Sunday, September 29, 2013

Public Space

The comical tussle that took place on Brighton sea front last week between the gay tory Ian Dale, the publicist of the MCBride autobiography and the 'no nukes' protestor speaks to a problematic issue regarding the public space and who has a right to occupy it and when.Both sides of this spat clearly thought they had the right to be doing what they were doing and indeed the two conflicting interests are irrecociliable all the while public space remains public.Doing so it is an anomaly as it clearly belongs to everyone and no one and groups with diverging viewpoints will seek to commandeer it all the while the public space status is maintained.The only solution is for the streets and roads and all public spaces to be privately owned and the owners would then determine who and what their property could be used for.For this reason the Freedom Party would sell off all public land,roads and streets,pavements only leaving government buildings for essential services such as army buildings,police stations prisons and even these buildings and land could be privately owned and rented out to the respective government bodies.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Statism and its Pretzellogic

One of the salient characteristics of the State and its operations is its illogicality and absence of commonsense in policy.Take the issue of the minimum wage brought in under the last Labour administation.Most people recognise but will not articulate from the pressures of political correctness that the minimum wage has had a catastrophic effect on young people entering the job market and has priced them out of it completely.The polite fiction that it is done to protect people from exploitation is as hollow as it is ridiculous.So now we have chronic youth unemployment and millions on the dole and what does the government propose?Workfare! Instead of being able to freely negotiate a wage with an employer of say four pounds or so young people will now be forced to work for nothing!It is no accident that with the advent of the minimum wage came in its train soon after the phenomena of unpaid internships.No one connected the dots and the vested interests of the State and its hirelings are certainly not going to do it for us as their sinecured jobs depend on us not recognising the asininity of their destructive policies.Needless to say the Freedom Party would abolish the minimum wage and give young people therby the invaluable experience that comes from working and the ability to work their way up the wage ladder to economic freedom through hard work and attendant promotion.

Monarchy Feudal Tyranny

The English monarchy has a well documented bloody history.We are told it is innocuous now because it is a mere constitutional monarchy,little more than symbolic.But it is precisely for this reason that it is symbolic that it should go.Symbols matter.If Germany said we have abandoned Nazism but we are going to continue with a constitutional Nazism, with the outward form re flags,swastika,Nazi salutes,insignias and all the Nazi panoply but without the intellectual application and content of Nazism no one would think it acceptable yet we are fobbed off with this evasion and sleight of hand and swallow it whole.Monarchy and the fawning interest we show in it is infantile and the philosophy behind it ie blind subjection to arbitrary rule is dangerous and sets us up for the arbitrary rule of our democratic leaders and obviates a truly liberal freedom based individual rights oriented polity.The Freedom Party would abolish the British monarchy and use its vast possessions to pay down the national debt.

The Party is Over

Mistrust of politicians in the UK is rife and the rise of UKIP speaks to the anti establishment feeling abroad that there is something inherently rotten in the state of British politics.The malaise runs deep and it is characterised by an anti Party per se sentiment.People value choice in the marketplace and by and large they get it but in politics it seems we are mired in 19th century thinking which is at odds with our bespoke culture of individualism and which offers a condescending one size fits all approach.

The young generation will begin to wonder what the point of politics is if their personal choice is removed from them.If they can choose what ipad to purchase,clothes to buy,goods to consume why can they not do the same in the realm of education or health? The NHS and State education system paid for out of general taxation seems ill sorted to our desire for individual choice and autonomy.

Why not eliminate the middleman ie the State entirely in these fields and others and allow the market to provide education,health,transport,culture and everything else we require where choice will produce abundance rather than the scarcity the sclerotic,unresponsive,bureaucratic Socialist State engenders?The role of the State would thus be delimited,it would not tax us in our comings and goings or play politics with our lives,rather it would confine itself to its proper role and function namely to protect individual rights ie, a standing army,police force and courts to maintain the rule of law and offer redress against force and fraud.The market will take care of the rest.

