Monday, December 31, 2012

Come,Let Us Reason Together

People have by and large rejected religion as a way of guiding them through life.Religion has had its day.Even traditional mainstream orthodox religious institutions of the establishment have had to water down their core beliefs to such an extent they have been rendered inutile,enfeebled,emasculated,etiolated and reduced to mere ritual and formality.The old dog has had its day and to the extent that it endures it does so in such an abridged,corrupted, debased and compromised fashion that even its dwindling adherent are merely going through the motions and paying lip service to a creed they long ago abandoned in their minds and daily life.Where the original fundamentalism persists such as in Izlam we see the full flowering of barbarism and nihilism in action -suicide cult followers,primitive anti human tribalistic sub humans in their pre-civilization excrescence hell bent on genocide of their own kind locked in a sectional death grip,driven like crazed beasts to the very brink of collective anhiliation,reduced to an irrelevant back water of stagnation and decay.So,religion flounders in its own inexorable logic of death and people turn elsewhere for sustenance.But where do they go?Into the arms of another false comforter and liar,the State.God is dead,long live the State.But now again,another false God,the God that failed lies exposed as an impostor and fake.The deliverer of false promises and bromides,promising salvation in the form of a welfare cheque and a seductive promise of a life without effort or care -'from cradle to grave'.A new Jerusalem -check out the religious imagery and linguistics.For those who cannot take their religion neat we have a bastardised version -salvation without tears and wailing and gnashing of teeth.Except,ah except it is a tale told by an idiot,full of empty promises and dashed hopes.There is no social security.It is a lie,a monstrous lie and most of us fell for it didn't we?Could it be that just as we have come of age and abandoned childish fantasies of some supernatural being who is going to free us from the irksome scary business of taking responsibility for our own life we may too come to see the folly of handing our lives over to clay footed government operatives and agents of the State who seek to buy us with the very money they pilfered from us in the first place, like a dodgy car salesman but without the ethical integrity? I will take a wager they just might and it is on that premise that I dedicate and persist with this my blog.The field is wide open for anyone who will care to take up the challenge.You will have no rivals as all the political parties without exception are singing from the same hymn sheet.We are lacking only the will passionate intensity and conviction.Only!Well,the Left have all of those things in abundance.They have no claim to them.We do.What are we waiting for?

'13: Any Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Let me see.Well, as that Labour chap said as he left the office,'There's no money left'. So we have reason or cause to think the age of Big Government is coming to an end.If not now,when.In a boom,however artificially created by government there is no appetite for prudence but now the coffers are empty we should expect fiscal rectitude,a time of State contraction.Regrettably, whilst a Conservative government might normally be relied upon and able to achieve this it is of course shackled to the liberals and consequently hamstrung when it comes to making the real lasting changes needed in order to ensure some future for the country so one's optimism is tempered with some realism about what will be achieved.It is however moving in the right direction.The EU remains an obstacle to liberty and freedom but perhaps we may even come to grips with this monster and finally decide to a parting of the ways.Better late than never.A dark cloud hangs over America as it lurches ever leftwards to a European type of State and the last great hope for mankind becomes a laboratory for failed discredited calamitous Socialist programmes of government expansion,dependency and ruin - truly an American Tragedy unfolding, like a slow motion train crash.The Randian vision of a small delimited State seems further away than ever alas.So a little bit of cheer but mostly gloom I am afraid.One has to look dispassionately at the facts and not engage in wishful thinking.Happy New Year to my tiny readership and - tell a friend!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Insufferable Inverted Sneering Snobbery Of The Left

