Monday, May 28, 2018

CiIvilisation 10 Roman Catholic Church 0

Bravo the Irish, you gave Ireland back to the Irish, destroyed the malignancy of priest craft forever, struck a hopefully deadly blow to Rome and took a brave step into the 21st century.

Now can we have separation of Church and State for Chrissakes? -Disestablishment now. (Amen)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Why you cannot Wing the Presidency

As a perfect illustration of why a presidency by the seat of your pants does not/ cannot,/will never ever work I reference the US North Korea nuclear debacle . It explains why the greatest country that ever existed (for all the reasons I rehearsed below) can end up being played  by an obese psychotic with arrested development, a Marxist numpty ruling over a slave pen.

Hence the representative of the dumbest ideology in the world can run circles round a cynical, amoral, anti intellectual, pragmatist who thinks running off at the mouth and uttering the first banal inane idea that creeps into his faeces packed brain will serve as public policy - which amounts to giving a petulant child the title and role of President of the United States.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Donald Ducks

Wiser counsel prevailed, maybe it was the wise ish introduction of Boulton into the Whitehouse that did it but whatever the case the  No deal is the only sane result. Maybe he will finally get it that you cannot just do deals with anyone, to sit down with evil to negotiate is evil. The only result can ever be the waxing of that evil and the waning of the good, which of course was never that good  or it would have not conceived of the idea of parleying with evil in the first place.

Imagine if a hoodlum came to your door and said he was going to burn down your house and rape your wife and children first if you did not give him an open ended directed debit arranged 500 a week welfare provision. Would you say that sounds like a good deal I will set it up right now? Far fetched, ridiculous? Would you say no human being would ever agree to such outrageous blackmail and intimidation? Then why would you be in favour of a country acting in exactly the same craven suicidal manner towards a psychopathic sociopathic deranged tyrant busily heaping up his nuclear stockpiles with the power to blow up not just your house but the houses and human beings on a whole continent of the greatest, most noble, moral, advanced, richest, free est powerful nation in the whole history of the human race, namely the United States? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Masters of the Cover Up?

Could it be true that the tin pot guru / fake/ fraud / Roy Masters has been arrested yet again for pulling a gun on a member/s of his family for Chrissakes? It is almost impossible to know as whatever information is on the web is scanty and negligible to say the least. Whether it means that the mafioso like Master's clan are very effective in muzzling the news outlets to cover up this embarrassing saga or whether the US libel laws are more stringent than ours or maybe that he is such an insignificant little nobody in the media scheme of things that his bizarre antics warrant no attention whatsoever or indeed that my interest in his shennanigans is more a reflection of the sad fact that I for a very long time was under the spell of this arrant knave and arch deceiver  I do not know, but whatever the case the events are shrouded in mystery and blank outs. Who is he in dispute with -which sons? If anyone across the pond knows (to be blunt) what's it all about and wants to fill me in on the details I would very much appreciate it, thanks.

Friday, May 18, 2018

See the Booty of the Royal Scam (Take 50)

So it has come upon us yet again, another gaudy display of plundered wealth parading its appropriated lucre in a sickening festivity of self regarding pomp and tawdry meritricious vulgarity. The crowds lining  the streets in forelock tugging fawning sycophancy -empty vassals make most noise - whilst the saner stand back in bemusement tinged with horror and incredulity that this surreal freak show could be taking place at the beginning of the 21st century.

But no it is not a dream and the crime syndicate known as the royal family is strutting its stuff as the global media flocks to the event to relay its mind numbing banality across the world blind it would seem to the blood curdling history of this genocidal outfit that behaved as every bit as barbarically as the taliban do today carrying their royal lineage of blood with seeming pride and unconscionable insouciance.

How do the young royals seek to ingratiate themselves with the brain dead supporters but by becoming the poster boys and girls for political correctness embracing  every modish cause as platforms for their smug virtue signalling self regard.

The only group that is supposedly standing in opposition to this velvet gloved tyranny is a pathetic outfit called Republic whose spokesman on radio 4 yesterday spent the whole interview talking about opinion polls that apparently show the public's lukewarm attitude towards the monarchy as a substitute for pointing out all the reasons why Britain should have dumped the royal family into the dustbin of history at least 500 years ago.No principles,no argument nothing but a discussion of statistics and percentages. O for a Thomas Paine or Christopher Hitchens even to give the royals the kicking they so justly and richly deserve.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Russia, Land of Serfdom

It is no accident that the tribalist collectivist ideology of communism took root in Russia, the most stupid, backward, pre industrial, superstitious, religious,  primitive nation in europe as opposed to where Marx hoped  it would flourish, in advanced semi capitalist countries like Germany or England who may have tolerated the presence of Marx in the British library but who were stoutly resistant and impervious to his obscurantist theories.

