Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feral Youths Rule

On the TV BBC news we were told that the judges were de-wigged to protect the pre- teen thugs from the 'trauma' of being in court. (Yes, I had to do a double-take too!)

Lets have corporal punishment for these scum bags.

Cameron Unmasked

Liberals run the criminal justice system and the criminals are the beneficiaries. Their victims are hoodwinked by the liberals with carefully doctored statistics that show that crime is falling.The stats themselves are the product of criminal deception. No one trusts this corrupt system and the country is in very real danger of being overun by criminal elements.

The political party hitherto regarded as the party of law and order,the tories have sold the pass to the liberals and are now out-bleating the left on the need to 'understand' the criminals - to 'hug a hoodie' in the modish parlance adopted by the Tory pretender Call meDave Cameron. This counter intuitive surge to the left surely represents a misreading of Middle England unrivalled in modern times and this has been reflected in the catastrophic poll and bielection results just recorded.

If the party has indeed been hijacked by a lunatic left fringe which is now tail wagging the dog one would expect to see open revolt in the ranks but up till now this has not happened. Now that Dave is in apparent freefall with the electorate it now is.Could this foppish twat soon be history?

Monday, July 30, 2007

BBC Rumbled and Exposed

This was so good. Charles Moore on Any Questions lays into BBC bias. (To just hear that piece go 30 mins forward and two mins back)

How insulting to everyone's intelligence for BBC presenters to tiresomely insist that there is no bias and it is all a figment of Conservative imagination. They have to peddal that line because if they came clean that would be the end of the licence and their cosy little number. But think of the corruption of journalism that this deception necessitates. Here are people who stake their reputation on reporting the truth and they are forced to perpetuate a lie on a daily basis that is every bit as big and monstrous as those lies of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stray Thoughts on Liberalism As Secular Religion

Like phoney religionists the liberal is the high priest of a perverted religion which takes from the good and gives to the bad. He seeks power over his flock by instilling an unearned guilt into them to extract royalties. They must worship at his man made shrine of liberalism. They must earnestly and unctuously repeat its mantras and observe its rituals. The right hand must always know what the left hand is doing. Trumpet your good works across the land and use the extracted royalties to pay for the trumpetting!

Any dissent is heresy leading to public shame and humiliation.

The people had no sooner shaken off the tyrannous yoke of religiosity than they proceeded to yoke themselves to an even greater one of liberalsim. Its incantations were naked and transparent: 'to each according to his need', 'free at the point of use', 'cradle to grave welfare'. A return to the Edenic state, the New Jerusalem -without the need of repentance! Who could resist the siren cry of the unearned?

Liberals Are Fascists

Liberals are all fascists to varying degrees. They want to use the State to force people to do things they would not otherwise do - like hand their hard earned money over to workshy layabouts so they can reproduce more of their shiftless kind. The liberal doesn't see this as fascism but rather, humanitarianism. But it is of course fascism.

So liberalism flying under false colours for 60 years plus, most people are conditioned into thinking this perverted humanitarianism -a sort of vicarious philanthropy is the genuine article. They would be able to see through it had they not been conditioned like statist robots through the state education system. They thus sanction their own victimhood.

Freeing such people from this mental and physical slavery is absolutely impossible. Such moral and spiritual serfdom is imbred and the only outcome is totalitarianism - that we see creeping upon us right now here in the UK.

What Can Be Done?

Is Britain a totalitarian state in the making -yes! We all know it. A Damocles sword of total statism hangs over our heads. The clouds are forming, the gathering storm approaches, yet Britain sleeps on, comatose, staring blankly at its tv screen soaking up the daily dose of trivia.

The slave state of unconscious victims strung out on legal and illegal drugs walks zombie like to its doom. The few remaining un-body-snatched look on in horror and helplessness, blogging into serfdom.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Come Friendly Bombs....

Here's proof even the open borders liberals will find hard to Slough off

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good One

Let that be a lesson to you.Let regular similar treatment be your lot.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Socialism is for losers. Capitalism is for winners. Crudely put, but true. Socialism taps into the very primal human emotion of envy. It says the chap next door is doing better than you. Vote for us and we will take some of his money and give it to you. To losers this is an offer they cannot refuse.Kleptocracy is the result. Yet Socialists claim the moral highground!!!! Everyone buys it. Philosophers endorse it. Teachers teach it. The media promotes it. The tax system is predicated on it. Churchmen preach it. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth said Hitler -and then proceeded to put it into practice. Hitler was a socialist too...

Modern government is little more than organised crime. Government as mafia. Mobocracy. Mob rule.They say hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue and true to form the socialist dress this plunder up as a virtue.

200,000 Years Before Global Warming...

How could this be?

Crime Pays in Brown's Britain

Between Brown's hitmen in the treasury and the thugs on the street small business is beseiged and as shown here has no faith in the legal system.

We know Labour hates private enterprise and that all of this is no accident. Here's the proof.