Will Self the sneering arrogant left 'intellectual'is at it again on the radio -public service BBC don't you know sneering at the aspirating middle classes and the proliferation of food outlets and broadening palates of the British people.It has taken their minds off the class war he and his kind like to foment and disseminate,it has given them choice in the place of what he clearly favours the stark choicless fare of totalitarianism and its command 'economy'.Oh the multiplicity, the superfluity and the sheer abundance of choice in the food basket is more than this sqeamish small minded sensitive little Socialist Self can handle.How offensive to see people spoilt for choice,not having to grub around for presumably, State rationed scraps of provenance, but free rather to roam far and wide across the culinary ethnic palate exploring and broadening their horizons as they go.No - as Mr self is keen on interjecting,let them eat Socialist bread and be content with it.Bah humbugger,Will,get thee to North Korea.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Would Argue

That because some people are incapable of making decisions no one should be allowed to,we should all be treated as mental retards,not to be trusted with freedom and liberty less we makes some mistakes and get into a muddle.So we have society and systems predicated on human beings with the mental capacity of cretins and imbeciles.Welcome to democracy folks,you know it is all in your best interests....

To Continue

In order to be happy living in a Democracy you have to have the capacity to believe at least seven impossible things before breakfast,some of which are: a beleif that politicians and bureaucrats are wiser than yourself and know better what is good for you and your life than you do yourself.They know more about what sort of health care you should have,what of sort of school is good for your child,how much of your own money you should be allowed to keep,and what your money should be spent on.In other words you have to hold that you are not intellectually morally ethically equipped to handle the basic fundamental things of life and these should be decided by a system of majority voting.What sort of cretin and low esteemed person would hold such a delimiting pejorative craven low view of their own capacity and worth that they would tender out to a third party with it must be added highly dubious credentials untested by any rational reality based criteria the right to make the most important decisions pertaining to their life?The answer is of course in the question yet this is the very system deemed the highest evolution and flowering of human development and one to be fought for and defended across the globe at no expense.It is a damnable lie and Democracy is nothing less than the enslavement of the many by the many for the many. Such is where we are today.

How Does An Individual Live In A Democracy?

With great difficulty.A bit like how does a Jew live in Nazi Germany.When the whole culture is antithetical to your deepest beliefs and values it is agony to have to listen to all the claptrap, all the leftist drivel that spews out of just about everyone's mouth and infests all public discourse.The boundaries and parameters of what is respectable have been delineated in stone and anyone who crosses the parameters is a leper,a madman or a fool according to all the received wisdom of the day.This subtle totalitarianism of thought is all pervasive and is like a cancer running through the body politic.People's minds and bodies have been captured by the prevailing orthodoxy and the suffocating air of unchallenged assumptions hangs over the polity like an oppressive pall,stifling discourse and delimiting it to the expression of stale socialist collectivist bromides that no one truly believes but holds to like a desperate chanted mantra to cover the fear and horror of having to contemplate the opposite,namely freedom and liberty - a dangerous subversive idea that may frighten the horses and bring the whole stinking corrupt morribund depraved Democratic tyranny crashing down.

What Is The Essence Of All Religions,Their Common Denominator?

The answer to the above question is to me deafeningly clear and obvious: they all preach the insignificance,inefficacy,absurdity and paltriness of the individual and the need for the latter to deny itself in the sacrifice to the greater good ie anything or any one other than itself.It is a self denying,decrying, abnegating ordinance.In a recent church service on the radio over christmas this message screamed out from every lesson from the preacher during the mass service.Forget your self,serve others,deny yourself,the self is an egotistical illusion, you are only truly really alive when you subsume your interests and devote your life to the service of others.All earthly considerations are trivial,the pursuit of wealth futile,only giving and sacrificing will bring true meaning and harmony to your otherwise. miserable existence.It is very hard to see how this message differs from the secular philosophy of the age, namely Socialism,collectivism,the sacrificing of the individual to the group,the common good except that in this version God is replace by his earthly substitute the State but the underlying theology is identical: self sacrifice as the highest human good.Conservative Christians may vehemently object to this analysis but you do not have to listen to them that long to know that they subscribe t the self same philosophy,namely that altruism,the sacrificing of the self to others is a noble thing.This explains why for 60 years since the inception of the welfare states across the Western world we have not heard a peep out of them in challenging the ideology behind this collectivist movement of welfare statism and they have gone along in collusion with its assumptions and implementations,only seeking here and there to amend some of its more egregious and extreme applications but never challenging its altruist Christian based roots, fundamentals and provenance.