The weak and feeble of mind require a strong leader and this is what Russia had for centuries and it seems it still requires re RusPutin ex kgb goon and soviet autocrat with his journalist killing death squads,  poisoning espionage activities ,state controlled media and paranoiac hatred of the free West and cyber space spying.

The non productive Russian gangster state seeks affiliations with similar dictatorial barbaric nations such as Syria and Iran and shares the arabic anti Israel anti semitism. It's only friends are socialist kooks like George Galloway and rabidly mad Max Keiser an anti capitalist anti American RT shill.

It is Russia's primitive superstitious heritage of fundamentalist orthodox Christianity which has set it on its disastrous path which is why it has such affinity with the fundamentalist abrahamic death cult of Islamism and associates with its low life arabic friends abovementioned.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

The Utopian Fallacy

The highly overrated columnist Peter Hitchens has said utopias can only be reached through oceans of blood and you never arrive. The misnomer here is contained in the totally erroneous assumption that the utopia, in this case theoretical Marxism, is utopian in the first place. The idea of forcing people, individuals into a uniformity of outcome regardless of talent,ability,aptitude,effort,competence,level of achievement is about as opposite to utopian as you could possibly get. It is the very definition of dystopia.

Dominic Sandbrook in yesterdays Mail essay on Marx was perpetrating the same canard and another one as well by claiming that such 'utopian' ideas are ok in theory but should be left in the library and the error is attempting to turn it into practice since we all know the fundamental conflict between theory and practice. We know no such thing for the theory/practice clash is yet another misnomer as in principle there is no such conflict. The only time there is is when the theory is removed from reality to begin with such as Marxism but this is not Sandbrook's point. He is claiming the general principle that there is a conflict between theory and practice which alleged dichotomy is not just erroneous but fatal. If something is right in theory it is right in practice.

If you tell people that their ideals may be noble but to put them into practice will lead to the deaths of millions they will plough on as ideals are what drive people and they will go to any lengths to achieve them.But to present morally depraved ideas as ideal is perhaps the greatest crime of all. 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Masters Of Nothing

Mental guru 'Roy Masters' had an even more idiot son David and he used to tell his listeners that you should not be 'outcome based' an idiocy of course got parrot fashion from his father. This is indeed the essence of mysticism and is worth examining.

It's a lie, a contradiction and in reality as opposed to mysticism contradictions do not exist. David Masters only went on the radio to convince his listeners of his argument -outcome based right there. Presumably he thought his ideas were a) worth propagating and b) would help people -more outcome based behaviour.

Would he go on the programme calculating that no one would support it with donations and so therefor the prog would close down -or whether it closed down or stayed open was of no concern to him either way?

Should a man enter business with no concern of making a profit since such concern would be outcome based? To ask the question is to see the lunacy of it yet this is the essence of mysticism and the advice it dispenses to its cretinous credulous followers.

It is no accident that mysticism prevailed in the middle and dark ages -the most horrendous period of barbarity in human history when the irationalism of religion was at its zenith. That some mystics in the 21st century in the light of all that recorded and documented horror should be pedalling the same mental poison is I would posit the very definition of evil itself.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

And Justice For All

Some religious 'thinkers' ie half wits like Peter Hitchens (yet again) claim that God has to exist else there would be no justice with the clear implication that there is no justice in this world. How so? Has he not heard of the courts of law, prisons - to say nothing of the underlying assumption that those who may have succeeded in evading such institutions and appear to have 'got away with it' have clearly done no such thing.

One has only to examine the wretched lives of criminals, the profound absence of self esteem they manifest, the neurotic inner world they exhibit in their behaviour, their wretched relations and interactions with their fellow man, their squalid short term lives of precariousness, random chance and impulse - to say nothing of the insecurity they experience of never knowing when that knock of the door may come when the law catches up with them, to see that such creatures have no sense of well being, no sense of integrity, no peace of mind or sense of achievement and live lives of quiet or raging desperation.

