delusions. Seems fair to me.

One or two less platforms for the deranged to promote his bile and bilge seems like progress to me. If you use a platform the owner's get to make the rules be they arbitrary of fair. Without them you would not be able to self promote so a little gratitude might be in order rather than abuse you might think. Not that a vulgarian like Jones would know anything about such civility for sure.

Here I disagree with the sort of libertarian Brendan O Neil who I largely have a lot of time for and regard as one of the best defenders of liberty in the Lockean tradition I have seen on youtube but he argued recently and most erroneously I feel that such platforms are public property and he cited approvingly a US court case back in the 1950's involving a woman who asserted her right to hand out the Jehova's Witness magazine on a privately owned street which she won.

O Brien is a self identitying Marxist so I suppose he would have asuch a relaxed cavalier attitude towards private property which is what the both abovementioned are about and he will be interviewed by Yaron Brook in September so no doubt YB may question him closely on such matters and the principles of liberty they throw up. Whatever the case it should be interesting listening.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Greece is held together with Elastoplast!

If Greece was a business it would have gone into receivership years ago but thanks to the EU's Hall of Mirrors dodgy accounting,bailouts and voodoo economics it continuers to stumble around zombie fashion waiting for the next wave of reality to wash over it probaby in the next few years bringing EU shatter day ever closer.

As Italy reveals itself to be another basketcase EU country the latter will soon find that the UK and Brexit will be the very least of its problems as Britain sails away from the EU Titanic just before it sinks beneath the waves.

The Deep State IS the State!

There is no state within a state that is the deep state. That is smoke and mirrors conspiracy theorysville. The State is the deep state.It penetrates into every nook and cranny of what was people's private lives,you cannot move without a government permit,even your thoughts are policed in this pc world of thought crime,hate crime,causing offence crime.

It suits statists of both left and right to harp on about the deep state because it presents them as virtuous statesmen and the guys in the basement pulling the strings as the thwarters and secret operatives trying to sabotage the great work they the statists are doing for the public! It shifts attention from their nefarious out in the open deeds of statist intervention into the personal sphere,their daily incursions on our liberty, to some dark shadowy secret agents subverting the democratic process and operating as the hidden power behind the throne.

As if the throne itself is the virtuous part -the tyrannical monarchy being subverted!

You cannot go any deeper than the existing state. Keep your beady eyes on that and do not be distracted by the siren call of conspiracy theorists. There is no conspiracy -they are doing it all in the open,under our noses. The state is illegitimate in its present construction so let us focus on that and not what the statists want us to focus on as it is pure diversionary tactics.

Business Rates Ditto!

I call it the Mafia Tax. Nice little business you have here,wouldn't want anything to happen to it would you? A tax on enterprise which has done more to destroy the High St than anything else although admittedly the technology of the internet has played its part.

You will note that the idiot's solution is not to get rid of business rates but to impose swingeing ones on the interent companies! Let's cripple them and then there will be equality! This is how they think and the red top press which I used to have respect for is leading the charge. (It's hard to tell the Daily Mail from the Morning Star anymore at least on this issue).

Let's blame the 'Tech Giants'! How about the State Giants? Industry creates,governments plunder.It's not science a la rocket is it?

Council Tax Kiss your sorry Ass Goodbye!

As I indicated in my post Do we need Local councils my obvious verdict was no, so council tax abolition would be in the Capitalist Party manifesto as it is basically a crudely disguised property tax. As far as I can tell it replaced the rates system of which I know nothing at this point,not to forget the poll tax which briefly replaced the rates before that and helped we are told seal Thatcher's fate -but which as far as I understood it as I did not watch politics as closely as I do these days was a much fairer system in that everybody had to pay it and I do not think it was progressive to use that awful euphemism.

What will it be replaced with I can hear the naysayers whine. How about: Nothing! I know the States have sales tax and there would need to be a transitional stage as these things need to be phased out over a period of time and would cause too much chaos and dislocation if introduced overnight.  But the direction of travel would be to privatise all the services the council now performs and thus the money people pay in council tax would be spent by them directly on services provided by privately run companies.