A Question Of Balance

If you have a sense of the numinous and transcendent you may appreciate the Moody Blues album A Question Of Balance.I was disappointed with it 40 years ago as an adolescent but bought it recently and have just played it.Where it sounded bland back then it now seems pregnant with meaning.I can understand why they were big in the US.The musicianship is of the highest order to.They really were very good and I am checking them out again for sure.The lyrics are of a spiritual nature,a mix of traditional Christian and the more what we now know as new age but I find that admixture with the classy musical accompaniment irresistable.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mrs Bill Gates -Dumb Cow

What an irritating woman is Mrs Bill Gates.On the radio telling us all about her good works.Puke worthy.Nothing about the genius that is Bill Gates,the innovator,the creator and spreader of wealth and jobs and happiness,inspiration,invention.Oh no, nothing about the core values that go up to make this special man.Just how she is giving all his vast wealth to the godforsaken Africans in their mud huts.If she thinks this is inspiring she could not be more wrong. Giving other people's money away,what poverty of thought this betokens,what depravity of mind,what parasitic mindlessness this manifests.The only values are those achieved by work and achievement.Philanthropy is the lowest of all human actions or near the bottom.It takes a lifetime to achieve values and wealth and virtue.It takes one day to squander it all on so called good works .Giving to the undeserving and the needy is only something a second hander,a worthless person with no self esteem would waste their time on.Sad Mrs Gates,why don't you go and get a life or try achieving something instead of indulging in your puking vicarious philanthropy and spare us your self satisfied trumpeting of your neurotic do goodery.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Then Again....

There are advantages to having an obscure site.You can say what you like without fear from a knock on the door from (very) PC Plod -Big Brother's foot soldiers of the now corporatist neo Fascist UK State.An individualist will by their very nature be in a minority.The great unwashed masses are never going to tune in to such a message of liberty and freedom.The pigs love their trough and would never appreciate a silver platter of pearls.Leave them to their Queen's speech and wallowing in the muck of yuletide fayre and their dollop helping of sentimental lachyrmose morally inverted corrupted sub philosophical religious mumbo jumbo drivel of self sacrifice and altruistic pious masochistic anti human ordure.

Monday, December 24, 2012

How To Live In An Irrational World?

It may not be a malevolent universe but the vast proportion of the human race is clearly not rational or logic abiding so for those who are it can sometimes seem an alien strange world to negotiate.The blogosphere has its consolations but its very strength is its very weakness in that millions can now express and share their thoughts in a way that was heretofore the preserve of the fifth estate but conversely in such a crowded arena the chance of getting your message out to a wide audience can seem beyond daunting.How can one compete with some idiot pretending to ride a horse and mouthing some incomprehensible gibbersih about 'gan man style' or whatever it is who apparently has now had one Billion visitors to his site.Try on the other hand waking people up and telling a few home truths and you are luck if, like me, you can garner fifty visitors a day(from such far flung places as Laos,Latvia and Slovakia apparently according to my stats).I am not complaining (right!), its a free market of ideas and views so if if the people want to remain asleep and stay on a shallow level of junk entertainment fine but then one questions if there is much point in talking to yourself and wasting your energy on here.So expect less postings as I attempt to chanel my wasted energies into more profitable pursuits from now on(Happy Christmas!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