It is the judgement of reality, harsh relentless and ruthlessly logical that punishes man's delinquency in the 'here and now' not some disembodied entity from another dimension in the mythical next life of Hitchens and co's feverish imagination.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Roundabouts or Traffick Lights?

It has been said that roundabouts are capitalist and traffick lights socialist because roundabouts assume that individuals are intelligent to work out when to stop and when to go when to give way and when to drive on whereas traffick lights are socialists because they think drivers are stupid and cannot negotiate their ingress and egress,the interaction is beyond them and the only result without such traffick lights is cars crashing in to one another.

Even when only one car is on the road traffick lights will turn red and you sit there like a lemon waiting for nothing because the bureaucrats who designed the system desire the senseless,the arbitrary -the dictatorial for no other reason that it frustrates and impedes the liberty of its subjects and violates commonsense as socialism is intended to do.

Its the same with: Bicycles or cars? and for similar reasons.  Bicycles are Maoist and cars capitalist which is why there has been an unremitting 20 year war against the car waged by leftist environmentalists and a refashioning of the highways to accommodate the muesli munching virtue signalling (but no other signalling) cyclists.

Bycycles are Maoist, an atavistic slap in the face to modernity which is why virulent anti capitalists like Peter Hitchens (him again) are so in favour of them and take pride in holding up traffick with their obstructive road clogging shennanigans.

Cyclists see themselves as anarchists violating all the highway code and are quite happy to jump lights, ride on the pavement and cause the tax paying motorists grief at every turn. They are pre industrial yahoos who now and again face summary justice under the wheels of a 4by4.

Adams Family Values

One of the fairly common arguments against communism made by some Christians like Peter Hitchens is the idea that the family stands as a bulwark against the State,  pointing out as he repeatedly does how his visits to the then Soviet Russia revealed to him the almost visceral hatred for the family manifested by the Soviet State.

This may seem semi plausible but when closely examined is revealed as fallacious, misleading -deliberately so I would suggest - and totally ill founded.

The family contrary to Hitchens characterisation can embody the most evil and  illiberal of values, indeed it represents the collective principle and is in essence a collectivist construct where many injustices go unseen and uncorrected, where tyranny can rage behind closed doors in an environment of faux domesticity, where individual aspirations can lie crushed, unborn, thwarted, suppressed mocked and destroyed.

The family is a collectivist unit where individualism can be implictlyy or explicity denied discouraged disavowed and forcibly suppressed which one suspects is why the likes of Hitchens as a Christian fundamentalist at heart if not in overt proclamation is so enamoured of it. The self according to him should be collectivised into the manifestation and  encouragement of performances of selfless tasks,  the antithesis of his repeatedly expressed bete noire, 'selfism'.

Does not the sinister term selfism conjure up the Orwellian notion of the crime of 'own life' the audacious desire for personal autonomy?

Now granted in a family unit the children are the recognized wards of the parents who have delimited rights over their upbringing and can be very beneficial vehicles for childhood development  and up to 18 the child should respect his parents if they are worthy of such respect but true individual development and independence  is implicit in the dissolution of the family unit and the individualization of its constituent parts.

The bulwark against communism and collectivism is not the mini collectivism of the family but the defense of individual rights which it seems many Christians find as problematic as the communists who they allegedly  oppose.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Lords Suicide Bid

The Lords have effectively signed their own death warrant by subverting the democratic will of the people as expressed in the Brexit referendum by co opting parliament and derailing it from its purpose of negotiating a withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

The government may not be able to act at the moment as it does not have a majority but the Lords will surely pay for their act of betrayal down the line and have effectively guaranteed their obsolescence and extinction - it is only a matter of time.

The Establishment it is clear will go to any lengths to thwart the democratic decision by the people in, let us not forget, what was the greatest voter turn out in the whole of British history - far greater in magnitude and scale than any general election, period.

As well as being a slap in the face of the electorate who were under the illusion that their representatives were elected to represent their views it has served as a great eye opener in that  it was indeed just that, an illusion, a deception of the greatest order, placing a huge question mark over the very legitimacy of the British democratic system itself which hitherto has justifiably  prided itself on being a beacon and example to the rest of the world  as to how to conduct its affairs of State and  whose sole ambition of  other countries  was to emulate it.

Forget all that now as we look at a constitutional crisis and an uncertain period of political strife and instability.