Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tories Are all Socialists Now

The latest Tory Tax proposal of 45p on those earning £100000 is just another dismal example of what happens when a political party abandons principle for pragmatism and thinks it can operate in an ideological vacuum.Divorced from reality it stumbles into the territory of its supposed opponents accepting all their socialist programmes and is reduced to merely haggling over tax percentage points.

Conservatives are spineless,gutless,cowardly and fundamentally immoral.They despise philosophy and end up taking on board the philosophy of their opponents as it is not possible to be an ideological free zone.They have never challenged the premise behind income tax which is essentailly Marxist,Socialist Communist egalitarian,redistributive and criminal, reducing the population to mere serfs of the State,enslaved to a class of theiving Socialist bureaucrats.

Here is the wretched and obscene endgame of a party that prides itself on militant ideological ignorance and pragmatism.It is left floundering in a moral quagmire, up to its neck in Socialist ordure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BBC And Institionalised Instinctive Leftism

Andrew Marr referring to a guest's earlier life on Start The Week said:'You were a liberal idealist,innocent..' What a bundle of assumptions packed in to such a small space! What twisted form of ideology could possibly associate or conflate liberalism with idealism? A political philosophy which counts the highest good as every individual made a ward of the State is 'idealistic'?! One thing liberalism is not is 'innocent'.Liberals know exactly what they are doing.

This value laden assumption ridden tendentiousness is written into the dna of all BBC presenters and they would not be employed if they did not come ready made with this twisted ideological canker in their soul.Imagine a BBC presenter saying the following to a invited guest: 'You were a Conservative idealist,innocent'. No, I can't either!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Minimum Wage Retards Growth

The minimum wage should be abolished as it represents unaceptable State meddling with market forces and has contributed to the unemployment rolls for the added financial burden on businesses has meant growth has been hobbled,businesses have had to cut back on hiring staff which means less people in work.It is the height of economic illiteracy to claim that the minimum wage does not have any effect on hiring recruitment levels. The minimum wage was introduced at a relatively low level and as was predicted by its critics has since been raised by stealth.This is the standard practice of legislators who introduced income tax at a low level to minimise dissent and then progressivly and incrementally increased it over time.

The present economic situation would also be ameliorated by repealing other onerous employment legislation relating to matters such as maternity and paternity leave, unfair dismisal and discrimination cases which has had the effect of turning the working environment into an extension of the welfare state, retarding productivity and economic competitiveness.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

How To Reduce State Spending

Some taxes ripe for the axe in these troubled economic times would be Corporation tax,Capital gains,Business rates,Vat.Savings could be made by eliminating some government departments altogether such as Ministry for sport,Media, The Arts Council and Foreign Aid.Providing bread and circuses is not the proper role of the State.

Tax funded art is almost always self indulgent, mediocre and pretentious, encouraging charlatans and the talentless.There is an inevitable bias to political art of a leftist persuasion which is little more than Socialist propaganda thinly disguised as art.Non representational,non objective art which no one would want or pay for vouluntarily is given a lifeline it does not merit.

When the government is not using tax payers money to subsidise pseudo art it is throwing it at opera and theatre.Poor working class people who have no interest in such art are thus forced to subsidise the elitist art of the upper classes who could well afford to pay the market price for their opera and theatre tickets.The likes of Dickens and Shakekepeare were not sustained by tax payers money and a flourishing culture of Arts existed long before the Arts Council came into existence.To suggest that it would not do so again if the latter were to be abolished is mere special pleading by people who cannot hear the word culture without wanting tp point a pistol at the head of the hapless taxpayer.

Roots Of Welfare State

The welfare state was founded on piracy,brigandige and plunder from the start.Private property and businesses were seized by force by the State and nationalised, reducing the hitherto independent sector to a miserable state of servitude and enforced public service.

How could a system based on coercion and brute force, pillage and appropriation lead to anything other than a Leviathan state and an erosion of civil liberties? Over night doctors were transformed from proud independent profesionals into serfs of the State,shackled hirelings ruled by government bureaucrats and arbitrary dictat. The self respecting doctors unprepared to prostitute their skills and talents to a Socialist system predicated on slavery and self sacrifice simply fled the country in what became famously known as the 'brain drain', leaving the suppliant remainder to relinquish their independence for a mess of State pottage.

THe social fall-out of the Welfare state has been equally calamitious.The family has effectively been nationalised, fathers supplanted by the mother State acting as surrogate.Girls can have babies on the State,be provided with an ersatz family structure, council accommodation, food provision,child benefit rendering the male socially redundant, with the inevitable corollary of social breakdown,crime and juvenile delinquency.

Socialism cannot function without coercion for no one would willingly subject themselves to its tyrannical yoke.It is therfor a total violation of individual rights,a negation of liberty and freedom. Why then to this present day is Socialism still presented as a benign expression of the humanitarian impulse? Truly a triumph of presentation over reality!