Tesco and others provide a great service,the State wherever it extends causes rationing and poor service and it is time we put it back in its proper place and allowed freedom to reign.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Capitalism: No Financial Crisis

It is plain that the global financial crisis was caused by governments and the regulated States but the lie is perpetrated that it was a bank driven disaster.If we had capitalism rather than what we do have a mixed economy the crisis would not have occurred because the banks would have known that if they engaged in risky behaviour they would not get a taxpayer bailout and this would have led to more prudent reality based banking rather than the casino banking so the origin of the catastrophe was governments too big to fail policies.They also encouraged and coerced banks into lending people money for their mortgages they had no way of being able to pay back which caused the housing sub prime fiasco.So we see that far from capitalism being to blame it was governments around the world and the mixed economies that prevailed that cause the crash.Still capitalism gets the blame when it was nowhere near the vicinity when the crime was committed.The Freedom Party would effect a complete separation of State and money,the bank of England which is our federal reserve would be privatised and governements would have no power to issue money.This would be the province of the banks and various forms of money would emerge including bitcoin as at present.Governements would have no financancial policies as such and we would not look to the chancellor to effect social policy via manipulation of the currency.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Foreign Aid

One of the worst excrescences of the welfare state is foreign aid.A vile tory mp called had to resign last year for allegedly calling policeman plebs and swearing at them but he was international aid minister which is why he should have been sacked.In his post he was effectively minister for an international socialist welfare programme,scattering money like confetti at barbarous countries in the vain delusion that it will benefit them but of course it feeds their corruption as all foreign aid does and it is stolen money from the taxpayer which is doubly grievious in the arrogance of the proxy donor who saw fit to make moral pronouncement on the rightness of his plunder and was clearly proud of his felony dressed up as charity.Vicarioius charity which is what Foreign Aid is,is the gift that keeps on giving. It is painless to the distributor but robs people of their hard earned money and is grand larceny with a sickening sanctimonious smile on its criminal face.Needless to say the Freedom Party would abolish Foreign Aid.

Monday, September 16, 2013

EU: Nazi Germany Meets Soviet Russia

Immediate UK exit from EU a hydra headed monster of collectivism concocted in a lab by a crazed confederacy of megalamaniacs with a liberal nightmare vision of pan european supra state tyranny.As Thatcher said, No NO NO.

Socialized Art = Tracey Enema

Art is one of the highest expressions of the human mind.It should not be co opted by the State to fund favouritised politically correct artists with non objective art no one would purchase freely -hence their need to hold a gun to the taxpayer to force them to subsidise it.The Freedom party would of course end all state subsidies to the arts and the people would be free to patronize their preferred choice in a free market of art.

UN Supra National Babel

The Freedom Party would exit the UK from the UN because it is an absurd organization peopled with uncivilized cannibal States,the barbarous and criminal petty horror States,prehistoric Muzlim despots,Russian oligarchs,crazed demagogues and tyrants.He who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas.We must delouse ourselves and exit this den of iniquity,cesspit of racism and confederacy of clowns and dunces.

Education and the State

The realm of ideas has brought us civilization and separates us from the dumb animal kingdom contrary to animal rights anthromorphist loons.Because it is so precious and upon which all human progress is predicated it should not be the preserve of the State,indeed the Freedom Party would argue that the State should have no role whatsoever in education and schools.All education should be private,run on free market principles.Schools should not be run by and for teachers unions who are free to shape the curicula along socialist lines and refuse to teach the only known effective method of reading ie phonics on the grounds that it is 'right wing' as one NUT change agent asserted at a conference speech a few years ago.These collectivist ideologues and zealots have ruined countless generations of students with their Marxist based politically correct education and the school system must be rid of their toxic presence if future generations are to stand a chance in the real world where contrary to such teachers beliefs reality exists and a is a.Freed from the malign influence of the State schools of wide varieties will flourish,innovation will characterise them,bad teachers will be sacked and the good will be rewarded and a thousand educational flowers will bloom.

A Bonfire of the Taxes

Down the ages tyrants have sought to justify their plunder of the people euphemistically called taxation.They have sought to dress their plunder in moral guise and talk of public duty to pay taxes as if it were some moral obligation to be raped and pillaged by them your masters. To the present day this tool of tyranny taxation is dressed in the same garb and the looters who plunder seek to frame their criminality in high moral tones but the result is akin to a raddled poxed whore plastered in thick garish makeup.No one is fooled.This centuries old crime cannot be ended overnight.Indeed it will take years but the trajectory must be plainly delineated: away from slavery,towards freedom.The following taxes should be phased out in time therfor: capital gains tax,corporation tax,income tax,business rate tax,inheritance tax, national insurance tax,vat.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BBC Poster boy of Liberalism

State run media is the sine qua non of all totalitarian states.Here in the UK the BBC has held tyranical sway over the airwaves for too long, disgorging a relentless fare of liberal biased agenda hostile to liberty and capitalism.Television viewers are forced to finance it under pain of imprisonment.The Freedom Party would sell the BBC to the highest bidder and end this abuse of taxpayers money and the BBC's licence to propagandize.