Here is a crucially important point that cannot be stressed enough and it applies to local government just as much as to national government. There is a world of difference between genuinely privately owned and run services and private companies working for the State via contracted out services. The difference is that between night and day. The mixed economy is statism with a figleaf of private company participation. The middle man ie the state is the paymaster and has overall supervision of the services and is motivated by government office terms and political electoral cycles which results in miss allocation of funds,short termism,political grandstanding,corruption, bribes, political favouritism in short crony capitalism and should not be in way shape or form confused with genuine free market laissez faire capitalism although it is deliberately conflated with it by politically motivated anti capitalists who seek to smear the ideology when such partnerships end up as they always do with the Carillion Syndrome and capitalism takes the rap..

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fake News?

One hesitates to use the term as it has been so effectively co opted and subverted by Trump into comprising of anything that criticizes him but that being said it is a genuine problem which afflicts not just the wilder shores of the internet but even sometimes it must be said the so called mainstream media.

Again one hesitates to push this too far as the term fake news has  ome largely discredited as I say through misuse and lazy habitual overuse but, I have to confess that when listening to BBC news bulletins it's very hard to suppress from time to time the inner voice that sometimes becomes vocalised into a loud shout of: Fake News!

It is more a case of emphasis and news selection priorities with the BBC than outright misreporting or conscious lying. More unconscious bias than downright corrupt journalism. Not so much yellow journalism as pink journalism. However in journalism the sins of ommission  can be just as bad as the sins of commission so we cannot let it off the hook for that. Whether this amounts to fake journalism is a judgement call but either way it is less than should be demanded from a public service broadcaster. But as I have said previously this is an insuperable problem with such a beast and the only solution is privatization where bias is a privilege of the newspaper or broadcaster and the public gets to choose which news agency and organ to patronize -not the State.

Coffee Onan -Good Riddance!

We won't be mourning the death of that absurd figure who headed up the despicable UN back in the day. A Ghanian -what a perfect and appropriate place for the leader of the UN to hail from!

Britain's departure from this truly evil organization would be one of the most pleasurable pieces of foreign policy I could ever dream of enacting. What a basketcase of deplorables comprises this ridiculous and truly malevolent institution.

Out out out damned spot of iniquity,the UN is everything that's wrong with the modern world -it's very existence is an affront to humanity,it is a cesspit of depravity,corruption,organized crime and tyranny and if Trump wants to do one thing to redeem his abjectly appalling presidency he could go someway to achieving that by closing down the UN offices in New york  and removing at a stroke the US's sanction of the moral evil it represents.

Who are the biggest Casuists of them all?

The religious! Master sophists they are and it's easy to see why that would be. Rational people have no need of that because they use reason and seek clarity in thought and  speech to convey meaning. The opposite motive guides the religious the very nature of their subject matter is obsfuscatory which is why nothing they say makes any sense.It's mystical mush,they sole motivation is to obscure meaning,dissimulate, deploy foggy indeterminate vague abstractions,equivocate,mask, conceal, use language in approximate rather than precise way,to generally cast  of veil  of confusion over what subject is at hand.

The religious major in equivocation and are definitely the most dishonest and untrustworthy people I have ever had any dealings with. As they base their whole belief system on a lie this is hardly surprising when it spills into every other area of their life and infects everything. And rationalization is rife amongst the religious. They can justify anything they do as being done for their creator,he is their imprimatur for whatever they choose to do however arbitrary and irrational.

It is obvious that if one bases one's whole belief system on a subjectivist emotionalist level of consciousness everything one does practically is going to be disastrous -garbage in garbage out as it  were.A brain programmed and running on irrational is going to be self destructive and dangerous to be around. For this reason religion should be banished from the political arena entirely and should never drive public policy in so much as there would be any in a truly free capitalist system.

For an atheist it would be very inadvisable to have anything to do with those of the religious persuasion when it comes to business matters. They are mega dishonest and I speak from personal experience. Even socially why would one want to be in the company of a person who claims to have connection with the suppernatural and bases their life on the fictional concoctions  of fantastical religious text cobbled together by fantasists perpetrating the biggest fraud on the human race in the whole of human history?What could one possibly gain from such company?