Saint Bevan And The BBC

Last night BBC4 showed a programme by Greg Dyke on Nye Bevan and it was the usual uncritical hagiography of a clearly wretched character who was almost singlehandedly responsible for the disastrous introduction of socialised healthcare in the UK.

Bully, thug, Bevan was a large burly figure not adverse to picking fights with employers and was from the start an aggressive agent provocateur trouble maker stirring up unrest in the work place.It was inevitable that he would go on to become an extreme Marxist Leftist in the Labour movement and the darling of the far Left which he came to dominate with his dubious powers of rhetoric and demagoguery.(As a recent controversy regarding a company blacklist of agitators in the workplace has shown, those seeking to disrupt businesses and stir up trouble often use the workplace as a springboard to politcal power and companies have every right to avoid employing such indivuduals and sharing inormation about them.)

The usual suspects were wheeled on to vouch for Bevan as a man of the people such as windbag Kinnock.The programme showed that there was a perfectly adequate healthcare insurance system run by employees long before the inception of the NHS which clearly provided all their medical needs but the obvious inference that there was therfor no need whatsoever for a universal national health care system was of course not drawn.The motivation for such a grandiose and unwieldly system was obcviously politically motivated,ideologically driven, designed to give meglamaniac political power lusters self advancement.

Born it would seem with a chip on his shoulder and a smouldering resentment of the successful Bevan was seen as a class warrior by his followers and his bile and inferiority complex came to the fore when well into his career of evil he declared at a public meeting that the Tories were 'vermin'.This played into the hands of his opponents and from that point his star faded and he mercifully died prematurely as all parasites do of cancer thus sparing the country from the fate of his prime ministership which would almost inevitably have taken Britain into Communist rule.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Capitalism Still Rules

Capitalism may be going through its dark night of the soul but who truly imagines that Socialism is our slavation?It can surely be no coincidence that every time the UK faces financial oblivion there is a Labour government in office.

To believe that Socialism can save Capitalism is to believe that foxes should guard hen houses.Every other politician is on the make,bending the spirit of the law on their expenses and most would not recognise fiancial probity if it kicked them in the teeth.

Brown was never a supporter of the free market and the banks fiasco has been a blessing for him as he gives his Socialist impulses free rein,nationalising the banks and seizing total control of the money supply like any power-crazed third world kleptocrat.

As it has been clearly demonstrated that command style Keynsian economics protracts recessions rather than curing them there is no excuse to go down that road to serfdom again.Only someone historically illiterate could retread that old ground.

The banks should have beeen allowed to take the hit and learn the painful lesson thus being more likely not to repeat such folly in future.The danger of Socialst intervention is that one bail out necessitates the next and future generations of tax payers are in hock to perpetuity.The banks hunger for tax payer bail outs will only grow with the feeding.

Teacher Teach Thyself

With tens of thousands of children falling off the school rolls at 14,record levels of truancy,(not to mention the thousands of parents who collude with their children's absence by phoning them in sick each morning) perhaps it is time to examine why the State schools are failing so many of their pupils.

We tend to think that if child does not like attending school there must be something wrong with the child but dare it be suggested that there might just be something wrong with school? Rather than addressing this the Government typically approaches the problem from the wrong end and issues a declaration that all children will have to stay in some form of education until they are 18!

Tens of thousands of children leave school unable to read or write which should be a national scandal and yet the government proposes that they remain in a system that has palpably failed them, showing what an extraordinary state of denail it is in.

If we take our car to the mechanic and he fails to fix it do we pay him? Why then do we continue to pay for a school system which is clearly dysfunctional and is failing so many of our children?

The school system should be opened up to competition.The Teachers Union have got a stranglehold on it and the results have been nothing short of calimitous.One teacher at a recent conference even declared boldy that teaching children phonics, ie by the sound of words as opposed to allowing them to guess what words mean, was quote 'Right Wing'!

The curiculum across the board is riddled by an insidious toxic political correctness and Socialist ideology which is enough to dull the minds of the keenest of students.Every subject has been so infected from Geography to History,English to Science.

Schools must be freed from the pernicious sway of Council employed Socialist minded teachers giving parents the freedom to choose their children's education free from State imposed dictat and the cleverly manipulative Social engineering of lottery and postal code selection.Those who choose the independent rout should also be given tax cuts as it is quite wrong not to say immoral for them to be forced to subsides a system they quite justifiaby have no faith in whatsoever.

Crime Under The Socialist State

People often wonder why the Government can never come to grips with burgeoning crime when the answer may be staring us in the face - albeit it may somewhat alarming.Big Governments that are ideologically driven do not regard crimes against the individual as being that important and sees social causes behind crime which renders it disinclined to allow the punishment to fit the crime.