Foreign Policy

The role of the State is to protects its citizens from hostile forces at home and abroad.Its foreign policy should be to protect national interests ie protect its citizens from threats of violence.It should not be to act as world policeman and dispense welfare largess across the globe or indeed to export democracy.The Freedom Party would not have got involved in phoney wars in the Middle East but would take out rogue states that threaten our liberty such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.Absurdities like the war on terror would be rejected which is just an excuse to rob citizens of their liberty with surveillance snooping of emails and phones etc.Profiling is totally acceptable and as the terrorist threat is muslim the obvious target is mosques and muslims.Indiscriminate snooping on the population at large must end.

The Role of the State

The role of the State to protect individual rights.To do this it has a monopoly on the use of force.It will maintain a standing armed forces,police service and operate the courts and judicial functions.The rest will be left to the free market says The Freedom Party.The aforementioned services will be funded by voluntary contribution and will be supported in the same way that people voluntarily take out house insurance as self interest would dictate the need for protection against enemies at home and abroad and the need to have contracts enforced and to protect oneself from force or fraud via the court system.

Socialised Healthcare Kills

The State is not and should not be your doctor.It should not be in the healthcare business.Any Americans contemplating Obamacare should note the UK experience and go in the opposite direction.It has been a disaster and a costly one in economic and human terms.Millions have died because of poor care,maladministration,incompetence,carelssness and non accountability.A sovietised healthcare has turned hospitals into defacto gulags and the victims of socialism have paid with their lives.The Freedom Party advocates a complete dismantlement of the NHS and a return of healthcare to the free market where quality is assured and guaranteed,waste eliminated,innovation a corollary and cheaper affordable targetted healthcare tailored to individual requirements.

War on Drugs Fallacy

The war on drugs is of course a nonsense as you cannot have a war against inanimate objects but in so far as it means anything at all it is wrong because it is not the role of the State to police what people choose to ingest and the attempt is to do so is immoral,iliberal and of course vain as even the most ilibertarian authoritarian would baulk at the invasion of privacy that such a prohibition would entail. It is no accident that the most totalitarian countries practice drug control and execute drug traffickers.In a free society drugs would be available on the free market and that would include prescription drugs which at present are monopolised by the State via the NHS.So The Freedom Party would decriminalise all drugs.

What flows from rejection of Altruism

If it is accepted and conceded that human beings exist as a means to their own ends and not others the political implication is clear: taxation is immoral! It is coercion by the State to deprive people of their possessions and fruits of labour to serve someone else whose need is now a demand on their substance following the laws of altruism.This is a monstrous moral inversion and cannot be justified.Politicians play on unearned guilt of the people to pass this injustice off as the highest moral good which only the heartless or psychopathically selfish could question.We must challenge their assertions and resist their perverted morality which reduces human beings to mere cattle to be processed through the slaughterhouse to be cannibalised for the 'public good' -that old whore!

What does the Freedom Party stand for?

Freedom. Individual rights based on rational self interest.A rejection of the morality of altruism that states that people exist for the benefit of others as opposed for themselves.Humans are not to be treated as sacrificial victims on the altar of the needs of others no matter how socially desirable such people's requirements may appear to be.This means a total rejection of collectivism be it socialist,liberasl or conservative varieties.Man does not exist to serve the public good because the latter is a meaningless subjective term intended to disarm enquiry and defy defintion which is why it is so beloved of statists across the board.Whenever some narrow poltical agenda requires it the proponents of any measure can always wheel out that decrepid old crone public interest in order to perpetrate another violation of civil liberties and present themselves in so doing as lily white lovers of human decency all the while ignoring the fact that in order to achieve this chimera they have had to trample on the civil liberties of thousands to get there.To challenge altruism which is the sacrifice of a value for a non value is to strike right at the heart of the liberal beast and challenge it where it lives,on the shaky foundations of a false premise.To the demand of liberals,bare your neck for the public good the only response can be an unequivocal simple NO.