America Unbowed

The only good news out of America since the gun incident and liberal media-whipped hysteria and O Bummer's cynical manipulation of a tragedy to opportunistically pursue his Socializt gun-grabbing agenda is that Americans have rushed to the gun stores to stock up their arsenal before the Obumination seeks curbs on their constitutional rights.Brave and good America,never bow the knee to the tyrant impostor in the White house,blackened by his pestilential presence,defamed by his anti-Americanism,besmirched and dragged in the gutter by his Communistic change-agent agenda against America.They will not be chastened by this mountebank and will stand as one to ensure his Machievellian plots against their birthright are confounded and brought to nothing. Yes,God bless America,shining light on a hill, undimmed by the Obummer anti-Christ and his evil plots against it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Junkie State

Of course in a free society unshackled by statism and Socializm what substances people choose to ingest would be between them and their drug addled brains - and not the state.But government knows best it thinks and wants to police what people ingest because its all part of the paternalist state.Truth it is the biggest junkie of them all -addicted as it is to taxpayers money.Weaning it off that addiction will prove much harder than getting your average smack head off theirs.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Desert Island Diss

Outrageous abuse from Kirsty Young towards Eric Pickles today.A full on assault on tory values and personal attack in a way unthought of had he been a Labour minister.This is standard fare for the BBC and no matter what the programme is and no matter what the context and how inappropriate, the same old Leftist agenda is to the fore.Mr Pickles was way too polite to this stupid bitch,she needed slapping down big time but she got away with bloody murder and the old chap just took one gratuituous blow after another as Young continued abusing her position and the programme's which is supposed to be about favourite music and a short biography of the guest,not this left wing harrangue.Shameful -and a sacking offence.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Plonker Of The Week

The prize goes to Peter Oborne the oddball tory journalist who said on Nicky Campbell R5 prog this week that Peter Green of Topshop and co is more immoral for avoiding tax than a benefit fraudster.Wonder how many jobs Mr Oborne has created and how much tax he has generated compared to the admirable Mr Green? Come to that one might ask the same of the Leftist communist Tax uncut rabble who are promising to invade(infest) Starbucks stores today and 'set up creches' to highlight the plight of the poor who but they say for the likes of such companies avoiding taxes would not have to face welfare cuts .These parasites probably have never worked at all and certainly are not wealth creators and employment providers.They are scum and are society would be much improved by the removal of their pestilential presence.The likes of Oborne and the so callled conservative press are the true betrayers of the free market system which even though its mere residue remains are hell bent on eradicating even that by condemning Starbucks and joining in the hysterical malevolent envy driven witchunt against it.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Ozzie Osbourne Despatches Pipsqueak Evan Davis

Fine performance from the Oz on the today prog as he swatted away the noisome fly Evan Davis with his impertinent, rude,aggressive,petulant, tendentious, biased and abusive partisan interrogation tactics.Georgy boy was having none of it and would not let the girly Evan get away with any egregious statement whatsoever.Brauvra performance from this very slick and able minister.He also managed to character anhiliate the stammering foot in mouth Ed Balls-up after his appalling and embarrassing, faltering, gaffe riddled train wreck of a speech in the commons yesterday.It was like shooting fish in a barrel but this obnoxious conscience free zone bruiser Balls has had his come uppance coming for a very long time now and yesterday and Today, he got it.

UK Uncut -Terrorists

We have had eco terrorists but now a new ugly virulent strain of urban terrorism has appeared in recent times in the form of anti-Capitalist thuggery and intimidation of organised leftist mobs hell bent on force and aggression to further their communist ends.The vilest and most hypocritical pompous pious prattling canting organisation to emerge lately has been UK uncut with its terrorist tendencies and intimidation tactics,occupying stores and generally infesting the high streets with their maladorous criminal presence all dresed up as a virtuous crusade against those who do not in their diseased Socializt minds pay enough tax already to the welfare Socializt State of the UK.If this sanctimonious bunch of unwashed smelly dirty creeps invade Starbucks this weekend and 'occupy' their shops I hope the police will drag them out by their hair and give them a sound and well deserved drubbing.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

