Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quote of the Day

'I hate school. It is 6 hours of being patronised.'

(my 13 yr old neice)

You would think after centuries of state education they would have got it right wouldn't you?

Monday, June 19, 2006

A Modest Proposal

Story yesterday about an old man attacked in broad daylight by thugs who tried to take his gold wrist watch.They smashed his face with bricks and then threw him down a grass bank.All while this was happening people were walking by ignoring it.

If the assailants were caught I would like to see their faces smashed to a bloody pulp with the bricks and have them tied round their necks and throw them in a very deep river. As for the passers by who were defacto accessories to the fact - they should all get a sound whipping.

In fact we should introduce public thrashings for burglars and muggers and public executions for murderers.Those who couldn't attend could see it on public wide screens.

Yes we need more prisons but they should be run on American lines:harsh and spartan.The inmates should work in chain gangs.There should be no early release 'for good behaviour'.Bad behaviour should be punnished with beatings.

First we must get all the 'human rights' lawyers, do-gooders, social workers, probation officers, and judges and give them all a public thrashing and then fire them.They should be replaced with conservative-minded public servants.

All fellow bloggers should form a new conservative party so we can put these ideas into effect. In fact a referendum on this matter would see an overwhelming majority of the British people support these measures.That's why the liberal bien passant would never allow it to happen.Instead they want to give the criminal scum the right to vote knowing that they will vote for them.And some people say the Devil doesn't exist!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Islam Recognised as a Mental Illness

Well it should be.Islamapathy is characterised by hysteria, psychosis, paranoia, self esteem deficiency, denial, total lack of self awarenesss and humour.

With such a tenuous grip on reality the slightest critique of their religion sends the average Islamopath into a red mist mentalist fit;the slight must be avenged and because no rational discourse is possible the only recourse is to violent physical force.

Until it is officially recognised as a mental disorder there can be no cure for Islamopathy.Invariably the Islamopath's self loathing is so endemic it finds the ultimate expresssion in suicide and it has developed this cultic and totemic death worship to grisly perfectionism in the form of suicide bombing.

Islamopathy in its political expression is the most virulent form of totalitarianism and is identical in many ways to communism and fascism with the fatal difference that it represents the dead end of nihilism and is ultimately self negating, and thus impotent.

It's self devouring rage will be its own death knell,not before of course it has rampaged across Europe leaving a swathe of havoc in its wake,facilitated by the liberal death-wishing of the West with its hand wringing appeasement and truckling to evil in a pathetic attempt at a Chamberlinesque bid for 'peace'.

The Law Is Bent

Now we have politically incorrect crimes. The two people sentenced to 25 years for killing a homosexual would probably have got 5 years if it had been a heterosexual.This really is sinister.

Peter tatchell was on TV last night talking breezily about the sickos who infest Clapham Common looking for faggot sex and he referred to it as normal behaviour.And cannibals think what they do is normal too.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Diseases Of Resentment

(By no means exhaustive)


Heart Attack


Tourettes Sindrome




Schizophrenia -(and all mental illness)


Alzheimer's Disease

ad nauseam

Without being too reductionist it is true to say that doctors have a vested interest in everybody being sick and dependent upon them for their quack medical cures.Like snake oil salesmen they peddal their wares in league with the pharmaceutical companies to aleviate the Symptoms of dis-ease,never,ever the Cause.

If people became aware of the invisible subtle resentments that accumulate over the course of time and become big hates they would be free of most disease bar those caused by carcigonens in the environment -which are usually exaggerrated anyway.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nazi Rally At Nurembourg

As you guys probably know by now I care less than a fig for footie having lost interest when George Best hung up his boots (that old). But... If the English fans can muster a few Nazi salutes it will all be worthwhile.

The Germans really should get over it - and get a sense of humour. They need reminding of their recent past instead of going for collective amnesia and locking up people who dare to point it out.