The Freedom Party and why it is Needed

Precious few people have any enthusiasm for the political classes in the UK and this disillusionment with business as usual party politics is by no means an exclusively UK phenomena.The rise of UKIP has coincided with widespread weariness not to say disgust with the mainstream parties and politicians as a species apart with their corruption and cronyism.UKIP are riding the zeitgeist in this respect. The time is therfor ripe for a political movement and party that can best articulate and accomodate this cynicism and jaded distrust of the existing political order.This is the age of individualism and the young generation especially want no truck with the take it or leave it top down paternalism which runs through the dna of the main political parties with their appeal to outdated identity politics that are divisive as they are unethical.If a clear and concise argument for freedom not statism is presented it will find a ready audience hungry for revolutionary thinking that will break the shackles of government knows best centralist rule predicated on old egalitarian notions held conciously by no one but given lip service to by politicians as their cover whilst their hands are busy in the wallets and purses of the people.Whilst libertaraian movements exist in the UK they are as silent as the night,have no presenece in the media and are busy talking to themselves in ivory towers on the internet.But the problem with libertarianism is far deeper than that and i will touch on it briefly only to explain why I beleive it has to be rejected as a political movement.The reason it has not gained traction is because philosophically it is all over the shop and to call it a broad church would be an understatement.You can be a libertarian and a socialist,communist,liberal,anarchist conservative - a Nazi for all I know.All of this is so hopelessly contradictory and philosophically illiterate as to be beyond risible and explains why as a movement it has got absolutely nowhere.The Greens and UKIP have been around just a decade or so and they have already eclipsed libertarianism by a country mile.If they had a Farage they might just wing it but there is no such on the horizon and for the abovementioned reasons I do not think they can advance a coherent programme under any circumstances.So hence the need for a Freedom Party.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Is A Return To Capitalism Possible?

Excuse the following list of questions but they are screaming out to be answered.As we wend our way remorselessly down the long and winding road to serfdom is it not imperative to ask can we halt this headlong pursuit along this path to ruination and avoid the destination of totalitarianism? In this age of Mass communication why are we on this path at all may be the question to address. Why are there so few voices raising the alarm and pointing out the perilous path we are on? Those who ask questions ask the wrong ones.Why has the idea of freedom and liberty been so neglected and taken for granted?Ok enough questions.Time for answers.The cause of our present sorry pass is bad philosophy taken with our mother's milk unquestioned and unchallenged.The cause is bad education and the abject failure of our intellectuals down the centuries to write and think clearly and speak honestly about the human condition and dilemna,the proper role of the state and what freedom and individual rights mean.Apart from Aristotle and Ayn Rand the world and realm of ideas has been co opted by cranks,fools,chalatans liars,disemblers,obsfuscators,haters of truth,sociopaths and mendacious self serving fantasists.The biggest betrayers of all are the Conservatives as they have masqueraded from the beginning as defenders of liberty but throughout their long and ignominious history they have done more than and to sell the pass to the Left,the collectivists of mind and matter and sell us into slavery of the big State.But lest I be accused of pointing out the error without offering a solution let me get to the way forward.Have people even been presented with an alternative vision for man,one that does not involve the State monitoring and controlling his every thought, feeling and action,that does not regulate his commerce and violate his liberty at every turn,that does not obstruct and frustrate free association and trade, unimpeded by taxation regulation levy fee licence and control? There is hope.Here in the UK we have seen the inexorable rise of a fourth party UKIP which is challenging the Conservatives at long last and giving them a run for their money.Lacking any principle or philosophy the Conservatives true to form have bent to pressure and are now accommodating anti EU sentiment and show all the signs of embracing their inner eu skeptic for purely cynical opportunist reasons of course.This demonstrates that a populist pro liberty party with a libertarian bent could emerge with the right leadership and actually put forward an exciting vision of freedom and liberty that challenges all the collectivist dogma we are reared on in all our prevailing establishments and institutions.The rise of the internet should serve to give this movement momentum even if up to now that appears not to have happened.Pure economics alone will not suffice as people need a moral argument for Capitalism and that would have to involve invoking self interest as a good moral thing and not anathema and evil as it is presented in our culture today and since almost the beginning of time.Why the deafening silence from libertarians in the media?I am back to questions.To end on a positive note and to paraphrase,silence is complicity and we who beleive in freedom have to in our own small way start speaking out against the encroachment on our liberties and challenge received ideas about what is moral and ethical,what the role of the state is and organize for change like the Left does,but with the crucial difference that we will have right on our side.

The Strange History Of Conservatism

I confess to being very confused about Conservatism and my confusion was made all the more apparent to me after listening to the totally baffling programme on the subject last week from AnnMckelvoy on BBC radio four entitled Grand Tour of Conservatism.She cited Edmund Burke,Caryle and Ruskin and as the programme progresed the actual meaning and sense of Conservatism seemed to recede in a gargantuan fog of obsfuscation,evasion and vague generalities.Obviously Conservatism has its roots as I suspected in confusions,half baked or unbaked philosophy,compromise,cynicism,unprincipled populism and opportunistic pragmatism.Its proud boast has always been that it is not an ideology but its very claim to strength is actually its greatest weakness as those who do hold ideologies ie the collectivists be they of Socialist Labour or Liberal stripe have prevailed by their consistency over the centuries leaving the Conservatives compromising at every turn and seeking to co opt the collectivists to gain political power without principle.Hence the absurdity that is modern conservatism which has accommodated and compromised with the Left on its long journey to the Big Leviathan State as we know it today.