UK Lurches Greekwards

Like a drunken sailor on shore leave Ozzie Osbourne (who according to the critics is cruel to the poor and bites heads off bats) read out the country's death sentence with a planned orgy of tax increases and borrowing on a tortuous long and winding road Greekwards.Austerity has taken on euphemistic Orwellian dimensions of doublespeak meaning its complete opposite and whilst the Welfare addicts kick and scream the bill just goes up and up on a nevernding exponential trajectory and we stumble ever closer to economic ruin and Desolation Row.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Taxation Is Immoral Obscene And Wrong

Starbucks have caved perhaps inevitably under the avalanche of abuse vitriol and intimidation directed towards it by an organised left wing cabal in the liberal media spearheaded by the wretched already discussed vile Hodges woman sending a clear message to any future multinational company to steer well clear of Britain cos its closed to business and sees any prospective company that settles here as mere tax fodder for its ever growing gargantuan super Socializt Welfare State.Way to go team GB, claim your Hammer and Sickle prize for job destruction and hatred of free market Capitalism

Sunday, December 02, 2012

You Can't Be A Little Bit Statutory

The amount of dissembling equivocating and semantic prestidigitation that preceded and was contained within the Leninvson Report tells us pretty much all we need to know about the malevolent and malign intent of the slippery authors of this appalling liberty destroying bloated tome of prolix and soporific legalese.It whitewashed the police,and the politicians and although I have no prior knowledge of this Lenivson character he seems like a wittering incubus of iliberal wind.Small wonder the Marxoid reared Red Ed Militant is full score behind this malodorous document of shame and wants it implemented immediately.I bet he does,wetting his pants at the very idea that this Socialist wet dream of muzzling the free press may now be within his clammy clawlike grasp.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Palezinians -Mythical People?

Look,what I know about the Middle East when it comes to all the fine historical details could be put on a postage stamp but I do understand morality and ethics and on these grounds it is obvious beyond any doubt that the right is on Israel's side 101% and counting.If I seize my neighbour's back garden and claim I did so because it was not really theirs but was 'occupied territory' and if I repeat that a million times does it then become the truth? Hitler did say if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth and this is what the Palezinians are counting on.They have fooled the so called international community at the UN -a 'cess pit of racism' as Israel called it and millions of dupes around the world have bought the lie that the Palezinians are the victims when they clearly are the perpetrators of all the violence and terrorism and are a malevolent cancer in Israel's back yard.Normally you treat cancer with radical chemo-therapy do you not?The UN has just acknowledge the fictional Palezinians as a concept and potential State and this is an egregious act of provocation on the part of this misbegotten dysfucntional delinquent organization comprised as it is of criminal States,corrupt regimes,racist loonytune barbaric countries who barely have the rule of law in any meaningful sense and yet are passing judgement on the only civilised democratic country in the whole of the middle East namely Israel.Pure madness.Well done Israel for pledging to build more houses on your own land which the lying bastards have misnamed Hitler fashion 'occupied territory'.Yes those filthy Arab Paleswinians must have their Lebensraum mustn't they -even if it means as they have openly pledged, to push Israel into the sea to get there.Build away Israel,build proud,build strong,live long and prosper.

Richard Madely Evil Bastard

Can I believe my ears - smarm ball Madely is extolling the virtues of squatting on R4 just now.Wonder how he would feel if some scumbag took over his house -maybe someone will now that they know he is a fan of such wanton criminality and uses standard leftist base sophistry to justify it,the despicable human being - and shame on BBC for allowing him to rationalise such delinquent immoral criminality.When you mess with property rights and argue that it is ok to take over someone else's property if they have left it empty for a while you are on the slippery slope to Communism.Whether you leave your property empty for five minutes or five years it remains soley yours to dispose of at your will and anyone who argues otherwise is a double speaking equivocating lying dissembling amoral corrupt evil communistic bastard.Madely,you've been named and shamed.