Collective Unconsciousness is what got them into trouble in the first place. Lighten up.Watch Basil going though his goose- stepping routine and never forget:


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Guatannamo Suicides: Great News

These Muslims suicides...The religion of emotional incontinents love affair with death is boundless it would seem. Still, mass muslim suicide is to be encouraged, not lamented.

The US spokeswoman who said it was just a publicity stunt was spot on -and how refreshing to get her plain talking response instead of the usual PC cant and hand-wringing.The G camp is way too liberal.It even allows the muslim scum to read their Meine Kampf Koran instead of the Bible. No good will come of it...

Forrest Gate: Nothing To Apologise For

The raid was a success. A few Muslims were shot,the 'community' got a short sharp shock -all is well.

Compensation? How dare they! The Muslim Community -the very idea! The Muslim Ghetto more like. There should be no 'muslim community' Who do they think they are. WHERE do they think they are. This is the UK. We will not tolerate 'muslim communities'.

How about calling it the Mausoleum Community?

The outrage of all was when a so called 'Muslim spokesman' dared to criticisze our foreign policy in Iraq as being responsible for breeding disaffection amongst 'british muslims'.Bollocks.The first and only swear word you will Ever hear or read on this my blog.It warrants it.Utter b#####. For that alone the spokesman should be deported.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brown's 10 Years As Prime Minister

Silly talk about when Blair will hand over to Brown because Brown has always been in control,has had total sway over the economy and he who controls that controls the country. All the taxes, all the public sector workers, all the million unemployed on disability benefits -all Brown's doing. He allowed Tony to go into Iraq because all the grandstanding would obscure the fact of his own defacto premiership.

We don't need to give Gordon a chance -he has had a ten year chance and we are living amidst the wreckage of his socialist communist 10 year plan. Like Cauecescou we should really be shot of him by now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi True face Of Islam

The title says it really. Zarkawi went round butchering people just like Mohummud so he was simply acting as a true Muslim.

We should ask ourselves why there has never, post 9/11, been any examination of the life of Mohummud on the media.It would not bear even cursory scrutiny and would unleash muslim death threats.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dressing Down

Walking through my High Street (well,not mine) I observed all the women and young girls parading past - for scientific research, you understand.What was overwhelming is that they were dressed like street walkers. To a woman. Sluttish,semi dressed,in some cases tattoos,slatternly,vulgar,over exposed flesh with the ubiquitous jeans of course like a drab uniform for the mindless slaves of fashion.

I could not find one woman amongst the hundreds passing by who was dressed with any decorum,decency, or conservatively. No wonder they are getting raped these days,and we have record numbers of unmarried pregnancies and abortions compared to all european countries and probably throughout the world for that matter.

Products of State Education,mindless conformity and the cultural revolution of the 1960's which a recent BBC programme was lauding as the golden age of Britain where such progressive and advanced legislation was passed legalising sodomy,abortion,easier divorce,lax attitudes towards drug taking ad nauseam.

How refreshing to see a ch 4 prog about American private schools grooming their students to get into politics and law to challenge this disastrous cultural revolution and to hear that Bush is going to frustrate the same-sex marriage bandwagon if he can.Just imagine Call Me Dave doing that -the faggot-worshipping all things to all people betrayer of Conservativism.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Why Women Shouldn't Have The Vote

All the problems of modern times comes down to women getting the vote. Irrational creatures that they are this has led to the afterbirth of Socialism - which is basically the female spirit applied to politics which sides with the evil in human nature and wants to cosset it,give it rights,benefits, to assert the primacy of illogic over reason.

Whether it is the female spirit of communism -Mother Russia,or the femail spirit of Fascism (Hitler was mother-fixated) all Collectivism has its roots in the female mind and rationale. Feminism, the excrescence of which manifests in abortion on demand,easy divorce,the undermining of gender roles leading to the scourge of homosexuality,the feminisation of men (the wearing of ponytails,pushing of prams,wearing of earings) the infiltration of women in the armed forces leading to their emasculation,all the malign influences of the feminine spirit in the public arena stem from the fateful female suffrage.

What 5 Things Would You Abolish?



Single Parent Mothers

Welfare State