What really excercises Governments of a totalitarian stripe is a fictitious concept called 'Crimes against the State' -and for this is punishes people most severely.Failure to comply with tax laws for instance will land you in jail quicker than mugging or burglary.Governments that are Socialist drven will be very lenient on crimes against the individual and very harsh on what it terms 'political crimes'.This explains why we appear to live in a country fit for robbers and muggers and why the innocent have to look over their shoulder in Brown's Britain before expressing an opinion for fear of being apprehended by police force on the lookout for Thoughtcrime.

Income Tax Terrorism

Income tax is a tax on intelligence and productivity which is why it is so loved by the Left. It is regressive,redistributive,punitive,egalitarian,Socialistic and profoundly immoral.If we need any tax at all it should be levied on a rational basis and it should not be motivated by discredited 20th century Socialist dogma.

Taxation has rightly been called the tool of tyranny and is a form of slavery forcing the productive to support the idle and shiftless.Workers are effectively slaves to the non workers.

Spare a thought for these hapless taxed drones many of whom have to file their own tax returns and are confronted by what amounts to a tome of inpenetrable jargon and bureaucratese designed by its very opaqueness to intimidate. (The Campaign for Plain English has clearly not penetrated to the inner recesses of the Inland Revenue)Non compliance leads to hefty fines of £100 a month and possibly £60 a day and an eventual jail sentence. Tax collectors have been given extraodinary invasive powers to enter people's homes, intimidate and threaten. A sign on the back of a van sums it up: "fight organised crime: Abolish the Inland Revenue".

Library Of The Dumbed Down

The reason charity shops abound in our High Streets is because they are not subject to business tax.Surely in these parlous economic times this business levy should be waived to give a much needed fillip to beleagured business?

Business may be floundering but Government just keeps on getting bigger with more people working for the State than any time in our history.If the market has to pull in its belt why not the State too?

Perhaps a good place to start cost cutting would be with our public libraries which have become surplus to requirements what with the proliferation of said charity shops that sell cheap second hand books and discount book stores including supermarkets.More and more library space has been given over to internet use where seedy furtive looking individuals hunch over computers 'chatting' endlessly online.

The last time I went to my local library there was a large display at the entrance celebrating what was called 'Black History Month' featuring books written by such dubious characters as Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela.I cannot imagine seeing a seeing a similar display celebrating White History Month with books by Enoch Powell somehow.

Newspapers in libraries are available but only catering for those who lean to the Left ie the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman. No Telegraph, Mail, or Spectator. There is an musty odour of municipal Socialism about our public libraries and it is time these not fit for purpose fossilised intitutions were let go.

Coucil Tax Grab

The council tax is really a misnomer as it is actually a property tax.It is a pernicious Socialist imposition and has doubled under this wretched Labour administration.

Everyone receives the same 'services' from the council so why should they not pay the same council tax? After all,when people go shopping they are not asked questions about their income or property -everyone pays the same for a loaf of bread and the price of goods and services are not predicated on some absurd egalitarian notion of 'fairness' or 'ability to pay. Only in Government are the laws of logic and justice arbitrarily suppended.

Now and again some hapless OAP is sent to jail for refusing to pay this iniquitous Socialist tax,but if instead of being picked off individually there were to be an en masse non payment a clear message would be sent to this rapacious Government that this council tax is an extortionate criminal tax too far.

Conservatism Is Next To Godliness!

I am sick of Conservatism being presented in a negative light in the media. The word Tory has always had a pejorative ring but when BBC presenters utter the word the sneer in their voices is clearly discernible.The word Conservative is only ever used on the BBC in a negative context. To refer to someone or a viewpoint as Conservative is the ultimate condemnation, rendering that person or thing totally beyond the pale and outside any civilised discourse or discussion.

This attitude of intolerance and bigotry is all the more offensive when research has shown that to be Conservative is a sign of highly civilised and evolved dispoisition. Conservatives love their children and take better care of them than liberals,are far less liekly to get divorced,take drugs,commit crime and anti social behaviour or end up in jail.If a survey of prisoner's politcal views were taken it is almost certain that the majority would be of a left persuasion which is why the Liberal party wants to give them the vote.They would hardly be putting forward such an outrageous proposal if prisoners were Conservative in their beliefs!

Conservatives are often charged with lack of compassion but this is just another egregious misrepresentation and slur.The difference betweeen liberals and Conservatives is that liberals have compassion for evil people whereas Conservatives have compassion for good people. Quite a big difference when yiu think about it.

The only criticism of Conservatives I have is that they are too prone to take such misrepresentation lying down and that they are not robust enough in their defence of freedom which is under systematic attack from liberalism. Conservatism is about a small State and defence of individual rights which means minimal taxation and interference from the State in the affairs of the individual.Rather than standing on these core principles Conservatives are too apt to mimic Liberals in moral panic and promise salvation via the State which is a betrayal of everything Conservatism is supposed to stand for. People are crying out for a champion of freedom from the bully State and a populist Conservative party would wipe the floor with the liberal alternatives if only the Conservatives would wake up to this fact and seize the day.