PC Holding the Ring

Another example. Except religion and ethnicity wins only if it is an eastern persuasuion: muslim rights, hindu rights - and christian rights go hang.

To cultural cringe we must add religious cringe. In retreat and beseiged by all sides the last vestiges of christianity are stripped away, its adherents mocked and reviled. Mosques and muslims are kow-towed to, institutions bend over backwards to appease the deadly cult of Islam. The only consolation to draw from all this is that when Islam finally triumphs in the West the PC fascists-useful idiots who helped bring it about will be first in line on the muslim chopping block.

PC Trumps TB

Never mind about the collective good which is what leftism is supposed to be about. When ethnicity and religion is involved the PC fascists know exactly which way to jump.Bull shit rules ok?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't Mind The Gap

This is the sign of a healthy society. One where they all get the same is a levelled and dumbed down, socialistic coommunistic, egalitarian mediocracy no one is their right mind would want to live under. Viva la difference.

One solution to the poverty trap would be to get rid of the welfare state. Nothing has created poverty on a mass scale like this socialistic monolith that sucks the life out of countless generations, blighting the aspirations of millions.

The Lunatic Is On The Grass

If this man was a right wing loony instead of a left wing loony would the BBC be wetting itself over him fawningly, idolatorously, uncritically, hagiographically as it is here?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Strikes Are For Losers

The featherbedded dinasaurs are flicking their tails in a last atavistic spasm of futile gesturing. Strikes are for losers because they are an act of desperation by the powerless. What they cannot win by persuasion or strength of intelligence they seek to win by brute force. But striking is a very blunt instrument and it usually lands on the strkers.

It goes like this. Stike affects productivity and reputation of the company which causes loss of buiness to rival companies which causes yet more job losses. A three year old child could figure it out and it doesn't require much intelligence but since when were unions ever known for their intelligence?

There is a bigger issue here and that is why people place themselves in a position where they are dependent on a parent company to employ them. The employer gives them a job and the job represents a comfort zone for them, almost like a welfare situation. No thought is required, they merely turn up every day at bicycle factory number 26, go through a series of prescribed motions and pick up their paycheck at the end of the month. They react with childlike hostility and tantrums when they are informed that they may not have a job for life and could face redundancy.Reduced to a state of near infantilism they begin to throw their toys out of the playpen and go on strike.The company owes them a job for life!

Militant economic illiteracy and ignorance is badge they wear with pride. They took no part in creating the company they work for and have no conception of how the market operates. It is very hard to be an employee and actually mature into an adult and clearly the postal workers have failed to make the transition.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Only In Socialist Britain

Yet more hatred of the producers stirred up by the socialist BBC. Operating outside the free market they spout their poisonous propaganda against capitalism which they do not understand but greatly fear. This is so transparent even the general public in a recent poll seem to have got it and regard the BBC as out of touch with the real world, tendentious and hopelessly mired in liberal leftism.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Muslims Killing Muslims= GOOD!

This is how to reduce the muslim population. Let them do what they do best which is killing one another. Islam it is now clear is nothing but a death cult and it is being played out on the killing fields of Iraq. Muslims hate one another far more than they hate America.

The anti war brigade need to recognise that the mess in Iraq is caused soley by muslims.They are on an internicine civil war of self immolation.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Muslim Doctors Of Death

The cancer of Islam knows no bounds. Hippocratic oath? Forget it. The decades long folly of opening our borders to the scum of the earth has come back to bite us with a vengeance. Only the Prophet Enoch was right in warning that we were as a nation heaping up our own funeral pyre. The burning inferno of car bombers in Glasgow is a graphic reminder of how prescient he was.

Now we try half heartedly to lock the stable doors but PC overrides all sanity and we allow thes scum to practice their black arts of medicine on the NHS. Anyone with any brains will now categorically refuse to be treated by muslim doctors.

Isn't it time to recognise that Islam can be given no house room in the UK and that all mosques should be immediately dismantled and the whole lot of them sent Paking?

Not So Gullible Warming

The public won't get fooled again. They think this gullible warming thing is a racket. The leftist environ-mentalists will have to spin even more furiously to get the public to swallow their loopy anti capitalist agendas. The Today programme will have to mention the environment 200 times an hour instead of just 150. Al Gore will have to make even more absurd hyperbolic claims, Private frasier will have to be exhumed to declaim 'We're doomed, doomed!' on an endless tape loop; brainwashing environ-mentalist change-agents in the schools will have to work even harder, accelerating to fever-pitch less this dangerous skepticism counters all the work of the socialists to take away the last freedoms of the British people. No time to lose!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Diana Myth Revisited

Necrophillia rules! So this is what happens when people abandon religion. They worship false Godesses.

The cult of celebrity started here. What did this woman ever DO? False right down to here dyed hair, and as a friend remarked: 'this woman had more p##### than a second hand dart board'. Yet she is Di-eified by the world. Mother Teresa who at least did something for her fame died on the same day as Diana but because she was an ugly hag got no press and media coverage....